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CFR Madmen Itching for a Nuclear Armageddon ~ link ~ Lucifer works by blinding his puppets to the truth.   Most of those working for an attack on Iran and/or Syria and a General Middle East War simply do not see the grave dangers to themselves and to the entire World from the Third World War that will result from the war they seek.  Stirling    

Now, given the fact that Russia and China most likely would not watch a U.S. direct attack on Iran sitting on their hands, one has to conclude that the conspirators’ goal is not anymore war-for-oil but war-for-total-destruction of most of this planet.

It seems that the CFR madmen have decided to resort to the best eugenics tool money can buy: total nuclear war. Actually, the Rockefellers and their minions at the CFR have been preparing for it since mid-last century, and apparently they have now concluded that the time is ripe for a nuclear holocaust that will liberate them from us, “useless eaters,”[1] so they can fully enjoy the planet’s natural resources that belong to them.

Iran 'definitely' closing the Strait of Hormuz over EU oil embargo ~ link ~ The EU oil embargo and all the crap about an Iranian nuclear program is NOT about an Iranian nuclear program.  It is about two things: (1) The Global Banking Cartel families, satanic to their black rotten cores, desire for a Third World War to fully implement their global high-tech slave state, their New World Order; (2) Bibi 666 Netanyahu and his band of demonic Cabinet jerks want to destroy Iran and Syria because they stand in the way of tiny Israel totally dominating the Middle East using US and NATO money/arms/manpower.  The rest is all bullshit!   Stirling       

Tensions in the Gulf could reach a breaking point as a senior Iranian official said Iran would “definitely” close the Strait of Hormuz if an EU oil embargo disrupted the export of crude oil.

Mohammad Kossari, deputy head of parliament's foreign affairs and national security committee, issued the warning in respone to a decision by the European Union on Monday  to impose an oil embargo on Iran over the country’s alleged nuclear weapons program.  

Israel to UN: Tomorrow will be too late for action against Iran ~ link ~ WAR, MORE WAR, WAR WAR WAR is all tiny Israel knows...that and how to bribe and blackmail the political classes of the West so that we will all pay and pay and pay for their unnecessary wars.  In the end, they will get most of us killed with their evil madness.  They could live in peace and prosperity but oh no, not them, not as long as they can buy our politicians.   Stirling      

'Warships real deal, Iran oil ban is propaganda' - video ~ link  

Avoiding a Catastrophic War with Iran ~ link ~ Iran has four times the population of Iraq and many times the military capability, and it would seek support form other nations like Russia and China, possibly sparking an unpredictable regional war.

Political hawks and shock jocks on talk radio condemn calls for negotiations and dialogue to resolve such matters without military action as weakness. The U.S. spends as much on military preparedness as the rest of the world combined, so no one can doubt America’s capacity to wage war. It is shocking that the theme song of one national talk show host states, “We’ll put a boot up your ass, it’s the American way.” 

Europe at war with Iran ~ link ~ The question is WHY is Europe at war with Iran...the answer is because the global banksters (who bribe most of the European political class) and the Netanyahu Zionists want Europe to be at war with Iran.   Stirling     

No one ever lost money betting on the foolishness of European Union (EU) politicos. And if you are an oil trader, rejoice - all the way to the bank; as expected, EU foreign ministers - meekly following the Barack Obama administration - have given a green light for a full Iranian oil embargo.

The embargo applies not only to new contracts but also existing contracts - to be voided by July 1, and includes extra sanctions targeting Iran's central bank and petrochemical exports to the EU.
It's always crucial to remember the embargo - a de facto European declaration of economic war - was forcefully proposed in the first place by the neo-Napoleonic "liberator" of Libya, France's President Nicolas Sarkozy. The official EU excuse for the economic war is "serious and deepening concerns over the Iranian nuclear program".  

Arab League to ask the UN Security Council to "back" its Syrian "peace" plan ~ link ~ Unlike the last "peace" efforts of the UN in Libya, that ended in the slaughter of tens of thousands of Libyan civilians and the destruction of the nation, a war on Syria will begin World War III.  And that is something totally different, but the globalist/Netanyahu Zionist controlled mainstream news media will 'not go there'.   Stirling       

Alternate US Unemployment Charts ~ link ~ The US Government lies...most of the time.    Stirling     

Alternate US Inflation Charts ~ link    

Earthquake at Fukushima: Could it be an hydrogen explosion? ~ link ~ Yes, most likely in my opinion.  The official lies will not make this nightmare spewing out nuclear death go away.   Stirling      

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