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'Iran WILL STOP EU OIL EXPORTS THIS WEEK' ~ link ~ OK folks, pay attention to this one...This is going to begin the crash of the global economy.  LOOK OUT!  Stirling    
Deputy head of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Hossein Ebrahimi said on Friday that Iranian lawmakers would debate a “double-urgency” bill on Sunday which calls for the ban of oil exports to Europe as early as next week.

The move comes after EU foreign ministers reached an agreement in Brussels on Monday to impose sanctions on oil imports from Iran as of July 1. The sanctions involve an immediate ban on all new oil contracts with the Islamic Republic and freezing the assets of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) within the EU.

The Majlis motion would deny Europe the six-month phase-in period that the bloc has considered to adjust and find alternative sources to Iran's crude.

The recent EU sanctions on Iranian oil are merely a “psychological warfare,” as the 27-member bloc is delaying the implementation of the embargoes under various pretexts, Ebrahimi added.

“Europe is uncertain about enforcing these sanctions and seeks to project [its own woes] and manipulate public opinion,” the lawmaker said.

The EU accounted for 18 percent of Iranian crude oil sales in the first half of 2011, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), making it Iran's second biggest customer after China. 

Israel demands tougher Iran sanctions ~ link ~ "You stupid soulless two-legged animals need to destroy what's left of your economies so that we, the Masters of the Middle East, can destroy more of our enemies.  That you may lose everything is not a matter of concern to us, you are just goy placed here to serve us".  Sadly, that is very much the attitude of the totally evil and insane Bibi 666 Netanyahu government.   Stirling     

Iran oil war will bring EU to knees ~ link ~  Not just the EU...this is going much deeper into the End Time!  The collapse of Italy, Spain, and Greece will collapse the Eurozone and perhaps the EU as well.  That will collapse the global economy for starters.  Stirling     
“The Islamic Republic of Iran has the world's third biggest oil reserves and cannot be eliminated from global energy equations,” Seyyed Emad Hosseini, spokesman for the Majlis (parliament) Energy Commission, said on Friday.

The lawmaker said playing with the world's third biggest oil power will certainly affect international oil and gas transactions and Europe will not be immune from oil price fluctuations.

He stated that the Iranian Majlis is considering a plan to completely stop oil exports to EU members which will initially paralyze the economies of Italy, Spain and Greece.

“Iran is powerful [as a country] and oil sanctions imposed by European countries will only harm the European Union because Iran can easily prove its oil supremacy in the Middle East region,” he said.

Hosseini added that Europe will definitely lose its oil war with Iran because European countries are grappling with numerous domestic challenges and disruption of Iran oil flow will lead to the escalation of domestic pressure and crisis in EU member states.

During their latest meeting in Brussels on Monday, January 23, EU foreign ministers reached an agreement to ban oil imports from Iran, freeze the country's central bank's assets within EU, and ban sales of diamonds, gold and other precious metals to Iran.

EU foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, claimed that the new sanctions aim to bring Iran back to negotiations with P5+1 -- US, UK, France, Russia, China and Germany -- over the country's peaceful nuclear program.

Finch downgrades five EU economies ~ link ~  This was NOT factoring in any sudden cut off of oil from Iran.   Europe is facing the collapse of several key economies in the Eurozone and that will collapse the Eurozone and will spread into a global financial collapse...beginning as early as next week!  Stirling  

Fitch rating agency has downgraded the debt ratings of five eurozone states including Spain and Italy, pointing to the growing vulnerability of their economies.

On Friday, Fitch downgraded the economies of Italy, Spain, Belgium, Slovenia and Cyprus, while cutting its outlook on Ireland.

According to the agency, “near-term economic outlook highlight(s) the greater vulnerability to monetary as well as financing shocks faced by these sovereign governments."

Fitch cited that Italy faced “too-low” growth in comparison with its debt, while Spain faces "a significantly worsened fiscal and economic outlook." Italy, Spain, and Slovenia were cut by two notches. 

Militarized Drills Continue: Stadiums Prepped to be Used as Martial Law Staging Centers ~ link ~ Have you noticed any meetings at local National Guard Armories with local police (look for lots of city and county police cars parked in the parking lots)?  I have!  The "shit is about to hit the fan" folks.  Expect "bank holidays" and other not so wonderful events to begin taking place soon.   Stirling   

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