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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Rising Ottoman ~ link ~ I studied Ottoman History many years ago...a subject everyone should have some knowledge of...the current Turkish regime seems to want to play all sides in the Middle East in a way that will allow the Turks to resume their supreme role in the Muslim world...this is a factor in the current events in the Middle East.  Take the time to read all of this excellent short article.   Stirling     

The answer Turkey is now promoting is imperial in nature. Turkey supports the establishment of security zones for Syrian refugees inside Syrian territory. Until now, it claimed this should be done as part of an international force under UN mandate. However, in recent weeks it declared that it may have to act on its own if the Syrian uprising threatens its national security. Turkish military is currently engaged in heavy fighting with Kurdish rebels within its own borders, and according to the same reports, it would consider freedom of movement of the PKK in Syria a casus belli event. Turkish officials have declared the meeting of the Friends of Syria group on April 1 in Istanbul to be a key point; military action against Syria may be decided then.

Recently, in Kurdistan Revival; Israel Splits Iraq, I analyzed Israeli moves that may be interpreted as an attempt to create an independent Kurdistan in northern Iraq. Among other things, such a country would strengthen the oil-based Azerbaijan-Israel alliance. However, Turkish interests are the opposite. If a Kurdish state were to be declared in northern Iraq, or in Eastern Syria, that would intensify the struggle of the world’s largest Kurd population, which is in Turkey, for their own independence. Thus, a Turkish military action cannot be intended to lead to such a state. Turkey will attempt to replace Syria’s government with one more favorable to Ankara, transforming this once mighty state into a subservient fiefdom. Israel would oppose that. A Rising Ottoman is bound to become increasingly opposed to the Wandering Zionists, to the real joy of weapons producers. Will the region be a step closer to war on April 2?

On the Brink of THIRD WORLD WAR ~ link ~ Good One.   Stirling     

2012 onwards, the world is on the brink of Third World War. All sane and peace loving men would pray and strive that it is averted. For the horoscope of the times point towards a global catastrophe in the making. The guns of August 1914 – 1st World War paled in front of the Panzer Blitzkrieg of September 1939 Second World War. The Third World War during Cold War was averted between NATO and Warsaw Pact Forces. If war breaks out in 2012 onwards, Nukes shall speak and tragically billions may die. If there is war, it will most likely spread to be global plus nuclear, and without method in the madness. This apocalyptic scenario may yet come to pass, unless it is stopped in its tracks.

Obama's back-channel to Tehran bypasses allies Erdogan and Netanyahu ~ link US President Barack Obama this week gave his two allies, the Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and Israel’s Binyamin Netanyahu, a lesson in the politics of expediency, when Tuesday, March 20, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced exemptions for 11 nations from new US financial sanctions against countries that don’t reduce the Iranian oil purchases by June 28.
The countries benefiting from this concession are Britain, Germany Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Spain, Holland, Poland and Japan.

The 'Syrian Scenario': What is really going on in Syria: An insider report ~ link ~ The most massive rally which gathered tens thousands of people was held on January 1 in the center of Damascus. At that rally Bashar Assad addressed to the nation starting his speech with the words: “Brothers and sisters!” He was speaking about a thousands year long history, the need to fight terrorism and the support terrorists receive from abroad. Assad’s speech was received with real enthusiasm and there were no signs that this reaction had been staged.

The whole square (tens thousands of people) shouted a popular slogan “Allah, Syria, Bashar!” (“Allah, Syria va Bashar bas!”). On January 8, in the memory of victims of terrorist attacks in Damascus a commemoration ceremony was held in St. Cross Cathedral in Damascus. The Mufti of Syria Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun, the metropolitan of the Syrian Orthodox Church and the prior of the Catholic monastery spoke at the ceremony. In their speeches they condemned “the killers and those who put weapons in their hands and sent them to Syria”. The tragedy of the mufti of Syria, whose son was killed by the members of the Islamist terrorist group after the mufti had refused to act on the side of the foreign opposition, which goal was to overthrow Bashar Assad, is a telling example in itself. 

Louisiana dolphins are 'Very Sick' ~ linkStay away from the Gulf of Mexico and don't eat any seafood from the Gulf...or from the northern Pacific for that matter.  Stirling      

Dolphins captured in Louisiana as part of a health study related to the BP oil spill were "very sick," according to federal scientists. Thirty-two dolphins caught in August in Louisiana's heavily oiled Barataria Bay were found to suffer from a range of symptoms including anemia, low body weight, hormone deficiencies, liver disease, and lung problems. Those symptoms are typical of mammals exposed to oil in laboratory experiments, scientists said. 

Driving licenses could be scanned at events ~ link ~ The fascists pigs will continue to push the envelope until we are all living in an electronic concentration camp.   Stirling      

Big Brother is Back: ID Cards were nothing compared to UK government's snooping plans ~ link ~ Iain Duncan Smith’s new database, quietly being built in India, is set to be the most expansive data-mining operation every carried out by any Government against it’s citizens.

The Universal Credit system will contain an unprecedented amount of information on all aspects of our lives, much of which will be controlled by private companies.  In a chilling development it appears that the database will use ‘voice biometrics’ as part of it’s security protocols.

Radiation dose triples at Tokyo monitoring post early Sunday ~ link ~ Also see ~ link  ~ This is what happens when you substitute lies and BS for positive action in a disaster.   Stirling     

Why you should avoid Fast Food at all costs ~ link

High "profits" from "Christian" network ~ link ~ These people better hope that there is no God...because when they meet Him...He might not be happy about their using His Name to scam people!   Stirling      

NYPD arrests 14 Occupy Wall Street protesters - with video and photos ~ link ~ Hundreds marched, carrying banners against police brutality,in a demonstration from Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan, the place where OWS was born, to Union Square Park. This demonstration lost 10 participants, arrested by police mostly for disorderly conduct.

This Saturday became the second in a row marked with OWS activists’ arrests. Last Saturday NYPD apprehended over 70 activists during a violent raid at Zuccotti Park.

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