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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Our savior the fearmonger ~ link ~ Dear old Bibi has all the marks of the Antichrist...just wait till he starts WWIII.   Stirling    

Without treading into the Iran nuclear debate, Gideon Levy lashes out against the Israeli Prime Minister’s rhetoric before AIPAC. For decades, every one of Benjamin Netanyahu’s speeches has basically boiled down to instilling fear against an imaginary future holocaust. This time was no exception...much to the delight of his audience and at the expense of reason and peace.

Netanyahu: Write about what happens if we don't bomb Iran ~ link ~ Bibi: Slicker than a 'shithouse rat'!  This guy gives warmonger and evil a bad name. Stirling   

Haaretz:  Israel must NOT bind itself to Netanyahu's vulgar rhetoric on Iran ~ link Anyone who cares about Israel's future could not help but feel a chill upon hearing Benjamin Netanyahu's recent speech at the AIPAC conference - if not because of the gravity of the existential threat it described, then because of its sheer vulgarity and bad taste. The prime minister, as if he were no more than a surfer leaving feedback on a website, did not hesitate to crassly compare Israel today to the situation of European Jewry during the Holocaust. And to spice up his speech with one of those visual gimmicks he so loves, he even pulled out a photostat of correspondence in order to imply a comparison between U.S. President Barack Obama's cautious approach toward attacking Iran and President Franklin D. Roosevelt's refusal to bomb the rail lines to Auschwitz.

Netanyahu sometimes seems like he is holding a debating competition with himself. Every speech is the "speech of his life" and must overshadow its predecessor, while afterward, as if they were rehashing a sporting event, he and his aides gleefully count the number of standing ovations, especially from his American listeners. And in order to wring an ovation from the end of every sentence, it seems as if all means are legitimate: kitsch and death, threats and vows, warnings and rebukes of the entire world. 

US: Turning War-Fear into Warfare - with video ~ link ~ Ever since its creation, the US has had a role to play in combat operations worldwide. Today the country’s public opinion is dominated by warfare, making American society all-too-easily manipulated and turned against practically any country.

The US has a strong record of persuading the public that war is the only way. A military industrial complex worth billions of dollars is largely America’s driving force. Deeply rooted in the system, it would serve no purpose if there was no one to fight.

Gaza escalation leaves at least 8 Israelis injured and 12 Palestinians dead ~ link ~ Palestinian terrorist organizations shot more than 80 Grad and Qassam missiles into a dozen southern Israeli towns and villages in a non-stop barrage Friday night and Saturday morning (March-9-10) in reprisal for the death of Zuheir al-Qaisi, head of the Popular Resistance Committees in Gaza. At least 8 Israeli civilians were injured by missiles and another ten Palestinians killed in ongoing Israeli air strikes against missile teams and terrorist targets. Fifteen missiles were intercepted by Iron Dome batteries.
The ”Committees” chief was wanted for his role in setting up  the August 2011 Eilat Highway ambush which killed eight Israelis. He was known to be planning a repeat operation in the same part of the Israeli-Egyptian border as the first, which has kept this main artery in the southern half of Israel closed to civilian traffic for six months. 


Syria begins pulling envoys out of EU ~ link ~ This is usually a sign of impending war!   Stirling     

The United States, Britain, Switzerland and Canada have already closed their embassies in the Syrian capital as violence intensifies across the country.

Maronite Catholic Patriarch supports Assad ~ link ~
In an interview with Reuters earlier in the week, Rai said he fears that the so-called Arab Spring could turn violent and result in more killings and destruction in the Arab world.
“All regimes in the Arab world have Islam as a state religion, except for Syria. It stands out for not saying it is an Islamic state ... The closest thing to democracy [in the Arab world] is Syria,” he added.

Bioweapon Labs in your neighborhood - video ~ link ~ This stuff is the equal of global strategic nuclear war!!!  It is called the 'poor man's nuke'.  It cost approximately $1 to kill each person with an Advanced Biowar weapon but approximately $1 million dollars to kill each person with a nuclear weapon.  An Advanced Bioweapon...specifically a self-replicating genetically engineered clearly a doomsday weapon!   Stirling     

13 Years since NATO aggression against Serbia violation of human rights of Serbs in the Province of Kosovo and Metohija ~ link ~ NATO aggression against Serbia (FR ofYugoslavia) in 1999 left close to 4000 dead and more tan 10.000 wounded, two thirds of whom where civilians including close to 1 hundred children. NATO forces were using missiles with depleted uranium, causing massive cancer disease, deformation of newly-born babies unknown before. NATO polluted soil, water and food production for unbelievable period of four billion years. Direct economic damage caused by aggression was estimated to an amount of over one hundred billion dollars.

Immediately after the end of the aggression, USA constructed on Serbian soil in Kosovo and Metohija the biggest American base in the world known as Bondsteel. This was the beginning of mushrooming of USA and NATO military basis all over the Balkans and Eastern Europe .

Today there are more USA and NATO military basis in Europe than any time during the Cold War Era.


Global Scenarios for 2012 ~ link ~ History seems to be repeating itself. The will towards an economic regionalisation is not the only analogy between today and the post-1929 years. Just like that time, even if with different modalities and results, countries like China (and in some ways the U.S.A. too) at present, or Germany and the Soviet Union then, aimed at focusing on expansive economic policies; even if they did not re-launch the economy, at least they sustain it. Others, like the European Union, choose depressive policies. The United State does not intervene to push the economy: it intervenes, on the contrary, to drain liquid assets through the taxation of the producers, in order to redistribute money to big rentiers (more specifically, banks and funds). In the post-1929 era, this myopic and corporatist policy brought to the great depression. Nonetheless, it is well-known that 2012 will be a year of recession for most part of the European Union countries.

The events that happened in 1929 teach us another lesson: the worst does not come immediately. Even if Wall Street fell down in October, the bankruptcy of Creditanstalt (the event which saw the hastening of the situation) dates back to 1931.
In more recent days, Wall Street’s crash dates back to 2008, but it seems the worst is about to come now, in 2012. Hoping that Lehman Brothers could be the alias for Creditanstalt (causing quite mild consequences on the global economy, in comparison to what happened 80 years ago) is only a feeble illusion.

It really seems appropriate to say that those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, since we are now experiencing some critical situations that are very similar to those of 1929. It is useless to remember that, after the Great Depression, the Second World War started, so I really suggest that our leaders recall to themselves these historical events in order to avoid repeating it again all the way.

"The Mother of All Bombs" - A 'great weapon' to use on Iran says USAF chief ~ link ~ A top US Air Force general has described the biggest conventional warhead – the 30,000-pound bunker buster bomb – as “great” for a military strike on Iran.

Such glib comment about a massive killing device comes in the same week that US President Barack Obama appeared to caution against “loose talk” about war in the Persian Gulf.
“The massive ordnance penetrator [MOP] is a great weapon,” said Lieutenant General Herbert Carlisle, the US Air Force deputy chief of staff for operations, who added that the bomb would likely be used in any attack on Iran ordered by Washington. 

Assad to Annan: No political dialogue can succeed while armed terrorist groups are operating in Syria ~ link ~ This guy is no Gaddafi!   Stirling       

3/9/2012 To the Day; To the Hour ~ link ~ I hope this is not a repeat — last year — one year ago to the day and TO THE HOUR roughly 1am CST on 3/9/2011 a 7.2M struck the W. Pacific in Japan…

Move forward one year .. and at approx 1am CST on 3/9/2012 a 7.1M struck the W. Pacific near Vanuatu.
The global earthquake swarm MATCHES last years movement (only a bit greater)..

Gold Sachs - rap music video ~ link 

America: Land of the Poor ~ linkGiven bipartisan agreement for additional deep cuts, America's most vulnerable more than ever are on their own out of luck because policy makers able to prevent it don't give a damn. Cold hard truths reveal what they and complicit media scoundrels try hard to suppress. Growing impoverished millions reflect America's dark side.

Thousands attend anti-government protests in Hungary ~ link ~ Thousands of Hungarians have held an anti-government protest demanding greater support for the poor, a fairer tax system and the preservation of free higher education.

More than 5,000 people attended the rally organized by the Hungarian Solidarity Movement at Kossuth Square in the Capital Bucharest on Saturday.

Did BP cause damage to the Sea Floor - Ever larger "natural" oil seep from Giant Macondo Reservoir ~ link ~ This means that the Loop Current will continue to remain dead and the entire World's weather patterns will continue to be screwed up.   Stirling    

Evidence of Algorithmic Vote Flipping in GOP primary elections ~ link ~ Check this one out!  Stirling    


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