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Greek MPs vote through cuts laws ~ link ~Greece is an example of what is happening throughout the developed world, total corruption of the political classes by the unlimited money of the Global Banking Cartel.  80% of the Greek people are opposed to the laws passed by Parliament, but the MPs are listening to the Cartel NOT the people.  This growing destruction of democracy is something that is happening throughout the World and is accelerating.  There does not appear to be a solution within normal political means for many nations.  Stirling

Greece has staved off bankruptcy for now by voting through laws to enact an austerity package of tax rises, pay cuts and 150,000 public sector redundancies. The move angered demonstrators, who continued street battles with police and signalled long-term protests against the imposition of financial strictures they say are unfair and do not address the root cause of the country's deep economic crisis.

The vote by MPs in Athens, following Wednesday's narrow approval of more austerity designed to raise £25 billion by 2015 to offset the Greek deficit, secures another slice of EU bailout money to pay off immediate Greek debts of 4 billion euro (£3.6 billion) by a deadline of July 15. But the vote on law changes to enact the new austerity package does not mean the medicine will work: the scale of the public backlash so far has raised fears of widespread public defiance which could yet scupper Greek government hopes of pulling itself out of a growing economic crisis.

United Kingdom: 'Hundreds of Thousands' of public sector workers strike ~ link ~ This is another example of the hurt that the Global Banking Cartel is doing to the World.  The UK government has made massive austerity cuts while spending hundreds of millions of pounds on the Libyan War, which is widely opposed by the British public.  The main reason for the war is that Goldman Sachs looted well over a billion dollars from Libya angering Gaddafi, who then begin to push the Gold Dinar and a Pan-Arab currency and a Muslin Oil Burse; none of which the Cartel would tolerate.   Stirling   

Syrian tank assault kills 11 near Turkey ~ link ~  What really is happening is that the western powers and Israel are sending mercenaries and commandos into Syria through Turkey.  The Syrian forces are attacking them in close quarters combat.  Syrian will not give in to the made up "Arab Spring" nonsense and will do whatever it takes to preserve their nation.  This will not stop the globalists and Zionist forces, who are likely to continue their demands for sanctions and military action against Assad.  I expect to see some type of False Flag event on the Turkish border and they will say that the NATO treaty has been called into force as Turkey is a member of NATO and hence NATO "has to" attack Syria.  Stirling      

Egypt and Tunisia:  Plutocracy Won ~ link ~ It is no longer necessary to hypothesize about the purpose of the “velvet revolutions” in North Africa and adjacent states: they are already following the same path as those manufactured in the former Soviet bloc. Senators John McCain, Joe Lieberman, and John Kerry recently went to Tunisia and Egypt with a group of businessmen to discuss the direction of those states.

Members of the delegation included General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt, and officials from Boeing, Coca-Cola, Bechtel, ExxonMobil, Marriot, and Dow. Kerry, McCain, and Lieberman have sponsored a Bill to create “economic assistance funds” for Egypt and Tunisia. “In proposing the bill, the elected officials urged the United States to back the revolutionary movements across the region known as the ‘Arab Spring.”‘[1] Now that the “Arab Spring” has been largely successful, the Senators can be open in support for what the US really instigated from the start at a time when media and political pundits and Administration spokesmen put on a show on the world stage of being “taken by surprise.”[2]

A press release from Senator McCain’s office states that, “the delegation met with government, business, and civil society leaders and discussed how greater democratic and economic reform can lead to greater foreign investment.”[3] What McCain’s office is stating is that the US senior policy-makers, along with a gaggle of business executives, have not wasted much time in going to the two states in which the “Arab Spring” originated. They have sought to lay down the direction of the two states in regard to political and economic processes, to enable Tunisia and Egypt to enter as fully paid up (literally) members of the “new world order.” McCain is quoted as stating:

Israel lobby prepares America for war with Pakistan - with videos ~ link ~  The globalists, the NeoCons, and the extremist Israeli government will blow up the World soon.  No doubt about it!  Stirling      

No doubt taking their cue from Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who has said that Pakistan poses the biggest strategic threat to Israel, three of the Israel lobby’s loudest mouthpieces used a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing — convened to advance Senate approval of President Barack Obama’s decision to promote Vice Adm. William McRaven to become commander of the U.S. Special Forces Command — to mentally prepare Americans for what will most likely be dubbed another “war of Muslim liberation.” 

Winners and Losers ~ link ~ John Bolton, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, is again calling on the United States to attack Iran even though he acknowledged that doing so would likely ignite a much larger regional war. But, characteristically, he dismissed the costs as worth it, a phrase reminiscent of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s defense of the killing of half a million Iraqi children through sanctions. Bolton claimed, based on evidence that he did not reveal, that Iran could have enough enriched uranium to create a nuclear weapon in six weeks. He made his comments last Thursday before the House Foreign Affairs committee, which is chaired by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who shook his hand afterward and said “I really love John Bolton.”

Bolton, a leading neoconservative, has been calling for attacking Iran for a number of years. As part of his argument, he always maintains that Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear weapon is imminent. He never explains why it hasn’t happened yet, making one suspect that his warnings are baseless and politically motivated. Even the United States intelligence community, in its recently concluded review of the National Intelligence Estimate of 2007, has stated its belief that there is no evidence that Iran has restarted the nuclear weapons program that it abandoned in 2003.

So what does Bolton base his claim on? Intelligence from the Israelis no doubt. Bolton has had a long relationship with the Israeli government and it is presumed also with its intelligence service Mossad. Ironically, the recently retired head of Mossad Meir Dagan, who presumably has seen all of the information that Bolton has access to, has publicly declared that to attack Iran is “irresponsible and reckless.” Bolton clearly believes that his personal access to the representations made by Israeli opinion shapers like Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu represent something like the truth regarding what is taking place in the Middle East. On the contrary, Netanyahu presents a point of view that he would like people to believe, as was clearly evident when he addressed the US Congress on May 24. Netanyahu spoke for more than 40 minutes and lied repeatedly to support a narrative that he would like the American audience to embrace.

Security researchers discover 'indestructible botnet' ~ link ~ The botnet, known as TDL, targets Windows PCs and is difficult to detect and shut down.

Code that hijacks a PC hides in places security software rarely looks and the botnet is controlled using custom-made encryption.

Russia decries French arms drop to Libyan rebels ~ link ~ I believe that future historians will see the opening of hostilities of the Third World War as being the beginning of the current Libyan War.  Stirling

Russia has strongly criticised France for dropping weapons to Libyan rebels and demanded an explanation from Paris. "If this is confirmed, it is a very crude violation of UN Security Council resolution 1970," Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

The African Union has also criticised the move, saying it risks causing a "Somalia-sation" of Libya.

Canada welcomes William and Kate ~ link ~ I believe that William and Kate should serve tours as Governor-General of all three of the main Commonwealth nations that still have the Queen as their Sovereign, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Additionally, other members of the Royal Family should likewise serve tours with these nations and with many of the other nations having Elizabeth II as their Queen.  Stirling     

Canada has welcomed its future King and Queen as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge began their tour of the Commonwealth country.

William and Kate stepped on to Canadian soil for a nine-day visit that marks an important milestone in their lives as members of the monarchy.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive in Canada - with video ~ link ~ The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have landed in Canada on their first official overseas tour.

Prince William and his wife Kate left London's Heathrow Airport on Thursday morning on a Canadian Air Force jet bound for Ottawa, and touched down 1400 local time (1900 BST).

Israel passes draft law requiring Palestinians to pay for their own home demolitions ~ link ~ That is beyond shameful!  Stirling      

Pakistan has told US to leave Shamsi Drone Base ~ linkPakistan’s Defense Minister Chaudhry Mukhtar has confirmed today that the Pakistani government has ordered the United States to leave the Shamsi Air Base, an air base in Balochistan from which the US had been launching drone strikes.

The move comes as repeated Pakistani demands for the US to stop launching unilateral drone attacks have fallen on deaf ears, and in the wake of repeated escalations of the strikes. The Shamsi Air Base has been under the operational control of the United Arab Emirates since the 1990s.

Attack on Heterosexuality is Satanism ~ link ~ I agree.  Stirling     

The essence of  satanism is to substitute the perverted mindset of the Luciferian central bankers for God-given reality. 

This means that all that is natural and healthy must be deemed sick; all that is true is false; and all that is good is evil.

This applies to the promotion of homosexuality and the disparagement of heterosexuality.

The Electric Comet: The Elephant in NASA's Living Room ~ linkFor thousands of years, the appearance of a comet in the terrestrial skies has provoked deep anxiety and even collective hysteria in humans the world over. The reasons for this response are not entirely clear. Working with historical testimony, David Talbott and his colleagues have concluded that comet fears originated in a global experience of catastrophe and terror. Behind all of the regional traditions and stories is the memory of the "Great Comet," the mother of all comets. The memory traces to the origins of world mythology, according to Talbott, and is particularly vivid in the story of a cosmic serpent or dragon threatening to destroy the world. The most common ancient ideas attached to a comet were the death of kings, the fall of kingdoms, cosmic upheaval, and the end of the world.
It is well worth asking why this collective anxiety can be provoked with the first appearance of a mere wisp of gas in the heavens. The question is especially appropriate today because of the approach of the Comet Elenin, which is predicted to pass within about 0.233 AU of the Earth in October of this year. Speculations about Elenin range from a theoretical NASA coverup of an "extinction level event," to theories that the comet is actually the ever-elusive planet "Nibiru" of author Zecharia Sitchin's lore. (For a thoughtful meditation on the credibility of some of these theories, see the piece, "Is Google Censoring Nibiru?"). It should be noted here that the leading proponent of the electric universe, Wal Thornhill, has refrained from predicting specific behaviors of Elenin due to the number of unknowns. These unknowns (discussed below) include the Sun's activity, and the constituent material of the comet itself.