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Israeli drone over Turkish-Syrian border - Battles in Syrian-Jordanian-Israeli border triangle ~ link ~ Syria is a backdoor to a war with Iran and a General Middle East War.  Events continue to move in the direction of such a war, a war that is apt to become WWIII.   Stirling     

Military tensions are building up on Syria's borders. Wednesday, Jan. 4, Turkish military sources reported sighting an Israeli Eitan (Heron) drone in the sky above the Turkish Hawk Brigade 14 stationed on the northern Syrian border at Kirikhan in the Hatay district of southern Turkey.  The Israeli drone was said to have hovered over the encampment for four hours.

Then, on Dec. 27, our military sources reported that Qatar had organized and funded an airlift to Hatay of Libyan militia fighters under the command of former Abdelhakim Belhaj, ex-al Qaeda and commander of Islamic Fighting Group in Libya-IFG which seized control of Tripoli.  He has established a command post in the Turkish town of Antakya (Antioch).

The Libyan and Free Syrian Army-FSA fighters are training together in Turkish military camps, the main one being the Hawk Brigade 14 over which the Israeli drone hovered. It is expected to be the main jumping off base for any foreign military intervention in Syria.

Syrians being killed by gangs and defectors - with RT video ~ link ~ As Syrian forces reportedly continue to kill civilian protesters, armed rebels have threatened to step up their own attacks. Middle East expert Dr. Jeremy Salt says there is tunnel vision when it comes to deciding just who is doing the killing.


The commander of Syria's armed rebels threatened to step up attacks on President Bashar al-Assad's forces on Wednesday, according to Reuters. He said he was frustrated with Arab League monitors' lack of progress in ending a government crackdown on protests.

Syrians rally in support of Assad government ~ link ~ This is a story that you will never read in the globalists owned Zionist run mainstream news media!  They are determined to maintain the false narrative that Assad's government is killing thousands of peaceful protesters every time they turn around instead of the reality that a massive foreign army is encamped on the borders of Syria and infuriating and engaging in armed military conflict with Syrian forces.  Most of Syria is safe and most Syrians support the government; that is the message that those people who actually live in Syria or have recently traveled to Syria report.   Stirling      


Only 'non-hawkish' GOP candidate loses in Iowa to Romney - with video ~ link ~ The Founding Fathers set up an Electorial College to elect the President.  We "still" have this system as technically the American public votes for electors pledged to a candidate.  That is not how it is suppose to work.  The Electorial College was designed to actually select the President.  The reason for this is that the Founding Fathers, who I have great respect for, knew that most citizens do not have the knowledge base to make such a choice.  We see that this is true in election after election.  A significant percentage of voters simply vote for the leading candidate.  Most voters have little in-depth knowledge of the candidates true positions; on who is funding the candidates; etc.; etc.  Most voters have at best a childish level of understanding of politics and economics and history and of the nature of power.  The US Senate was originally designed to represent the various states and was formally elected by state legislatures, not by direct popular vote.   They way the 'reform' popular vote on Senate elections has ended up is that the Senators tend to almost exclusively represent the most powerful economic interests (including the supporters of Israel) instead of representing the American people.  Of course, all of this has over the last century become very corrupted.   The power of money in American politics is now supreme, which means that the average citizen has almost NO VOICE in his "democracy".  Additionally, the growing concentration of news media power over the last decade, with six companies owned by globalists companies and managed by strong Zionist supporters controlling 96% of all American mainstream news media, is simply killing what little is left of democracy and freedom in America.  They make great efforts to treat the public like mushroom farmers raise their crops: in the dark and fed manure!   Stirling       

Greece warns it will have to leave Eurozone if it cannot clinch another bailout deal ~ link ~ It SHOULD LEAVE THE EUROZONE.   The Euro was set up for and by the Rothschild led Global Banking Cartel at the expense of the European population.  At first it seemed to make sense to Europeans (especially to those not too educated on economic matters) as they would not have to exchange currencies every time they crossed a national border.  In reality, it is a nightmare trapping nations and breaking the backs of the middle class.   Stirling     

Millions of Greeks living in poverty ~ link According to the Hellenic Statistical Agency's first official report in 2012, about 20 percent of Greek citizens, which is over two million people, are considered poor. The monetary poverty line for Greece is set at the annual amount of 7,178 euros per person and 15,073 euros per household with two adults and two dependent children under the age of 14. The poverty rate for children under 17 years was at 23 percent in 2011, which is three points higher than the poverty rate for the whole population.

Last week, a shocking report by The Guardian revealed that the Greek families are forced to give up their children and put them in foster care because of poverty.  Poverty has forced 500 Greek families to ask for placing their children in homes run by charity SOS villages, according to the leading Greek daily Kathimerini.

This comes while Greeks are forced to endure a fifth consecutive year of recession with the debt crisis deepening, cuts taking their toll, poverty increasing and unemployment surging.  Meanwhile, officials insist that the belt-tightening and structural reforms under way will eventually change the EU's most uncompetitive economy for the better.

Satan is Crazy (Or Why USrael Will Attack Iran) ~ link ~ link ~ This is a really good article, please take the time to read it all at the link.   Stirling     

The state terrorists in Washington and Tel Aviv said they wanted a second Pearl Harbor attack in America so they could launch their imperial wars in the Middle East. And they got one on September 11, 2001.

They said they were going to attack Afghanistan in response to 9/11. And they did.

They said Iraq was a threat to the world and an invasion was the only option. They got their way again, and Iraq was invaded.

They said they were going to take out Libya and Syria. So far, one down, and one to go.

There is an obvious trend here that only the permanent brain-dead don't see...

But that characterization is only part right. It is not America who is the Great Satan, but the mind controllers of America who have hijacked America's name and used the productivity of its brave people to destroy the world and create a tyrannical new world order. They praise state power and worship Satan rather than praise human love and worship God.  

Salma Hayek gets France's highest order of knighthood from Sarkozy ~ link ~ And I thought that the British system of Honors was corrupt!   Stirling   

You've Been Lied To About Calcium and Cholesterol ~ link ~ This is a very good article.  If you want to remain/get healthy don't trust Big Pharma or most physicians.  Take the time to educate yourself.   Stirling        

17 Reasons why a vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for the New World Order ~ link ~  Romney is a globalist Front Man, just like Obama.  The difference between them is simply this: 'Turd One' or 'Turd Two'.   Stirling   

Once again, the Republican Party is being tempted to vote for "the lesser of two evils".  A lot of Republicans are actually considering voting for Mitt Romney because they have bought the lie that he has "the best chance" of defeating Barack Obama in 2012.  But just because he is the Republican candidate that is most like Barack Obama does not mean that he has the best chance of defeating him.  The truth is that no self-respecting Republican should ever vote for Mitt Romney.  A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for the New World Order.  Romney comes from the financial establishment, he is being showered with money from the financial establishment and he supports all of the goals of the financial establishment.  This year, millions upon millions of dollars are being funneled into Romney's campaign and into pro-Romney organizations.  The New World Order is literally trying to buy the 2012 election for their dream candidate.  Romney would be the ultimate Wall Street puppet, and if you cast a vote for Mitt Romney you are playing right into the hands of the financial elite.

If you do not believe that a vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for the New World Order, just consider Mitt Romney's positions on the issues....

US, Israel vs Iran - 2012 will be hardcore - RT video ~ link ~ Good one.   Stirling     

Afghan newlywed girl rescued from torture ~ link ~ This is an extreme example of the terribly sexist nature of Afghan society.  Something out of the worst of the Dark Ages.   Stirling       

US vows to keep warships in Persian Gulf ~ link ~  Big surprise NOT.   Stirling      

An alternative alternative view of what is happening in the Strait of Hormuz ~ link ~ and also read ~ link ~ My good friend Dr. Deagle agrees with this basic view.  I am not so sure, but I have to agree that this is one possibility.  I suspect that we will learn what is really happening very soon.  Either all hell will break lose...General Middle East War....World War III....or, there will be a closure of the Strait without all-out regional war/WWIII and the globalists will use this to totally crash the global economy and establish a gold backed US dollar that will become a global electronic currency...the Mark of the Beast system.   Time will tell how all this turns out.  However, whatever is about to happen, you can count on the fact that we are in a strange period of change/war/etc. that will change (if not end) all of our lives.   Stirling      

When times get tough, the tough get a backbone ~ link Do not ever give up.  That is one of the secrets to life.  Almost everyone comes to a moment in life when things look absolutely hopeless.  But those that have come through those moments know that there is always a way to turn things around.  When times get tough, the tough get a backbone.  Yes, a horrific economic collapse is coming and the world is going to become incredibly unstable.  But the purpose of waking people up and getting them to realize what is about to happen is not so that they can shiver in fear.  When a military unit gets intel that indicates that the enemy arrayed against them is far more powerful than previously thought, do they give up all hope and run away like little girls?  Of course not.  Instead, they use that intel to prepare for the coming battle.  Only cowards give up.  When you totally give up, you lose everything and the enemy wins.  Our life does not consist of what we own anyway.  If every single thing that you own was taken away from you, would your life be over?  No!  When we leave this world, we will not be remembered for what we owned.  Rather, we will be remembered for how we lived.

The cowardly never finish the race and they never win any prizes.  Being a coward may seem like a way to escape short-term pain, but in the end it is never worth it.

Those of us living in the United States have had it good for so long that most of us don't even know what it is like to go through hard times.

The Global Debt Bomb: US$7,600,000,000,000 of Debt Must Be Rolled Over in 2012 ~ link ~ When it comes to government debt, it is not just new debt that is the problem.  Every single year, governments around the world must "roll over" gigantic mountains of debt that come due.  That means that the actual borrowing that takes place each year is far greater than the yearly budget deficits that you see talked about on television.  In 2012, a total of 7,600,000,000,000 dollars of debt must be rolled over by the G-7 nations, Brazil, Russia, India and China.  When you add in interest payments, that number rises to over $8 trillion.  And that does not even include any new borrowing that all of those nations will do in 2012.  This is a debt bomb that could devastate the entire global economy at any time.  Everything will be fine as long as global lenders are willing to lend these countries gigantic mountains of very cheap money.  But if that changes, and there are already a multitude of signs that a massive global credit crunch has begun, it will mean a complete and total financial nightmare for the entire world.

The following list compiled by Bloomberg shows the amount of debt that these various nations must roll over in 2012....

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