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31 Grad rockets cause damage in Ashdod and Gedera - with video  ~ link ~ At present the type of rockets being fired, while dangerous, are mostly of a harassment nature not of a serious danger.  No reports of FAEs (fuel air explosives) being used instead of dumb warheads and no use of the larger warhead/longer range Fajrs (up o 60 km range with a 46 kg warhead) which can hit the southern outskirts of Tel Aviv.  Stirling    

 A Grad rocket fired from the Gaza Strip landed in the Gedera area on Monday, marking the northern-most point hit by terrorists in the current round of escalation that began Friday and has included the launching of some 200 rockets by terrorists targeting southern Israel. A subsequent blast hit a residential area of Ashdod causing extensive damage to homes and lightly injuring two people.

The Grad, which struck in the Gedera area, was one of 31 rockets fired into Israel on Monday. Some damage was caused to a structure in the attack.

Israeli Vice-Prime Minister's Wife: Destroy Gaza ~ link ~ The Arabs know how to pull the Israelis chains and the Israelis know how to pull the Arabs chains.  Do they know how to make peace and live in peace?  Stirling      

Gaza rockets strike 40 km south of Tel Aviv, on fourth day of heavy barrage - with video ~ link
Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip fired more than 40 rockets at Israel on Monday, as the heavy cross-border barrage continued into its fourth day. Two of the rockets fired Monday exploded near Gedera, just 40 kilometers south of Tel Aviv, and another struck inside the southern city of Ashdod.

A woman and on other person sustained light to moderate shrapnel wounds as a result of a grad rocket striking Ashdod. The woman was evacuated to Rehovot's Kaplan Hospital. Four Israelis were also treated for shock. Damage was caused to store buildings and cars in the city. 

Gaza truce delayed - Egypt wants Sinai included - Tehran fuels violence  ~ link ~ But for now, its leaders show no sign of being beaten into accepting a truce and are unlikely to do so, so long as Tehran wants the violence to go on.

The Gaza confrontation is therefore evolving into a military clash between Israel and Iran.

Unless these circumstances undergo a radical shift, the million Israelis confined to shelters have no reason to look forward to relief from the missile attacks on their homes and schools – quite the opposite: The conflict looks like escalating

Gaza rockets hit deeper into Israel ~ link ~ Gaza terror groups continued their shelling southern Israel Monday, expanding their radius to and hitting – for the first time in the current escalation – the greater Gedera area.

Dozens of Grad missiles and Qassam rockets were fired at Israel's western Negev communities, hitting the entire southern sector, from the Gaza vicinity communities and Sderot, to Beersheba, Ashdod, Ashkelon Gan Yavne and Gedera; followed by the sounds of exploding projectiles. 

Hamas sees ceasefire soon; PRC and Islamic Jihad disagree ~ linkHamas said Monday it believes a truce with Israel and Gaza is likely soon, while the groups firing the rockets - Islamic Jihad and the People's Resistance Committees (PRC) - opposed such a ceasefire.

A senior IDF intelligence officer told The Jerusalem Post that Monday's rocket fire escalation is part of Islamic Jihad's attempt to end the current round of fighting with a success.

Gaza groups won't blink first ~ link ~ An Egyptian source told the paper that the Popular Resistance Committees were adamantly against any armistice, unless Israel holds its fire first.

"Israel is the aggressor here so it's hard to convince the PRC to hold their fire, especially since their new secretary-general was assassinated," he said.

Two more Palestinians killed in Israeli airstrike on Gaza ~ link ~ Two more Palestinians have been killed in a fresh Israeli airstrike on the besieged Gaza Strip, bringing the death toll from the Israeli air raids in the past few days to 23.

According to Palestinian medical sources, the latest raid struck the Jabalia refugee camp north of Gaza on Monday, killing a man and his daughter.

US talks military intervention in Syria ~ link ~
Washington has allegedly opened discussions with allies on possible military intervention in Syria, as foreign ministers from the UN Security Council nations meet to discuss the Syrian conflict.
The Washington Post cites unnamed officials who confirm behind the scenes talks will address arming Syria's opposition, sending troops to protect a humanitarian corrdor and an airstrike.

Syria: Terrorists groups committed atrocious massacre in Homs to elicit international support against Syrian government ~ link ~ Minister of Information Dr. Adnan Mahmoud said that armed terrorist groups committed a most atrocious massacre against women, children and elderly citizens in Karm al-Zaytoun neighborhood and mutilated their bodies in order to put pressure to elicit international stances against Syria.

In a statement on Monday, the Minister said that some countries which support the terrorist groups such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia and provide them with weapons and money are accomplices in the terrorism targeting all the Syrian people, and that these countries are responsible for the shedding of Syrian blood.

The Spymaster: Meir Dagan on Iran's Threat ~ link ~ Meir Dagan is one tough SOB! He is by no means a pacifist and by no means 'soft' on Iran.  He is first and foremost one who has spent his life in the service of his Israel, his people, his tribe.  He is so strongly against Netanyahu's coming war with Iran because he knows that it presents Israel with the most serious and grave danger in its history.   Stirling        

(CBS News) Meir Dagan has been described as "hard-charging" and "stops at nothing." For more than eight years, Dagan made full use of those qualities as chief of Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency, where he focused on keeping Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. When that job ended, Dagan did something unheard of for an ex-Mossad chief: he spoke out publicly, voicing opposition to Israel launching preemptive airstrikes against Iran's nuclear facilities anytime soon. Dagan believes the Iranian regime is a rational one and even its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - who has called for Israel to be annihilated - acts in a somewhat rational way when it comes to Iran's nuclear ambitions. Lesley Stahl reports.

Dagan: We are going to ignite, at least from my point of view, a regional war. And wars, you know how they start. You never know how you are ending it.

Dagan: Israeli strike on Iran could be "Stupidest Thing" ~ link ~ In an interview on the CBS Sunday news program of 60 minutes, former head of the Mossad told Leslie Stahl that an Israeli decision to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities would be the “the stupidest thing I've ever heard."

The comment has become a refrain for Dagan since he left his post as Mossad director early last year.

Israeli Cabinet Minister Erdan: Dagan's statements a danger to Israel ~ link ~ BULLSHIT!  Stirling     

Arizona sheriff finds Obama presidential qualifications forged ~ link ~ This is one you want to take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling      

Arpaio asserts that his investigators discovered, during a 6 month long investigation which is ongoing, not only was the "Long Form" likely a digitally created forgery, but the presidents Selective Service Card (Draft Card), allegedly filed in 1980, was also a forgery. These documents are what Barack Hussein Obama relies upon to prove his constitutional eligibility to the office of President of the United States.

Forged documents are being used to qualify a President of the United States for the office he holds. Or is usurped the more accurate term?

The silence from the main stream media in the US is deafening. It almost seems as if the press is terrified to even think the question, let alone ask it: Is the President a criminal? The press in Arpaio's audience were certainly asking him to state precisely that, yet nowhere has the question been asked of the White House by the press. Instead the American Press is aggressively protecting the presumed President of the United States, pushing the fraud upon both America and the world, supporting a man who may well have usurped the office.

Obama impeachment bill now in Congress ~ link ~ Don't hold your breath waiting for this one to succeed!   Stirling     

Will a sitting president finally be held accountable for High Crimes and Misdemeanors ~ link ~ No!  Stirling       

Since 2005, Veterans for Peace and others have been calling for the impeachment of the sitting president for war crimes. After their demands to lawmakers to uphold the rule of law against Bush were largely ignored, they renewed their effort to impeach Obama once he continued to bomb sovereign nations without congressional approval.  Now, lawmakers seem to have finally decided to take the rule of law and Separation of Powers seriously.

Obama will face impeachment over his failure to seek congressional authorization before launching offensive military action in Libya last year.  Official impeachment proceedings have now been filed in both the House and Senate.

Deja Va: Obama's military actions in Syria may be impeachable ~ link ~ Obama and the real powers running America do not give a damn what the Constitution says or what the American people want!  They will continue to do what they intend to do to us!  Stirling        

88% of Americans support Obama Impeachment ~ link ~ Doesn't matter...Americans do NOT control America...the Global Banking Cartel does!   Stirling  

Financial organizations declare Greece to be in DEFAULT ~ link ~ Just a few hours after the agreement had been finalised, following frantic haggling between international financial organisations and the Greek government, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA), comprising 15 global banks and investment funds, announced that the deal involved a so-called “credit event.” The ISDA argued that Greece had forced nearly 10 percent of its creditors to accept a haircut on their bond holdings by invoking so-called collective action clauses, resulting in a default on its debts.

This means those hedge funds and banks that insured against a Greek default by means of credit default swaps (CDS) are eligible for payment. The payout of CDS due to the default of a euro country sets a precedent that is expected to drive up interest payments on the sovereign debt of larger European economies such as Spain and Italy. The announcement by the ISDA was followed by statements from the rating agencies Standard & Poor’s and Fitch concurring that the Greek debt swap represented a default.

Is the ECB masking accelerating deposit flight in Italy and Spain?  ~ link ~ Sounds like the beginning of a 'run on the banks' to me.  Stirling     

While LTRO may have slowed the need for immediate asset sales and larger deleveraging in European banks, the two most significantly worrying trend concerns remain front-and-center - those of deposit flight and lending cuts. The latter remains a concern for the BIS, who note in their recent report, that lending curtailment by European banks focused primarily on risky (non-sovereign) and USD-denominated (EM mostly) debt as banks sought to reduce risk-weighted assets (RWA) to meet Basel III capital rules. It would appear though that banks remain in deleveraging (asset sale) mode, in anticipation of the end of ECB facilities down the road, which will become increasingly troublesome given the encumbrance of so many of their assets already by the ECB itself. What is most concerning though is the dramatic and accelerating deposit outflows from not just Greece but Italy and Spain (which just happen to be by far the largest 'takers' of LTRO loans).   

The Black Swan NO ONE is talking about: Germany's Plan B ~ link ~ While the Second Greek Bailout may or may not be complete (depending on whether we get a credit event as a result of it), Germany can and will walk from the Euro if it needs to. This is the unforeseen black swan everyone is ignoring.

Obviously, Germany wouldn’t want to do this as it would result in Germany being blamed for the Euro failing. So thus far, “Plan A” for Germany has been to offer bailout funds that are contingent on requirements so unpalatable that Greece or any other PIIG would likely end up preferring to walk rather than submit to them.

Is Germany actually preparing to leave the Euro? ~ link ~ For a long time, most analysts have believed that if someone was going to leave the euro, it would be a weak nation such as Greece or Portugal.  But the truth is that financially troubled nations such as Greece and Portugal don't want to leave the euro.  The leaders of those nations understand that if they leave the euro their economies will totally collapse and nobody will be there to bail them out.  And at this point there really is not a formal mechanism which would enable other members of the eurozone to kick financially troubled nations such as Greece or Portugal out of the euro.  But there is one possibility that is becoming increasingly likely that could actually cause the break up of the euro.  Germany could leave the euro.  Yes, it might actually happen.  Germany is faced with a very difficult problem right now.  It is looking at a future where it will be essentially forced to bail out most of the rest of the nations in the eurozone for many years to come, and those bailouts will be extremely expensive.  Meanwhile, the mood in much of the rest of Europe is becoming decidedly anti-German.  In Greece, Angela Merkel and the German government are being openly portrayed as Nazis.  Financially troubled nations such as Greece want German bailout money, but they are getting sick and tired of the requirements that Germany is imposing upon them in order to get that money.  Increasingly, other nations in Europe are simply ignoring what Germany is asking them to do or are openly defying Germany.  In the end, Germany will need to decide whether it is worth it to continue to pour billions upon billions of euros into countries that don't appreciate it and that are not doing what Germany has asked them to do.

US rakes largest monthly deficit in history ~ link ~ A few days ago we noted that based on preliminary data, the February budget deficit would hit $229 billion (yes, nearly one quarter of a trillion in one month, about where real Greek GDP is these days) - the largest single monthly deficit in history. Unfortunately, this number was low: the final February deficit was just released and the actual print is $231.7 billion. It also means that in the first 5 months of the fiscal year, the US has raked up $580 billion in deficits, oddly matched by $727 billion in new debt issuance, 25% more new debt issued than needed to fund deficits... And that in itself would not be horrible - February is traditionally the worst month for deficits as the Treasury sees a surge in tax refund issuance - if it wasn't for something even more troubling. As the second chart below shows, through last Friday, and net of tax refunds, total US tax revenues were actually lower in the fiscal 2012 year to date period than compared to 2011, by just under $2 billion, at $625.5 billion. Which is the weakest link for any argument that the US is actually growing: what is growing is America's debt (now almost exponentially), while its revenues are at best unchanged. And the scariest: annualizing net tax revenues brings the number to $1.5 trillion. Which is just 50% more where total US debt interest will be in 2014 when debt is $20 trillion, assuming interest rates are somehow allowed to go back up... to the astronomical level of 5%. 

America is being transformed from a Wealthy Nation into a Poor Nation at Breathtaking Speed ~ link ~ America is losing wealth far faster than any other nation on earth is.  In fact, since the mid-1970s there has been a transfer of wealth of almost 8 trillion dollars from the United States to the rest of the world.  Sadly, most Americans have no idea what is happening.  Most of them are completely unaware that America is being transformed from a wealthy nation into a poor nation at breathtaking speed.  Most Americans just assume that America will always have the largest economy on earth and will always be the wealthiest nation on the globe.  Unfortunately, just because something was true in the past does not mean that it will be true in the future.  Right now, the United States is bleeding wealth at a pace that is almost unimaginable.  Every single month, tens of billions of dollars of wealth is permanently transferred from the American people to the rest of the world.  That means that the overall economic pie is shrinking.  While the rich and the poor are busy fighting over the distribution of wealth in this country, the size of the pie that they are dividing up is continually getting smaller.  America is poorer than it was last month, and next month it will be even poorer.  If this continues, it will result in a complete and total economic nightmare.

Let's break this down to a real simple example.  Imagine that you are playing a game with a whole bunch of people, and you have been chosen to play the role of the United States.  So you go stand on a giant map of the United States and you are given much more money than anyone else in the game.  However, with each turn 50 billion dollars is taken out of your pile of money and is given to the other players.

What is going to happen eventually?

Sarkozy turns far right in re-election bid - with video ~ link ~ What a con!  Anyone who falls for this jerk is brain dead!   Stirling     

Canadians protest 'Robocall' election scandal - with video ~ link ~ Protesters gathered in cities across Canada on Sunday to demand a full public inquiry into the mysterious automated phone calls directing voters to fictional polling stations during the last year’s election.

Elections Canada has launched an investigation into the suspicious calls after receiving a more than 30,000 complaints. Many have testified that the Robocalls came from companies with ties to the Conservative party that won the election.

70% of all ground beef in USA contains "Pink Slime" ~ link ~ You simply cannot make this stuff up!  What a time we live in!  Stirling      

World Government = Global Death - video ~ link  

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