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Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
AVE MARIA by Katherine Jenkins - video ~ link 
AVE MARIA by Mirusia Louwerse - video ~ link
Orthodox Cherubim Hymn - video ~ link 

Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

Greece presses EU to ease Iran oil sanctions ~ link ~
Greece is pressing its European Union partners to make last-minute concessions over a forthcoming EU embargo on Iranian oil, complicating the bloc’s efforts to unveil a sweeping package of sanctions against Tehran on Monday.

European diplomats are confident that EU foreign ministers will agree plans on Monday to impose a phased ban on the import of crude oil from Iran over the next few months.

Obama's secret letter to Tehran: Is the War Against Iran On Hold?  "The road to Tehran goes through Damascus" ~ link ~ I would like to believe that those who seek WWIII and its trigger, a General Middle East War have been defeated in their insane quest for war.  But I don't see them stopping.  They "may be" slowed down for a while, but even that is far from certain.   Stirling    

Why does Mitt Romney have money in the Cayman Islands?  Two potential reasons.  ~ link ~ The more I learn about Romney the more I dislike him!   Stirling           

Is this why they won't prosecute?  Top Justice officials represented Big Banks, etc. ~ link ~ In many nations, that would get them Impeached!  But not in 21st Century America!   Stirling    
Fed Up - Can non-violent Civil Disobedience End the Federal Reserve System?  ~ link ~  The global banksters are the most evil criminals around, so it will not be easy!   Stirling      

Nigeria violence: Scores dead after Kano blasts - with video ~ link ~ Co-ordinated attacks by Islamist militants in the northern Nigerian city of Kano on Friday killed at least 120 people, witnesses and reports say.

Hospitals and mortuaries are struggling to deal with the numbers of killed and injured still arriving.

France plans Napoleonland theme park ~ link ~ I have some experience in the theme park industry (as a consultant) and this sounds flaky to me.  In any case, Napoleon was a monster who was responsible for the deaths of millions.  He was a Rothschild puppet, until he turned against their control of Europe's money supply and they then turned on him.  The Napoleonic Wars were really the first global wars and were very profitable for the ancestors of many of our global banking families.   Stirling    
“Napoleonland”, the brainchild of former French minister and history buff Yves J├ęgo, is being touted as a rival to Disneyland – assuming, that is, it can gather the £180 million needed to leave the drawing board.

The plan is to build the unlikely amusement park on the site of the brilliant but doomed French leader’s final victory against the Austrians in the Battle of Montereau in 1814 just south of Paris. 

Increased military traffic seen across North America - with videos ~ link ~ I have been hearing reports like this for some time.  Who knows.  Stirling    

American Dream has turned into American nightmare for many - video ~ link ~ You can thank the global banksters, the Zionists, and their political whores in Washington for this.   Stirling      

Working and Poor in the USA ~ link ~ The new norm!  This is what happens when too much of the public specializes in being stupid 'couch potatoes' and not knowing what is really going on in the World.  Stirling     

US deploys 12,000 troops in Libya ~ link ~ We need to bring our troops home NOW and start spending our money on America and Americans!   Stirling       

Peres to Dempsey: Iran is the center of world terror ~ link ~ Oh come off of it.  Tiny Israel needs to stop trying to rule over the entire Middle East, make peace with its neighbors and live in prosperity.  Stirling     

Tuskegee airman is buried in Arlington on day his remarkable story as WWIII fighter pilot is played out in movie theaters across the country  ~ link ~ Going to see Redtails tonight.   These guys were the best!  Stirling      

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