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Former Georgian President (and Soviet Foreign Minister) Shevardnadze: Saakashvili and Obama Plotting Attack on Iran ~ link ~ More confirmation that a major war is planned for the Middle East, one that is apt to begin World War III.   Stirling      

US may intensify sanctions in Iran says US Ambassador to Israel ~ link ~ This is all about the globalists wanting a new World War and the Netanyahu extremists wanting a Regional War fought by America and NATO against its enemies.   Stirling   

The United States “is looking to intensify sanctions on Iran [and] other options are on the table,” U.S. Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee Wednesday.

It was the first time that Shapiro, appointed to the post last year, addressed the senior Knesset panel.

Davos 2012: From Capitalism to Fascism ~ link This is very serious. The elitist power grab is going right at the heart of capitalism. Of course, they have always been for central control, with them in control, but now they are calling out capitalism, directly, as an inferior product. 

The Most Dangerous Extremists in the World ~ link ~ Good One!  Stirling     

If you want to find the real radical true believers, the real plotters of government takeovers, the real bomb setting terrorists, the real haters of our freedom, the real killers of countless innocent people, then you’ll need to look away from all of the usual places. It’s not the Muslims. It’s not the Christians. It’s not the Jews. It’s not any organized religion that you’re aware of, yet it is the most powerful religion in the world. It is the religion of Doing Business.

Muslims, Christians and Jews have the same basic human values. They all believe in the sanctity of life. Life comes first. Protecting, nurturing and saving lives is held as the most important thing. Life is precious. Life is a miracle. Everything is done around and in support of life. 

But we ordinary people have very different values than the fundamental believers in Doing Business. Some who believe in the religion of Doing Business share these values too, but I’m not talking about them. The ones I’m talking about are the dangerous extremists who believe that you can kill your way to happiness and they make it a regular part of Doing Business. When they Do Business people get hurt.

The Midnight Phoenix Rises: Biggest solar storm for years causes spectacular Northern Lights ~ link ~ Great photos.  Stirling     

24 Facts that show how ridiculously unfair our economy is for Americans under the age of 30 ~ link ~ It is bad enough for us 'old farts' but the young adults, just starting their lives are really hurting at the delightful World that the globalist banksters and their bought-and-paid-for political whores have brought us.   Stirling      

If you are an American under the age of 30, you have probably figured out by now that the entire economic system is stacked against you.  The way that our economy is structured today is ridiculously unfair to younger Americans.  First, we endlessly push our young people to go to our ridiculously expensive colleges and universities where the pile up enormous amounts of debt.  Then they get out into the real world where they find that only a handful of really good jobs are available for the vast army of college graduates entering the workforce.  Sadly, most of the jobs that our young people are working these days do not pay enough to be able to support a family or buy a decent home.  Meanwhile, our politicians are busy mortgaging their future.  Our young people are expected to support a Social Security system that will not be there when they get older, and every single day more than 2 billion dollars is added to a debt that will hang around the necks of younger Americans and their children for the rest of their lives.  If you stop and think about all of this for too long, your head might just explode with anger.  Well, not literally, but you get the point.  The truth is that this is going to be the first generation in U.S. history that is going to do significantly worse than their parents, and that is a terrible shame.

Are you not convinced that things are really bad for younger Americans?

Do you think that they should just shut up and quit whining about things?

Well, keep reading.  You just might change your mind by the time this article is over.

The following are 24 facts that show how ridiculously unfair our economy is for Americans under the age of 30 that will make your head explode....

Los Angeles: Joint police-military exercises ~ link ~ Hitler would be proud, as would Stalin and Mao/etc.  But as an American, I am NOT proud of this.  We sink deeper into a fascist police state every week.   Stirling    

Are George Soros, the IMF and the World Bank purposely trying to scare the living daylights out of us?  ~ link ~ George is a senior high level operative for the Rothschilds, and the IMF and World Bank are well known Rothschild/Global Banking Cartel 'tools'.  Stirling      

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