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Arab League advisory body calls for immediate withdrawal of Arab monitors from Syria ~ link ~ It appears that the head of the monitors refuses to follow the 'party line' and condemn Syria.   The truth hurts those that live by lies.   Stirling     

The observer mission has already stirred controversy for its lack of numbers and comments by its Sudanese leader, General Mohammed al-Dabi, suggesting he was reassured by first impressions of Homs, one of the main centres of unrest.

The Arab Parliament, an 88-member advisory committee of delegates from each of the League's member states, said the violence was continuing to claim many victims.

Mainstream news media covers story of 'Arab Parliament' advisory body demanding the withdrawal of the Arab League monitors from Syria while repeating the false narrative that Syrian forces are killing peaceful protesters instead of battling armed mostly foreign military fighters ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ Most of the mainstream news media is owned by the globalists and managed by hard core Zionists.  In America the latest percentages are 96% of the mainstream media is controlled by only 6 globalists controlled firms.  That is why the globalist forces are moving to kill Internet freedom in the US Congress.  They live by lies and simply cannot stand the truth.   Stirling     

Obama signs US sanctions on Iran's central bank - Tehran has said that this would be an Act of War  ~ linkOn the last day of 2011, US President Barack Obama Saturday signed into law measures penalizing foreign financial institutions doing business with Iran's central bank, Bank Markazi - the toughest sanctions imposed yet over Iran's development of a nuclear weapon. In recent weeks Tehran has repeatedly warned that it would deem the signing of this measure an act of war and respond with drastic steps including the closure of the Strait of Hormuz.
The bill targeting anyone dealing with Iran's central bank seeks to force other countries to choose between buying oil from Iran or being shut out of transactions with US financial institutions and banks.  The new sanctions will begin taking effect in 60 days – the toughest not for at least six months, giving Tehran some space to cooperate with international demands to call off its nuclear weapon program. The president will have some flexibility in applying the measure.

Invading Iran is Invading Russia and China ~ link ~  This view is what the globalists are counting on.  They desire a new global war, the Third World War, to bring about conditions for their global demonic slave state, the New World Order.   Stirling    

A political analyst says Russia and China consider a US military action on Iran as an attack on their own borders and a threat to their own national security.

“The US is assuming that Russia or China will not respond militarily, but they've been wrong before,” Shamus Cooke wrote on the Global Research website.  Cooke explained that when former US president George W. Bush gave the green light to the then President of Georgia Mikheil Saakahvili to attack South Ossetia in 2008, “Russia surprised everyone by responding militarily and crushing Georgia's invasion.”  “Attacking Syria and/or Iran opens the door to a wider regional or even international war,” Cooke stressed.

Last Month, Major General Zhang Zhaozhong, professor from the Chinese National Defense University, said China would not hesitate to protect the Islamic Republic against a military strike, even if this means the start of the Third World War.

Also last week, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin vehemently criticized any plans of attacking Iran, describing the measure as “a very dangerous scenario” which could lead to a “regional catastrophe.” 

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Vows to Protect Churches During Epiphany Celebrations ~ link ~ That is a very good sign!  Thank God!  During the Egyptian Revolution, Christians protected Muslim protesters during prayers in the streets.  The globalists and Zionists want to get the Christians and Muslims killing one another.  It appears that many in Egypt have wised up to this evil nonsense.   Stirling     

In a move likely fueled by their growing political success, leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, which runs Egypt’s largest political party, announced plans to deploy guards to protect Christian churches during the upcoming Christmas holiday, which in Egypt is celebrated on January 6 and 7. 

The Muslim Brotherhood said it was important to ensure that the Christmas celebration was carried out without incident. The Salafists, who run the second largest party, also promised to deploy “human shields” to protect the churches. 

Happy New Year: Obama Signs NDAA, Indefinite Detention Now Law of the Land - with video~ link ~ Actually, this law is so clearly unconstitutional that anyone seeking to enforce it can be charged with felonies and sued for every cent they own.  This is the Enabling Act for fascism in America, passed by both criminal political parties and signed by the fraud Front Man (Obama) that the globalists put in the White House.  The mainstream news media has kept many Americans totally ignorant of what has just happened to their nation.  They will learn the hard way.   God help us all now!   Stirling     

Indeed it is a new day. Ushering in the New Year, President Obama signed legislation that helps to further destroy the principles the nation was founded upon.

President Obama, who pledged to veto the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), has now signed it. Of course, his promise was only for public consumption. After all, lying to your enemy is what invading corporate takeover armies do. It was the Obama administration all along that demanded the indefinite detention provisions be added while at the same time telling the American people he was fighting to protect their rights. This is treason on parade, in your face all out despotism– that is, for those paying any attention!

Iran War would ruin Israel and the Global Economy ~ link ~ Two former CIA analysts have advised US President Barack Obama to immediately put an end to the “torrent of war propaganda against Iran” as this will lead to the destruction of Israel and devastation of world economy.

Ray McGovern and Elizabeth Murray wrote on the that Obama's “repeated use of the bromide that 'everything is on the table'” indicates that the US president does not fully recognize the consequences of a military confrontation with Iran.

They said a war with Iran would be to the advantage of “no one but the arms merchants,” adding, “If your advisers have persuaded you that hostilities with Iran would bring benefit to Israel, they are badly mistaken.” 

If Iran's oil is sanctioned, Iran will deny Hormuz oil to 'war engines' ~ link ~  Iran has drawn a 'line in the sand', the globalists and Zionist extremists will do everything that they can to cross it and begin World War III.  Stirling      

A senior Iranian lawmaker says the country will not allow any oil to reach the “war engines of Iran's enemies” through the Strait of Hormuz if its oil is subjected to sanctions.

“Iran will never allow the Strait [of Hormuz] to be used against it and for the benefit of its enemies,” Head of Majlis Internal Security Committee Parviz Sorouri said on Sunday.  Sorouri added that Iran considers the strategic waterway as a “Strait of Peace,” but would undertake any “fundamental measures” to ensure the security of itself and the entire region.  He went on to say that the US is currently pursuing the project of “Iranophobia,” as the recent developments in the Middle East have led to the “divergence of regional counties from the US and a convergence with the Islamic Republic.”

Last Wednesday, Michael Mann, the spokesman for EU's Foreign Affairs Chief Catherine Ashton, said, "The European Union is considering another set of sanctions against Iran.”  He added that the decision would be taken in the next meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels on January 30, 2012.  The EU foreign ministers failed in their attempts to enforce an embargo on Iran's oil exports during a December 1 meeting in Brussels.

The EU's anti-Iran move came after the United States, Britain, and Canada imposed unilateral sanctions on the Islamic Republic's energy and financial sectors over Tehran's nuclear program.

Iran's First Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi warned on December 27 that imposing sanctions against the country's energy sector will prompt Tehran to prevent oil cargoes from passing through the strategic Strait of Hormuz.  “If they impose sanctions on Iran's oil, not even a drop of oil will be allowed through the Strait of Hormuz,” he warned.

Detroit's abandoned churches paint a desperate picture of life in America - with photos ~ link ~ What the global banking cartel is doing to America.    Stirling      

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