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Obama Invokes NDAA Declaring Threat From Iran A National Emergency ~ link ~ Oh Shit!  This is now in the realm of nuclear war level national security emergency war powers!   This is a really major event folks and the mainstream news media is embargoing it.  Stirling   

President Obama invokes the NDAA, which authorizes the use of military force, and issues an executive order declaring the “threat” of Iran a National Emergency.

The executive order directs all government agencies to respond immediately to the threat. It further invokes the authority of the 2012 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) which gives the President the power to launch military action against any nation without the approval of Congress.

How To Survive An Iranian Biowar Attack ~ link ~ Thanks Paul for the link.   Stirling    

Cuban leader Fidel Castro warns of nuclear war and bleak future for world ~ link ~ Coming war with Iran: Castro still occasionally writes opinion pieces for Cuban media and meets with visiting leaders, but he said he spends much of his time reading news stories and that what he reads is alarming.  “What’s going to happen in Iran? What’s going to happen in the Near East? What’s going to happen in Syria?” he asked at the event, which took place on Friday. He said President Barack Obama no longer has power in the United States, that Cuba’s longtime ideological foe is being run by a “high command” and not even they can “contain the situation” of a possible nuclear war. Castro has been warning of impending nuclear war involving the United States, Israel and Iran for some time. “The situation is difficult, more difficult than ever,” he said.

What the first few minutes of World War III will look like - with video ~ link ~ Scary.  This is an Israeli video, no doubt produced to convince Israelis that they should support a strike on Iran that will end up really killing them, instead of the made-up video version of "what will happen if Iran gets the bomb".  It does however, show the evil insanity of the massive blood feast that the Third World War will be from a micro prospective. ~ video link ~ Watch this please.  And prepare spiritually for the black plague that is descending upon us all now.  In the Last Book of the Christian Bible, it speaks of the Final Battle and of Israeli being attacked by such a massive army that it can only be Russia and China.  It could end up, with the Russians and Chinese showering nuclear warheads over Israel to prevent Israel from showering nuclear warheads over most of the Middle East and maybe Europe as well.   Stirling   

Meanwhile in Greece the Protesters scream "Nazis Out" as they burn German flags ~ link ~ The World is descending into a deep dark evil place.  Stirling    

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