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Obama announces US deficit deal ~ link ~ Oh wonderful, now we can continue to borrow more money to "solve" the crisis caused by borrowing too much money.   Stirling     

Oslo attack: Car bomb was at door of Prime Minister's office  ~ link ~ This was a Mossad warning to the leaders of the world's government!  Stirling   

Media twist over killings in Norway to detract attention from Mossad ~ link ~ Yep!  The mainstream news media has now completely 'forgotten' that multiple survivors reported clearly hearing shots from two sides of the island at the same time.  Stirling        

The latest twist over the killings in Norway, from the media propaganda spin
machine is as follows:  Breivik is a white supremacist, gun lover, and Christian
fanatic, who hates multiculturalism and MUSLIMS.  That gives him a motive.   So
what did he do about his "extremist" views?  Did he commit mass murder against
Muslims?  No.   He went to a summer youth camp used by the  Norwegian elite, and
filled with young white Norwegian children.   He then massacred more than ninety
white Christian children.   Is there something wrong with this picture?  

 Could this monstrous act have something to do with the FACT that the
Norwegian government has repeatedly called for the prosecution of key Israeli
political leaders for war crimes and crimes against humanity?   Could this
monstrous act have something to do with the FACT that Norway has strongly
endorsed Palestinian statehood?  Could this monstrous act have something to do
with the FACT that the day before the attack the Norwegian children at the camp
held a BOYCOTT ISRAEL rally?    Add to that the FACTS that Norway has pulled out
of the Libyan invasion farce, and the Norwegian Pension Funds have dumped their
investments in Israeli firms.  
Is there any reason to believe that this attack is anything more than what
it clearly appears to be?  An attack on the nation of Norway for daring to
assert itself in international politics---for daring to speak out against murder
and genocide?   Is this what Mr. Stoltenberg, the Norwegian Prime Minister, was
referring to when he said: "No One will bomb us into silence.  No One will ever
shoot us into silence. No one will ever scare us away from being Norwegians."
Will the plucky Norwegians take the murder of their children  lying down?   I
don't think so.

Iran military head: 'Zionists' are behind Norway terror attack ~ link The head of the Iranian military on Saturday accused "the Zionists" of being behind the terrorist attacks in Norway, the Iranian state-owned English-language broadcaster Press TV reported on Saturday. 

Zionist Terror in Norway - video ~ link  

Just 47% of Working Age Americans have full time jobs ~ link ~ This is what the Global Banking Cartel and their bought-and-paid-for political whores have done to the most powerful nation on Earth.  Stirling     

New Corporate Tax Haven - video ~ link  

Rothschild/Rockefeller Debt Crisis and the Popular Mandate ~ link ~  Take the time to read this if you can.  Stirling     
The Psychopaths know one thing for certain. we outnumber them 100:1. To keep us in line they use forced choices and the popular mandate. A popular mandate is a very powerful tool. It means we beg them to implement one of their solutions instead of implementing one of our own.

In order to arrive at a Popular Mandate they use opinion polls, media shills and fear mongering. The current debt crisis is a case in point. Now they have presented us with two manufactured solutions that are equally evil.

Greek debt crisis and power plant explosion leave Cyprus on  'verge of economic collapse' ~ link ~
Europe's debt drama has rippled across the Mediterranean to Cyprus. The country's beleaguered leader was scrambling today to form a government amid speculation that the island's ailing economy may soon need to be rescued by the EU.

Barely a week after EU leaders attempted to contain the crisis by agreeing to a new aid package for Greece, Cyprus has begun to show all the signs of fiscal contagion, with rising borrowing costs and an economy that has seen its credit rating downgraded.

Floods threaten thousands in northern Japan ~ link ~ The World is seeing its second year of abnormal climate conditions due to the BP Oil Disaster caused death of the Loop Current and this effect on the Thermohaline Circulation System and the Jet Stream.   Stirling       

UK Phone Hacking Scandal: MPs ready to recall James Murdoch ~ linkA key question that the mainstream news media will NOT ask is: Why is it that the globalists forces, that Murdoch has served so well for so very many years, have suddenly turned against him and removed its protection from him and his organization???  Stirling     

Beware of the "Smart Grid" ~ link ~  The high tech power of the New World Order begins to show itself.   Stirling      

Questions Surrond Official Titanic Story ~ link 

Max Keiser: 'America will lose its sovereignty' - video ~ link  

Horrors of US/NATO butchery of Libya revealed ~ link 

Pakistan-India talks: A Way Forward? ~ link ~ The globalists intend that there will be a Pakistan - China vs Indian War Theater to the coming WWIII.   Stirling        

Chinese rush to purchase American land ~ link ~ Oh goodie, now we can sell them everything that their cheap labor based imports have not destroyed.   Stirling      

51 Facts that dispute Obama's Identity and Eligibility to be President ~ link  ~ Check it out!  Stirling      

Top anti-birther is ex-Fannie Mae chief ~ link ~ A top Democrat, apparently operating with the full approval and cooperation of the president, has been directing a team of up to 100 who are paid to publish disinformation on a wide variety of websites to discredit "birthers," according to anti-Obama researchers. The radical supporters of the president, known as Obama robots, or "OBOTs" for short, have confirmed their White House-appointed ring leader is Democratic Party operative James A. Johnson

Mr. Apocalypse and his Walking Stick ~ link