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The Early Stages of the General Middle East War have already begun with the foreign based military operations against Syria and the Oil Embargo against Iran and other related embargoes against both Syria and Iran.  When and how this will continue to expend, including into an all-out military-style engagement involving weapons of mass destruction, is something that time will tell.  We can, however, be sure that the engagement is 'on' and will continue to expand in the days/weeks/months ahead.  
Tim Earl of Stirling    

Greeks reject German plan for EU budget commissioner ~ link ~ I think that the Greek political class thought that such a step might just get a number of them hung by the masses and said NO.  Stirling 

Iran would consider Russian proposal aimed at ending nuclear dispute ~ link ~ There are powerful forces that do NOT want a General Middle East War and WWIII.  The real battle is behind the scenes between these forces and those of the hard core Global Banking Cartel and Netanyahu Zionists who WANT the war.  Pray for Peace.   Stirling     

Iran would consider Russia's proposal for a gradual loosening of sanctions against Tehran in exchange for a gradual increase in access to the country for international nuclear inspectors, a senior Iranian lawmaker said Friday.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made the proposal for a step-by-step approach in seeking to end the deadlock between Tehran and world powers suspicious of the aims of its nuclear programme last year.

Netanyahu: World must stop Iran from conducting "second holocaust" ~ linkDear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu is the nut case that is most apt to cause a second holocaust of his people.   Stirling   

Oil industry sees China winning and the West losing from Iran sanctions ~ link ~ Of course, Big Oil will pick up some 'spare change' (billions) from all of this.  But this view is correct, but only to a point.  When/if this turns into WWIII, there are no winners!  Stirling      


Anonymous said...

Great blog!

Michael Cecil said...

I see that you do not mention the "trumpets" of the Apocalypse that are being heard 'round the world.

Their PURPOSE is to HASTEN the day that the Truth of the Doctrine of "resurrection" (taught by Isaiah, Daniel, Jesus & Mohammed as a Doctrine of 'Rebirth') "covers the earth like water covers the sea" (Habakkuk 2:14).