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NATO Drilling For Nuclear Attack On Iran and Syria? ~ link ~ My article on Alex Jones, thanks Alex.   Stirling     
Netanyahu pressuring Europe to embargo Iranian Oil ~ link ~ Dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu, you can always count on him to do everything he can to drive the entire World to its destruction with Armageddon!   Stirling      
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday said that he was putting pressure on European countries to immediately impose an embargo on Iranian oil, and not to delay it until July.

Speaking to reporters during his visit to Holland, Netanyahu also said that Iran has already decided to become a nuclear state. He said that action should be taken before it is too late, and that sanctions on Iran must be intensified.   
Netanyahu: Iran has decided to become a nuclear state - Action needed before it is too late ~ link ~ There are several things operating here.  First, this is a Spiritual Battle and Netanyahu represents the most evil force possible.  He will plunge the entire World into a new global war with 21st Century weapons of mass destruction.   Secondly, Bibi is facing a new political defeat in the coming Israeli election and his time to start a war is limited.  Thirdly, this is not about any Iranian nuclear program.  Iran already has a world-class global strategic WMD program based on its Advanced Biowar program; she may well have purchased up to six nukes along with long-range cruise missiles from the Ukraine some years ago.  This is about tiny Israel dominating the entire Middle East at any cost.  I have said for about twenty years that Bibi is the one that will ignite the World with WWIII and Armageddon, it looks like I am correct.  Stirling      
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared Thursday night, Jan. 19 that Iran had decided to become a nuclear state. He urged action before it was too late to stop Iran completing the construction of a nuclear weapon. His statement at the end of a visit to Holland gave Gen Martin Dempsey, on his first visit to Israel as Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, the message he will be asked to take back to President Barack Obama. It also contradicted Defense Minister Ehud Barak's statement that Tehran had not yet decided to go nuclear.

Netanyahu has kept the Iranian cards close to his chest. His statement therefore caught wrong-footed the Israeli officials, including Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who in the last 48 hours had asserted that Iran had not yet decided whether to build a nuclear bomb and there was still time for US-led sanctions to work.

Netanyahu, Louis XIV and Israel's 'greatest enemies' ~ link ~ The mind of a evil madman at work.    

Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu has expressly denied saying to Jerusalem Post’s editor Steve Linde that Haaretz and the New York Times are Israel’s two greatest enemies. If Mr. Netanyahu says so, we must believe him. After all we cannot join people like Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Nicholas Sarkozy and a number of other world leaders who have said that Mr. Netanyahu is, let’s say, not always one hundred percent reliable.

Mr. Linde now says that his original statement was his personal interpretation of a private conversation. The original statement is reported to be: “Netanyahu said, ‘You know, Steve, we have two main enemies'. And I thought he was going to talk about, you know, Iran, maybe Hamas. He said, ‘It’s The New York Times and Haaretz.’ He said, ‘They set the agenda for an anti-Israel campaign all over the world. Journalists read them every morning and base their news stories … on what they read in The New York Times and Haaretz.’ ”

Classic Ron Paul: Truth and Sanity - video ~ link 
Tepco drills a hole in Fukushima Reactor - Finds that the Nuclear Fuel has 'gone missing' ~ link ~ China Syndrome!   Stirling     


Alain DENIS said...

quote -> Netanyahu: Iran has decided to become a nuclear state - Action needed before it is too late ~ ~

(...) Secondly, Bibi is facing a new political defeat in the coming Israeli election and his time to start a war is limited.


quote -> My children Satan will never win. He has not been accorded the power and

as his grip begins to loosen

now he will drag as many souls as he can into the pits of hell with him.

- - - /////////////

nEtanyahu has forgotten to shout :
"iSrael has became a nuclear power, vociferating requests driving to first nuclear super-powers war and making unsafe hundreds of millions of lifes around.
let s destroy iSrael!"

- - -

Israel.... wake up!
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