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The Netanyahu - Obama Talks ~ link ~ Among these three, Israel is in the weakest position. Its main problem is its geography; in its tiny territory there is no room for secrets. Everybody knows where its strategic locations are. Nuclear missiles, air force bases, submarine bases, strategic junctions… all of them are in the open. This is so obvious, that Israel’s deterrence is based upon a nuclear second strike to be carried out from submarines. If Netanyahu fails forcing Obama into an attack on Iran, he would need to take a harsh decision. The only chance Israel has to win such a war is by utterly destroying the decision making bodies of the Iranian regime, as commented in Netanyahu Wags the Dog. Such decapitation cannot be achieved with planes; the long fly time of planes would give the Iranian regime a much better chance of taking defensive steps. Instead, Jericho missiles—conventional or nuclear—would be used. Israel already admitted other options are not feasible (see Israeli Defense Ministry Acknowledges Defeat). Even if Israel would succeed in the decapitation, it would be unable to carry out a land occupation of its latest victim. Uncle Obama will be called to help his ugliest niece. Thus, Netanyahu can force the USA into another unnecessary war.

With no doubt, the USA is the militarily strongest county in the trio. An American attack on Iran will look different from an Israeli one. Obama will try to destroy all strategic points in the country at once, carpeting Iran’s large territory with explosives. Considering the large amount of offensive weapons of mass destruction owned by the USA, it has a good probability of achieving a high degree of success. Yet, a few months ago a mysterious incident was reported (see Iran Hits American Satellite); if that event was true—and considering the downing of the American drone by Iran on the same period of time it may well be—we may witness some surprises in such a confrontation. Eventually, if America succeeds in the decapitation, it would need to occupy the land. America will find itself occupying a hostile territory larger than Alaska, and confronting a well organized opposition that would make the wars in Afghanistan and Vietnam look like kindergarten picnics. Obama should think not only about his political future here, but also on the future of the USA as an acceptable and viable nation. The USA may win the war only to find itself the most despicable outcast among the nations. It is unclear if Obama has the moral preparation and strength needed for taking such a decision. He may surrender to Israeli pressure.

Syrian security forces arrest foreign Intelligence and Special Forces operating within rebel ranks ~ link ~
Syrian government forces have arrested a large number of gunmen with different nationalities in Baba Amr neighborhood in the restive city of Homs. According to reports many of those detained are Arab nationals, among them Qatari intelligence agents. Others are reportedly from Afghanistan, Turkey and a number of European countries, including France.

The security forces have also seized sophisticated Israeli, European and American-made weapons in the area as well as confiscating made-in-Israel shells, rockets and communication equipment. 

Mossad, Blackwater, CIA led operations in Homs ~ link ~ Which is what I have been saying for some time now.   Stirling      

Around 700 Arab and Western gunmen surrendered in Baba Amro, well-informed sources told Al-Manar website, adding that “huge and critical surprises will be uncovered in the coming few days… such as the kinds of arms seized, as well as the military tactics the armed groups followed, and the sides that supervised the operations.”

The sources further assured to the news website that the security operation in Homs will be over in a maximum of five to eight days.

Syria: One Country - Two Stories ~ link ~ Good One!  The mainstream news media anymore is a total proganda tool...only six globalist media companies, all ran by hard core Zionists, control 96% of the news media in America.   Stirling      

Israel delivers ultimatum to Obama ~ link ~ Obama is NOT in charge...he is the Front Man for the Global Banking Cartel and the Zionists.  If war happens it will be because they will it.   Stirling       


New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen - video ~ link ~ A new documentary from Alex Jones definitively declares war against the attempts to control the population through a fear of false dangers. The facts are in– terrorism as a mass threat is a hoax. It is government, and the elite who control it, that pose the real threat to humanity. This new film will serve as evidence to the fact that government is history’s greatest killer– with various regimes claiming more than 262,000,000 unnatural deaths in the 20th Century alone. Now, a 21st century technocratic global corporate tyranny seeks to kill not mere millions but billions– through their superweapons, central banking warfare model and eugenics mindset.

Alex turns the tables on the constant propaganda about a projected enemy. He documents proven academic research in Democide, or Death by Government, demonstrating that the real killers throughout history have always been in government. From Mao in Communist China, Stalin in the U.S.S.R., Hitler in Nazi Germany, Pol Pot under the Khmer Rouge and so many others, governments have killed more than 260 million people in just the last one hundred years.

Imperialist-backed conferences set stage for intervention in Somalia and Syria ~ link ~ As the American, French, and Israeli militaries help to crush the indigenous Somali resistance, Britain clamours to steal the nation’s rich unexplored oil reserves.

The United Nations accuses Syria of "Crimes Against Humanity" ~ link ~ The UN and media reports accuse the Syrian authorities of crimes against humanity without much factual evidence. They grant more credibility to unverifiable accounts from the opposition than detailed figures from the authorities, minimize the role of armed groups in the killing of civilians, and persist on calling the protests peaceful. Furthermore, the UN says the Syrian Government “manifestly failed in its duty to protect its people”, but fails to properly address the issue of armed groups supported and financed by foreign countries calling for Assad to step down.

As it did with the Libyan opposition, the U.S. is showing its double standards on the "war on terror". While demanding Assad's resignation, the U.S. admits the opposition is supported by terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda, and is oblivious to their crimes against the Syrian people.

Senior US senator calls for arming Syrian rebels and no-fly/no-drive zones ~ link ~ The war whores will not stop until they have the entire World in flames.  Stirling    

Senator Lindsey Graham, an influential Republican voice on international policy, also said he was joining with Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal to push a Senate resolution calling on the United Nations to declare Syrian President Bashar al-Assad a war criminal.

Both senators are members of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Assad threatens Israel with missiles if Syria is attacked ~ link ~ This is a war against all Middle East nations that the globalists want to use to cause World War III, and those that Israel wants to destroy so that they can rule all of the region.  Assad and Iran and Hezbollah are very serious and know who their real enemies are and will respond with force if the West tries a 'Libya' on Syria.  Both Bibi 666 Netanyahu and the globalists are counting on this.  Stirling     

Syrian President Bashar Assad has ordered the heads of his military to hit Israel with a barrage of missiles should there be any foreign intervention in Syria, a Jordanian news website reported on Saturday.

According to the site, Our Country’s News, Assad gave the order in a secret meeting with the heads of the Syrian army last Thursday, in light of his fear of a U.S. military strike in Syria.

The US is the Aggressor in Iran ~ link ~ Yes, but so are Israel, and France, and the United Kingdom, and the GCC Arab monarchies, and the Global Banking Cartel monsters.   Stirling    

The media whores characterize Iran as an evil aggressor who must be neutralized by Western intervention. The accusations include: conspiring to attack a neighboring country with nuclear weapons, orchestrating 9/11, creating instability in Iraq and cooperating with Al-Qaeda. 

Israeli President Peres to AIPAC Convention: Israel would triumph against Iran ~ link ~ This dumb-ass needs to define "triumph"!  Killing millions of your enemies when your own nation has too few left to bury their dead in NOT a "triumph"!   Stirling       

Greek default looms as debt deal looks set to fail ~ linkAuthorities in Athens are ready to enforce the controversial collective action clauses, or CACs, to impose the restructuring deal on all bondholders as the number of voluntary agreements look set to fall short of the required amount. Credit rating agencies have warned they will declare Athens to be in default if the CACs are triggered which would be a dramatic culmination to a three-year rollercoaster ride for Athens, the eurozone and global markets. 

Greece downgraded to bottom rung as default looms ~ link ~ Financial rating agency Moody’s has downgraded Greece’s credit rating to the lowest possible level. It’s the third credit agency to take Greece down a notch or two recently, raising the question - is a Greek meltdown inevitable? Moody’s downgraded Greece’s rating from Ca to C on the basis that the possibility of a debt default remains high. The agency says C-rated bonds "are the lowest-rated class and are typically in default, with little prospect for recovery of principal or interest."

Will Central Bankers be the next unchosen people?  ~ link ~ In his latest piece on popular delusions, SocGen's Dylan Grice conducts a much needed advance thought experiment looking at two specific things: on one hand he isolates the next inevitable social tension: that between "everyone" and the central bankers. Because if there is one specific reason why OccupyX never truly got off the ground is that deep down, the population knows that while bankers are to be despised for their "contributions" to society, they would never have the opportunity to do what they do absent the enabling stance of the "democratically" elected politicians, and more importantly, the deeds of those few academics stuck in a dark room, who daily decide the nominal fate of the world courtesy of money printing. Which means that in the inevitable progression of "marginalizing-then-brutalizing", when society finally cuts through all the noise and focuses on the one source of all that is wrong in the world, it will not be those residing at 200 West, but the tenants at the Marriner Eccles building: "Politicians can and will take back what they have previously given if and when it is deemed in their interests to do so. One way they do this is by using the time-tested political strategy known as “marginalise-then-brutalise”. Politicians start by identifying the obstacle to their objectives. For a government short of funds the objective is to raise more funds, and the obstacle is any group/sector which has them." Thus Mugabe “marginalised then brutalised” white farmers, while Hugo Chavez set his sights on private sector “profiteers” … for Hitler it was the Jews, for Philip IV of France it was the Knights Templar, for Diocletian it was the Christians, etc. How long before it is the central banks?" How long indeed? And whether it is with or without political prodding, once the central planning experiment fails, as it will, we would certainly not want to be in Bernanke's shoes...

As for the second part, Grice looks at the proverbial canary in the coalmine - Japan, where central banker tinkering is about to take the country to the next level in authoritarian tinkering, with disastrous results: "The notion that central banks are in control of events is a myth. It’s the other way around. Japan’s addiction to public sector spending is way beyond the boundaries of remedial ‘austerity’. Political pressure on the BoJ to crank the printing press into top gear will become irresistible. We see no alternative...the explosion in Japan’s debt/GDP ratio in the coming years is likely to make that seen in the past decade seem like a minor blip." 

NWO Alert: IMF promotion of One World Currency and Government - video ~ link ~ Good One!  Stirling

The short, unhappy lives of Fiat Currencies - video ~ link 

Presenting the truth behind America's Fiscal and Employment Picture ~ link ~ NOT a petty picture!  Stirling       

There is an Alternative to Neoliberal Austerity ~ link ~ This is one you should read at the link.  Stirling    

I have just returned from Rimini, Italy, where I experienced one of the most amazing spectacles of my academic life. Four of us associated with the University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC) were invited to lecture for three days on Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and explain why Europe is in such monetary trouble today – and to show that there is an alternative, that the enforced austerity for the 99% and vast wealth grab by the 1% is not a force of nature.

Stephanie Kelton (incoming UMKC Economics Dept. chair and editor of its economic blog, New Economic Perspectives), criminologist and law professor Bill Black, investment banker Marshall Auerback and me (along with a French economist, Alain Parguez) stepped into the basketball auditorium on Friday night. We walked down, and down, and further down the central aisle, past a packed audience reported at over 2,100. It was like entering the Oscars as People called out our first names. Some told us they had read all of our economics blogs. Stephanie joked that now she understood how the Beatles felt. There was prolonged applause – all for an intellectual rather than a physical sporting event.

With one difference, of course: Our adversaries were not there. There was much press, but the prevailing Euro-technocrats (the bank lobbyists who determine European economic policy) hoped that the less discussion of possible alternatives to austerity, the easier it would be to force their brutal financial grab through. 

Is Greek crisis part of a larger plot? ~ link ~ Corruption in Greek politics and the public sector -- costing Greece billions of Euros each year -- has not been recognized as a major factor in the crisis.
The daily media in Europe has mostly talked about Greek corruption in general terms, like "the whole country is corrupt, nothing happens there without bribes", but they haven't gone into proper detail.
Why? Because the Greek crisis is an orchestrated event.  
The Greek case, when understood, blows the whole western political theater apart. It shows that the media and the political "top echelon" are offering people 'false reality' about the recent western economic crisis. The truth is that our corruption is being tolerated to deliberately sabotage the economy for Illuminati gain. 

Bio-weapons launched to promote new vaccines? Norovirus outbreak throughout the US ~ link ~ This is not anything new.  I believe that Provo Virus in dogs was introduced, many years ago,  to sell the vaccine...the virus spread very rapidly and "luckily" Big Pharma soon had a "solution"/vaccine.   Stirling

As Schmallenberg virus ravages sheep stocks, climate changes pedal new fears  - with videos ~ link ~  Either Big Pharma is behind this strange new disease or someone is sending a waring to Europe/NATO!  Stirling         

This week has seen one of the more shocking reports to emerge so far this year, the discovery of an unexplained bio-plague which is causing birth defects in record numbers in sheep and cattle stocks throughout English farms and in parts of the continent, believed to be linked to the Schmallenberg virus.

The Independent newspaper’s environmental beat writer Michael McCarthy wrote a piece on this topic today, attempting to combine recent animal diseases in Europe to climate change. He grabbed the opportunity to patch together what are clearly two very separate real issues, and bind them with one theoretical one: the Schmallenberg virus in sheep, African horse sickness - and ‘European warming caused by climate change’.

The problem with McCarthy’s article is that the first two are real, but the last one is pure speculation – and out of pure convenience, he’s combined all three as if they one issue. There goes our mainstram media, raising the climate change alarm:

Steaming Plumes appear in Arkansas near New Madrid Fault = Dormant volcanoes being Fracked! - with video and photos ~ linkGreat idea to INJECT WATER into an area permeated with old deep volcanic tubes connected to very old magma chambers…….. I think it is highly possible that water injected from this nearby fracking operation could indeed cause a STEAM PLUME event to occur at the dormant volcano chain right next door !
Not a good development for the area. This increases the chances of a larger seismic event along the New Madrid Seismic Zone… and may indeed be the VERY CAUSE of our recent midwest earthquake uptick… now there is a DIRECT CONNECTION between fracking / dormant volcanoes / and plumes appearing .

How the Kochs Are Fracking America ~ link ~ From Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney to the Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation and Americans for Prosperity, the Koch political network has been furiously attempting to block any oversight or regulation of the pollution and risks associated with fracking, no matter the danger to the American public.

Scotland faces budget cuts despite UK's offers ~ link The British government’s spending plans have severely affected the Scottish economy while UK officials continue to offer Scotland greater financial powers in exchange for its independence. 
Data published by Scottish Government economists show that Scotland’s budget faces cuts in real terms until 2017 and the country would have to wait until 2028 before its spending can reach its 2009 level in real terms.  According to the data, during the seven-year span of time between 2010 and 2017, the Scottish Government's Departmental Expenditure Limit budget would be cut by 18% in real terms.

This comes as the British government has repeatedly offered Scottish people greater financial powers in case they would not vote for an independent Scotland.

Targeting Free Expression ~ link ~ Free expression in all forms is fundamental in democratic societies. Without it, all other freedoms are at risk. Included are free speech, a free press, freedom of thought, culture, and intellectual inquiry. It also includes the right to challenge government authority peacefully, especially in times of war and cases of injustice, lawlessness, official incompetence, and abusive government behavior.

Denying it risks tyranny. Voltaire defended it, saying "I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Howard Zinn called dissent "the highest form of patriotism." It includes the right to speak and write freely, assemble, protest publicly, and associate with anyone for any reason lawfully. 

Election software is created to facilitate cheating ~ link 

Censorship comes to Australia ~ link  ~ All this will amount to little short of censorship of views which criticise the Government, and it will apply to blogs as well. I highly recommend getting behind the Menzies House campaign if you wish to see free speech remain as a fundamental right in Australia.

World renown heart surgeon speaks out on what really causes heart disease ~ link ~ Very Good One!  Stirling       

We physicians with all our training, knowledge and authority often acquire a rather large ego that tends to make it difficult to admit we are wrong. So, here it is. I freely admit to being wrong.. As a heart surgeon with 25 years experience, having performed over 5,000 open-heart surgeries,today is my day to right the wrong with medical and scientific fact.

I trained for many years with other prominent physicians labelled “opinion makers.” Bombarded with scientific literature, continually attending education seminars, we opinion makers insisted heart disease resulted from the simple fact of elevated blood cholesterol.

The only accepted therapy was prescribing medications to lower cholesterol and a diet that severely restricted fat intake. The latter of course we insisted would lower cholesterol and heart disease. Deviations from these recommendations were considered heresy and could quite possibly result in malpractice.

The Monsters at the Turning of the Age ... Dog Poet Transmitting ~ link ~ Do take the time to read all of this at the link. It is one of Les' best!   Stirling      

Well, the world didn't end but the world doesn't end. The world is like a gigantic factory that makes stuff based on the collective mindset of the inhabitants. It's a Shake 'n Bake world. This factory, like any factory, goes through an unending process of upgrading and adapting and changing according to the mindset of the collective. It's possible that, over the course of time, the factory no longer makes any of its original products but moves on to make entirely new products because the demands of the consciousness require this. The world doesn't end. It changes. It is going to change soon, in ways and by degrees of intensity, that we have not seen since long before presently recorded history. A great many things, a great many people, a great many traditions and institutions may soon or shortly be gone ...or they may simply be changed. A very large amount of people came here for some reason. Quite obviously, a great many of them forgot why they came here.

People who are here in this time; trapped in this time might also apply, when the consciousness is caught up in material nature, are extremely confused and not representative of what is possible for humanity in an age where more light is present. It stands to reason that the predators among us would take advantage of this and they do. In a time of material darkness, banking and the control of currency is behind all of the evils that beset us. Criminal nations have been constructed in order to steal all of the wealth of the world. When the political and religious institutions have reached a certain level of corruption then the bankers can command policy on all levels. One of their primary tools is historical revisionism. Create a historical tale that supports the application of injurious policies upon the public. Control the content and flow of information so that everything is justified according to the lies created to defend whatever comes about. Make things happen and then blame them on the people you wish to exterminate.

Photos from the American tornadoes the last few days ~ link 

The Demonic Reality of Fukushima and the Absurdity of the NRC ~ link ~ However, as the New York Times revealed Monday, Edano and his colleagues at the highest levels of the Japanese federal government were actually worried about a worst-case scenario, a “demonic chain reaction” of atomic reactor meltdowns spreading catastrophic amounts of deadly radioactivity from the three operating units at Fukushima Daiichi (as well as multiple high-level radioactive waste storage pools there), to the four operating reactors and pools at Fukushima Daini (just 7 miles south, which itself avoided catastrophe thanks to a single surviving offsite power line; several offsite power lines were lost to the earthquake, and all diesel generators were lost to the tsunami), to the operating reactor and pool at Tokai (much closer to Tokyo). Regarding such a nightmare scenario, eerily similar to what Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa depicted in Dreams, the New York Times reported:

“We would lose Fukushima Daini, then we would lose Tokai,” Mr. Edano is quoted as saying, naming two other nuclear plants. “If that happened, it was only logical to conclude that we would also lose Tokyo itself.”

NASA's Cassini mission detects oxygen on Saturn's moon Dione ~ link

Russia receiving SU-32/34 long-range strike fighters ~ link ~   These are very good quality 4th+ generation strike aircraft.   Stirling      

Hugo Chavez says new tumor was cancerous ~ link ~ He needs to look into Rife Therapy!  Stirling      

BP settles while Macondo "Seeps" ~ link ~ The oil is what is breaking up the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current, which in turn weakens the Gulf Stream, which in turn has a reduced effect on the atmospheric Jet Stream, which has a profound effect on global weather patterns.   Stirling        


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