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Note:  I have picked up on a story that the Obama Administration is targeting field grade military officers, for early retirement, who are supporters of Constitutional government.  I don't have a link yet, nor enough to do a story on.  I just wanted to do a 'heads up' on this to my readers.  If anyone has specific information please email me (earlofstirling@yahoo.com) with your contact information and whatever you know about this.  Thanks, 
Tim Earl of Stirling       

Iran threatens pre-emptive action amid nuclear tensions ~ link ~ Iran would take pre-emptive action against its enemies if it felt its national interests were endangered, the deputy head of the Islamic Republic's armed forces was quoted by a semi-official news agency as saying Tuesday. "Our strategy now is that if we feel our enemies want to endanger Iran's national interests, and want to decide to do that, we will act without waiting for their actions,'' Mohammad Hejazi told the Fars news agency, NBC News reported.

Iran to unleash 'God's Vengeance' against potential air strike ~ link ~ Keep in mind that Iran already has a global strategic weapon-of-mass-destruction based MAD Counter-Force against all of its enemies (Israel, USA, NATO, GCC states) based on its Advanced Biowar program.  A MAD (mutually assured destruction) that would use many different genetically engineered viruses to kill up to several billions of people, if Iran feels that its culture, religion, people/nation were at risk from an Israeli and/or NATO nuclear strike.  Any General Middle East War is highly apt to go to WMD very early on and the dangers to this planet and to the entire human race are VERY GREAT!   Stirling     

US and Israel clash over Iran attack - RT video ~ link ~ This story line has been out there for a couple days now.  It is interesting to see RT reporting it as well as Israeli sites.  Some say that the Obama Administration wants to pull a late October Surprise and have a war start just before the November US election.  I doubt that the real powers that be care all that much about re-electing Obama or not, as they plan to own both candidates.  In any case, it may be that more rational/cooler heads may be influencing events somewhat.  World War III really does not make any sense, except in a spiritual war sense, and many people are waking up to that fact.  Stirling     

Israel irked by top US officials opposition to Iran attack ~ link ~  This article is from an Iranian site.  Since there are multiple sources, coming from different viewpoints, I am tending to believe that their may actually be a high-level US-Israeli disagreement.  Hopefully, some people in the Obama Administration have woken up to the fact that triggering World War III, to make Bibi 666 Netanyahu happy,  is NOT a good idea.   Stirling     

Eurozone ministers back 130 billion Euros bailout for Greece - with video ~ link ~ The additional austerity fascism measures will make the Greek people so very happy NOT!  The Greek people want out of the EU and the Eurozone but the global banksters want otherwise, and it is the banksters who rule things, not the people!   Stirling     

Greece will get loans of more than 130bn euros (£110bn; $170bn) and have about 107bn of its debt written off. In return, it must slash its debt from 160% to 120.5% of GDP within eight years and accept a permanent EU economic monitoring mission.

Europe seals new Greek bailout but doubts remain -  with video ~ link ~ The austerity measures imposed on Athens are widely disliked among the population and will put pressure on politicians who must contest an election expected in April.

Further street unrest could test politicians' commitment to cuts in wages, pensions and jobs. Greece's two biggest labor unions called a protest in Athens on Wednesday.
An opinion poll taken just before the Brussels deal showed that support for the two mainstream parties backing the rescue had fallen to an all-time low while leftist, anti-bailout parties showed gains.

Financial Fascism? 'Greeks should revolt against debt slavery!' - video ~ link ~ Good One!  Stirling    

Greek workers demonstrate against austerity measures ~ link ~ In Greece, anti-austerity protests have been held just hours after European Union leaders approved of the country’s new bailout package which calls for more tough spending cuts.

Civil servants and gas station owners gathered outside the ministries of labor and economy, demanding the reduction of taxes on fuel.

Protesters have also called for the protection of wages and pensions against additional cuts in the austerity plan.

As part of the new austerity plan, some 15,000 public sector workers are expected to lose their jobs.

Unemployment currently stands at 20.9 percent in the European state. 


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