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The Early Stages of the General Middle East War have already begun with the foreign based military operations against Syria and the Oil Embargo against Iran and other related embargoes against both Syria and Iran.  When and how this will continue to expend, including into an all-out military-style engagement involving weapons of mass destruction, is something that time will tell.  We can, however, be sure that the engagement is 'on' and will continue to expand in the days/weeks/months ahead.  
Tim Earl of Stirling    

Did the Dimona Dozen murder the Fukushima 50?  ~ link ~ Oh shit! This is one that you need to read.  Stirling   

Iran, Gold and Oil: The Next Banksters War ~ link ~ Good One!  This is one that you will want to take the time to read at the link.  Stirling     
Iran finalized bill to ban EU oil exports ~ link ~ Say goodbye to the Eurozone.   Stirling     

Russia won't support US game in Syria - video ~ link
Russia rejects new draft resolution on Syria - with video ~ link  
Boeing links up with Israel Aerospace Industries on the Arrow-3 ~ link Israel has taken another step toward fielding a four-layered missile defense with Boeing joining Israel Aerospace Industries in developing the Arrow-3, an upper-tier anti-ballistic missile system.

The two companies, which cooperated in developing the operational Arrow-2, on Jan. 23 announced an agreement to jointly work on the Arrow-3. “This new agreement is the next logical step in our relationship with Boeing and a strong opportunity for both companies to play a bigger role in the missile defense market,” says IAI President and CEO Itzhak Nissan.

US Navy to launch "mothership" floating base in Persian Gulf this summer ~ link ~ If the World has not blown up before then!   Stirling    

Elitist rioters run the Global Financial System and they are Using America To Create Hell On Earth ~ link ~ "The destruction of our basic liberties, the overthrow of our Republic, and basic protections, and checks and balances, is in overdrive right now. And the good news is finally people are starting to wake up, but they have no idea on average just how serious our straits are. Now, there is a good side to that and there is a bad side to that. Because the ruling class are so openly criminal and sloppy and out of control, it should be easy to wake people up fully and to bring these crooks to justice. People should realize we've got a completely illegitimate global government structure and the United States is one of the main hearts to it all. And only by fully awakening can we turn things around." - Alex Jones, 'The SHTF A Long Time Ago!!!' January 28, 2012.

When riots come to America, don't blame the rioters at the bottom. Blame the rioters at the top of the political and economic pyramid who have ransacked the public purse and stolen trillions of dollars from tax-paying American citizens.

State emergency managers usher in IMF-style Austerity and Soviet-style Governance ~ link ~ Stalin and Hitler would be proud!   Stirling    
In what can easily be described as a Soviet-style law, Michigan’s Emergency Financial Management Law which was passed in March, 2011, essentially gives the Governor the authority to take over local governments and municipalities and appoint his own directors in place of elected leaders. 

Yet, although individuals who have researched the controlling factors which determine the policies of Federal, State, and Local governments will not be surprised at all, those who naively believe in political parties and carefully crafted political philosophies might be surprised to discover that this Communist-style bill was passed under reactionary Republican Governor Rick Snyder, not a liberal Democrat.
In reality, this only further proves the fact that there is no difference between the two major political parties in the United States, or anywhere else for that matter. Many Republicans, no doubt, supported this trend toward authoritarianism out of loyalty to party and out of hatred for the liberals whom they view as having caused the budgetary issues of Michigan and its cities. Obviously, had the legislation been signed by a Democratic governor, the reaction would have been exactly the same on the part of the Democrats, with only the names of the players and parties in need of changing. 
ACTA = Global Internet Censorship - Now even foreign governments will be able to have your website shut down ~ link ~ Global Internet censorship is here.  SOPA and PIPA have been stopped (at least for now) in the United States, but a treaty known as ACTA (the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) is far worse than either of them.  ACTA was quietly signed by Barack Obama back on October 1st, 2011 and most Americans have never even heard of it.  But it could mean the end of the Internet as we know it.  This new treaty gives foreign governments and copyright owners incredibly broad powers.  If you are alleged to have violated a copyright, your website can be shut down without a trial and police may even show up at your door to take you to prison.  It doesn't even have to be someone in the United States that is accusing you.  It could just be a foreign government or a copyright owner halfway across the world that alleges that you have violated a copyright.  It doesn't matter.  So far, the U.S., the EU and seven other nations have signed on to ACTA, and the number of participants is expected to continue to grow.  The "powers that be" are obsessed with getting Internet censorship one way or another.  The open and free Internet that you and I have been enjoying for all these years is about to change, and not for the better.

So how come the U.S. Senate never voted on ACTA?  Doesn't the U.S. Constitution mandate that all treaties must be approved by a two-thirds vote in the Senate?

Of course it does.

But Barack Obama has gotten around this by calling ACTA an "executive agreement", which is a load of crap.

Unfortunately, this is the kind of nonsense we are getting out of Obama on a regular basis now.  He has shown endless disdain for the U.S. Constitution.

Some members of Congress are expressing deep alarm over ACTA.  For example, U.S. Representative Darrell Issa is calling ACTA "more dangerous than SOPA".

There are some members of Congress that are even demanding that ACTA be submitted to the U.S. Senate for a vote.  Unfortunately, their voices are very few so far, and ACTA is getting next to no coverage in the mainstream media.
But this new treaty is very, very serious.  It basically mandates that all Internet communications be constantly monitored for copyright infringement.  Sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter will have to monitor accounts for copyright infringement 24 hours a day.

f you are alleged to have committed a violation, you might not just lose your social media account or your website.

You could potentially be sent to prison.

Yes, seriously.

What we are talking about is Chinese-style Internet censorship for the entire globe.

The following comes from a recent Forbes article....

European Parliament official in charge of ACTA quits and denounces the 'Masquerade' Behind ACTA ~ link 
Hyperactive Sun clears out space junk ~ linkA research published in the latest issue of NASA's Orbital Debris Quarterly News indicates that increased solar flares can affect the Earth's thermosphere. "The increase in solar activity causes more energy to be deposited into the atmosphere, which in turn is heated and expands," National Geographic reported NASA scientist Nicholas Johnson as saying. "This increases atmospheric density at a given altitude, thereby increasing drag. This causes [orbiting space junk] to lose energy and fall into a lower orbit." 
Vote Scam - The Stealing of America's Elections ~ link ~  As long as computers are used for voting and/or vote counting, elections are a fraud!  Period!   Stirling     
The Reality of Electronic Vote Fraud in America ~ link ~ While most Americans will vote on electronic voting machines in 2012, the public is generally unaware of how easy it is for an election to be stolen by the people who control these machines.  This is the fundamental problem that has disenfranchised the American voter and has turned our elections into fiction.  As Thomas Paine wrote in 1803, "where the election is a fiction, the representation is a fiction also."

The following three short video clips explain why a free people should not allow elections to be conducted using such machines.  The simple and sure way to restore our democratic franchise is to return to hand-counted paper ballots which are openly counted in front of the public in each polling place.  This is the absolutely essential element, the sine qua non, of open and transparent elections.  This is what we must return to in every county in every state across the nation.  
US Jewish leaders visit Pollard in prison, call for speedy release ~ link ~ I agree, release him...but first hang the traitor and give them his dead body!   Stirling     
Bailed-out Royal Bank of Scotland spends millions on Washington lobbyists ~ link ~ The American Congress and Executive Branch...the best whores money can buy.   Stirling      
Portugal restructuring certain - Ireland and Spain likely ~ link ~ Just wait till the effects of the Iran oil shut-off hits.   Stirling     
Greek parties condemn EU Iran oil ban ~ link ~ This is going to collapse the Greek economy and the political class is scared of the 'fallout'.   Stirling     
The coalition of left parties in Greece has denounced the European Union's decision to ban oil imports from Iran as in line with the US and Israeli warmongering policies in the Middle East. 
16 Statistics which show that the Number of Americans Dependent on the Government Is At An All-Time High ~ link ~ But...but...the President and the Secretary of the Treasury and the head of the Federal Reserve and all the mainstream news media says the "recession" is over...they would not lie would they...hello...hello!   The way to tell if they are lying is rather simple, if their lips are moving they are lying!  Stirling     
A higher percentage of the American population is receiving government benefits than ever before.  Yes, there have always been poor people that have needed our assistance, but what does it say about our economy that the number of Americans dependent on the government is at an all-time high?  Every night on the evening news we are told that the economy is improving, and Barack Obama is endlessly giving speeches about the "economic recovery" that is supposedly underway.  But that is not the reality on the ground for those on the bottom rungs of the income ladder in America.  People are really hurting out there, and the number of Americans that are turning to the government for financial assistance just continues to increase.  Yes, we should always have a "safety net", but right now our "safety net" is becoming massively overloaded as millions more Americans jump on to it every single year.  What all of these impoverished Americans really need are jobs, but the U.S. Congress and the past several administrations have been systematically killing job growth in America.  So unfortunately the number of poor Americans is going to continue to rise, and that is really bad news for a nation that is already drowning in debt.

Some people out there want to blame the poor for the statistics that you are about to read, but that is a mistake.  Yes, there are a lot of people out there that are abusing the system, and that needs to be stopped.

But many Americans that are dependent on the government are in that situation because there simply are not enough jobs in this country.

And unfortunately, the Obama administration and the U.S. Congress continue to pursue the same job-killing policies that have gotten us into this mess in the first place.  So millions of Americans that have learned to survive as government dependents are not being given the opportunity to break out of that cycle.  When there is a shortage of decent jobs, it is easy to give up.  Many tend to become more and more comfortable being dependent on the government as time goes by.

Once you become addicted to getting a government check in the mail, it can be very difficult to give that up.  There are some that get trapped in a life of government dependence for years or even decades.

The following are 16 statistics which show that the number of Americans dependent on the government is at an all-time high....
To Choodle into the Armageddon Sunset ... Dog Poet Transmitting ~ link ~ Good One!   Stirling     
Top Illuminati Dynasties that run the NWO with author Fritz Springmeier - Inforwars video ~ link ~  The first video is boring, but thereafter they get better.   Stirling     
Jeff Rense and Tim Rifat - Rothschild's US Presidential Elections and Iran War - video ~ link ~ Good One!   Take the time to view/listen to this.   Stirling     
Everyone needs to see this right now - video ~ link  
Bridge collapses in Kentucky after being rammed by hulking freighter carrying space rocket parts - with photos ~ link ~ I meant to carry this yesterday but I simply got too busy.  Stirling      

Cancer risk significantly reduced from exercise ~ link  
King Corn: The secrets of high fructose corn syrup - video ~ link  
Mystery illness gaining national attention - with video ~ link 

The Right to Anonymity is a Matter of Privacy ~ link

Why does the military seem to be preparing for urban warfare in the United States ~ link ~ Recently, I published an article covering the January 22-26 multi-agency exercises being conducted in the Los Angeles area.

As I outlined in the article, this is in fact part of a broader trend of joint military-police drills (which often include other agencies, hence the “multi-agency” label) that have been occurring across the United States.

It seems hard to ignore the fact that the armed forces of the United States are training for urban warfare, not urban warfare in the Middle East, but instead here in our own nation.

Arkancide ~ link ~ No wonder America is going down the tubes with this type of "leaders".   Stirling    
Arkancide is the unfortunate habit of potential witnesses to the Clintons' dirty dealings in Arkansas suddenly deciding to shoot themselves twice in the back of the head. Police and Coroners in Arkansas, notably Fahmy Malak who answered to Governor Bill Clinton, automatically described these shootings as "suicides."

After Bill Clinton became President the phenomenon spilled over to Washington D.C. when Hillary Clinton's ex-lover Vincent Foster was "Arkancided."
Turmeric and Curcumin naturally block cancer cells ~ link ~ Take the time to read this short article at the link.   Stirling     
Mysterious Origins of Man - Forbidden Archeology Part 4/5 - video ~ link  

Toronto teens send 'Lego man' on a balloon odyssey 24 kilometers high - video ~ link
The Intelligence of Crows ~ link ~ Interesting!  Stirling    

A dying man's last wish: To see his dog ~ link ~ In a world where money is 'god', and madness runs amok, sometime it is important to look at the things that the dying find are really important.  Please pray for this man and his dog.  Thanks.  Tim Earl of Stirling     
Dolphin and Cat - video ~ link  
HorsePower - video ~ link 

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