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Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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United Kingdom rules out 'preemptive strike' on Iran ~ link ~ The reality is that we have already slid into the early stages of war against both Iran and Syria with combat on two sides (Turkish border area and Jordanian border area) of Syria and sanctions on the Iranian oil exports and its central bank.  Stirling      

Syrian opposition pushing Libyan style 'No-Fly Zone' - with video ~ link ~ Which would mean a all-out General Middle East War!   Stirling      

US intervention in Iran will drag China and Russia into War - RT video ~ link  

Morgan Stanley on Why the Gig Is UP ~ link "What we have on our hands is a good old fashioned quagmire" is how Morgan Stanley's Mike Wilson sets up his surprisingly non-sheep-like perspective on the troubles that US equity investors may be about to face. Expanding on MS's bearish strategic (fundamental) forecast, that we discussed earlier in the week, Wilson combines the 'liquidity vs negative-real-rate' thesis (that the Fed's liquidity is perhaps no longer 'good' for stocks) with his own views on ECRI's weakness (very 2008-like in relation to ECO surprises), household debt deleveraging (more and longer), how much QE3 is already priced in and what will its effect be when it comes (less and less positive in nominal and real terms), investor sentiment (very bullish), long-term technicals (weak breadth), and short-term earnings expectations (deteriorating and weighted to 'weak' financials to end with the pragmatic realist perspective that perhaps 'the gig is up'.

Europe: The Liars Club, Who Really Owes the Money ~ link  ~ The Global Banking Cartel!   Stirling     

Senior Obama Official: "We are going to Kill the Dollar" - with video ~ link 

Pentagon-backed 'time cloak' stops the clock ~ link ~ Strange, but is this real?   Stirling      
Other newly created invisibility cloaks fashioned by scientists move the light beams away in the traditional three dimensions. The Cornell team alters not where the light flows but how fast it moves, changing in the dimension of time, not space. They tinkered with the speed of beams of light in a way that would make it appear to surveillance cameras or laser security beams that an event, such as an art heist, isn't happening.

Another way to think of it is as if scientists edited or erased a split second of history. It's as if you are watching a movie with a scene inserted that you don't see or notice. It's there in the movie, but it's not something you saw, said study co-author Moti Fridman, a physics researcher at Cornell.

Political theater: Currents behind Iranian Western standoff - with video ~ link ~ RT talked to professor of political science Pierre Guerlain, from Paris West University Nanterre La Defense, who is certain that the standoff between the West and Iran is driven by politics, not economics.

Pakistan keeps ban on NATO trucks for Afghan War ~ link ~ Also see: No More Business As Usual With USA ~ link ~ This is a major news story that is not being reported on.  An army in the field, in combat, requires a massive logistic supply chain.  If you cut that chain, sooner or later the army will die or have to withdrawal!   Stirling     

Pakistan upholds a ban preventing supply trucks for the US-led foreign forces in neighboring Afghanistan from using Pakistani territories, Press TV reports.

The US military and NATO rely heavily on the Pakistan-based supply routes more so now that militant attacks are increasing in Afghanistan.  Other routes, largely passing through Russia and the Central Asian states, have proved to be too costly, both politically and economically.


William Hague holds Burma talks with Suu Kyi ~ link ~ The 'West' wants to use Burma as a dagger to be held at China's underbelly.   Stirling     

New Hampshire local newspapers endorse Ron Paul ~ link ~ I simply do not see how Dr. Paul can win unless the issue of totally corrupt and insecure computer based voting and vote counting is corrected first.   Stirling       

Independents represent a major unknown in the New Hampshire primary ~ link ~ Independents are a finicky and fickle bunch. They are deeply dissatisfied with the direction of the country, with an overwhelming majority saying things are badly off track. Social issues do not concern them. Many of them voted for President Obama.

And now, this critical voting bloc — which makes up as much as 45 percent of the New Hampshire electorate — is about to take center stage. If the Iowa contest exposed the conflicted mood and sharp divisions within the GOP, then New Hampshire will offer a broader snapshot of a hard-to-pin-down sliver of the electorate that has an outsize impact on elections, particularly in this swing state.

Titanic artifacts to be auctioned - video ~ link 

Russian river water unexpected culprit behind Arctic freshening near US and Canada ~ link ~ The BP Oil Disaster caused death of the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current continues to cause a disruption of global weather patterns.  These include what this article covers as well as current low-rainfall in many parts of South America, etc.   Stirling    

'Lost World' Discovered Under Antarctica ~ linkThis discovery is amazing, straight out of a Jules Verne's novel: scientists from the University of Oxford, University of Southampton, the National Oceanography Centre, and the British Antarctic Survey have discovered a "lost world" thriving with unknown species under Antarctica, in the East Scotia Ridge.

Researchers used a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to explore the depths of the East Scotia Ridge, which is full of hydrothermal vents which can reach up to 719 degrees Fahrenheit (382 degrees Celsius). They discovered an amazing new world packed with unknown species. According to project leader Professor Alex Rogers of Oxford University's Department of Zoology, these alien-looking white creatures are thriving in the rich chemicals ejected by the vents:

Russia celebrates Orthodox Christmas ~ link ~ Also see: videos ~ link ~ link ~  Some Orthodox jurisdictions use the old calendar; others do not.   Stirling       

The Russian Orthodox Church follows the Julian calendar, with Christmas falling on January 7. The Julian calendar was introduced by Julius Caesar in 45 B.C. It was later superseded by Gregorian calendar, adopted in 1582.

Christmas is also celebrated on January 7 by the Ukrainian, the Georgian and Serbian churches, as well as others who follow the Julian calendar.

Europe's 'Super-Volcano' could be awakening ~ link ~ Could be, and might well not be.   Stirling      

34 Shocking facts about US Debt ~ linkAll of this prosperity that we see all around us is just an illusion.  It is a false prosperity that has been purchased by the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world.

Did you know that if you added up all forms of debt in the United States and divided it up equally that every single family in the country would owe more than $683,000?

We are a nation that is absolutely addicted to debt, and the U.S. debt crisis threatens to destroy everything that our forefathers built.

Yes, everything may seem fine for the moment, but what do you think would happen if the federal government suddenly adopted a balanced budget? 1.3 trillion dollars a year would be sucked right out of the economy and we would be looking at an "economic readjustment" that would be mind blowing. Enjoy this false prosperity while you can, because it is not going to last. Debt is a very cruel master, and our day of reckoning is almost here.

The following are 34 shocking facts about U.S. debt that should set America on fire with anger....

Husband of Ukraine's ex-PM Tymoshenko wins Czech asylum ~ link ~ He got away from the long arms of the Russian Bear, but his wife did not.   Stirling    

The news was announced hours after media reports that Oleksander Tymoshenko had requested asylum at the end of last year.

Mr Tymoshenko's wife was jailed for seven years in October for abuse of office at a controversial trial.

Art Cashim explains what is really happening in Iran ~ link ~ Despite the barrage of geopolitical headlines involving Iran, and as of today, the US and Israel, especially as pertains to wargame exercises in the Straits of Hormuz, a different, and potentially much more important story is to be found in the country's capital markets, and specifically its currency, which has continued to tumble ever since Obama signed the Iran financial boycott on New Year's Day as reported here. And, as we predicted, it is the aftershocks of the boycott which may have the most adverse impact on geopolitics. Because if the Iran regime finds itself in a lose-lose situation with its economy imploding and its currency crashing, the opportunity cost of doing something very irrational, from a military standpoint or otherwise, gets lower and lower. Then again, something tells us the US administration has been well aware of this sequence of events all along. Here is Art Cashing explaining it all.

US National Guard four-star general gets seat on Joint Chiefs of Staff ~ link

The Illuminati Handler Behind Glasnost ~ link ~ Contrary to popular belief, the "Soviet System" did not collapse on its own. Despite its failures, it could be relatively well and alive till today had it not been brought down artificially.

Had anyone told us in 1985 that the time will come when a US president publicly hires (George Bush Jr. did) such Eastern Block state security luminaries as former East German STASI Chief Markus Wolf and Yevgeniy Primakov former No1 at the KGB to preserve the free world, we would have thought that the person proposing this idiotic phantasy had become insane.

Had anyone told us in 1985 that within 6 years, the Great Soviet Union will disintegrate in a few weeks, we would have laughed our heads off.

By the very same token someone proposing in 2012 that the Great United Sates of America will resemble Mexico within five to ten years would not be taken seriously. Yet it can (and quite possibly will) happen!

Syria Today, Iran Tomorrow, China Day After Tomorrow ~ link ~ Good One!   Stirling      

When the Pentagon's top strategists and geopolitical planners said that they envision endless war in this century, they meant they will start wars on every corner of the globe until all national governments acquiesce to their global political program.

The parasitic supranational banksters who rule the Pentagon and America want the planet in their pocket. And they will not stop waging wars for world domination until America's usefulness to their grand historic project comes to an end. The American Empire is their little military toy, and the empire's bankruptcy and death is part of their global political strategy.

How do you destroy an empire as big as America? As with previous empires, through debt and war.

Germany to its unemployed women: 'If you don't take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your unemployment benefits'  ~ link ~ Sounds like Satan himself wrote that!   Stirling      


Alain DENIS said...

Why is Ron Paul not speaking in truth about 9.11?
(a philosophical question, ... not a request to a person)

answer by Dear Paul_Craig_Roberts :


Alain DENIS said...

TWR Recall:
They will vote for their own judgment,
their own destruction.

Anonymous said...

Can billions be wrong?
Can 40 'prophetisers' describe the same thing and be true?

Satan is doing the job for God,
he separates the tares and the wheat.

Today being linked to dark forces is considered as ''good''....
no moral rule, no fraternity spirit, no respect...


Matthew 13:24-30
American Standard Version (ASV)

24 Another parable set he before them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man that sowed good seed in his field:

25 but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares also among the wheat, and went away.

26 But when the blade sprang up and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also.

27 And the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst thou not sow good seed in thy field? whence then hath it tares?

28 And he said unto them, An enemy hath done this. And the servants say unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up?

29 But he saith, Nay; lest haply while ye gather up the tares, ye root up the wheat with them.

30 Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather up first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them; but gather the wheat into my barn.


Can 40 'prophetisers' describe the same thing and be true?