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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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War Warning Middle East: My best guess is that the war may begin in about two weeks.  This is only a guess but one based on the flow of events/etc.  Stirling     

US to announce aerial blockade on Syria ~ link ~ Events are at the tipping point!  Stirling    

The Pentagon is readying for the possibility of intervention in Syria, aiming to halt Syrian President Bashsar Assad's violent crackdown on protesters, the newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat reported Saturday, citing a US military offical.

According to the official, the intervention scenario calls for the establishment of a buffer zone on the Turkish border, in order to receive Syrian refugees. The Red Cross would then provide the civilians humanitarian aid, before NATO crews would arrive from Turkey and join the efforts. The measure would pave the way for the US to declare an aerial blockade on Syria. 

UK prepares for military strike against Iran ~ link ~
The United Kingdom has reportedly drawn up plans to send hundreds of troops and an extra nuclear submarine to the Persian Gulf amid escalating war threats against the Islamic Republic.

"MoD planners went into overdrive at the start of the year. Conflict is seen as inevitable as long as the regime (Iran) pursue their nuclear ambitions,” The Sun quoted a senior Whitehall official as saying on Sunday.

"Britain would be sucked in whether we like it or not," the official added. 

The Royal Navy has already gathered seven warships in the Persian Gulf. HMS Daring - one of its newest and most powerful destroyers - arrived in the region last month to join Type 23 frigate HMS Argyll.

Minesweepers Pembroke, Quora, Middleton and Ramsey are also based in Bahrain and a nuclear submarine is stationed in the area.

According to the report, a second submarine armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles will also be deployed in the region under the UK war plan.

The Royal Air Force is also reportedly planning to send Typhoon and Tornado Jets to reinforce helicopter and transport plane crews already stationed in Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and the UAE.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague once again stressed last week that "all options must remain on the table" regarding Iran, repeating Western military threats against the Islamic Republic.

As Pentagon sends reinforcements to the Straits of Hormuz, Iran Redux Looms ~ linkA few days ago, before the latest breakout in crude sent Brent to all time highs in GBP and EUR (and Asian Tapis in USD just shy of all time highs), we said that "we hope our readers stocked up on gasoline. Because things are about to get uglier. And by that we mean more expensive. But courtesy of hedonic adjustments, more expensive means cheaper, at least to the US government." This was due to recent news out of Iran "where on one hand we learn that IAEA just pronounced Iran nuclear talks a failure (this is bad), and on the other Press TV reports that the Iran army just started a 4 day air defense exercise in a 190,000 square kilometer area in southern Iran (this is just as bad). The escalation "ball" is now in the Western court." We were not surprised to learn that the "Western court" has responded in precisely the way we had expected. The WSJ reports: "The Pentagon is beefing up U.S. sea- and land-based defenses in the Persian Gulf to counter any attempt by Iran to close the Strait of Hormuz. The U.S. military has notified Congress of plans to preposition new mine-detection and clearing equipment and expand surveillance capabilities in and around the strait... The military also wants to quickly modify weapons systems on ships so they could be used against Iranian fast-attack boats, as well as shore-launched cruise missiles" Which means the escalation slider was just shifted up by one more level, as Iran will next do just what every actor caught in an Always Defect regime as part of an iterated prisoners' dilemma always does - step up the rhetoric even more, as backing off at this point is impossible. Which means that crude will go that much more higher in the coming days, as now even the MSM is starting to grasp the obvious - from the Guardian: "The drumbeat of war with Iran grows steadily more intense. Each day brings more defiant rhetoric from Tehran, another failed UN nuclear inspection, reports of western military preparations, an assassination, a missile test, or a dire warning that, once again, the world is sliding towards catastrophe. If this all feels familiar, that's because it is. For Iran, read Iraq in the countdown to the 2003 invasion." And the most ironic thing is that the biggest loser out of all this, at least in the short-term is.... Greece.

Syria: Hillary Clinton calls Russia and China 'despicable' for opposing UN resolution ~ link ~ She is America's top 'diplomat'!  This witch just cannot wait for WWIII to get underway.   Stirling    

Speaking after a Friends of Syria conference, held in Tunisia, Mrs Clinton said that Russia and China must join international condemnation of President Assad's regime.  

And in his most forceful words to date on the Syrian crisis, President Barack Obama said the US and its allies would use "every tool available" to end the bloodshed. 

Israeli Assassinations and American Presidents ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one at the link.  Stirling     

Syrians head to polls in referendum on new constitution ~ link ~ Something the mainstream news media is NOT covering.   Stirling    

Iran refuses to deliver 500,000 barrel oil shipment to Greece ~ link Iran has refused to deliver a 500,000-barrel shipment of oil to Greece in response to EU oil sanctions imposed against the country.

According to a report by Fars News Agency on Sunday, oil tankers that had come to transfer 500,000 barrels of Iranian crude oil to Hellenic refining complex in Greece were forced to return empty-handed after the Islamic Republic refused to deliver the shipment.

Turkish protesters condemn US anti-Syrian position ~ link ~ About 700 Turkish demonstrators gathered in a border town in the southern province of Hatay on Sunday.

The Turkish Freedom and Solidarity Party had organized the gathering.

The demonstrators also expressed solidarity with the Syrian nation.

The Hatay protest comes as Syrians began voting in a referendum on a newly drafted constitution on Sunday.

The draft constitution excludes Article 8, which declared the ruling Baath Party as the “leader of the state and society.” It also creates a multiparty system in Syria and puts a limit of two seven-year presidential terms. 

Iran: Boosting Lebanese Army part of our Mideast strategy ~ linkStrengthening the Lebanese military is a key Iranian strategic and regional policy, Iranian Defense Minister Brig.-Gen. Ahmad Vahidi told his Lebanese counterpart Faiz Ghosn, who was in Tehran Sunday in order to strengthen relations between the two nations.

“Lebanon must have a strong army to defend its interests in the region,” Lebanese Hezbollah-affiliate Al Manar quoted the Iranian defense minister as saying Sunday during a meeting with Ghosn in the Iranian capital.

Israel inks $1.6 billion arms deal with Azerbaijan ~ link Israeli defense officials on Sunday confirmed $1.6 billion in deals to sell drones as well as anti-aircraft and missile defense systems to Azerbaijan, bringing sophisticated Israeli technology to the doorstep of archenemy Iran.

The sales by state-run Israel Aerospace Industries come at a delicate time. Israel has been laboring hard to form diplomatic alliances in a region that seems to be growing increasingly hostile to the Jewish state.

Netanyahu: Abbas speech on Jerusalem was 'incitement' ~ link ~ Bibi knows a thing or two about incitement...and war...and lying...etc.   Stirling     

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday harshly condemned Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for a speech given at a conference in Qatar in which Abbas claimed that Israel is "trying to erase the Arab, Muslim, and Christian nature of Jerusalem".  

In Search of Syria's True Friends ~ link The ‘Friends of Syria’ is a contradiction in terms. In reality, these countries are Syria’s enemies which are not trying to reach a peaceful settlement but want to provoke a civil war, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for International Affairs Alexey Pushkov has declared. An international conference of the Friends of Syria, which includes countries and organizations that advocate a unilateral ceasefire in Syria, is being held in Tunisia on Friday. The opposition Syrian National Council has already demanded that the participants supply weapons to the militants of the so-called Syrian People’s Army.

The agenda of the first session of the self-proclaimed  ‘Friends of Syria’ was kept secret until the beginning of the consultations. However, because of various leaks, it became clear that the LAS initiative to officially recognize the Syrian National Council as a legitimate government would be approved. This method of solving the crisis would be unacceptable, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for International Affairs Alexey Pushkov believes. The MP stressed that those who propose initiatives of this kind can hardly be called ‘friends of Syria’.

Spoiling for War on Syria ~ link  ~ There are two doors to the 'house' named Armageddon, the front door is named Iran and the back door is named Syria.   Stirling     

Nearly a year ago, Western-backed insurgent violence erupted. Heavily armed foreign fighters supplemented internal ones. Al Qaeda's very much involved.

Russian and Chinese peace initiatives are spurned. Washington, rogue NATO partners, and pro-Western regional allies want conflict. Reports suggest Jordan's hosting 40,000 heavily armed insurgents along Syria's southern border ready to intervene. Former Libyan Al Qaeda commander Abdelhakim Belhadj commands nearly half of them.

Iraqi fighters are massed to Syria's east, ready to join them. So are so-called Free Syrian Army insurgents north in Turkey. 

Syria votes on new constitution - with video ~ link 

Obama and 'Friends of Syria' press for military intervention against Damascus ~ link The “Friends of Syria” are a gang of political criminals, gathered in Tunisia to plan the latest in a series of destabilization campaigns that have all ended in colonial wars of aggression.

Syria Rogue Elements Rampant ~ link ~ A “new world map.”

Chillingly, no outrage, or cries of “despicable” has been given to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement, in Switzerland, the day before the Tunisia conference, that there: “would be no Lebanon in the new world map.”(xiv)

He stated, further, that an Israeli strike against Lebanon would be supported by the United States and Gulf States countries.

There surely is a wildlife park of elephants in the room. Given George W. Bush’s “Crusade”; the belief by extreme right Israeli circles in their control of the Middle East: “from the Nile to the Euphrates” and General Wesley Clark’s revelations of 2007, that the Pentagon planned:“(taking) out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran”, there is an obvious question, sparked by Prime Minister Netanyahu’s confidence over a Lebanon attack:

Are these AIPAC and Israel’s wars?

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