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Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
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Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE
Slouching Towards Disaster: America's Covert War Against Iran ~ link Legendary investigative journalist I.F. Stone famously observed: "All governments lie, but disaster lies in wait for countries whose officials smoke the same hashish they give out."

Amongst Washington elites and the courtier press, it appears that more than a pipe or two has been passed around of late as the political and psychological ground is prepared for a military attack on Iran.
US Covert Ops may be first phase of War on Iran - with video ~ link ~ The director of the Centre for Research on Globalization says ‏the loss to Iran of the CIA's surveillance drone reveals the United States and Israel's broader “military agenda directed against Iran.”

“This [spy drone operation] is a centralized operation out of strategic command headquarters in Nebraska,” Michel Chossudovsky said in an interview with Press TV's U.S. Desk on Saturday.
Latvia's largest bank fights off depositor run after rumors of imminent collapse ~ link ~ Weekend rumours that Swedbank was facing legal and liquidity problems in Estonia and Sweden sent thousands of Latvians to bank machines on Sunday, with some lines reaching as many as 50 people.

Latvians are particularly sensitive to speculation about banks’ health. Latvijas Krajbanka, the country’s 10th largest bank, was nationalized last month after regulators discovered evidence of massive fraud allegedly carried out by the bank’s former owner, Russian businessman Vladimir Antonov. Depositors were deprived of access to their funds for days.

Doomed to Fail: Wrecking Europe's Monetary System to Fix It ~ link ~ It is all about the Rothschilds and those of that Ilk.   End of story!!!   Stirling    

From its inception, the Eurozone monetary union was an idea doomed to fail. Nonetheless, it was engineered fraudulently to look workable.  

7 Bizarre Trends that predict a Economic Collapse ~ link ~ Very interesting!   Stirling       

Satellite photos of the empty new Chinese cities where home prices are crashing ~ link ~ Bad sign, really bad sign!   Stirling     

US-Pakistan: US ousted, and for from drawn down ~ link ~ The United States-Pakistan relationship has reached a turning point reminiscent of the run-up to October 1958, when Washington encouraged General Ayub Khan's coup, apprehending the coming into power of an elected government in Pakistan that might have refused to collaborate as the US's Cold War ally against the Soviet Union.

An innocuous-looking thing happened on Sunday - Pakistan regained possession of the Shamsi air base in Balochistan near the border with Iran after evicting the US military presence
from there. The base itself had been leased to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) since 1992.

Pakistan's Decision to Shoot Down US Drones: Prelude to an All-Out US-Pak War?  ~ link ~ Never forget, China is Pakistan's main supporter.  China will not allow the globalist forces to destroy Pakistan without going to war itself.  What we are really talking about here is a Pakistan-Afghanistan-China-India War Theater to World War III.  Stirling   

Remember Pearl Harbor, remember the Gulf of Tonkin... Throughout history, America has sought to provoke its enemies into 'initiating a war", with a view to justifying the launching of an all out out war using the pretext of "self defense".
America's war on Pakistan is already de facto. It is a war of stealth. The "war on terrorism" allegedly directed against Al Qaeda, the illusive "outside enemy" (created by the CIA) is is an obvious smokescreen.  What is required is to portray Pakistan as "the aggressor" rather than the victim of US military aggression.  US military planners have examined all possible scenarios. Military escalation is on the drawing board of the Pentagon.  US "counter-terrorism" operations are carried out with a view to inciting the enemy as well as triggering a process of military escalation.  

Media Lies: Syria's President Bashar Assad sets ABC Senior Propagandist Barbra Walters straight - with video ~ link Before watching this full 46 minute interview by ABC News with Syrian President Bashar Assad, and the disgraceful behavior of ABC's Barbra Walters it would useful to note several facts completely dispelling the false premises from which Walters is operating from.
With these facts in mind, viewers can fully appreciate the frothing duplicity, discourtesy, and intellectual depravity displayed by Barbra Walters who "saw pictures," read a fraudulent UN report written by authors with ties to US corporate-financier interests, and listened to an Obama speech and therefore is an expert on the premeditated, US-facilitated chaos sweeping across parts of Syria. And even as she sits in Syria's calm capital of Damascus, invited in by Assad who has been accused of barring foreign reporters (foreign journalist Dr. Webster Tarpley's interview while in Syria can be found here), she still insists the nation is in utter chaos, irrationally closing itself off from the world, and with a population completely turned against the Syrian government. 

The Derivative Debt Bubble: "Ghost Financial Assets" and the Widespread Discounting of Western Public Debt ~ link ~ As we come to the end of the second half of 2011, it is evident that 15,000 billion in ghost assets have gone up in smoke since last July, just as was anticipated by LEAP/E2020 (GEAB N°56 ). And, according to our team, this process figures to continue at the same rate throughout the year to come. Indeed we estimate that, with the introduction of a 50% discount on Greek government debt, the global systemic crisis has entered a new phase: that of the generalized discount on Western public debt and its corollary, the fragmentation of the global financial markets. Our team believes that 2012 will bring an average discount of 30% of total Western public debt (1), plus an equivalent amount in loss of assets from the balance sheets of worldwide financial institutions. Specifically, LEAP/E2020 anticipates the loss of 30,000 billion ghost assets by early 2013 (2), with an acceleration in 2012 of the partitioning process of the global financial market (3) into three increasingly disconnected currency areas: Dollar, Euro, and Yuan. These two phenomena feed into each other. They will also be the cause of a sharp decline of 30% on the part of US currency in 2012 (4), as we announced last April (GEAB N°54 ), which will occur amidst a sharp reduction in demand for the US dollar and the worsening of the US governmental debt crisis. The end of 2011 will therefore see, as anticipated, the trigger of the European debt crisis detonating a US bomb.
In this GEAB N°59 we will analyze in detail this new phase of the crisis as well as the deepening US debt crisis. Moreover, we will begin to present, as indicated in previous GEABs, our forecasts about the future of the United States between 2012 and 2016 (5) starting with a fundamental aspect of Euro-US relations (and more generally the global system that has been in place since 1945), namely the strategic and military relations between the US and Europe. We have estimated that by 2017 the last US soldier will have left European continental soil. Finally, LEAP/E2020 will present its recommendations, dealing this month with currency, gold, capital-based pensions, the financial sector, and commodities.

Signs of Disintegration ~ link "Disintegration.”  That’s the word both billionaire George Soros and French President Nicolas Sarkozy have recently used to describe what’s going on with the European economic crisis.

It is really a solvency crisis for the big banks there, and leaders are trying desperately to fix the problem.

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