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US & EU welcome Iran nuclear letter - Suggest talks possible ~ link ~ Talking would be good...far, far better than WWIII!  But don't get too excited, this is far more apt to fall apart than succeed.   Stirling    

The United States and European Union expressed cautious optimism on Friday over prospects that Iran may be willing to engage major powers in new talks, but underscored any resumed negotiations must be sustained and focus on the nuclear issue.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton told reporters that Iran's recent letter to Ashton might mark a step forward.

Pakistan allies with Iran against US ~ link ~ Pakistan does have a real nuclear the stakes just raised dramatically in any coming war!  Stirling     

Dirty tricks by Israel, US and NATO are bringing the World to the Edge of Nuclear War ~ link ~ Right now, it is one minute before midnight, and the world is on the brink of total war. There will be no end to the violence and anarchy without dialogue and diplomacy.

But the terrorists in Washington and Tel Aviv are dead set against dialogue. They are turning to dirty tricks, false flag terrorism, fearmongering, and world war. They want to write history with blood. But victory is not in their sights. Glory will be earned by the just and faithful followers of God, not the powerful and cunning slaves of Satan.


US military told to prepare for Iran war ~ link ~ Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta believes that Israel could attack Iran in an April-to-June timeframe, and there apparently has been a decision made for the U.S. to help in an assault on the radical Islamic nation’s nuclear facilities.

U.S. military sources tell WND that the Pentagon has begun preparations for “a number of operational plans and counter-operations,” with a Feb. 22 due date for submitting the plans.

Banker Occupied Europe and America ~ link ~ Money power rules. Across Europe and America, governments follow banker diktats. They demand economies and people suffer to assure they're paid. 

Money power in private hands and democracy can't co-exist. It buys what it wants at the expense of government of, by, and for the people. It never was and isn't now.

No Euro, No Cry: Swedish Krona vs cash chaos - video ~ link ~ The Euro is just another Rothschild scam on the public. Take to time to view this if you can.  It shows how Sweden is doing much better without the Euro.    Stirling       

Portugal's biggest union calls for general strike ~ link ~  By summer, all of Europe could be involved with massive strikes and political chaos from the banksters demands for austerity fascism.   Stirling   

Portugal's main union, the General Confederation of Portuguese Workers (CGTP), has called for a general strike to protest against the government's tough austerity package.

The new controversial austerity measures are part of Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho's plan to meet the conditions set by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund for their bailout of debt-stricken Portugal in exchange for a loan of 78 billion euros ($103 billion), granted in May of 2011.

The CGTP's call for the strike comes at a time when officials from the so-called “troika” of the European Union, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund continue a two-week review of the economy, checking Portugal's progress since last year's bailout.

20 Signs that you might be a typical American worker ~ link ~ Good One...sad...but true.   Stirling   

Global Financial Systemic Risk Is Rising - Again ~ link ~ Credit markets in Europe remain significant underperformers relative to equities this week, despite some short-covering yesterday that narrowed the gap. Global Financial Systemic Risk is rising again - dramatically. It seemed that the dramatic shift from early to mid-week was enough to scare some action back into the market and we can't help but feel that the rallies in Spanish and Italian govvies (on what was very likely thin trading) was all central banks, all the time. Today saw stocks rally in Europe to new post-NFP highs while credit leaked wider off its open and closed on a weak tone into the US long-weekend.

What next for Greece after another week of Deadlock? ~ link ~ The people need to have the banksters and their corrupt bought-and-paid-for political whores arrested, tried, and hung...or at least thrown in prison for a very long time.   Stirling   

Yet another week has gone by without a final resolution of the terms of Greece’s second bailout deal within two years. 

If Greece leaves the euro, the single currency would sink by 10 percent against the dollar, and volatility in stocks would rise by around 25 percent, according to risk management company SunGard APT.   

Do we really know Greece's default will be orderly? ~ linkIt seems to me that there is ample evidence that the situation very likely holds unknown unknowns--but few seem to have priced that into the equities markets. It often seems like a financial soap opera is playing out on some distant stage, but the money being made and lost is real--if the players cash out of the game before the lights go out.


Western students lag Asians by three years ~ link ~ The people in the West have allowed the globalists to poison their culture, their morality, their economics, their politics, and in general their lives.  Stirling 

Western schoolchildren are up to three years behind those in China’s Shanghai and success in Asian education is not just the product of pushy “tiger” parents, an Australian report released Friday said.

The study by independent think-tank The Grattan Institute said East Asia was the centre of high performance in schools with four of the world’s top systems in the region — Hong Kong, South Korea, Shanghai and Singapore. “In Shanghai, the average 15-year-old mathematics student is performing at a level two to three years above his or her counterpart in Australia, the USA and Europe,” Grattan’s school education programme director Ben Jensen said.

German President resigns in home loan scandal - with video ~ link 

Ron Paul is secretly taking over the GOP and it's driving people insane ~ link ~ I support Ron Paul, but it will be almost impossible for him, or any real candidate, to win the nomination and the election.   Stirling    

Drums of War: Rick Santorim "I will use air strikes, missile attacks on Iran" - video ~ link ~  The politics-as-usual political whores feel that it is necessary to out due one another on sucking up to tiny Israel and to the Global Banking Cartel...that this will get most people on Earth killed in WWIII is not important to them, only their sick narcissistic quest for power and importance has value to them.   Stirling      

SOPA Bill takes on new name in US Senate - video ~ link ~ The fascists are not stopping their efforts; the public needs to re-double its efforts.  Stirling       

Fake US bonds worth trillions seized ~ link ~  
Fake Treasury Bill 

Italian Prosecutors order seizure of fake US Treasury Bonds ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ link ~ linkItalian prosecutors Friday ordered a stash of paper marked as 1934 U.S. government bonds to be impounded on the ground that they were fake.

Italian police were ordered to seize the stash, intercepted five years ago in Switzerland and held in custody since, by prosecutors in the southern Italian city of Potenza.

The fake bonds in question had a combined face value of $6 trillion and were contained in three chests originally intercepted in 2007 as they were being taken to Zurich from Hong Kong. Officers from the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Embassy in Rome had already confirmed they were fake. 

Italy police seize $6 Trillion of fake US T-bonds ~ link ~ You know, this story has never added up.  I suspect that what really happened was that a shipment of real high value Federal Reserve bonds was somehow actually intercepted and once the story got out, they had to come up with a false cover story/narrative with false details added to confuse the public.  I suspect that the shipment was to some person or persons high up in the Global Banking Cartel.   Stirling    

Why were the Trillions in "fake bonds" held in Chicago Federal Reserve crates?  ~ link ~  This is one strange story, but it might be an answer to what is really going on here...maybe....maybe not.  Stirling   

Pakistan-Iran-Afghan talks 'a message of defiance' to the US ~ link Pakistan, which is a nuclear power, has said that it will come to the aid of next-door Iran if it is attacked.  Stirling    

Iran and Pakistan presidents urge vigilance against Western plots ~ link Ahmadinejad arrived in the Pakistani capital Islamabad on Thursday to take part in a tripartite summit with Zardari and Afghan President Hamid Karzai on regional cooperation and developments.

During the private negotiations, Iranian and Pakistani presidents discussed the plots arrogant powers are hatching to create divisions among the Muslim countries in order to justify their presence in the region.

Ahmadinejad and Zardari also cautioned the regional allies of hegemonic powers, which are not loyal friends and will turn on them once their initial objectives are fulfilled. 

Iranian naval ships enter Mediterranean via Suez Canal ~ link ~ "Two Iranian ships crossed through the Suez Canal (on Thursday) following permission from the Egyptian armed forces," a source in the canal authority said on Friday.
The destroyer and a supply ship could be on their way to the Syrian coast, the source added. Iran and Syria agreed to cooperate on naval training a year ago, and Tehran has no naval agreement with any other country in the region.

UN General Assembly passes symbolic condemnation of Syrian government - with video ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ The large vote against Syria shows just how powerful the globalists forces really are.    Stirling    

Stonehenge design was 'inspired' by sounds ~ link
Steven Waller's intriguing idea is that ancient Britons could have based the layout of the great monument, in part, on the way they perceived sound. He has been able to show how two flutes played in a field can produce an auditory illusion that mimics in space the position of the henge's pillars.

Snow damages Colosseum and medieval churches in Italy ~ link 

Joseph Kennedy III announces he will run for US Congress ~ link ~ He looks like his grandfather the last Senator Robert Kennedy.  I met his grandfather and grandmother once many years ago, and years later had lunch with his dad in Evansville.   Stirling  

Nonchalant ducks crossing the street - video ~ link ~ Cute.  Stirling        

Six Terrifying User Agreements You've Probably Accepted ~ link  

Time to Recognize the Blair Government's Criminality ~ link ~ I did my part in forcing the bastard from office.  See my book, 'CASH FOR PEERAGES: THE SMOKING GUN' ~ link  ~ See also: Former British Cop heads oppressions in Bahrain - video (This is the man that was in charge of the Cash for Peerages scandal investigations; I had a long one-on-one conversation with him and also several conversations in depth with several of his top people at the time.) ~ link 

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