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Waging War against Iran is a Criminal Act, in Violation of International Law - The Death Toll from World War III will be incalculable ~ link ~ The globalists and Zionists don't care about the International Law part; and the globalists are counting on the high death toll part.   Stirling    

After the terrorist assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand in Sarajevo in June of 1914, Serbia made an offer to Austria to submit the entire dispute to “the International Tribunal of The Hague”—i.e.,to the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague. Austria did not accept the offer, the First World War broke out, and about 10 Million Human Beings were needlessly slaughtered.

The death toll from World War III will be incalculable. Humanity must not allow our history to repeat itself! Otherwise, that could be the end of our Humanity. 

Ahmadinejad to seek 'help' in Latin America as sanctions bite ~ link The sanctions are already hurting Iranians. Faced with rising prices and a falling rial currency, they have been queuing at banks to convert savings into dollars.

Other regional leaders due to receive Ahmadinejad, such as Ortega and Ecuador's Rafael Correa, have a similar ideological stance to Chavez but fewer resources available to help Iran. 

Iran launches new military exercise, this time along Afghanistan border ~ link ~ With a powerful NATO/US army and air forces in Afghanistan, posed to attack Iran, that is a reasonable move.  Stirling      

While the aftermath of the first 10 day Iranian wargame in the Straits of Hormuz is still lingering, especially in the price of oil, and the world is bracing itself for parallel exercises between a joint US-Israel operation and a concurrent Iranian effort in the weeks ahead, Iran is not waiting and has already started a brand new military exercise, this time inland and far closer to a key US strategic asset - Afghanistan (and its poppies). From Reuters: "Iran launched a military manoeuvre near its border with Afghanistan on Saturday, the semi-official Fars news agency reported, days after naval exercises in the Gulf increased tensions with the West and pushed up oil prices. Mohammad Pakpour, commander of the Revolutionary Guards' ground forces, said the "Martyrs of Unity" exercises near Khvat, 60 km (40 miles) from Afghanistan, were "aimed at boosting security along the Iranian borders," Fars reported." Naturally, this "reason" is bogus. That said, at this point we are at a loss as to which country it is that is desiring a military escalation more, because both sides appear hell bent on moving past the foreplay stage. Regardless, the whole situation is starting to smell more and more like the summer of 2008 when crude would move up in $5 increments on flaring tensions between Israel and Iran, coupled with Goldman predictions of near-quadruple digit Brent, only to have the entire energy complex implode in the aftermath of Lehman. The recent decoupling of oil from all other risk indicators (oil higher is not a good thing for the economy) is vaguely reminiscent...

Syria: Heart of a global struggle? - with video ~ link 

Syrians hold funeral for blast victims ~ link ~
Thousands of people have gathered at a mosque in the Syrian capital to perform funerary prayers for the victims of the bombing attacks that left 26 people dead.

The mass funeral ceremony was held at the al-Hassan mosque on Saturday.

Friday's explosion that targeted a police bus in central Damascus also injured more than 60 others. The terrorist attack was the second incident in two weeks to hit the Syrian capital.

AIPAC: The Voice of America - Part II - The Treasonous Dollar Drain - with video ~ link ~ Good One!   Stirling     

A closer look at how the members of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee exercise a grotesquely disproportionate amount of power over the foreign policy of the United States.

Is the USAF's secret unmanned space craft spying on China's spacelab?  ~ link ~ The X-37B is one hell of a high tech space warplane.   I suspect that we have 'others' of the same type and many well beyond this level of technology.   Stirling     

Jewish settlers break into Muslim shrines to perform Talmudic rituals ~ link ~ As long as this type of crap is allowed by the Israeli government, there will never be peace in the Middle East.   Stirling      

Thousands of Jewish settlers, protected by Israeli soldiers, have filled a Palestinian village in order to perform Talmudic rituals. A spokesman for Kafl Hares municipality said that the soldiers cleared the streets and established guard posts on the roofs of various buildings around the village.

According to Ma'mon Boze, the settlers then arrived in dozens of buses, wandering around the village singing and shouting. The villagers, said Mr Boze, were alarmed and disturbed throughout the night. The number of settlers on this occasion is estimated to have been around 10,000.

Face-off in the Gulf ~ link ~ The U.S. and Israel are planning a massive military exercise in the Persian Gulf in an attempt to face down Iran over its sabre-rattling in the region.

But the Islamic Republic is also preparing war games in the Strait of Hormuz, a strategic oil route which the country has threatened to block off in a move which could seriously restrict energy supplies.

Japan to express concern to US over possible Iranian oil ban ~ link ~ Japan sees that, at the very least, the banning of Iranian oil will have a strongly negative effect on the global economy...of course, if it results in the closure of the Strait of Hormuz, it will totally crash the global economy and we will all be in the Greatest Depression....and if it causes World War III, the economy will be the least of our worries.    Stirling     

Foreign Minister Koichi Gemba “expressed our concerns to the U.S. government in December, including our worries about the impact of a possible import ban on the Japanese and global economy,” Fujimura told reporters in Tokyo today. “We are maintaining that position.”

Japan, which imports almost all of its energy supplies, is the world’s second-biggest buyer of Iranian crude after China. The threat of sanctions and an Iranian demand that U.S. warships stay out of the Persian Gulf have stirred new tensions between Iran and the West, contributing to higher energy prices.

How Flu Shots make you prone to disease ~ link ~ It's OK, Big Pharma has some 'medicine' for you to take if you get Big Pharma....NOT!  Stirling     

Antidepressants cause your arteries to thicken 400% more than aging ~ link ~ The fewer medications that you take, the better off you are as a general rule.  Stirling    

DHS now issuing thousands of new photo IDs for 'voting' purposes ~ link ~ America continues the horrific slide into police state fascism while most people are too damn dumb to notice.   Stirling   

One of the true hallmarks of any successful police state is a compulsory national ID. On this score, Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security has officially taken up challenge of making sure that no American will be left without one. Tennessee provided the launchpad for this new DHS police state project, but like anything with the DHS, it’s hard to actually pinpoint whose banner it is actually run under.

The new DHS national ID card program was officially rolled out this week in the state of Tennessee. From January 1st, 2012, ID cards are longer optional, they are the law. The new state law requires that all Tennessee citizens must present a federal or state-issued photo ID in order to vote at the polls. The law also requires the DHS to issue photo IDs for voting purposes – at no charge. Residents appear to have given in without any serious fight, giving a new dimension to the state’s lofty moniker as a “Volunteer State”.

Russian electoral fraud story was ... a fraud? ~ link ~ This is all tied into global events now taking place in the Middle East and elsewhere and the Russian leadership knows it and they are pissed!  Stirling      

CEC Chairman: Election Fraud Videos Doctored Videos showing violations during the parliamentary elections in Russia were doctored, Central Election Committee (CEC) Chairman Vladimir Churov said.

During his interview with Radio Ekho Moskvy, he said that Interior Ministry experts have already studied the videos and found signs of editing in most of them. After the parliamentary elections, the CEC chairman has been the main target of the opposition and observers’ critique

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