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UN Security Council Showdown On Syria ~ link ~ also see ~ link Slowly things are coming to a head. America, Israel, rogue NATO partners, and regional despot allies are itching for a fight with Syria. Russia and China stand firmly opposed. 

On February 3, Reuters headlined, "UN council to vote on Syria resolution Saturday," saying:

Britain's UN mission said the "UN Security Council is set to meet 9:00 a.m. Saturday. Plan is to vote on Syria resolution."

Americans talk about an Israeli war on Iran, but prepare own offensive ~ link ~ The Middle East is a tinderbox that any small spark could ignite, at any time.  As Iran/Syria/Hezbollah see the massive firepower being assembled against them, the temptation to strike first has got to be intense.  That their enemies know this places them on hyper alert and reinforces those who are calling for the beginning of hostilities now rather than later.  Events are headed in the WRONG DIRECTION!  Stirling   

US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has been outspoken about a possible Israeli offensive against Iran taking place as of April and one American TV channel theorized simplistically Friday, Feb. 3, about Israel's tactics. At the same time, no US source is leveling on the far more extensive American, Saudi, British, French and Gulf states' preparations going forward for an offensive against the Islamic Republic.

Tehran too is gearing up for conflict: The Iranian Guards Ground Forces chief Brig. Gen. Mohammad Pakpour Saturday, Feb. 4 announced the start of a three-week exercise in southern Iran and the Strait of Hormuz under conditions of war.

Less than One-Fifth of all Americans favor military or covert action against Iran...Less than Half of all Israelis want to attack Iran ~ link ~ The people are not in control of things.  The Global Banking Cartel families and the Netanyahu war nuts are!  Stirling    

While the same neoconservatives who pushed the Iraq war are now loudly beating the drums of war against Iran, neither the American or Israeli people want war. A new United Technologies/National Journal “Congressional Connection Poll,” finds that only 13% Americans think the U.S. should “take covert action against Iran such as sabotage and assassination of scientists working on their nuclear program”. Only 17% support “tak[ing] military action against Iran, including bombing weapons facilities inside the country.”
And most Israelis are against war with Iran as well.

"Mass slaughter" in Syria - 200 dead as Assad's troops pound rebel city with mortars ~ link ~ linkOK everyone take a breath...this is bullcrap for the UN Security Council vote.  This narrative of Assad's troops going in and killing unarmed protesting civilians is not only lies and outright propaganda of the worst type, but when you think about it, it makes NO SENSE.  If unarmed civilian protesters are being killed like the 'opposition' reports and the mainstream news media parrots, would they not take shelter and NOT be on the streets???  The reality is that foreign trained/staffed/led/equipped mercenaries are doing most of the fighting, and this is a military force vs. military force engagement!  This has always been the case.  I interviewed, on the NutriMedical Report talk radio show a few months ago, a Eastern Orthodox priest from Chicago who just got back from touring Syria.  He reported that most Syrians are loyal to the government, that most of Syria is peaceful and in fact is one of the safest nations on Earth.  What we are seeing is the effects of only six globalist companies, all ran by hard core Zionists, controlling 96% of all American mainstream news media (with similar conditions throughout the West).  They are constantly feeding the public a pro-war false narrative designed to get us all into World War III.  This is no time for ignorance or willful-ignorance.  Wake up your friends and relatives to what is happening.  Even if we can't stop the madness, it is far better that we be prepared for the nightmare that is about to engulf us all.  Stirling  

Anisimov: NATO countries and their Gulf assistants are responsible for inciting bloodshed in Syria ~ link Head of association of Russian officers who formerly served in Syria, Valery Anisimov, said the US and the NATO countries are responsible for inciting current events and bloodshed in Syria through funding and arming the armed terrorist groups with the help of their assistants from the Gulf States.  In a statement to SANA correspondent in Moscow, Anisimov added the NATO countries are acting aggressively and trying to interfere in the affairs of the independent Syrian people who have been living in a state of peace and stability.

Obama: Assad must step down 'immediately' ~ link ~ Yep, old Obama does a great job of reading from the teleprompter.   The trouble is those in control of the teleprompter are not Americans and do NOT have the best interests of Americans in their reality they are evil bastards that are driving the entire globe into World War III via a General Middle East War.  Stirling        

US Ambassador to UN Rice says Russian amendments to Syria resolution "unacceptable"; UK condemns fresh violence; Clinton and Lavrov meet ahead of vote.


Russian Ambassador in Beirut: Syria Is Friend And Partner, We Won't Allow Any Interference In Its Affairs ~ link ~ Global war clouds gathering!  Stirling     


US-Israeli Report: What Will An Israeli Attack On Iran Look Like? ~ linkThe report, the main points of which were presented by Israel’s Channel 10 News, is based on conversations the American network held with current and former officials in Israel and the United States. The report suggests that an attack on Iran will combine air and ground faces but will not include naval forces.

The officials interviewed said that the attack will be led by the Israeli artillery, which will use Jericho 2 missiles that have a range of 2,500 kilometers. The report also says the artillery will be assisted by F-15i aircraft and Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).


Iran warns World of coming Great Event ~ link ~ Talk about setting yourself up for a False Flag Event!  Stirling   

The Sum Of All Fears - video ~ link ~ Is something going to happen at the Superbowl tomorrow?  I doubt it.  But things are getting really crazy.  A False Flag Event, somewhere is a possibility.   Now is a good time to get right with God and remember after the Final Battle, Jesus Christ Himself will return to make all things new.   Stirling    

Iran begins new naval exercises near Strait of Hormuz ~ link ~ Iran has so far made no attempts to disrupt shipping through the strait, the route for one-fifth the world's crude oil. The US and allies have said they would respond swiftly to any attempts at a blockade.
Last month, Iran's navy wrapped up 10 days of exercises in the Gulf, but the Revolutionary Guard – which is directly under control of the supreme leader – represents a significantly stronger military force and controls key programs such as missile development. Iranian state media announced the new maneuvers, but gave no further details.

The Reason for War with Iran: Follow the Funny Money ~ link ~ The reason why we have an unstable world and a goverment out of control is because we have the International Bankers in control. If laws were not selectivity enforced, John D Rockefeller, Lord Rothschild and J.P. Morgan would be hanging from the gallows. These are the people who cause famines wars and misery. These are the people who impoverish nations and kill leaders who do not play ball with the moneychangers.

                The war they are trying to start with Iran has nothing to do with Nuclear weapons. Just have one nuclear tipped missile would not make a hill of beans if Israel has 300 of them and hundreds of anti missile batteries to knock them out of the sky before they reach Israel. It has to do with distracting the population from the coming economic implosion and putting in a corporate dictatorship to rule over the people through FIAT money.


Iran threatens retaliation over oil embargo ~ link Iran's supreme leader threatened on Friday to retaliate against the West for sanctions, a day after a U.S. newspaper said defense secretary Leon Panetta believed Israel was likely to bomb Iran within months to stop it building a nuclear bomb.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's defiant televised speech marking the anniversary of the 1979 Iranian revolution was the first time the top authority has spoken publicly about the impact of the new sanctions, which have strangled the Iranian economy since the start of the year.


Iran launches observation satellite ~ link Islamic Republic sends 'Navid' into orbit. Satellite said to be equipped with advanced surveillance, imaging system.

Engineering War On Iran All Options On The Table ~ link ~ Good One!   Stirling    
Question: How do you convince the world that ­ even though you’re armed to the teeth and have a bad track record of invading countries ­ you really have “no choice” but make a “pre-emptive military strike” against another country you don’t like? This must be the question over which the political, military and psychological warfare planners are wracking their brains in the key global power elite decision-making centres in New York, London, Tel-Aviv and Washington…. No, I’m not referring to the State Department, Pentagon, White House, Congress and their counterparts in Britain and Europe. Those folks just take their orders and execute them. I’m referring to the real decision-makers at Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) meetings. And if the governments don’t come to any solution well then, as Baby Bush used to say, “All options are on the table”. 


Anonymous said...

Lord Stirling states as follows:

"Now is a good time to get right with God and remember after the Final Battle, Jesus Christ Himself will return to make all things new."

This leaves me, for one, utterly confused, and here is why:

Day after day after day after day, Stirling's been stirring up our worst fears with the most dire
predictions that World War Three is almost upon us, and that most of us will soon be dead -- although he also urges us to be sure to have several months food and survival supplies on hand, on the assumption that this will help such prepared people to be among the few survivors -- and then this deeply devout lover of Christ and God (or is it God alone in his avatar as his own son?) -- clues us in that "after the Final Battle [cum Armageddon cum World War Three] Jesus Christ himself [or God himself after shapeshifting into his Jesus incarnation] will return to [undo the devastating damage and] make all things new."

In the lord's name, LORD Stirling, please offer us a clear and comprehensible explanation for this glaringly apparent mess of contradictions:

If you love God so much, and want to be with him after he's made all things new -- including a new and
improved you, and including a better version of this awful world which would just have been utterly destroyed -- then why are you so obviously upset at the apparent imminence of "Armageddon," and why do you spend so much time and energy spreading your fearmongering about it all, when in your belief, World War Three/Armageddon/TheFinalBattle will have the lovely result thatJesus/God/Whoever will gather you to his bosom, and save you forever from THIS horrible world, to spend eternity with him/her/it in the heavenly paradise?

I seriously don't get it. And I seriously pray, LORD S., that you will shine some bright, clarifying light on these evident contradictions
and conundrums.

An Onymous

P.S. I can't decide whether you behave more like The Boy Who Cried Wolf, or more like Chicken Little?

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

has also published an article on Morgellon´s Disease, a few days after you reported about it.

The Morgellons' Disease Coverup
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) calls Morgellons’ Nanoworms....

It´s hard to believe what the author writes in this article. The author mentions things like:

"It is a form of forced/directed evolution of the human genome" and "It is the fetal stage of transhumanism".

When I first read about it on Sofia Smallstorm´s page I thought that it is nothing but delusion.

Obviously, I was completely wrong.

Are our leaders about to transform us into willingless zombies?

Yours, in Jesus Christ

Joaquin, Germany

Anonymous said...

"dedgal" is the word verification word shown below ?!?!?!?

"dedgal" ? Pronounced "dead gal" ?

Is this just an amazing accident? or do you personally pick the verification words? -- and if you do, is this a tribute to, or a reminder of the dearly beloved lady/wife you so sadly lost some time ago? A loss for which I cannot keep from once again expressing my sympathy to
you, and my heartfelt sorrow for you. (My dearest Dad died on Christmas Day 57 years ago, and I
still miss him a lot.)

Hang in there, friend.

Ooops ... by the time I previewed and then tried to publish, the
verification word changed twice.
At this moment, it is "misterst" --
which could easily stand for
Mister St(erling) ? WHEW . . .
this is "mister"ious indeed to me.