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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Greece could default within hours ~ link ~ Greece needs to default, to tell the Global Banking Cartel to go directly to Hell, to tell the IMF/Eurozone/etc. to go directly to Hell, and to begin arresting and trying Goldman Sachs bankers, other bankers, and a large percentage of its MPs for the serious crimes that they have committed.   Stirling      

If bondholders reject the debt deal entirely, there will be a big problem. So this is it. After three years of high drama, the European Union is staring at its first ever sovereign default and, ironically, unlike every other deadline so far, this one looks set to be adhered to.

At 8pm GMT tonight (7am, AEDT, Friday morning), the authorities will know - or have a very good idea - how many of Greece’s international creditors have accepted its 206 billion euro ($256 billion) bond-swap offer.

The results will probably take a few days to come out - Athens has to put its decisions through Brussels’ sluggish decision making processes - but this time it isn’t up to the politicians so the possible outcomes are clearer.

Spain's lost generation:  Youth unemployment surges above 50%  ~ link ~ There is NO EXCUSE for this.  This is a result of deliberate policies to create a new global economic depression as part of a Grand Strategy to bring about the satanic New World Order global slave-state.  Stirling         

The number of 16-24 year old Spaniards out of work rose to 51.4 per cent in December, more than double the European Union average, according to a report by Spain's National Statistics Institute. The national unemployment rate hit 22.85 per cent, the highest rate in nearly 17 years and the current highest in the industrialised world.

Spain's young have been dubbed 'generacion cero' or 'the ni-nis' – neither in work nor full time education- and for many their only hope of seeking a better future is moving abroad, sparking fears of a brain drain.

NATO in Syria: Is Direct Military Intervention Next? ~ link ~ In recent days, this writer established contact with a Syrian monitoring events on the ground. His name's unmentioned for his safety.  On March 4, he said a major Al Qaeda figure was arrested in Damascus. The same day, he emailed as follows:
"Sources familiar with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said a secret military order includes plans by senior Syrian military officials to confront a possible United States surprise attack."  "The plan involves Syria's military responding immediately and decisively, including launching rocket and missile attacks against Israeli and US targets." "Syrian forces established a joint military operations Chamber, involving officers from the Syrian army, Iran, and Hezbollah, to coordinate military action if ordered. This means that any U.S. military attack against Syria Sijah will be met by the greatest possible missile force."
Clearly the stakes are drawn. Heated rhetoric's picking up. John McCain wants air attacks launched. Assad's preparing to respond defensively. Anything ahead may erupt suddenly and violently.  When America plans regime change, everything's on the table to achieve it, including war. As things now stand, bet on it.

Smuggled Cash, Arms, Jihadists Fuel Syria War - RT video ~ link ~ Remember there are two main doors to a war with Iran/Greater Middle East War/World War III.  The front door is a direct assault upon Iran; the back door is an invasion/no-fly zone/bombing of Syria.  I have real doubts that the globalists or Netanyahu have postponed their drive towards war.   Stirling  

Syrian government forces have regained control of the Baba Amr district in Homs - which has been the main centre of armed resistance for almost a month.

Washington says it'll keep up efforts to convince Russia and China to put pressure on President Assad and impose tougher sanctions against the Syrian regime.

James Corbett - editor of the Japan-based independent news website the Corbett Report, says it's not developments within Syria, but international politics, that will shape the country's future.

Syria: The Western Deception Over Regime Change Unravels - NATO Prepares For All Out War ~ link ~
The Western governments' and mainstream media’s narrative of a one-sided humanitarian crisis in Syria is rapidly unwinding to reveal a self-serving deception to justify a re-run of Libya-style NATO conquest. In reality, it is the Western powers and their Israeli and Arab henchmen who are fuelling a humanitarian crisis and creating the conditions for all-out war. All of which, it should be said, constitutes criminality comparable to Nazi Germany’s wars of aggression.

Since political turmoil erupted in Syria a year ago, the monotonous “big lie” narrative from Western governments and the corporate-controlled news media has been one of “brutal state repression against a civilian population” committed by the Assad government.

This portrayal has, predictably, led to strident condemnation of the Syrian government by Western leaders and calls for “humanitarian intervention” by NATO powers and Western-backed Gulf Arab states – in a tested formula prescribed for Libya.
Obama desperate for an excuse to attack Iran - with video ~ link ~ Speaking during a news conference in the White House, US President Barack Obama said there is a "window of opportunity" to solve the tension around Iran's nuclear program peacefully.

However, some, like global affairs researcher Benjamin Schett, are skeptical about this. He believes the U.S. could be waiting for an excuse to attack. "It seems to be some kind of theater that the Israeli or American officials are playing," Schett told RT.

Fall of Syrian Government, Prelude to an Attack on Iran ~ link ~ This supports the argument made by several independent news outlets that “the road to Tehran goes through Damascus.” According to numerous reports, the foreign-backed armed insurrection in Syria is a covert operation to topple the Syrian government, the only Iranian ally in the region. The insurrection is still upheld by the Western media as a peaceful protest movement, even though U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has admitted that Al Qaeda has integrated the ranks of the opposition. 
The Aviation Week article states that the fall of Bashar al-Assad would weaken Iran and facilitate an attack from the U.S. and Israel.
The report further states that an Israeli attack on Iran would be conducted “through Syrian, Turkish, Jordanian or Saudi airspace.”

Proof Syria is about regime change orchestrated by Western governments ~ link ~ The full expose can be viewed on youtube. The seven minute clip shows Abdul-Dayem joking with his cameraman and testing out fake gunfire and mortar sounds while waiting for CNN to put him on the air.

Everybody understands that main stream news today is mostly sensationalism but this is out and out fraud. Hacked emails show that regime change in Syria is being controlled by western powers and proof exists that main stream media is outright lying about the current conditions.

Top US danger rating for Syrian chemical-biological missiles ahead of even Iran ~ link ~ It costs about a dollar to kill each person with an Advanced Biowar weapon...whereas it costs about a million dollars to kill each person with an nuclear weapon.  The Syrians and Iranians have massive stockpiles of both chemical and biological weapons, which are in-effect doomsday weapons.  These are solid reasons for a Casus Pax instead of a Casus other words, they are a good reason not to go to war!  Stirling      

US military officials said on Wednesday, March 7, that contrary to the prevailing impression, President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed not only their dispute over an attack on Iran at their White House meeting on March 5, but devoted considerable attention to the Syrian crisis, focusing on the hundreds of surface-to-surface missiles armed with chemical and biological warheads possessed by Syria. The peril of the Assad regime launching them now tops America’s chart of the threats looming over Israel and Turkey, those sources told debkafile.

The US president accordingly prevailed upon his Israeli guest to hurry up and patch up relations with Turkey, which he was willing to assist, because it would take a combined US-Turkish-Israeli military effort to ward off an attack by Syria’s poisoned missiles. Indeed, if the Syrian conflict is not solved, America might be forced to turn its missile shield against Bashar Assad’s missiles before they are needed against an Iranian attack.

Those briefings were the first assessments of Syrian chemical and biological weapons capabilities to be given publicly by the heads of America's armed forces. This was the direct result, US sources say, of the candid and open conversation on the subject between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu Tuesday.

Netanyahu at AIPAC sounds like WWIII ~ link ~ This is a great article by Dr. Ott.  Take the time to read it at the link.   Stirling      

Iran military base: Sinister cover-up or just a harmless clean-up ~ link ~ The satellite photos do NOT prove that anything 'sinister' is taking place...they simply establish that there are earth moving equipment there...they may just be paving a parking lot!  What this is, is a continuing of the false narrative that Iran is about to build or is building nuclear weapons.  Already at least one US Senator has said that this may "cause" Israel to strike Iran.   The BS is really deep on this one!   Stirling     

Satellite images of an Iranian military facility allegedly show attempts to clean the site of radioactive traces, diplomats have told AP. This adds to the stir over Iran’s nuclear activities, while Tehran insists on their peaceful nature.
Two of the diplomats told the news agency that the images show trucks and earth-moving vehicles. They claim the images indicate that crews were trying to clean up traces that could have come from the testing of a small neutron trigger used to set off a nuclear explosion.

A third diplomat could not confirm this, but stated that any testing of a so-called neutron initiator at the site could only be in the context of trying to develop nuclear arms, AP reports. The diplomats were speaking on Wednesday on condition of anonymity. 

Pentagon 'very worried' about an Iran War says top US official ~ link ~ I use to know this person, back when he was an Indiana Congressman.   Stirling     

A top US official has revealed that the Pentagon is “very worried” about the prospects of a military confrontation with Iran, despite the escalating war threats emanating from Washington and Tel Aviv.

“[The] military is very worried about what they’re confronting with budget cuts and are just not anxious to take on another war,” Lee Hamilton, a member of the US Homeland Security Advisory Council, said in an interview with Politico on Tuesday.

“They see the difficulty of this situation from a military standpoint, not only the attack itself but sustaining the attack over a period of days, if not weeks. … A very powerful factor here is what the Pentagon now calls persistent conflict or endless war. We have, in effect, been at war for 10 years, at least since 9/11,” the former US congressman added.

P5+1 announces readiness for talks with Iran ~ link ~  This is NOT what the globalists want or what Netanyahu wants...they want WAR.  So don't be surprised if nothing comes of this or if NATO uses a back door to war, an attack on Syria, to derail peace.  Stirling    
The five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany have expressed their readiness to resume multifaceted talks with Iran.

"We call on Iran to enter, without preconditions, into a sustained process of serious dialogue, which will produce concrete results," said a Thursday statement on behalf of the United States, China, Russia, France, Britain and Germany, known as the P5+1.

The group also expressed hope that the upcoming talks would contain “serious discussions on concrete confidence building measures."

Iran’s Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali Larijani warned on Wednesday that future negotiations between Tehran and the P5+1 would be fruitless if the West continued to pressure the Islamic Republic. 

Jerusalem graffiti targets Arabs and Christians ~ link ~ Vandals scrawled anti-Arab and anti-Christian slogans in Hebrew on a monastery compound and a school in Jerusalem overnight, Israeli police said on Tuesday.
Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said unknown people sprayed graffiti reading "death to Christians" and "price tag" on the walls of the compound of the Greek Orthodox Monastery of the Cross in west Jerusalem overnight.
"Price tag" is the name generally given to attacks carried out against Arabs and Palestinians and their property in response to Israeli government action against settlements in the West Bank.

Two Choices for Obama: War or More War ~ link ~ The United States is committing itself to a war on behalf of another nation and it is as if nothing is happening. Commentary on President Obama’s speech at AIPAC and his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been limited, apparently in the belief that if no one talks about it the war can begin on schedule. There has been plenty of coverage on Iran, however, all of it playing up the threat that the country allegedly poses. Some “thoughtful” commentary has been paying attention to Obama’s drawing a red line that is different from that of Israel, i.e. that military intervention should be dependent on preventing Iran’s actual acquisition of a nuclear weapon rather than its only having the capability to eventually develop one. Israel and its US lobby are seeking to make Iran’s technical ability to enrich uranium a casus belli rather than any proof of actual belligerent intent. That capability or “breakthrough” line has already been crossed which would suggest that the US should be at war with Iran already, precisely what Senators Graham, Lieberman, and McCain as well as their AIPAC sponsors would like to see. Obama is instead trying to delay the reckoning, until after elections in November if he can possibly manage it.
Obama knows perfectly well that Congress and the media as well as his own financial backers from Chicago — the Pritzker and Crown families — would force the White House to join in any war on Israel’s behalf. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows that too. Netanyahu can therefore have his war whenever he wants or he might opt to have his lackeys in the media and Congress crank up the pressure on Obama to produce regime change in the White House to bring in a pro-Israel nut case like Gingrich or Santorum, a guarantee that the United States will be at war with much of the rest of the world for the foreseeable future.
War...The lust for it - video ~ link ~ Good One Charlie.   Stirling    

Obama promises bunker busters to Israel if Netanyahu delays Iran invasion until after US elections ~ link ~ Maybe, and maybe the real story here is that Obama is sending refueling tankers and more bunker buster bombs to Israel...and the election has nothing to do with it.   Stirling       

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