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US Drones are flying over Syria ~ link ~ This is a technical act of war!  Stirling    

The United States is flying unmanned reconnaissance planes over Syria to monitor the regime's escalating crackdown on dissent, U.S. defense officials told NBC television on Saturday. 

Western officials fear that Iranian military presence along with Russian aid could turn Syria into a center of international friction much worse than the struggle inside Syria. They fear that the control over actions in Syria will be taken over by a Russian-Iranian "partnership" which would exclude the European Union and Turkey and that U.S. involvement could be too late and inefficient.

Turkey fears this development after a diplomatic crisis erupted with Syria when more than 40 Turkish intelligence officers were captured by the Syrian army. Over the past week, Turkey has been conducting intensive negotiations with Syria in order to secure their freedom, and Syria insists that their release will be conditioned on the extradition of Syrian officers and soldiers that defected and are currently in Turkey. 

Obama Officials: Iran sanctions will fail, leading to war ~ link ~ While insisting that they “want to see sanctions work,” Obama Administration officials are convinced that the sanctions won’t lead Iran to abandon its civilian nuclear program and that either the US or Israel will attack Iran as a result.

The new reports come just one day after Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta conceded that Iran isn’t actually developing a nuclear weapon, and DIA chief Lt. Gen. Ronald Burgess said that Iran was unlikely to start any war on their own.

It does seem to have pushed back the start of the war a bit, however, as Panetta had previously predicted Israel would launch an attack between April and June, but Obama advisors are now calling September or October the “sweet spot.”

US officials believe Iran sanctions will fail, making military actions likely ~ link ~ Officials in key parts of the Obama administration are increasingly convinced that sanctions will not deter Tehran from pursuing its nuclear programme, and believe that the US will be left with no option but to launch an attack on Iran or watch Israel do so.

"If you look at the calendar, it doesn't make much sense that the Israelis would jump the gun. They probably need to provide a decent interval for those sanctions to be perceived as failing, because they care about whether an Israeli strike would be seen as philosophically legitimate; that is, as only having happened after other options were exhausted. So I think that will push them a little further into 2012."

The Last War of the Modern Age Is Upon Us ~ link ~ This is a great article.  Please take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling     

“It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking.” – Ron Paul, End The Fed. 

For a just, democratic, and true political order to be created in America and the world, the Federal Reserve must be destroyed. It is because of the Fed’s endless printing of money that America can fight endless wars against manufactured enemies such as Al-Qaeda, Iraq, and Iran.

By taking away the bankers’ power to print money and lend to governments at high interest, we will end the demonic age of modern world wars.

The age of modern world wars began in 1913 and it has not ended yet. It encompasses World War I, World War II, and World War III. We must understand all three world wars as part of a continuous historical process that is building towards the same political goal: a global financial, political, and technocratic dictatorship.

US and Israel invoke terror to ratchet up war threats against Iran ~ link ~ Both Washington and Israel have seized upon a string of abortive bomb plots in India, Georgia and Thailand to escalate war threats against Iran.
The three incidents, in which there were no fatalities, were immediately labeled by the Israeli government as terrorist attacks organized by Tehran that, in the words of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, demonstrated why all nations must draw “red lines against Iranian aggression.”

What was striking about the first two incidents in Delhi and Tbilisi was that they involved the use of devices—bombs attached by magnets to cars—similar to those used to assassinate at least four Iranian nuclear scientists over the past two years.

War Propaganda corporate media steers World toward disaster - with video ~ link ~ The establishment media has slipped into overdrive. It is determined to fan the flames of hysteria and set the stage for a devastating attack on Iran.
An absurd case of lies and fantastic conjecture passed off as truth is now rolling full-steam down hill at record speed and will soon result in a disastrous collision that will deal a coup de grĂ¢ce to the global economy and result in the implementation of a police state.

It’s not that we didn’t learn from the propaganda campaign and invasion of Iraq almost a decade ago. Most Americans now realize that the war was cooked up under false pretense, but there is little they can do because the political system is so corrupted and captured by the military-intelligence-bankster complex.

Western intervention in Syria will do more harm than good ~ link ~ I suppose that you could say that...if by "more harm than good" you are referring to a little minor tiny thing called WORLD WAR III !  Stirling      

Calls for aggressive intervention in Syria are growing as the country slides further into sectarian civil war. The shrillest are from the Republican right, joined this week by Israel's foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman. The same people are campaigning for confrontation with Iran, threatening a major war. Elliot Abrams, a neoconservative architect of the Iraq disaster, spells out the connection: Syria, he says, provides a "proxy opportunity" to heat up the cold war with Tehran.

Regime change and ensuring that the Arab spring yields only the wizened fruit of governments as accommodating as Saudi Arabia cannot be sold on their own terms. Instead they are wrapped in the rhetoric of humanitarian intervention, tapping the sentiments of those genuinely moved by the suffering in Syria.

US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff General Dempsey: Israeli strike on Iran won't achieve objectives ~ link ~ It all depends on just what the real objective is.  If you are the global banksters, the objective that you see is WWIII, and a strike on Iran will almost certainly achieve that objective!   Stirling   

General Dempsey: Israeli strike on Iran would not be prudent ~ link ~ No kidding!   Stirling      

Iranian warships dock at Syrian port after crossing Suez Canal ~ link 

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

please read this article:

Russia must stay “combat ready” – Orthodox Church

Speaking on matters beyond the realm of the spiritual, a top Orthodox Church cleric said Russia must play a greater role in responding to ongoing global events that could deteriorate into a world war.

"There are many processes occurring in the world in which Russia should play a much more active role,” Vsevolod Chaplin, a high-placed cleric in the Russian Orthodox Church, said in an interview with the Svobodnaya Pressa ('Free Press') publishing house. “The economic and social contradictions that have cropped up in the world are so powerful that they are sure to blow up into serious military operations."

Chaplin said Russia’s military must remain “combat-ready” to prevent the outbreak of military incidents on or around its territory.

"In order to ensure that these military operations not unfold on our territory or in the vicinity of our borders, we need to keep our armed forces combat ready,” Chaplin said.

Russia must actively participate in settling all situations that may lead to a war, be it the Middle East or Central Asia, where the situation is also tense, he added.

"By all accounts, we will not manage to escape a big war," Chaplin warned, while adding that civilization’s current trajectory “may lead to the annihilation of cities.”

The stage is set for WWIII.

Yours, in Christ

Joaquin, Germany