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The Saudi/Israeli Alliance ~ link ~ I wonder, as this information gets out to the Arab masses, just how they will react to the Saudis and other GCC rulers?  This is a Good One...please take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling     

Iran’s Press TV reported yesterday that both the US and the Saudis began funding Syrian rebels eight months ago. After funding Libyan Islamist rebels to overthrow Qaddafi, the Saudis and their fellow Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) despots have moved on in an effort to bring down Syria’s Assad government on their road to Tehran.

Both the Muslim Brotherhood House of Saudi and Cabalist Israel share a long history with their Freemason brethren at British intelligence dating back to the Egyptian Mystery Schools.

The inbred Illuminati banker oligarchy runs all three secret societies and controls the global economy via central bank monopoly and hegemony over oil, arms and drug trades.
This Rothschild-led cabal of trillionaire Satanists manufacture fanatics within the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths to divide the people and maximize war profits.

US Military-Industrial - Complex gets rich off Afghanistan - with video ~ link 

WWIII Trigger: Report - US to Implement Syria Aerial Blockade ~ linkIsrael’s second largest newspaper is quoting a U.S. military official who has outlined a plan to implement a U.S. backed aerial blockade over Syria, reminiscent of the NATO lead no-fly zone over however.

However, the news paper reports the plan is to be modeled after NATO’s intervention in Kosovo which led to shelling of the nation.

Iran moves further to End Petrodollar, announces it will accept payment in gold instead of dollars ~ link ~ That is like a declaration of war to the Rothschilds and other global banking families!   Stirling     

General Dempsey denies he advised Israel against striking Iran ~ linkChairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Army General Martin Dempsey told a Senate panel on Tuesday he did not counsel Israel against attacking Iran over its nuclear program. “We’ve had a conversation with them about time, the issue of time," he said. Dempsey was referring to his most recent visit to Israel a month ago.

Speaking at a Senate Budget Committee meeting, the US general also defended his comment that Iran was a rational actor. “We can’t afford to underestimate our potential adversaries by writing them off as irrational,” Dempsey said.

The American public's support for an attack on Iran will be widespread but short lived ~ link ~ I doubt that we are really that stupid.   The mainstream news media may tell us that we support it, but I doubt more than 40% will actually support it.   Stirling    

Top Iranian official: Iran is prepared with hidden military capabilities if attacked ~ link ~ Like their massive Advanced Biological Warfare capabilities that could kill a third of the human race.   Stirling   

Iran is prepared with hidden "rainy day" military capabilities it is saving for when it is attacked, Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said on Tuesday, warning potential enemies of a "new environment" created by Iran's developing arms industry. 

US and Israel: Updating Iran intelligence for Obama-Netanyahu summit ~ link ~ This will likely be the final pre-war summit, held on the eve of the war.  Stirling       

20 Signs that Dust Bowl conditions will soon return to the Heartland of America ~ link ~
For decades, the heartland of America has been the breadbasket of the world.  Unfortunately, those days will shortly come to an end.  The central United States is rapidly drying up and dust bowl conditions will soon return.  There are a couple of major reasons for this.  Number one, the Ogallala Aquifer is being depleted at an astounding pace.  The Ogallala Aquifer is one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the entire world, and water from it currently irrigates more than 15 million acres of crops.  When that water is gone we will be in a world of hurt.  Secondly, drought conditions have become the "new normal" in many areas of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and other states in the middle part of the country.  Scientists tell us that the wet conditions that we enjoyed for several decades after World War II were actually the exception to the rule and that most of time time the interior west is incredibly dry.  They also tell us that when dust bowl conditions return to the area, they might stay with us a lot longer than a decade like they did during the 1930s.  Unfortunately, without water you cannot grow food, and with global food supplies as tight as they are right now we cannot afford to have a significant decrease in agricultural production.  But it is not just the central United States that is experiencing the early stages of a major water crisis.  Already many other areas around the nation are rapidly developing their own water problems.  As supplies of fresh water get tighter and tighter, some really tough decisions are going to have to be made.  Fresh water is absolutely essential to life, and it is going to become increasingly precious in the years ahead.

Most Americans have never even heard of the Ogallala Aquifer, but the truth is that it is one of the most important bodies of water on the globe.  It covers well over 100,000 square miles and it sits underneath the states of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming and South Dakota.

Water drawn from the Ogallala Aquifer is used to water more than 15 million acres of crops.  Without this source of water, the United States would not be the breadbasket of the world.

That is why what is happening right now is so alarming.

The following are 20 signs that dust bowl conditions will soon return to the heartland of America....

How to grow and raise 100% of your food ~ link 

Why the law forbids the Medical Use of Natural Substances ~ link ~  The corrupt power of Big Pharma!   Stirling     

According to the FDA’s legal definition, a drug is anything that “diagnoses, cures, mitigates, treats, or prevents a disease.”

The problem with this definition is that there are numerous substances, as readily available and benign as those found on our spice racks, which have been proven by countless millennia of
human experience to mitigate, prevent and in some cases cure disease, and which cannot be called drugs according to the FDA.

How can this be? Well, the FDA has assumed for itself Godlike power, requiring that its official approval be obtained before any substance can legally be used in the prevention and treatment of disease.

Our Depraved Future of Debt Slavery (Part II) ~ linkThere have been many forms of “debt slavery” throughout history, and almost everyone is chained to the oppressive financial, corporatist system now in one way or another. Although, this fact has not even remotely sunk in for millions of people who, unfortunately, have absolutely no clue how bad it can get. The real issue here, however, is not necessarily what people will have to do to survive the upcoming storms. Rather, it is what they will be forced to do to remain a functioning part of the system under threat of excessive monetary punishment, physical confinement or violence to them and/or those close to them. So, one must be financially/coercively attached to the system to be a “debt slave”.


The Bankers trying to steal elections in Russia to oust Putin ~ link   Do take the time to read all of this one at the link.   Stirling   

The European Bankers are being relentless trying to regain control of Russia. For many decades since the Bolsheviks taken over ousting the provisional government all the way to the time until Putin took power. The financial oligarchs who funded the criminal communist government plundered the wealth of the Russian people seizing the people’s gold and land. The Robber Barons behind the Communist takeover was not to help the Russian people, but to destroy them.

The most parasitic bankers starved and murdered millions of people by executions and famines. People where not allowed to grow their own food or be productive through their puppet leaders. When the Soviet Union collapsed because it was no longer could sustain itself. If were not for Wall Street, The US Government and the Federal reserve Bank funding the Soviet Union it would have fell from within a long time ago. When Boris Yeltsin was the leader of Russia, he was a puppet leader for the bankers where the oligarchs were continuing plundering the Russian people until the ruble collapsed in 1998 by the actions of a parasitic financier named George Soros.

When Vladimir Putin took power as the Russian President over a nation in near ruin on the brink. The country was very unstable and uncertain. He took a hard-line in throwing out and arresting the financial oligarchs that worked for the Rothschild. Putin brought stability back to Russia. He took away the fear of uncertainty and put Russia back on track. The Bankers who are owned by the ruling families are not fond of Putin because he is a wild card not under their control. Putin is not a globalist puppet. They may say he is an evil man because he was in the KGB. Not all KGB agents were government spooks. He has a background with collage degrees in economics. Intelligence agencies do study economies and economic trends. They are not all spies playing cloak and dagger

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