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Iran oil ban a blow to Europe's ailing economy ~ linkA senior financial expert has underlined the global need to import the Iranian oil, saying the ban on the country's energy sector would inflict heavy damages on the European crisis-ridden economies, Press TV reports. “The last thing that many countries need is a further upswing in oil prices, which may damage the economic situation,” Marco Pietropoli, an economist with RM Wealth Management told Press TV on Friday. The remarks came in reaction to the EU foreign ministers meeting, which is expected to be held on January 23 to discuss the proposed embargo on Iran's oil exports.

EU states have already agreed on the general outlines of Iran's oil embargo as the latest in a series of measures taken by the Western states to increase pressure on Tehran over its nuclear program. However, EU members have failed to reach a final agreement on details such as the exact timing of the sanctions.

The prominent financial expert added that with regard to the ailing economies of some European states “… it [sanction] is going to be difficult to implement and …it's going to be difficult to gather the support to make it effective.” 

Lapid versus Netanyahu ~ link ~ Lapid until just recently was a popular television news personality in Israel.  He is attractive, looks every bit the manly leader type, and will make one hell of an opponent for PM Netanyahu.  Unfortunately, his entry into the political race for next Prime Minister of Israel is apt to really light a fire under Bibi.  If he is to get the General Middle East War that he so desires, he must accomplish this soon, the election is maybe four months away.   Stirling      
Any way one looks at it now, it will be either Netanyahu or Lapid. These two figures will be heading the two largest parties, with each one belonging to a different political bloc. 

US deploys 15,000 combat troops to Kuwait ~ link ~ This is two combat brigades and a large number of army helicopters.   They are there for a rapid assault on Iran from Kuwait.  While this force is too weak to take and hold Iran, it can seize key facilities.  Of course, if large parts of Iran (and Iranian military forces) are destroyed by nuclear attacks, the power of such a force could not effectively be checked.  There are also large numbers of US Marines on-board several large USN assault ships currently with the Massive Naval Amanda near the Strait of Hormuz.  It may well be part of the operational plan for GCC states to provide a large number of armored brigades/divisions for a drive into Iran.  Stirling      

The latest deployment adds to the strong presence of US-led troops in the region in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

Although weeks have passed since the US vacated its troops from Iraq, it still has advanced presence in the area through its embassy in Baghdad, where thousands of armed military contractors are still being employed.

Also late last year, the US equipped neighboring United Emirates with advanced weaponry aimed at disrupting underground nuclear activities. 

Zionists are a Fifth Column in America ~ link ~ Take the time to read this one at the link.   Stirling     

What if US Senators and heads of national security agencies were found to have sworn oaths of loyalty to Iran or China?

The bill Obama signed into law on December 31st called the Indefinite Detention Bill, now called the National Defense Act of 2012, which suspends habeas corpus protection of US civilian citizens in their own country at the behest of that bastard child of false flag 911 - Homeland Security - was authored and presented by Michigan Senator Carl Levin. Senator Levin holds dual citizenship as an Israeli.

"What's wrong with that? Israel is our Ally", most Americans would say. I used to believe that. But the history of US/Israeli relations relative to Israeli relations with other nations tells another story.

Israeli foreign policy has a history of covert operations directly counter to the national interests and domestic welfare of the United States dating back to 1961.

This is conflict of interest. Conflict of interest occurs when an individual or organization in a position of public trust is involved in multiple interests, one of which could possibly corrupt the motivation for an act in the other. Questioning dual citizenship of elected officials is in no way antisemitism. The issue it conflict of interest pure and simple.

US will 'absolutely' continue drone war on Iran ~ link ~ The war whores will not stop until we are all dead.   Stirling    

The first in a new fleet of drones departing air bases to patrol the international skies is the Avenger, a state-of-the-art stealth craft that serves as an updated edition to the arsenal of Predators and Reapers currently in America’s repertoire. With the ability to elude radar detection and bomb enemy targets with the help of internal weapons bays on each wing, the Pentagon will be sending the first new Avenger over to Afghanistan.

Given that the Taliban’s technology does not necessitate America to put in its skies an aircraft with the technologies as advanced as the Avenger, the decision to deploy the United States’ newest toy over Afghanistan is raising questions about the exact intentions of the craft.

Emir of Qatar calls for sending Arab troops to invade Syria ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ I suspect that this has earned him a number of Iranian and Syrian missiles targeted on his palaces and key Qatari facilities, for use when the General Middle East War begins.  He was the first Arab leader to call for Arab troops to be sent into Libya, and in fact he sent Qatari troops in to help overthrow Qaddafi.  Stirling     

Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani's comments to CBS "60 Minutes," which will be aired Sunday, are the first statements by an Arab leader calling for the deployment of troops inside Syria.

Syria: Qatar calls for Arabs to send in troops ~ link ~ That is a sure fire way to begin a truly massive and very deadly General Middle East War and most likely WWIII.   Stirling    

Qatar was the first Arab country to join the Nato-led operation in Libya, which led to the downfall of Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi.

It has also led regional criticism of the crackdowns on protesters by President Bashar al-Assad in Syria and in Yemen by President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Arab League Chief warns of Civil War in Syria ~ link ~ Civil war is not the danger.  Syria is being attacked by foreign mercenaries, trained/equipped/funded by NATO, Israel, and the GCC states.  This is a globalist and Zionist led/created war against Syria and its people.  Much the same as what was done to Libya. Only the Syrians will not go down so easy.  They, and their allies, will take the Middle East down with them and likely the entire World as well.    Stirling      

Iran War: Next on Washington's agenda ~ link ~ Former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury has said that a military strike against Iran is the next war on the US government's agenda politics.  Paul Craig Roberts wrote in an article that the United States is preparing to attack Iran as it has deployed missiles directed at Iran in Oman and the UAE, reported.  He also brought several other instances to prove his assumption.  "Washington has beefed up Saudi Arabia's jet fighter force. Most recently, Washington has deployed 9,000 US troops to Israel to participate in "war games" designed to test the US/Israeli air defense system," Roberts said.  "As Iran represents no threat unless attacked, Washington's war preparations signal Washington's intention to attack Iran," he added.

The author noted that another signal that the US administration has a new war on its agenda is the raised level of "Washington's rhetoric and demonization of Iran."

Pentagon fumes: Iran patrols Hormuz - with video  ~ link ~ It is never wise to bit a tiger on the ass!  Iran might want to consider that!   Stirling       

The US Defense Department, the Pentagon, has released video footage showing Iranian motorboats approaching US vessels passing through the strategic Strait of Hormuz last week.

According to the Pentagon officials, the incident took place twice last week, though the interactions were not seen as hostile.  The video released by the Pentagon shows armed boats belonging to the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps navy approaching within several hundred yards (meters) of the USS New Orleans, an amphibious transport ship, on January 6, 2012.

According to US military sources, a similar incident occurred with the US Coast Guard cutter Adak the same day, with the Iranian boats seen riding in its wake with guns visible.


Debt crisis: Eurozone back on the brink as France has credit rating downgraded ~ link ~ Stock markets and the single currency fell sharply as Standard and Poor’s cut France’s AAA rating.

Italy saw its long-term rating drop by two notches, along with Spain, Portugal and Cyprus. Austria, Malta, Slovakia, and Slovenia had their ratings lowered by one notch. 

S & P adds to Eurozone woes,downgrading France and 8 others ~ link ~ A total of nine countries have had their S&P ratings downgraded.European leaders have been quick to criticize credit ratings agencies for having a negative impact on the 17-nation monetary union at the very time it is attempting to avert a crisis.

European Commission Vice President Olli Rehn said he “regrets” S&P’s decision, which he deemed “inconsistent.” He said the euro area has taken “decisive action in all fronts of its crisis response” to push reforms and strengthen banks.

Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia aground near Giglio - Three dead - Up to 50 not accounted for - with video ~ link ~ You can only wonder, how in the 21st Century, this could happen.  The sea and 'mother nature' from time to time show who is really the boss.   Stirling      

Three people are confirmed dead after a cruise ship carrying more than 4,000 people ran aground off Italy. There were scenes of panic as the Costa Concordia hit a sandbar on Friday evening near the island of Giglio and listed about 20 degrees. 

Most people reached land by lifeboats but some swam to shore.

Dozens still missing, three confirmed dead after luxury cruise liner carrying 4,200 people capsizes off Italy ~ link ~ About 4,200 passengers and crew were on board the Costa Concordia which had left port at 7pm for a seven-day Mediterranean Cruise - but within two hours, it ran aground in the sea with a major electrical fault.

The 13 deck liner then began to take on water after hitting a rock creating a 160ft gash in the hull, near the island of Giglio, off the Tuscan coast - two weeks into the Titanic centenary year.

Iran: We have proof US behind assassination ~ link ~ The latest assassination, like so much that has happened in Iran and Syria lately, is not just to degrade Iranian/Syrian infrastructure/power/moral, but is designed to bait Iran and Syria to engage in a response.  If they don't take the bait, there could always be a False Flag "response" that could be used to either trigger war or move things closer to war.   Stirling       

What's causing all the record dry weather and mild winter temperatures in America ~ link ~ Going on two years ago, following the BP Oil Disaster and the Obama Administration approved use of massive amounts of dispersants to sink hundreds of millions of gallons of crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico, the Loop Current ceased to exist.  It is a college level physics experiment to use a large clear tub of cool water and to inject a warm stream of colored water to study current flow/etc.  When, during these same experiments, a very small amount of oil is added, it breaks down the boundary layers and disrupts the warm water stream.  This is what killed and continues to kill the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico.  The Loop Current has always been a key part of the Thermohaline Circulation System of the Atlantic Ocean.  This is a heat transfer system.  Taking the warm water from the Gulf out of this System has weakened the Gulf Stream (also a part of the Thermohaline Circulation System). Now the Gulf Stream, a warm river of water in the cold North Atlantic, has an effect on the stratospheric Jet normally acts as a steering mechanism on the Jet Stream (which is a fast moving 'river' of air, which effects the Northern Hemisphere directly and the entire planet indirectly).  Since the BP Oil Disaster, which was NOT an accident (Goldman Sachs and BP insiders sold off massive amounts of BP stock shortly before the Disaster; BP drilled where it was known to be totally unsafe to drill since the 1950s when a giant salt dome was found at the site), the globe has experience many strange weather patterns.  These are mostly a result from the BP Oil Disaster.  Dr. Bill Deagle and myself were two of the people that broke this story over a year and a half ago.  The mainstream news media will never make the connection.   Stirling      

The first week in January was the driest in U.S. history with more than 95 per cent of the U.S. reporting below-average snow. About  half of the U.S. had temperatures at least 5 degrees Fahrenheit above average during December. Now meteorologists believe the atmospheric pressure pattern called the Arctic Oscillation is controlling the jet stream and causing records to be broken on a near daily basis.

Neocons, Zionists out to topple Assad ~ link ~ There is a Hebrew saying, "Tafasta meruba, lo taqsfasta", which means "If you get too greedy, you end up with nothing".   The Israelis need to remember this saying.  They are so greedy in their quest to get more Arab land, and to control the entire Middle East, that they are going to bring almost total destruction down upon themselves in the process.  Israel does NOT need a General Middle East War.  Of course, Netanyahu and his band of nuts cannot see that.  Unless he is stopped by his own people he will end up destroying Israel, the Middle East, and triggering a new World War.   Stirling    

US sells $3.5 Billion THAAD Missile Defense System to the UAE ~ link ~ This is the best that America has.  However, like all anti-missile missile systems its weakness is that it can be overwhelmed, and IRBMs cost a whole lot less per missile than anti-missile missiles (and their systems) do.  At $36 1/2 million each (the effective price of each THAAD missile), an enemy can swarm 15 to 30+ missiles at the system per THAAD missile for the same money.   Stirling    

The UAE will buy two Terminal High Altitude Area Defense batteries, 96 missiles and spare parts for 30 years of spare parts.

The deal was struck Christmas Day, but was announced Friday. Lockheed Martin will build the THAAD missile system for the UAE at plants in Alabama and Arkansas. 

India introducing Mark of the Beast system for all 1.2 billion citizens - video ~ link ~ This is the Beta Test of one of several Mark of the Beast systems that the New World Order will be imposing on the World soon.   Stirling      

Pakistan on brink of military coup? - with video ~ link ~ Pakistan and India are keys to a rapid escalation of a General Middle East War into World War III.   Stirling      

Faces of War:  Britain's brave soldiers reveal the suffering and fortitude etched into every line ~ link ~ 'War' is a three-letter word in opposition to another three-letter word 'God'!   Stirling      

Mohamed ElBaradei will end Egypt presidency bid ~ link ~ Egyptian politician and former head of the UN nuclear watchdog Mohamed ElBaradei is dropping his candidacy in presidental elections later this year.

Mr ElBaradei, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005, said he had taken his decision in protest at the way Egypt's military rulers governed "as though no revolution had taken place".

Recipe for Vote Fraud: Global internet voting firm buys US election results reporting firm ~ link ~ link ~  I have been saying for many years that any election that uses computers for voting and/or counting of votes is insecure and not to be trusted in any way.  The globalists are expanding their fraudulent control over the world by such systems.  Ron Paul cannot win unless the corruption of electronic voting/counting is ended.   Stirling     
The following is a collection of links that are NOT connected to war, economic collapse, and the like.  Its the weekend, time to lighten up.   Stirling    

Serenading a Beluga Whale - video ~ link
Honduran White Bats are fluffy marshmallow critters - photos ~ link  
Feather And Hammer Drop On The Moon - video ~ link  
Tai Chi: An exercise that may actually repair knees ~ link 
160 Billion! The new estimate of alien planets in the Milky Way Galaxy ~ link   ~ God is Love and I think that He has created vast numbers of planets in the Universe that harbor intelligent life out of His great love.  (However, sometimes I wonder if we humans qualify as "intelligent life".)    Stirling     
The Luxury Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, Maldives - with photos (luxury on-ocean resort) ~ link  
Everything is Energy - video ~ link ~ As a Christian, I would say everything is part of God's creative energy/thought.   Stirling      
Quantum Physics - Matter does not exist - video ~ link ~ The way I view Quantum Physics is it is where science and theology meet.   Stirling      
Quantum Universe (Mind Over Matter) Part 2 - video ~ link  ~ This relates to the Super Holographic Universe model.  I view this theory from a Christian perspective with God as the Center, as the Originator.  In this theory, it is said that time is not linked, that "All that was is, all that is is, and all that will be is".  That strikes me as a fairly good theological definition of Eternity.   Stirling       
Russians Change DNA with Frequency Experiments - Part 2/2 - video ~ link 
Scientist photographed soul leaving the body at death - Part 2 - video ~ link   
Proof that angels really do exist (actually a video about a really neat dog and the love of people for dogs) - video ~ link 
How old is English? ~ link   
Breaking the Illusion of Limitation - video ~ link  
Homes from above: Aerial photographs ~ link 
Memory, after 63 years! ~ link ~ Take the time to read this one.  Stirling       
Baby panda - photo ~ link 
Love Everybody, Even the Squirrelly Ones - photos ~ link  
Mama elephant and new baby - photo ~ link  
The Ride of Paul Revere ~ link  

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