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Japan: Victim of Scalar Warfare Attack by Lord Stirling ~ link  

Latest Satellite Surface Current Forecast for North Atlantic - Loop Current - Gulf Stream ~ link

Latest Satellite Sea Surface Temperature for North Atlantic - Loop Current - Gulf Stream ~ link  

Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

General Middle East War Nears - Syrian events more dangerous than even nuclear nightmare in Japan ~ link

Revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East - Who Really Benefits?  
Will they continue to spread throughout the world in the wake of global food shortages, global depression, and Austerity Fascism?  by Lord Stirling ~ link 

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Royal Burgh of Stirling Pipe Band at Stirling Castle~link   ~ Official site ~ link

Fukushima - Nuclear Titanic?  Seawater radiation hits new high in Japan - video ~ link

Japanese government may spray resin on nuclear plant to keep down radiation ~ link ~ Great idea, however, when the melted hot radioactive material hits the water table below the plant, it will explode and release a massive amount of radiation.  Stirling   

Scientists Warn Japan Nuclear Radioactive Fallout Now At Chernobyl Levels ~ link ~ Actually, it is highly likely to go MUCH HIGHER.  Remember that up to one million people died from the Chernobyl radiation, often years later from various cancers.  Stirling     

Iran sends 50,000 potassium iodide pills to Japan ~ link ~ “Currently, the IRCS's medical equipment department is working on obtaining 50,000 KI pills 130 milligrams in weight,” Balouchi said.

Iran's first shipment of humanitarian aid for Japan, including 50,000 canned fish and beans, arrived at Narita international airport in Tokyo on March 24, making Iran the first Middle Eastern nation to dispatch relief aid to the quake-stricken country. 

Japan nuclear fallout radiation in US Rainwater now Several Thousands Times Above Drinking Water Limits ~ link ~ Oh Crap! 

I previously wrote about how the Federal Government decided to wait almost 2 weeks to inform the public that rainwater across the entire US is contaminated with radiation from Japan’s nuclear fallout.

There is now news that  what was originally reported as only tiny, harmless, minuscule amounts is now being detected at levels thousands of times greater than what is allowed drinking water.

Fukushima Fallout Hits the USA ~ link 

Syria committee 'to study' lifting emergency laws ~ link ~ Assad is going to play 'hardball'.  He knows damn good and well that the whole 'Domino Revolutions' is a well laid out strategy to defeat any Middle East opponent of Greater Israel.  He will not go and if anyone from the outside tries a "No-Fly Zone" on Syria he will launch a war with WMD against Israel.  Stirling   

Syria's Assad takes steps towards reforms ~ link ~ Many of the on-line activists are Mossad and CIA operatives posing as Syrians.  This is how the scam works.  Stirling     
 It was doubtful that Assad's gestures would soon defuse the unprecedented outbreak of public discontent in one of the Middle East's most tightly controlled countries.

Online activists have called on protesters to demonstrate across the country on what they have dubbed the "Friday of Martyrs" until their demands for democratisation are met.

Syria's Assad under pressure as new protests called ~ link ~ This 'group' has about as much credibility as some of the jerks from Africa that email me saying that I have been left a fortune by someone named Stirling or whatever.  Only in this case these are Mossad/CIA operatives speaking Arabic and using slang and terms used in Syria.  Stirling    

Our date is Friday, from all houses, all places of worship, every citizen and every free man, to all squares, for a free Syria," said a statement posted Thursday on Facebook group The Syria Revolution 2011.

The group, which remains anonymous, has been a driving force behind protests which erupted on March 15, focused mainly in Daraa, south of the capital, and in the confessionally divided coastal city of Latakia.

Facebook removes call for Palestinian revolution - Intifada ~ link ~ Israel often has the evil that it creates thrown back in it own face.  This is a classic example.  Stirling   
The organizers of the third Palestinian intifada page on Facebook have gained over 27,000 fans in one day after the Facebook administration removed the page in response to official calls in Israel.

The page now includes opening statements condemning the Facebook administration and founder Mark Zuckerberg after they responded to pressure from Israel to close the page calling the Palestinians to take to the streets for a third intifada against Israel on May 15, which marks the anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba.

Facebook said it removed the page, which picked up a fan base of 350,000 in less than a month, claiming that it ”incites and contains calls for the use of violence against Jews.”

Israeli minister Yuli Eidelstein wrote the site’s founder Mark Zuckerberg calling for the page’s removal.

According to the Israeli daily Yediot Ahranot, the fear of a popular Palestinian revolution similar to what happened in the past, as popular uprisings continue in several Arab countries, has increased after the emergence of the page.

Is Facebook's Mark Zucherberg Mossad? (Part II) ~ link ~ If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck....

Why is Facebook so important to Mossad? Because it makes life easier for them; Facebook is the accountant in the metaphor given at the beginning of this article. Facebook collects data from all its customers email accounts (the lawyers in the same metaphor). It shows many of the personal links (“ksharim”) of its members and can make intelligent guesses on possible off-line links. This last characteristic is important because often we contact our most significant relations exclusively off-line. Thus, Facebook is an invaluable tool for an intelligence-terror organization.

Syria moves to scrap emergency laws ~ link ~ During his speech, which lasted almost one hour, Assad hit out at social networking websites and pan-Arabic satellite television news channels for stoking and reporting the protests. Also see:
Revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East - Who Really Benefits?
by Lord Stirling ~ link 

China urges political solutions in Libya ~ link ~ China and Russia are complaining now, but they had a chance in the UN Security Council to veto the No-Fly Zone.  They are not stupid; they knew that the "west" (read global banking and Zionist controlled nations) would greatly expand any powers given them into a full war.  Shame on both China and Russia.  Their 'crocodile tears' now mean nothing.  Stirling     


Irish banks need extra 24 billion Euros to survive ~ link ~ Let them die, and then hang the banksters and the corrupt politicians who facilitated them in their rip-off scams.  Stirling     

Ken Clarke privatizes Birmingham Prison amid union fury ~ link ~ The Tories and their partners the Lib-Dems have managed to mix both Austerity Fascism and good old corporate fascism here.  The Lib-Dems, long out of power, have sold their souls for a run as junior coalition partners, supporting massive cuts to vital services (Austerity Fascism) while giving the Rothschild banks whatever they want, and also going so far as to support yet another war in the Middle East (Libyan War).  This is apt to be the death knoll of the Liberal Party.  They 'had' a reputation as being anti-war and the one major party that actually stood for something, no more!  Stirling    

Greek protesters clash with police ~ link ~ Ever wonder why, Greece has not yet erupted into full revolution?  They are not being targeted by the Mossad/CIA social networking scam that coordinates and sets up revolutions.  It is all about targeting the enemies and targets of Israel.  It may be that Greece will enter a revolution someday, but real revolutions take time to develop, unlike the psych-ops 'Domino Revolutions'.  Stirling     

Doctors were accompanied by university professors, teachers, students and other people in the mass demonstration in an effort to voice discontent with the government's plan to cut spending for education and health care, IRNA reported on Thursday.

The national union of doctors in Greece declared in a statement that Wednesday protests will continue unless the government -- dominated by The Panhellenic Socialist Movement party, better known as PASOK -- reconsiders its policies.  The union also complained that the government intends to merge or reduce the number of some hospitals instead of offering support to doctors that provide minimum-cost medical service for patients.

G20 Considers Global Currency ~ link What a total shocker ...NOT!  This is the money of the global banking families talking through the mouths of their bought-and-paid-for political whores.  They intend to create their global high-tech police state, their long sought New World Order, on the back of a new global currency.  This is classic Hegelican Dialetic at work.  First they create massive rip-offs with follow-on massive government bailouts (the Problem or Thesis part); followed by the Global Depression and dollar/euro crisis (the Reaction or Antithesis part); ending up with the new global currency (the Solution or Synthesis part), which was always the goal anyway.  This scam only works if the masses of people stay stupid and uninformed, a key reason why the global banksters control 90%+ of the mainstream news media, and are getting so desperate to shut down the alternative Internet based news media.  This is a great article, take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling     

The outlines of the drive toward a global currency are becoming clearer in our view. We're continually surprised by how fast events are moving and how orchestrated they seem if you follow them closely. We've already reported on the International Monetary Funds' efforts at placing SDRs front-and-center as a workable global currency. Then recently we covered George Soros' drive to set up a new Bretton Woods-style international conference to agitate for one-world money. And now the G20 is making positive noises, as we can see from this article excerpted above. You can see two previous articles on this topic here:,,,

This puts us in mind mostly of Bill Clinton who, when his sex scandal with Monika Lewinsky was at its height, kept holding news conferences in which he or his allies would suggest that the scandal was old news and that it was time "to move on." (No, it wasn't.) Political events mesh with economic ones. Now we can see. As we have suggested with such deliberate elite promotions, one merely needs to wait and eventually the pieces fall into place. Between the wars in the Middle East, the European chaos and the Japanese earthquake and ongoing European crises, there is simply no more time or appetite for confrontation – or so we now learn.

Of course it's not exactly clear how a world currency would have alleviated an earthquake, but that's not really the point. Urgency is in the air. And out of such an urgent, chaotic environment one can expect the G20 to make progress in creating a "new order." Questions could be asked, but there is no one, really, to ask. News is communicated via communiques. Thus we learn that this one-day seminar will focus in part on forward-looking monetary issues. Officials such as French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde will discuss, "shortcomings in the international monetary system and volatile capital flows."

Is Soros's One World Currency a Leftist Plot? ~ link ~ Take the time to read this excellent article in whole at the link.  Stirling  

Sure Soros has a role to play in this monetary drama. But the Anglo-American elite operating mostly out of the one-square-mile City of London is evidently and obviously behind this currency evolution. The IMF, Soros, Geithner – even nation-states like China – are instrumentalities not initiators.

The Hegelian Dialectic so beloved of the elite is getting a full workout. Soros is the designated leftist; Murdoch's media group will provide the "right wing" objections. The Gainor article itself, ironically, is part of the process of dialectical polarization. When the public is sufficiently convinced that there is a large controversy going on between various elite visionaries, there will be a sudden rapprochement – perhaps at Soros's new Bretton Woods conference.

At some point the two sides will likely enter into a "compromise." The compromise will not be anything large, but it will be a true "first step." Soros will pronounce himself satisfied that SDRs are on their way to becoming a real global currency. Those on the other side, perhaps standing with Murdoch, will announce that they too are satisfied. While the rudiments of a world currency have truly been laid, they will point out if they hadn't fought against Soros' plans that the damage could have been much worse.

A true world currency could have commenced, they will point out. We managed to stop it and preserve the God-given freedoms of the United States to produce its own currency regardless of international meddlers. But they will neglect to explain that their participation in the process has actually granted the process the legitimacy it needs. This is how the dialectic works. Those on both sides are constantly dissatisfied and even angry. Yet the process is intended to grind on nonetheless until it reaches the goal that the elites have designated.

State of Ohio passes anti-union bill ~ link ~ Why, will because unions let the "little people" organize themselves to stand up to the elite who control/own everything.  Stirling      

Michigan GOP looking to revoke all teachers licenses if they strike ~ link ~ Excuse me, just where does the US Constitution say that becoming a public employee means you are a slave???  Stirling   
The Congress is Obsolete under the New World Order System ~ link ~ So are most of us 'unnecessary eaters', that is why a Third World War is planned for the near future, to eliminate most of us.   Stirling     

There are probably many reasons why President Barack Obama didn't bother to seek the approval of Congress before committing the U.S. military to an undefined mission in Libya, some of them may even be legitimate and reasonable, but none are more important and more alarming than the fact that the Congress is obsolete under the new world order system.

Ten years ago it was easy for someone to deny that such a system was being put into place in America and other Western nations by stealth and without debate, but not anymore. Unless you want to purposely appear foolish and ignorant you can not deny that there is a scripted plan for a dictatorial world government. Even CNN is using the term "new world order" in its coverage of the Libyan war. It doesn't make sense to say that the new world order is emerging anymore, because it is already here.

FOX News has lost 21% of its audience this year ~ link ~ Calling what FOX does "News" is a joke.  These jerks are total propaganda mouthpieces with only a couple of exceptions.   Stirling