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Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE
Swiss and Germans set to unleash capital controls as European companies prepare for Euro End ~ link ~ Even as Eurozone leaders attempted to instill some meager sense of accomplishment following the latest (but certainly not last) Euro summit culminating with yet another 7-page term sheet which achieved absolutely nothing, and in fact succeeded in alienating the UK even more, the real game continues behind the scenes. And it is a game which the euro looks set to lose. As Bloomberg reports, in the aftermath of the Telegraph's latest report confirming what has been said here all about the collateral crunch in Europe, Europe's CEO are now actively preparing for the worst case outcome: the end of the Euro (despite UBS' and other banks' repeated calls that such an event would result in an end of the world). To wit: "Grupo Gowex (GOW), a Spanish provider of Wi-Fi wireless services, is moving funds to Germany because it expects Spain to exit the euro. German machinery maker GEA Group AG is setting maximum amounts held at any one bank. “I don’t trust Spain will remain in the euro zone,” said Jenaro Garcia, founder and chief executive officer of Madrid- based Grupo Gowex, which provides Wi-Fi access in 15 countries. “We moved our cash and deposits to Germany because Spain will come back to the peseta"... Contingency planning for an unraveling of the currency involves cutting investment, moving money to Germany, transferring headquarters to northern Europe from southern, and even going out of business." And to all the chatterboxes on CNBC repeating ad inf that a Eurozone collapse would be "manageable" here is a person who actually knows what he is talking about: "“How do you control an explosion in a controlled way?” Fiat SpA (F) Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne told reporters in Brussels on Dec. 2. “That’s a contradiction in terms. This will be an implosion of some size with potentially disastrous consequences." He is right, and while the outcome is certain, it will not stop Europe's financial leader Germany from intervening in an attempt to prevent a surge in Deutsche Marks once the currency returns, and will likely set up capital control measures - that last bastion to every failing monetary system - to halt what is sure to be a record inflow of post-collapse DEM appreciating capital. 
The Financial Crisis Was Entirely Foreseeable ~ link ~  Take the time to see all of this short article at the link, it's a 'good one'.   Stirling     
I noted in April:
Whenever there is a disaster, those responsible claim it was “unforeseeable” so as to escape blame.
For example:
  • It happened with 9/11
The big boys gamble with our lives and our livelihoods, because they make a killing by taking huge risks and cutting costs. And when things inevitably go South, they aren’t held responsible (other than a slap on the wrist), and may even be bailed out by the government.
But surely the financial crisis was different. After all, Wall Street executives and politicians say that the financial crisis wasn’t foreseeable. And see this.
Actually, it might have been slightly foreseeable for a little while before the financial crisis.

We’ve Known for Thousands of Years


Report: Foreign troops begin to spread out on Jordanian side of Jordan-Syria border ~ link ~ Not a good sign, not at all!   Stirling    

According to first-hand accounts and reports provided to Boiling Frogs Post by several sources in Jordan, during the last few hours foreign military groups, estimated at hundreds of individuals, began to spread near the villages of the north-Jordan city of “Al-Mafraq”, which is adjacent to the Jordanian and Syrian border.

According to one Jordanian military officer who asked to remain anonymous, hundreds of soldiers who speak languages ​other than Arabic were seen during the past two days in those areas moving back and forth in military vehicles between the King Hussein Air Base of al-Mafraq (10 km from the Syrian border), and the vicinity of Jordanian villages adjacent to the Syrian border, such as village Albaej (5 km from the border), the area around the dam of Sarhan, the villages of Zubaydiah and al-Nahdah adjacent to the Syrian border.

Another report received from our source in Amman identified an additional US-NATO Command Center in “al-Houshah,’ a village near Mafraq.




Turkey warns Syria not to provoke regional crisis ~ link ~ This is the height of bullshit!  Unarmed "protesters" are not being killed in Syria...what is happening is that NATO/Israel/Turkey/Saudi Arabia have funded/staffed/created/organized/armed a military force that is infiltrating into a small area in Syria's border area with Turkey...these military forces are waging a war of aggression on Syria killing thousands.  It is Turkey and the globalists and Zionists who have created this mess and continue to expand it.   They are driving the entire World into a global war, World War III, and now seek to blame the victim!   Stirling       

Turkey warned Syria on Friday it would act to protect itself if a Syrian government crackdown on protesters threatened regional security and unleashed a tide of refugees on its borders. 


Video shows gangs shoot Syrian forces - with video ~ link ~ New footage has emerged showing armed members of gangs shooting at Syrian security forces, Press TV reports.
The footage also shows that the bodies of the Syrian forces killed in clashes are piled on top of each other and desecrated.

On Saturday, gunmen killed several Syrian forces in an attack in the western city of Homs.



Thierry in Syria - Russia Pours in Advanced Weapons - video ~ link ~ Another good interview by Morris.  Stirling      



Iran, Russia, China envoys discuss developments in Syria ~ link ~ The Iranian, Russian, and Chinese ambassadors to Lebanon have met to discuss regional issues, particularly the latest developments in Syria.  

Iranian Ambassador Ghazanfar Roknabadi said that the plans hatched by the United States and the Zionist regime to bring the Syrian government to its knees and compel the Syrian leadership to withdraw support for the resistance movement are close to complete failure.   

Chinese Ambassador Wu Zexian also disapproved of major powers’ plots against and foreign intervention in Syria under the pretext of defending democracy and human rights. 
Heading towards WWIII - This is the plan for the ruling elite - video ~ link 
S-300 Air Defense System: Iran's price for Russian and Chinese access to US stealth spy drone ~ link ~ debkafile's Moscow sources disclose that the price set by Revolutionary Guards commander Gen. Ali Jaafari includes advanced nuclear and missile technology, especially systems using solid fuel, the last word on centrifuges for enriching uranium and the S-300PMU-1 air defense system, which Moscow has consistently refused to sell Tehran.
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sent Russian-speaking Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to Moscow on Dec. 7 to try and dissuade Prime Minister Vladimir Putin from letting Iran have the S-300 batteries as payment for access to the captured US drone.  
Iran issues travel alert for citizens ~ link“A number of Iranian nationals have walked straight into the traps laid by Western intelligence and security organizations in recent years," Mehr News Agency cited a release issued on Sunday.

"Iran's Foreign Ministry therefore urges Iranians who intend to travel abroad to pay particular attention, and turn down financial, job, trade, residence, citizenship as well as other tempting offers from strangers.” 
Israel calls for 'paralyzing' sanctions against Iran ~ link ~ Such a thing would amount to an act of war.  Ask yourselves this, 'How would Israel react if such sanctions were imposed on it???'  They would go ape shit and fire nuclear missiles all over the place.   Stirling     

'Going Galt': Hedge broker shuts down firm with chilling letter about the market ~ link ~ This is one that you will want to read all of at the link.  Stirling   

Everything changed just a few short weeks ago. A firm, led by a crony of the Obama regime, stole all of the non-margined cash held by customers of his firm. Let’s not sugar-coat this or make this crime seem “complex” and “abstract” by drowning ourselves in six-dollar words and uber-technical jargon. Jon Corzine STOLE the customer cash at MF Global. Knowing Jon Corzine, and knowing the abject lawlessness and contempt for humanity of the Marxist Obama regime and its cronies, this is not really a surprise. What was a surprise was the reaction of the exchanges and regulators. Their reaction has been to take a bad situation and make it orders of magnitude worse. Specifically, they froze customers out of their accounts WHILE THE MARKETS CONTINUED TO TRADE, refusing to even allow them to liquidate. This is unfathomable. The risk exposure precedent that has been set is completely intolerable and has destroyed the entire industry paradigm. No informed person can continue to engage these markets, and no moral person can continue to broker or facilitate customer engagement in what is now a massive game of Russian Roulette.



Police evict Occupy Boston protesters - 47 arrested - with video ~ link ~ Forty-seven people have been arrested during a police clear-out of Boston’s Dewey Square Occupy camp. Public health and safety was cited as grounds for the eviction.

There have been numerous reports on Twitter that a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) was been brought to the scene in a police truck, but never used.


David Cameron got it right: Most UK voters agree with PM vetoing treaty changes - Half want to quit EU ~ link ~ The first poll conducted since the acrimonious Brussels summit shows that a total of  62 per cent of people agreed with the Prime Minister’s defiant stance, with just 19 per cent against. Furthermore, most people believe the euro is doomed to fail and almost half think the EU will break up. They also fear the summit has given too much power to Germany.

House of Mirrors Part IV - The Twilight Lords ~ link ~ Although still theoretically governed by rules, democratic laws and financial regulations, the real America of today has come to be controlled by the private and personal agendas of a handful of people and the vast majority of the American public disapproves of it. Over the years, organizations such as the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg group and the Club of Rome are known to have exerted a decisive role over government policies and mass media. We have been warned of the Rockefellers, Carnegies and Rothschilds and their desires for political control of the world through financial manipulation. Yet, despite their monopolistic and anti-democratic efforts their power and their money continue to fuel popular allure. We have written of secret intelligence organizations such as Le Cercle, the Safari Club and the 61 which at the behest of international business cartels both legal and illegal have secretly undermined democratic elections, overthrown governments and generally subverted the will of the people for the benefit of a chosen few.  

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Anonymous said...

i liked your comments about Israel going apeshit if they were gravely sanctioned on economical and trade related areas.

So what can you do if UN dont do it? Look up what goods and services with an israeli origin and make it known on a web page and then.. simply stop using or buying those goods and services.

Maybe it could be something big with the right supporters?

However i do not think Israel would send nukes willy nilly, there are more subtle ways of effecting change.