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The Early Stages of the General Middle East War have already begun with the foreign based military operations against Syria and the Oil Embargo against Iran and other related embargoes against both Syria and Iran.  When and how this will continue to expend, including into an all-out military-style engagement involving weapons of mass destruction, is something that time will tell.  We can, however, be sure that the engagement is 'on' and will continue to expand in the days/weeks/months ahead.  
Tim Earl of Stirling    

Kuwait gives more land to US military ~ link ~ The US military buildup near Iran continues.  Based on the increases in US Army troops and helicopter assets, and the buildup in US Marine Corps troops offshore on assault ships, it appears that America is building up a sizable land invasion force to attack Iran with.   Too small to occupy the nation, unless most of the Iranian military forces have been knocked out by nukes, but sizable enough to seize key areas.   Stirling     

Kuwait has reportedly provided the US Army with 10 hectares of its Failaka Island to be used for US military bases.

According to Kuwaiti media, the United States has stationed about 15,000 new troops in its military bases in Kuwait. The troops have been relocated to Kuwait from Iraq. The United States has also installed radar and missile systems in the Kuwaiti seaport region of Shuaiba, the report said.

The US currently has several military bases on an area of about 40 percent of Kuwait's land. Kuwaiti residents are not allowed to pass without a permit through these areas. 

Buildup of up to 100,000 US troops on two strategic islands, Socotra and Masiral, near Iran by early March ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ Also see Wikipedia: Socotra ~ link ~ and Masirah ~ link ~  That is just over one month from now.  This needs to become a key topic in the GOP presidential race.  The American people are sick of their sons getting killed and maimed for Israel and the globalists!  Ron Paul - Give them hell over this!  Stirling    

US anticipates May as beginning of War with Iran - Floating SEALs base for Persian Gulf ~ linkThe target date for deploying the commando platform in the Persian Gulf in four or five months indicates Washington is preparing for military clashes to blow up with Iran in the late spring or early summer.

But according to debkafile's Iranian and military sources, the Iranian administration has expressed its determination to respond instantly to any diplomatic or military move or action of an offensive nature against the Islamic Republic. And so confrontation may come earlier than anticipated.


Iran to end oil exports to certain countries ~ link ~  Cutting off Greece, Italy, Spain and perhaps one or two other EU nations is highly likely to CRASH THE EURO within days to a couple of weeks.  When the Euro crashes, there is also a good chance that the global financial system will go belly up.   Stirling     

Speaking to reporters after a cabinet meeting in the capital Tehran on Sunday, Qasemi said less than 20 percent of Iran's crude oil is currently being exported to Europe and that Iran has no problem in selling its oil to a market other than the EU. Managing Director of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) Ahmad Qalebani said Sunday crude oil prices could reach USD150 a barrel in the aftermath of the EU sanctions on Iran's oil exports. He said global economic and business blocs will experience tremendous shocks because of the embargo on Tehran and the West will suffer the most from the measure.

Meanwhile, Majlis is due to debate a bill this week that would cut off oil supplies to the EU in a matter of days, in response to the 27-member bloc's decision to stop importing crude oil from Iran as of July.

European Union foreign ministers agreed to ban oil imports from Iran on January 23 and to freeze the assets of the Iranian Central Bank across the EU. The European Union also imposed a ban on the sale of grains, gold, diamonds, and other precious metals to Iran.  

Trumpets of the Apocalypse?:  Strange Apocalyptic Sky Sounds from all over the Earth: various video links ~ video linkvideo link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ These are just a few of the many links on the Internet to strange sounds around the World.  There may be a redundancy or two in this list, sorry.  And many may be fakes.  But are they all fakes?  If not, what the heck is going on???  Jeff Rense has been running links to this stuff for a few days.  I have not, because I am simply not sure what to think about this.  Stirling        

Oil likely to reach $150 per barrel ~ link ~ Goodbye US economy; goodbye European economy; goodbye global economy!!!  Hello to the Greatest Depression in human history!   Stirling    

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