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Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE
Another Letter from America for Iran ~ link Well, FDR sent the Emperor of Japan a letter shortly before Pearl Harbor, and it accomplished just about what Roosevelt wanted it to.   History does tend to repeat itself.   Stirling       
The US should have no illusion that if it succeeds in its present campaign to impose a global ban on Iranian oil, Iran will shut down the Strait of Hormuz and drag the US in an unwanted military confrontation. The question is: is the US prepared to withstand the Iranian blows - a recent study suggests that some 16 US ships would be sunk in a naval bout with Iran - as well as the skyrocketing oil prices, and the heat of indefinite role as "gatekeepers" at Hormuz? And for what end?

The US and its allies should harbor little doubt that Iran would go full nuclear and try to assemble a few nuclear bombs in the event of an Iran-US showdown in Persian Gulf, most likely resulting in the final decimation of Iran's mismatched navy. In a word, on all military, economic, geopolitical, and other fronts, a US war with Iran spells pure disaster and with the high probability of a "lose-lose" net result. 
World Peace Is Hanging By A Thread by Fidel Castro Ruz ~ link ~ Castro is one who has been a world 'player' for decades.   He has warned of the Third World War approaching, due to the Middle East, several times before.  The World should listen because he is serious as are many others from very different backgrounds and beliefs.   Stirling     
The COMEX and SLV are near collapse ~ linkThe London Trader who must remain anonymous and Jim Willie are two of the most respected observers on the financial scene. They both consistently tell us the truth well in advance of events to come. The London Trader has been giving inside information to Adrian Douglas of GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action) and now Eric King of King World News. The London Trader and Jim Willie both say the COMEX and SLV are going down soon. They will take the Too Big To Jail banks in New York and London with them. This will leave us free to take control of our governments. We would then be able to solve the problems the banks created. We could even cancel World War III. 
Confrontation between military blocs: The Eurasian "Triple Alliance" - The Strategic Importance of Iran to Russia and China ~ link ~ China, the Russian Federation and Iran are widely considered to be allies and partners. Together the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, and the Islamic Republic of Iran form a strategic barrier directed against U.S. expansionism. The three countries form a "triple alliance", which constitutes the core of a Eurasian coalition directed against U.S. encroachment into Eurasia and its quest for global hegemony.

While China confronts U.S. encroachment in East Asia and the Pacific, Iran and Russia respectively confront the U.S. led coalition in Southwest Asia and Eastern Europe. All three countries are threatened in Central Asia and are wary of the U.S. and NATO military presence in Afghanistan.

Iran can be characterized as a geo-strategic pivot. The geo-political equation in Eurasia very much hinges on the structure of Iran’s political alliances. Were Iran to become an ally of the United States, this would seriously hamper or even destabilize Russia and China. 

Israel to give USA only 12-hour waring before attacking Iran because Netanyahu doesn't trust Obama ~ link ~ I guess 'trust' is not something that people on the Evil Side embrace.   Stirling      

Prodigal son riles Pyongyang ~ link ~ The big brother of North Korea's fledgling "supreme leader" Kim Jong-eun is in hiding, on the run and fearful of losing his life as a result of his persistently critical view of what's happening in his native land.

That's the assessment of South Korean intelligence analysts after quotations attributed to Kim Jong-nam, oldest son of the late Dear Leader Kim Jong-il, revealed extreme misgivings about what's going on within the mysterious ruling elite.


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