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Iran threatening to switch off its oil supplies to Europe before full embargo comes into force in July - video ~ link ~ This will cause an economic collapse in Greece, Spain and perhaps Italy.  The Iranian Parliament is debating this next week.  If they pass this, we could see economic chaos in Europe within a week or two.   Stirling      

Iran World War III - viral!!! - video ~ link ~ Interesting and scary.   Stirling      

Netanyahu cites Holocaust lesson in dealing with Iran ~ link ~  Actually, if dear old Bibi 666 starts a war with Iran/WWIII, he will get more Jews killed than Hitler did.  He will destroy Israel, the Middle East, and the World.   Stirling      

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, citing the lessons of the Nazi Holocaust and the danger a nuclear-armed Iran, said on Tuesday that Israel must not shy from acting alone to thwart any threat to its existence.

Iran President Ahmadinejad offers talks over nuclear issue ~ link ~ The real crisis is not about any Iranian nuclear program.  It is about two things: (1) The global banksters want a Third World War to usher in their sick New World Order; (2) Netanyahu and his nutty cabinet want to kill off Iran because they will not go quietly like Libya and are a threat to Israel if Israel or its agents (USA/NATO) attack it.   Stirling     

In a joint statement, UK Prime Minister David Cameron, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Iran had "failed to restore international confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of its nuclear programme".

The EU said the sanctions prohibit the import, purchase and transport of Iranian crude oil and petroleum products as well as related finance and insurance. All existing contracts will have to be phased out by 1 July.

Arab League to call for UN backing on Syrian regime change plan ~ link ~ This is part of the psyops and the narrative for the public.  They know that there is no way Assad or his government will allow them to destroy Syria and Syria's freedom.   Stirling     

Jerusalem 'concerned': Royal Saudi Air Force to outnumber Israel's advanced US supplied jet fleet ~ link ~ 'Not a problem...we will just get the American goy to shell out billions more to buy more jets'...Israel.   Stirling       

Israel seeks to turn natural gas into gold ~ link ~ Does that mean that the American taxpayer will no longer have to give billions to Israel???  Hello...Hello???    Stirling     

Israel is putting together a plan for a national investment fund that would tap an anticipated natural gas bonanza to fuel both an export-geared economy and provide a nest egg of $10 billion in under a decade for future generations.

The proposed Israeli sovereign wealth fund is still in the planning phase, but officials have said some of the revenues would be invested in strategically critical targets such as education and health.

Senior IDF general tells Cabinet that Israel cannot stop Iran's nuclear program ~ link If that is so, why is Europe and America boycotting Iranian oil and placing the entire World at risk of WWIII??????????? Stirling   

The defense official told Time, that according to an estimate by the Atomic Energy Commission, Israel will only be able to push back Iran's nuclear program by several months to a year, after taking into account the wide geographic dispersion of Tehran's nuclear facilities and the the limits of Israel's air force.

Report: 'Iran won't move toward nuclear weapon in 2012' ~ link ~ Iran is unlikely to move toward building a nuclear weapon this year because it does not yet have the capability to produce enough weapon-grade uranium, a draft report by the Institute for Science and International Security said on Wednesday.

The report by the institute founded by nuclear expert David Albright offered a more temperate view of Iran's nuclear program than some of the heated rhetoric that has surfaced since the United States and its allies stepped up sanctions on Tehran.

Judaica and 911 - Part II ~ link ~ Sheikh Imran Hosein tells us that Muslim prophecy says Arabs will be wiped out by a plague at the end of history. The Foundations and the think tanks funded by Wall Street and the City of London all say we must reduce the population from 7 billion to a billion or fewer people. This is academic speak for ‘Let’s kill 6 billion human beings.’ 

Persian Gulf Option One: A False Flag ~ link ~ Some 70 years later, on June 8, 1967, during the Six-Day War, a similar event took place off the coast of Egypt. It could well have been, “Remember the Liberty!”, following an event which saw 34 US men killed and 170 wounded when the USS Liberty was attacked by both the Israeli Air Force and Israeli Navy torpedo boats. History now reveals that Israel’s slaughter of the USS Liberty crew was designed as a false flag event, but luckily Russia intervened at the last minute before Israel could sink the decorated American ship. Had it worked, it could have been used to drag the US and her allies into a new regional, or even a third world war - with who knows what consequences.

If a conflict is to ignite in the Persian Gulf in 2012, it is highly likely that the US or Israel will use the false flag option. Two reasons support this. Firstly, Iran lacks a motive to want to engage in a suicidal first strike against the axis powers – a move which would no doubt cost them thousands of innocent lives and billions in infrastructure. Frankly, it’s safe to say that it’s not at all in the Iranian national interest to start such a conflict. History does show however, that the US and Israel can – and will, employ the technique of the false flag attack, where they would engineer an incident and then blame it on the Iranians. By all accounts, this is also how the US was able to fake their way into the costly and bloody Vietnam War, via the infamous Gulf of Tonkin Incident. 

Avoiding a 'Dumb War' with Iran ~ link ~ The American military has recently concluded what President Obama once labeled a “dumb war” in Iraq, so it behooves us not to undertake another dumb war against a country that is much larger, better prepared, and three times more populous. Such a conflict would not be containable and would set off a major regional war. Such a war, contrary to what some argue, would not be good for the United States, Iran, or even Israel, and it would make no one safer.

War With Iran = Suicide - video ~ link ~ Good One!  Take the time to listen to this!   Stirling       

Next False Flag: WWIII = Extinction Level Event - video ~ link ~ Another Good One!  Take the time to listen to this one!  Stirling     

China slams new EU sanctions on Iran's oil, calling it 'blind pressure' - video ~ link  

US and Israel Agree: Iran Not Building Nukes ~ link ~ So why are we heading towards a General Middle East War and WWIII???   Stirling       

And if you’ve been reading The New York Times or following the rest of the Fawning Corporate Media, you’d likely assume that everyone who matters agrees that the answer to the question is yes, although the FCM adds the caveat that Iran insists its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only. The line is included with an almost perceptible wink and an “oh, yeah.”

However, a consensus seems to be emerging among the intelligence and military agencies of the United States — and Israel — that Iran has NOT made a decision to build a nuclear weapon. In recent days, that judgment has been expressed by high-profile figures in the defense establishments of the two countries — U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

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