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Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Obama projects a July visit to Israel: Before or after an attack on Iran? ~ link ~ Wednesday, the US President said senior Israeli intelligence officers agreed with him and were warning against a unilateral Israel strike. Although he is retired and pretty much a lone voice in Israel’s intelligence community, Dagan was found to fit the bill.

But even the interviewer was taken aback when the ex-Mossad chief said:  “The regime in Iran is a very rational one.” And President Ahmadinejad (who has called for Israel’s annihilation)? “The answer is yes, said Dagan, “but not exactly our rational, but I think he is rational.”

Pentagon planning for action against Iran and Syria ~ link ~ The U.S. military is planning for the possibility of strikes against Iran and Syria using a mix of conventional and cyber weapons as tensions in the region continue to rise, according to senior Pentagon officials.

U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Herbert Carlisle, deputy chief of staff for operations, plans and requirements, told an audience at an investors conference sponsored by McAleese and Associates and Credit Suisse March 8 that his staff is exploring options for strikes in both countries.

Israel is the Greatest Threat to the Entire World ~ link ~ Remember The ‘Samson Option’?

Israel says they have nuclear missiles aimed at cities all over Europe, which they curiously and insanely regard as ‘hostile’, this being the preferred choice of target of the Israeli Air Force. Israel routinely calls the USA ‘anti-semitic’ too. Does anything strike you a being a little odd about that? Like what the hell are we fighting for Israel for? If you want to do something to protect your security, address the issue of the Samson Option every day to your media and to all others till that threat is properly dealt with. Demand that it be the topmost issue from amongst all others until those Israeli nukes are confiscated. That is the only threat the whole world faces, not Iraq, not Afghanistan, not Libya, not Iran or any other nation, but Israel, the gangster bully boys.

During an interview with Alan Hart, the then Israeli premier Golda Meir twice stated that Israel was prepared to destroy the whole world with nuclear weapons if Israel ever faced military defeat. She and others have used this obscene blackmail, justifying it with the thought that we were all only ever created just to serve them, and that if we ever fail in this duty, then we are all to be quite justifiably punished by extermination. This is your security issue above all others.

CIA and Mossad death squads exposed in Syria - video ~ link

America gone stupid over Iran ~ link ~The Iranians have a doomsday weapon .... advanced biowar .... to hit back at us if we hit them too hard!  Stirling      

It is estimated that up to a million people died as a result of George Bush Junior’s decision to invade Iraq. According to Bush, that decision was made on the basis of "faulty intelligence". This is the ex-president’s way of passing the blame. The decision was made thanks to Mr Bush’s insistence that the accurate intelligence he was getting from traditional sources was false, and that the lies he was being told by other parties were true.
Now there is Iran. Over and again the intelligence community has told the powers that be that Iran is not engaged in a nuclear weapons programme. And over and again the men and women in Congress and the White House have insisted that these traditional sources of information are wrong and that the stories that are coming from other sources (in this case the Israeli government and its special interest agents in Washington) know better. As in 2003, so it is in 2012. The politicians appear to be out for blood. One wonders how many dead and maimed bodies will satisfy them? Perhaps it will be a million dead Iranians.

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