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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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Buddy can you spare a dime?  One in three Americans has NO SPARE CASH ~ link ~ This is what the owners of the Federal Reserve have done to America, them and their bought-and-paid-for political whores.   End the Fed; throw the banksters in prison; end the wars; bring our troops home from overseas; bring our industrial base back to America; put the American people first; require Israel to make serious changes to how it gets along with its neighbors and end the occupation or cut off all funding; break apart the 'too big to fail banks', end the casino trading on Wall Street with established values on stocks updated quarterly, reinstitute the rule of law and the American Constitution, charge, try, convict, and execute those really responsible for the 9/11 treason and mass murder, bring criminal charges against those remaining alive and behind the murders of JFK, MLK Jr., RFK, JFK Jr., bring back morality in America, reform our education system, totally end the concentration in ownership of the mainstream news media, end all usage of computers in voting, end all paid lobbying, band AIPAC and other such organizations from acting for foreign states in America, really reform the medical system and break apart 'Big Pharma', etc., etc.   Stirling       
NYPD urging drunks and criminals to infiltrate Occupy Wall Street encampment ~ link ~ Considering who the Mayor of NYC is, I am not surprised.   Stirling     
Occupy Movement - The Empire strikes back with weekend raids and arrests - video ~ link 
42 USC 1983 - Occupy Movement - Learn It - Live It ~ link ~ Bring federal lawsuits against any police officer abusing you or your rights under the US Constitution to Free Speech/etc.   This is what I have been saying for some time.  The Law works both ways; use it to your advantage. There are lots of good cops and good leaders of police forces.  However there are also lots of bad ones; there are legal remedies for the bad ones.   Stirling      
Now these cops are cooked -- and not just the city either -- the cops are PERSONALLY liable.
Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress, except that in any action brought against a judicial officer for an act or omission taken in such officer’s judicial capacity, injunctive relief shall not be granted unless a declaratory decree was violated or declaratory relief was unavailable. For the purposes of this section, any Act of Congress applicable exclusively to the District of Columbia shall be considered to be a statute of the District of Columbia
Go get 'em Nashville protesters.  It's time to take these cops willful and knowing violation of your civil rights, as you have a judge who has declared your arrest unlawful and in violation of those rights, right back to court and tattoo each and every one of them with a nice fat civil judgment.

Police use bulldozers to break up Occupy Richmond ~ link ~ Sounds like something the Israelis would do!  Stirling     
Former US Attorney Bill Black at Occupy Wall Street discussing putting criminal bankers in jail - video ~ link ~ Very good one from a man who in the past put many bankers in prison.   Stirling      
Occupy Veterans Movement Growing Across USA ~ link ~ But two of the highest-profile protesters -- each from opposite ends of the country -- had served in wars. Last week, the world watched as bleeding, dazed 24-year-old Marine Scott Olsen was carried away by fellow protesters after he was struck in the head by an object apparently fired by an Oakland police officer. And before that, Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas was captured on video confronting a group of New York police officers he said had been too rough with protesters.

Both Thomas and Olsen have become rallying figures in the Occupy Wall Street movement -- not only among civilian protesters but among veterans whose participation in the protests has been growing, according to such veterans-turned-organizers as Paige Jenkins. 

It's all about survival: 12 Ways to boost your Energy Quotient ~ link ~ Good list!  Stirling     

Unbelievable, Must-See Video: Heroic Navy Sailor Stands Tall In The Middle Of The Oakland Tear Gas Firestorm...Holding Up The US Constitution - video ~ link ~ The man has guts!  It is people like him that give me hope for America!   Stirling      

Sheriff: Time for Citizens To Arm Themselves ~ link ~ Good idea!   Stirling       

Occupy Wall Street Primer:  Uniformed Thugs Are Not Legally Police ~ link ~  Take the time to read all of this at the link.  Good one!   Stirling     
More often than not, police agencies, some of whom receive training from very questionable sources, (the competition) are taught to use illegal surveillance, infiltration and actually commit acts of terrorism in order to gain public support for crackdowns on political movements that threaten control by the wealthy and corrupt.  This is the generally the case, not the exception.

This is as much a part of police training as lying in court.  One problem in America is that many police departments are trained by Israeli groups, competent in their own way, that typically use police and military against Palestinian protesters who have no legal protections.  This training is inconsistent with American law, police procedure and basic human rights.  The situation in Oakland, California with Scott Olsen, is such a situation and there are reports that police used illegal training and illegal methods of the Israeli Defense Forces, methods that have subjected them to nearly 200 votes favoring UN sanctions for “brutality” on peaceful American citizens involved in legal protests.

Occupy Wave Will Soon Become A Tsunami - Wall Street Beware ~ link ~ There is something glorious in the people led Occupy Wall Street movement for it is rooted in the moral imperatives of justice, self-sacrifice and social responsibility.

The New York Times reports that a recent poll shows that 54% of Americans have a favorable impression of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which is twice the 27% who have a favorable impression of the Tea Party movement. The apparent reason is the Tea Party sees itself as stressing only individual responsibility ~ whereas the Occupation Wall Street Movement is stressing both individual and social responsibility.

Fooled by the media depicting Occupy LA as a bunch of crack heads and drunks?  Here it is folks - photos ~ link ~ Good One!   Stirling    

Massive rally in Lahore: Imran Khan leads calls for Pakistan to End the US Alliance ~ link ~ That part of the world is rapidly taking sides for the Third World War.   Stirling     

A popular but largely powerless politician for years, former cricket star and Tehreek-e Insaf leader Imran Khan has parlayed his long-standing opposition to US drone strikes into a massive rally today on the streets of Lahore, where some 100,000 demonstrators marched to condemn the current US alliance and the Zardari government. 

“Our leaders owned this war on terror for the sake of dollars,” Khan declared, “let me curse you. You sold out the blood of innocent people.” The ruling Pakistani Peoples Party (PPP) condemned Khan, saying it made “no sense” to call for public protests and civil disobedience when the country’s “democratic institutions are functioning independently.” 

Astronomers discover complex organic matter throughout the Universe ~ link ~ God is Love and He did not create everything just to have some sterile Universe without much life.  I believe that He has created many many worlds with intelligent life.   Stirling      

Greece to hold referendum on EU Debt Deal ~ link ~ Oh that will be interesting!   Stirling    

Responding to the riots that followed last week’s proposal, as well as dissent from within his own Socialist party, Prime Minister George Papandreou said: “The command of the Greek people will bind us. Do they want to adopt the new deal, or reject it? If the Greek people do not want it, it will not be adopted.” 
Staging a referendum threatens to throw the eurozone further into crisis as the majority of Greeks object to the bail-out, according to a survey published last week.

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Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
AVE MARIA by Katherine Jenkins - video ~ link 
AVE MARIA by Mirusia Louwerse - video ~ link
Orthodox Cherubim Hymn - video ~ link 

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Bibi 666 Netanyahu Threatens Gazans With Death ~ link ~ Dear old Bibi has a relatively small window of opportunity still open to attack his many 'enemies' (Gaza/Palestine, Iran, Syria, Lebanon) before the onset of winter, when it is said that the IDF does not want to wage war.  Either he begins a war soon, or he has to wait until Spring or later in 2012.   Stirling    

Gaza militants renews rocket fire at Israel ~ link ~ I have trouble believing that this is not an Israeli False Flag.   The rockets are doing hardly no damage on the Israeli side, but the Israeli counter-attacks are doing significient damage.  And what is the point of hitting Israeli with little more than bottle rockets/fireworks?  Who benefits from this?   Stirling      

Two rockets were fired toward Be'er Sheva, after an alarm sounded throughout the city. One rocket was intercepted by Iron Dome, and one exploded in an open area. Two rockets were fired toward Sderot, and one was intercepted while the other fell in an open area. Three more rockets exploded in an open area in the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council.

There were no casualties or damage done in any of the incidents. 

US fears unilateral Israeli strike on Iran  ~ link ~ One more time: What we should be 'fearing' is the Iranian MAD (mutually assured destruction) counter-force, its massive Advanced Biological Warfare capabilities, in the event of a major war against it and its allies (Syria, Lebanon, Gaza/Palestine).  A desperate MAD release of Advanced Biowar viruses by Iran could set into motion an event that could end up killing billions directly and more indirectly.  But our "leaders", and the globalists/Zionist mainstream news media, seem to always "forget" about this global strategic biowar arsenal.   Stirling     

Israel to extend range of its nuclear missiles to ICBM level   -  Could hit America and all of Europe and China ~ link ~ So tiny racist Israel, with its 8 million people, needs to be threatening all of NATO with its ICBMs and Hydrogen Bombs???  Why???  Why do the nations of NATO allow this???  Stirling       

An attack on Iran would be a disaster for Iran ~ link ~ Any rational student of strategic matters knows this, but the Netanyahu Government seems not to.  Are they being driven by something other than loyalty to Israel???  Maybe something very dark, very evil and spiritual in nature!  Starting World War III is not wise, especially if you are a tiny nation/target, not wise at all.  So why do it???   Stirling       

Living under Israel's Boot ~ link ~ If any other nation tried to get away with what Israel does, it would be attacked by UN forces.  But Israel commits war crimes with immunity.  That, by the way, is a script for real trouble for Israel, but there is way too much evil/arrogance in the minds of its leaders to see that danger.   Stirling      

Thorium - The safe Nuclear Power? - with video ~ linkIt’s estimated that Thorium is three times more abundant than uranium, the element currently used in nuclear plants.Scientists say there is so much of it, that it can produce energy than all of the world’s oil, coal, and uranium combined. Sounds like the alternative energy source the world needs.But despite its advantages, nuclear experts say politics and corporate interests may be getting in the way.

Terrorists fight terrorism: America, Israel and the "terrorist" bogeyman ~ link ~ You can thank Bibi 666 Netanyahu for that.  He is the one that came up with the idea of "terrorism" as a "threat" to America so that we will kill those that he wants eliminated for his Greater Israel plans.   Stirling     

Obama's profound disrespect for the Presidency - photos ~ link ~ Sad, very sad!  Stirling      

Nashville Judge Tells Cops: "You have NO lawful basis to arrest Occupy Protesters"  ~ link ~ Nice to see someone is standing up for the US Constitution!  Stirling     

Official refuses Tennessee Governor's orders to break up 'Occupy Nashville' ~ link Just one week after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) saw his order to push an “Occupy” protest out of a public park at night rebuked by a local official, Tennessee’s governor is experiencing a similar problem.

Gov. Bill Haslam (R) has twice given the order to crackdown on protesters at “Occupy Nashville,” only to see it denied by judicial commissioner Tom Nelson. In Tennessee, a judicial commissioner has the authority to determine whether crimes have been committed.

Nationwide Occupy Movement crackdown continues with more police brutality ~ link As I covered on October 28th, the crackdown on Occupations across America have begun in full force. Some of these incidents, like the attack on protesters in Oakland, California, have been violent but some have thankfully been relatively peaceful.

It is worth noting that the crackdown in Oakland directly violates a 2004 agreement made by the Oakland Police Department to refrain from using the exact types of tactics they utilized which resulted in the hospitalization of Iraq veteran and former Marine Scott Olsen.

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Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
AVE MARIA by Katherine Jenkins - video ~ link 
AVE MARIA by Mirusia Louwerse - video ~ link
Orthodox Cherubim Hymn - video ~ link 

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The Syrian Imperative:  Military Intervention to Promote Israeli Interests ~ link ~ If there is a General Middle East War, which is very likely to become WWIII, and you see your children dying from biowar I am sure that it will be a great comfort to you and them knowing that they are dying so that Israel can get cheep water and dominate the Middle East...NOT.  Folks, pray for peace.  There are really terrible forces that desire a new global war.   Stirling      
The protest movements in Syria started in Daraa -- dubbed the epicenter of the anti-Assad protests.  Daraa, traditionally supportive of Syria's ruling Baath Party, suffered from reduced water supply triggering massive protests against the local administration and the regime for failing to deal with the acute water scarcity in the region.   Water.

Therein lies the crucial motivation behind the support, agitation, and arming of Syrians against their government by those who endorse ‘humanitarian wars’.   It would be na├»ve to believe that the ‘humanitarian’ interest in Syria comes on the heels of the uprisings in the region given that water has been and continues to be a critical determinant of state security and foreign policy between Israel and Syria (as well as Lebanon) dating back decades.     

It was the 1967 war which resulted in the exponential expansion of Israeli water sources including the  control of the Golan Heights (also referred to as the Syrian Golan).   For decades, Syrian Golan and the return of its control to Syria has posed a major obstacle to the Israeli-Syrian peace negotiations.   Israel’s water demands make it virtually impossible to accommodate this process.  In fact, even with full control of the Golan, Israel’s water crisis in 2000 were so acute that it prompted Israel to turn to Turkey for water purchase.   

Obama Administration Escalates Confrontation With Iran: WHY? ~ link ~ Because the true masters of America and the West, the globalists and Zionists, told Obama to.   Stirling    

Civil disobedience gathers steam in Athens ~ link ~
Working on the theory of strength in numbers, authorities in the sizeable Nea Ionia district of Athens are urging residents not to pay a hated new property tax which is charged through electricity bills. The local council has now posted instructions on its website on how to pay an electricity bill without handing over the levy.

Furious at a plan that, they say, turns them into back-up tax collectors, employees of the state power company have vowed to prevent people having their electricity cut off – and to reconnect vulnerable groups, such as the elderly or unemployed, if need be. Legal help could be on hand soon, too. The Athens Bar Association appealed to the Council of State last week to have the law repealed.

Building a Pretext to Wage War on Syria: Hidden Agenda Behind UN Security Council Resolution ~ link ~ The war whores will not stop until most of us are dead.   Stirling    

St. Paul's Dean resigns over Occupy London Stock Exchange protests ~ linkThe dean of St Paul's Cathedral in London has resigned, saying his position had become untenable. The Very Rev Graeme Knowles said the past fortnight had been a testing time.

It follows weeks of protests outside the cathedral by anti-capitalist protesters, which led to the building being closed for several days. The news comes as the City of London authorities ordered protesters outside St Paul's to remove their tents and equipment within 48 hours.

Bishop of London backs legal action to remove Occupy Movement protesters ~ link ~ Shameful!  No wonder his senior priests are resigning.  Stirling     

Legal action which could lead to Occupy London protesters being kicked out of their camp at St Paul’s has been backed by the Bishop of London.

St Paul’s and the City of London Corporation announced on Friday that they would try to gain separate High Court injunctions in order to evict members of the 200-tent Occupy London camp. 

Clerics Suppress Report on Bankers Greed to Save Church of England Embarrassment ~ linkA highly critical report into the moral standards of bankers has been suppressed by St Paul’s Cathedral amid fears that it would inflame tensions over the Occupy London tent protest.The report, based on a survey of 500 City workers who were asked whether they thought they were worth their lucrative salaries and bonuses, was due to be published last Thursday, the day that the Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s, Giles Fraser, resigned in protest at the church’s tough stance. 

The Independent on Sunday understands that the decision has upset a number of clergy, who hoped that the report would prove that the church was not detached from a financial crisis that had its heart yards from the cathedral itself. The decision will fuel the impression that the wider established church is attempting to stifle debate about the tent protest, as leading members of the Church of England, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, have failed to comment publicly about Occupy London.

Church leaders seek to avert St. Paul's "PR Disaster" ~ link ~ Too late!  Several senior clergy have taken the side of the global banksters against the people and God Himself.  This is totally shameful and it will not 'go away' with the right PR "spin".   Stirling   

Those who know the Rt Rev Richard Chartres say that he is so enmeshed in the world of 'the great and the good' that he still does not seem to understand the true scale of the PR disaster the Church faces, or how deeply patronising his response has been so far.

The Occupy protest camp, part of a global movement currently encamped in over 2,100 cities across the world, stresses that it is as a peaceful, non-hierarchical forum where everyone's voice is heard without regard to position or status. It has invited the bishop and his friends in the City of London to participate in debates on the steps of St Paul's in that spirit.
The City of London Corporation, Prime Minister David Cameron, London Mayor Boris Johnson, former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey and a majority of the chapter at St Paul's wish to see the tent protest removed from the precincts of the Cathedral.

St Paul's and the Corporation of London - an unelected body which runs the City - will seek separate High Court injunctions in a bid to clear the more than 200 tents which have been outside the Cathedral for almost two weeks. But former Canon Chancellor Giles Fraser, the Bishop of Buckingham and many other public figures strongly disagree with a forcible eviction.

Egyptians March In Support Of Occupy Oakland ~ link ~ American politicians and media pundits have scoffed at the notion that there’s any connection to be made between the Occupy Wall Street protests and the “Arab Spring” uprisings of the past year. At least some Egyptians would beg to disagree. Photos from journalist Mohammed Maree, via Boing Boing:

Occupy Baltimore Wins Support of Police and Fire Fighter Unions - video ~ link ~ The police and firemen realize that they are part of the 99% and are being screwed by the global banksters also.  Stirling  

Washington's Black Ops Against Iran ~ linkAll for a tiny racist nation about the size of Rhode Island and for the corrupt global banksters that are destroying America and the entire World.   Stirling    

The Tears of Sauriku: The Death Toll for the Great East Japan Earthquake Nuclear Disaster ~ link ~ The killing from the nuclear material will go on for many years.  Stirling       

Argentina: Depression, Revolt and Recovery - Why President Fernandez Wins and Obama Loses ~ link
On October 23rd of this year, President Cristina Fernandez won re-election receiving 54% of the vote, 37 percentage points higher than her nearest opponent. The President’s coalition also swept the Congressional, Senatorial, Gubernatorial elections as well as 135 of the 136 municipal councils of Greater Buenos Aires. In sharp contrast President Obama, according to recent polls is trailing leading Republican Presidential candidates and is likely to lose control of both houses of Congress in the upcoming 2012 election. What accounts for the monumental difference in voter preferences of incumbent presidents? A comparative historical discussion of socio-economic and foreign policies as well as responses to profound economic crises is at the center of any explanation of the divergent results.

In comparing the performance of Fernandez and Obama it is necessary to locate them in an historical context. More specifically, both presidents and their immediate predecessors, George Bush in the US and Nestor Kirchner (deceased husband of Fernandez) in Argentina confronted major economic and social crises. What is telling, however, are the diametrically opposing responses to the crises and the divergent results. On the one hand sustained growth with equity in Argentina and deepening crises and failed policies in the US . 

Forks Over Knives - video ~ link