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Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Canada ditches Lockheed Martin F-35 Lighting II - video ~ link ~ Good One Mike.  I carried a story the other day (re-posted just below) which reported on the terrible results from war games that used the F-35 and F-22 and F/A-18E/F against the latest Russian fighters.  Untold billions spent by the corrupt Department of Defense/Congress and the damn "Fifth-Generation" US fighters can't come close to defeating the latest "Fourth-Generation" cheaper Russian one.   We are heading into World War III with inferior weapon systems.   Stirling      

The Truth About the Useless F-35 and F-22 - video ~ link ~ Also see: Why F-22 Raptor production was canceled ~ link ~ Also see: Dogfights F-22 vs Su-35 must see video [Note; The Russians have a plasma based stealth system that hides the normally non-stealthed Su-35 or other aircraft very effectively, recently some Su fighters made it to the inner defense zone of a USN supercarrier battle group undetected using this system]  ~ linkI have been involved in and out of leading edge military aerospace technology for almost 30 years and this is the most shocking report that I have ever heard!  However, I have to remind myself that I really should not be too shocked.  I have seen up close the almost unbelievable level of political corruption involved in the modern American and Western defense industries.  Almost 30 years ago, I was involved with a high tech design team that proposed a family of all-composite VTOL military aircraft that would have placed America light years ahead of everyone else, but political corruption killed the program.  Defense industry insiders don't call the US government "Uncle Sam", they call it "Uncle Sugar" for the flow of money.  When they built the F-22 they made sure that small parts were made in all the Districts of those House and Senate members on key committees...of course, this make the airplane terribly overpriced.   This video is a 'Must View' details how the F-35/F-22/FA-18EF was tested in war games against the latest Russian fighters and lost and lost badly!  This is the result of the growing corruption that is taking over America and most of the is also the result of the deliberate decision by those who brought us the corruption in the first place, to bring about a Third World War and for America and the West TO LOSE THAT WAR!!!  While the public sits on their asses in front of the propaganda matrix/television and stays stupid, their economy, their nations, their future, their way of life, and their very lives are being destroyed by the evil satanic forces of the Global Banking Cartel.    Stirling      

Israeli Defense Minister says Israel and US disagree on timetable for effective Iran action ~ link ~ I have two points to make on this: (1) Who do these shits think that they are...a tiny parasitic hyper-racist state that dares to tell the superpower America that it must go to war yet again for the interests of that tiny state!!!!; (2) I don't believe anything that he or the Israelis or the Obama Administration says about disagreements...I think it is all a scam.   Stirling      

Israel and the U.S. disagree on what would be a realistic timetable for stopping Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, Israel’s defense minister said Thursday, but he stopped short of threatening unilateral Israeli action.

Ehud Barak reiterated concerns that Iran is trying to make its suspected nuclear weapons program immune from attack before taking a decision on assembling atomic bombs, and said Israel “cannot afford” to wait in such a situation.

US General Allen: Pakistan a "threat" in "Terror War" ~ link ~ I think that this general needs to be retired.   Dreaming up a new war with nuclear armed Pakistan is not really very smart!!!   Stirling   

Sarkozy opens poll lead after French shootings - with video ~ link ~ To paraphrase the Antichrist, "If it looks like a False Flag election ploy, acts like a False Flag election ploy, and quacks like a False Flag election is a False Flag election ploy.   Sarkozy is of Hungarian Jewish background, which is why the Rothschilds ran him for President in the first place...he was in real danger of losing the re-election race, so suddenly a "convenient" nutty Arab starts shooting people and then is killed and the "right man" wins re-election!   Stirling     

French Terror Attack: All the Hallmarks of an Intelligence Psy-Op and False Flag ~ link ~  Take the time to read all of this one at the link.   Stirling   
Mohammed Merah, the suspect in the killing of seven people outside a Jewish school in Toulouse, France, fits the pattern of an al-Qaeda intelligence asset. According to the BBC, he was on the radar of French authorities because of visits he made to Afghanistan and the “militant stronghold” of Waziristan in Pakistan.

More specifically, Merah was handled by France’s DCRI intelligence service “for years,” according to Claude Guéant, the interior minister.

ADHD Diagnoses in children up 66% ~ link ~ Modern western medicine is really just the final stage of the marketing programs of Big Pharma.  It is about making money not curing!   Stirling     

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