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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Israeli PM Netanyahu demands Obama commit to military action if Iran sanctions fail ~ link ~ Let me get this straight:  The racist war hawk leader of tiny Israel (smaller than Wales) demands that the World's sole military super-power engage in yet another war for its hyper-aggressive drive to control all the Muslin nations in the Middle East; a war that is apt to become the Third World War; a war that is totally unnecessary; a war that is based on the non-existent (according to the CIA and many independent top experts) Iranian nuclear weapons program, when Israel itself is the third largest (in terms of nuclear weapons) nuclear power on Earth.  You cannot make this stuff up, nor the fact that Bibi 666 Netanyahu will eventually get his way!   Stirling      

Israeli Air Force Chief: US has military plan should Iran conflict erupt ~ link 

Arab League Chief opposes using force in Syria ~ link ~ Assad is winning and they all know it.   Stirling     

The Arab League chief Nabil Elaraby said on Thursday he was opposed to violence or direct military intervention as a way to resolve the Syrian crisis, even after leading Gulf states pushed for arming the Syrian opposition.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar have argued explicitly for arming the Syrian opposition fighters and trying to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power. Kuwait’s parliament on Thursday made similar calls.

Netanyahu's War ~ link ~ Dear Old Bibi is the one man most apt to begin Armageddon.  I have felt that he was the Biblical Antichrist (that is the leader of this modern Israel who would act as they wanted Jesus to act, to reach out to destroy all of Israel's enemies and thereby set off WWIII) since the lead-in to the first Gulf War.  He was the Assistant Information Minister at that time, and was on American newscasts extensively.  He was so good at lying, so very smooth, I just got this strong feeling that someday in the future he would ignite the whole World in the flames of war.  Sadly, it appears that I was correct.  Take the time to read all of this article at the link.  Stirling       

The Israelis define that fateful boundary as Tehran developing a nuclear "capability" rather than actually building a nuclear arsenal. It’s a crucial distinction that underscores the logical disconnect at the heart of the Israeli case for war. After all, any one of a number of human beings has, for example, the capability to commit murder: however, this does not make a convincing case for preemptive execution.

American reluctance to go along with such hysterics and launch a third war in the Middle East has the Israelis in a lather. Ha’aretz reports Netanyahu complained bitterly to American emissaries, including a delegation of "senior" US Senators led by John McCain, about certain US officials who have dared to speak out publicly against going to war with Iran. He surely named Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs, who told Fareed Zakaria war with Iran would not be "prudent." It’s well-known senior military figures are opposed to a war with Iran, and the rank-and-file are probably even less sympathetic to the prospect: that’s why anti-war presidential candidate Ron Paul has garnered more donations from members of the armed services than all the other candidates combined.

How dare our generals, our soldiers, sailors, and airmen – you know, the people who will actually have to fight in Netanyahu’s war – speak their minds on the matter! Why, it’s an outrage! On the other hand, it’s perfectly all right that billionaire gambling casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who funds Netanyahu’s far-right Likud party, is also pumping millions into the campaign of Newt  Gingrich – and, he says, the eventual Republican, whoever it is (minus Ron Paul) – while loudly proclaiming his goal of advancing Israeli interests and promoting war with Iran.

US officials speaking out against an unnecessary war with Iran are aiding the Ayatollahs, Israeli says ~ link ~ Israeli officials are again complaining that public statements from top U.S. officials have not been sufficiently supportive of waging war on Iran and have played into the hands of the Ayatollahs.

The consensus in the U.S. military and intelligence community is that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons and has demonstrated no intention of doing so. Given these assessments, and in the face of an increasingly hawkish Israel and a Congress vying for war, several high level U.S. officials have publicly warned against a preemptive military strike on Iran and have even stated that the U.S. wouldn’t back Israel if it decided to attack on its own.

Obama: I'm not bluffing on Iran ~ link ~ Oh that's reassuring!   The jerk lies about everything but on this he tells the truth!   Stirling     

President Barack Obama says he means it when he insists it's unacceptable for Iran to have a nuclear weapon. "I don't bluff," Obama said in an interview published Friday.

In his most expansive remarks on the issue, Obama told The Atlantic magazine that Iran and Israel both understand that "a military component" is one of a mix of options for dealing with Iran, along with sanctions and diplomacy.

Israeli President Peres: Obama is a great president, security ties are 'the best we've ever had' ~ link ~ For the Global Banking Cartel and for the extremists Netanyahu Zionists Obama is a "great president", for Americans, as president, he sucks.   Stirling       

Israeli President Shimon Peres on Thursday said that U.S. President Barack Obama is “a great president and a great friend of Israel,” and that security cooperation between the U.S. and Israel is “the best we’ve ever had.”

In an hour-long interview with American broadcaster Charlie Rose, conducted before a large audience at New York’s 92nd Street Y, Peres said that he does not want to interfere in American politics, but he is stating his opinion on Obama “because it’s true,” adding that he has “the highest respect” for Obama for overseeing the current relationship between the two countries. 

Obama on Iran: Nobody's announced a war yet ~ link ~ US President Barack Obama held a line of fundraisers for his presidential campaign on Thursday. At one of the events, a woman interrupted his comments on foreign policy to yell, “Use your leadership! No war in Iran!”

Obama calmly responded, “Nobody’s announced a war, young lady. You’re jumping the gun a little bit.”

Will Bibi Break Obama? ~ link ~ How much of this is false narrative and how much is real???  It is likely true that many senior military officers are opposed to a war with Iran/Syria/Hezbollah but that does not necessarily mean that they can control the Administration's direction on this.  Obama is the most "Front Man" of all American presidents.  The Bushes were at least third string players in the Illuminati, and Bill Clinton was most likely a Rockefeller bastard, but Obama is simply a third generation CIA operative without any real personal power base.  He is controlled, the real question is what will his string-pullers do.   Stirling    

Report: US prepares to refuel Israeli warplanes striking Iran ~ link ~ Following Israeli calls on the US to toughen its stance on Iran’s nuclear energy program, Pentagon officials have announced preparations for the aerial refueling of Tel Aviv planes that may strike Iran.

Pentagon officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, disclosed on Thursday that “military options being prepared start with providing refueling for Israeli planes and include attacking the pillars of the clerical regime (Iran).” 

How Empires Fall - Including the American One ~ link ~ In a recent TomDispatch introduction, I pointed out that, when it comes to America’s wars, you can’t afford to be right.  I suggested that those who had foreseen disaster in Iraq and Afghanistan should logically be celebrated in this country and "should be in the Rolodexes of every journalist reporting on American foreign policy, the Iran crisis, or our wars."  But, I asked, "When was the last time you heard from one of them or saw one spotlighted?"

Brazil takes the lead in trying to stop another senseless war ~ link ~ Brazil’s foreign minister, Antonio Patriota, made a courageous and very important statement last week about the rising threat of a military attack on Iran.  He asked UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to weigh in on the legality of a threatened military strike against Iran. “One sometimes hears the expression, ‘all options are on the table.’ But some actions are contrary to international law,” said Patriota. The people who keep saying “all options are on the table,” with respect to Iran, include various U.S. and Israeli officials, and most importantly President Obama himself. And everyone knows what they mean when they say “all options are on the table”:  they reserve the “right” to bomb Iran if they don’t get what they want through non-military means, including economic sanctions. 

But such an action would indeed be “contrary to law,” as Patriota suggested.  In fact, it is a very serious crime under international law, and a clear violation of the United Nations Charter (Article 2).  Even threatening to use military force against another UN member state - which President Obama and Israel have done- is a violation of the UN Charter.

Iran uses private bank to pay for Indian exports in Rupees ~ link ~ You just know how much the Global Banking Cartel will love this!  Stirling     

Diplomacy to seal Iran's fate ~ link ~ While the rhetoric between Iran and its enemies has reached new heights - with Iran's defense minister reportedly threatening the use of "hidden capabilities which are kept for rainy days" in response to a foreign attack - the diplomatic front is also busier than ever. A great deal of expectation is placed on the meeting between United States President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu next Monday, just as a great deal of attention is focused on Israel's preparations to strike the Iranian nuclear program.

Yet while Israel is one of the noisiest participants in the stand-off, it is by far not the only important player to watch. From a long rostrum of powers with heavy stakes (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and China immediately come to mind), Russia seems to be driving a particularly hard bargain with the US and its allies. Though not much is known about these secret negotiations, what seems apparent is that the fates of Iran and Syria are intricately linked.

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