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Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE
US trajectory on Syria 'a self-generating path to war' - with video ~ linkWhat is really driving Washington’s insistence on regime change there, Rall explains, is the desire to please its regional ally. Human rights abuses serve here as a convenient excuse which is only addressed from one side – when it is convenient for the West.

“This is an opportunity for the United States to get rid of sort of a regional mini-power that they find irritating, and as a way to do a favor to its chief ally in the region – Israel,” he said. “Human rights is something that the United States only cites when it’s convenient for them. When their allies are guilty of human rights abuses in places like in Central Asia there’s a completely different narrative there, and you are just not looking at the same kind of sanctions and other activities.”

Similarly, the forthcoming mission of Arab League observers to Syria may later be used as a local reference in accusations and as a justification for military action.

Tories say they want to leave EU and prefer Boris to Cameron ~ link ~ Actually a growing large percentage of most Europeans want to leave the EU!  Stirling     

A majority of Conservative Party members want Britain to leave the European Union. A poll of 1,566 party members, carried out for The Independent by the ConservativeHome website, shows that David Cameron delighted the Tory grassroots by vetoing a new EU treaty at this month's summit in Brussels.

But the survey also suggests that he may have created hopes of forging a more detached relationship with the EU that he may find difficult to fulfil – and that he will come under pressure from his party to continue to prove his Eurosceptic credentials. If he does, he would risk fuelling tensions with the Liberal Democrats and his fellow EU leaders. If he does not, he would upset many of his party's activists.

The Duke of Edinburgh is discharged from hospital and heads straight for a shooting party - with video ~ link ~ The 90-year-old, recovering from heart surgery five days ago, defied his age and headed straight off for a shooting party at the Sandringham Estate, in Norfolk.

The Royal did not actually attempt to bag any pheasants himself but joined the group – which included a number of his family – for lunch. 

Australian military seeks UK soldiers facing redundancy ~ link
In Britain, thousands of defence jobs are being axed because of public spending cuts. In Australia, the armed forces are struggling to maintain staffing levels as they compete with the booming mining industry. Now British service personnel earmarked for redundancy are being targeted by Australian recruiters offering the sweetener of a fast-tracked path to citizenship.

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN), which is desperately short of engineers, is understood to be particularly keen to recruit from overseas. According to a report in The Australian yesterday, it sent a delegation to Britain recently to investigate the skills sets of the sailors and officers being laid off as part of the Government's plans to cut 17,000 Armed Forces jobs by 2015.

Argentine President Cristina Kirchner diagnosed with cancer ~ link ~ Mrs Kirchner, who recently began her second term after easily winning a landslide re-election in October, was found to have cancer "on the right lobe of the thyroid gland" during a routine medical examination on December 22, said spokesman Alfredo Scoccimarro.

Doctors confirmed that the cancer hadn't metastasised or affected her lymph nodes, Mr Scoccimarro said. "The illness has been contained," he added. 

You Won't Believe how corrupt, lazy, and stinking rich our Congress Critters have become ~ link ~ If our founding fathers could see the cesspool that the U.S. Congress has become today, they would roll over in their graves.  Most Americans don't realize this, but we already have a "part-time Congress".  Members of Congress only "work" a little over a third of the days on the calendar.  The rest of the time they have off.  It is no wonder why so many members of Congress are involved in so much corruption - they have so much free time on their hands that they are bound to get into trouble.  Many members of Congress also use their positions of power and the information they learn during the course of their duties to become fabulously wealthy.  At a time when incomes nationally are actually declining, our Congress critters are becoming stinking rich at a staggering pace.  Yes, politics in America has always been a game that is funded and played by wealthy individuals, but things have gotten so extreme that it is hard to argue that average Americans have any control over Congress at all at this point.  Instead of a government "of the people, by the people and for the people", we now have a government "of the wealthy, by the wealthy, and for the wealthy".  If you doubt this, just keep on reading.

US lawmakers get richer as voters struggle ~ link ~ The papers reported figures from the Center for Responsive Politics that showed the median net worth of a member of Congress stood at $913,000 and is climbing, compared to $100,000 and falling for the rest of the population.

Amid protests against the country's wealthy elite that have seen many US cities "occupied" by demonstrators, it appears elected many elected representatives make up the "one percent."

Pentagon confident supply routes in Pakistan will soon be reopened ~ link ~ They must really be spreading the bribes around thick this time!   Stirling    
Christmas Holidays: The Worst Time Of The Year? ~ link ~ For a lot of Americans, this is the worst time of the year.  If you don't have any money, it can be really hard to hear others go on and on about how good "Santa Claus" was to them this year.  For many, there is simply not much to be cheerful about as the year ends.  There are millions of people in this country that do not have a "happy family" to spend the holidays with, there are millions of people in this country that do not have any money to spend on gifts, and there are millions of people that are either already sleeping in the streets or that are in imminent danger of losing their homes.  It can be really difficult to feel "holiday cheer" when you are freezing cold and you don't have any food in your stomach.  The realization that you are not going to enjoy any of the good things that other people get to enjoy this time of the year is enough to push many people over the edge.  Yes, for most of the country this time of the year is filled with food, family and fun but for millions of others this time of the year tends to magnify despair, depression and thoughts of suicide.  If you are blessed as we get ready to enter 2012, please remember those out there that are really hurting.  If someone does not help them, they might not make it to 2013.

In our society today, the "holiday season" is held up as the ultimate time of the year.  Often expectations are so high that they are almost impossible to fulfill.  The truth is that materialism is never going to bring anyone true fulfillment, and once Christmas is over many Americans are left with a very hollow feeling.

Russian nuclear-armed Bulava SLBM approved for Naval use ~ link ~ Russian officials have billed Bulava as a new-generation weapon, capable of dodging any potential missile defenses, thanks to its quick start and an ability to perform unusual maneuvers in flight. The Bulava would replace Soviet-built missiles approaching the end of their service lifetimes.

The Russian navy also has finished building the first of a new series of nuclear-powered submarines to be armed with the new missile, the Yuri Dolgoruky. Several other such submarines are under construction.

Russia ejects Kremlin "puppet master" after political protests ~ link The sacrifice of Vladislav Surkov, branded the Kremlin's 'puppet master' by enemies and friends alike, is also a rare admission of failure for Russia's 'alpha dog' leader: Surkov's system was Putin's system.

Why? "I am too notorious for the brave new world."

By ejecting Surkov from the Kremlin just two months before the presidential election, Putin is betting that he can neutralize some of the anger against his rule by projecting the impression of a brave new world of political reform.

Israel strikes Gaza Strip for second time in hours ~ link A statement by the IDF Spokesman's Office said that the second strike targeted a global Jihad terror cell in the northern Strip that was planning to attack the western part of Israel's border with Egypt.
The American Fascist Sandwich: Indefinite Detention and Internment Camps ~ link ~ The Bill of Rights is no more. On December 15th, 2011 at the hands of a metastasizing malignancy, masquerading as purveyors of freedom, whatever hope we had of liberty and the pursuit of peace was officially assassinated. We are now a police state.
Overwhelming feelings of searing rage and disgust at the wicked abomination that is our Congress and President cannot be contained. Our government, courts, military and law enforcement — which have been controlled by socio/psychopaths for decades — continues to decompose into a rabid, sleazy, moronic, delusional group of arrogant, self-serving, sycophantic, greedy, whores.
It is time for the populace to withdraw from the mindless euphoria of consumerism that has become their god and WAKE UP. Our chances for survival can only come if we are focused on the threat at hand. We do not have the power to confront the police state head on, but it can and must be circumvented. We must not cooperate. Totalitarianism must be denied legitimacy. It demands defiance. However small or large and in whatever non-complying way each individual finds to do so. We must not allow ourselves to go passively to slaughter. There are no merciful tyrants. No quasi-democracies which do not degrade into homicidal fascism. History has foretold our future. Pol Pot, Mao Tse-Tung, Stalin, Hitler — countless millions met their end without a whimper. For those believing our fate will be any different, you seal your own doom.

Spectacular Christmas Comet amazes skywatchers in Chile ~ link ~ Yes, but remember, historically comets presage war.   Stirling    

Mexico's cartels build own national radio system ~ link ~ The Obama Administration feeding arms to the Mexican drug cartels, and getting caught at it, and this report points, once again, to the likelihood that those who are organizing WWIII intend to have a Mexican war theater on America's back-doorstep.   It is going to be one hell of a year that's coming!   Stirling    

When convoys of soldiers or federal police move through the scrubland of northern Mexico, the Zetas drug cartel knows they are coming.
The alert goes out from a taxi driver or a street vendor, equipped with a high-end handheld radio and paid to work as a lookout known as a “halcon,” or hawk.

The radio signal travels deep into the arid countryside, hours by foot from the nearest road. There, the 8-foot-tall (2-meter-tall) dark-green branches of the rockrose bush conceal a radio tower painted to match. A cable buried in the dirt draws power from a solar panel. A signal-boosting repeater relays the message along a network of powerful antennas and other repeaters that stretch hundreds of miles (kilometers) across Mexico, a shadow communications system allowing the cartel to coordinate drug deliveries, kidnapping, extortion and other crimes with the immediacy and precision of a modern military or law-enforcement agency.

IMF's Lagarde warns that global economy threatened ~ link ~ What else is 'new'?  Stirling     

The head of the International Monetary Fund said the world economy was in danger and urged Europeans to speak with one voice on a debt crisis that has rattled the global financial system. 

WWI: The Christmas Truce at the Front ~ link ~ This story is a story of the common soldiers, from both sides, at Christmas time getting some good sense and refusing to continue to kill their fellow man just because the global bankers wanted to make more money off the carnage.   Stirling     

The Obama Nation: Even more debt and even more store closings ~ linkDebt is PROFIT to the eight families that own the Federal Reserve!  Stirling      

Well, it is time to raise the debt ceiling again.  Right now we are about to hit the current limit of $15.194 trillion and the Obama administration is going to ask that it be raised by another 1.2 trillion dollars.  Unfortunately, Congress has already promised not to stand in the way, and so soon the debt limit will be raised to a staggering $16.394 trillion.  Considering how much debt we have already placed on the backs of future generations, what is another 1.2 trillion dollars?  After all, if we are going to sell our children and our grandchildren into debt slavery, we might as well go all the way, right?  Such is the thinking in "the Obama Nation".  During "the Obama Nation", the federal government has already accumulated more debt than it did from the time that George Washington took office to the time that Bill Clinton took office.  Of course the Bush administration was nearly as bad at piling up government debt.  Between Bush and Obama (with a big helping hand from the Federal Reserve), they have done a pretty good job of wiping out the financial future of the United States.  If there are future generations of Americans, they will look back and curse those that did this to them.  It is absolutely immoral to steal trillions of dollars from future generations.  Unfortunately, there are very, very few members of Congress that are even objecting to this madness.

Today, more debt just seems to be the answer to everything.  The truth is that debt is not just a government problem.  We are a nation that is addicted to debt.
In the middle of this "economic recovery" that Obama keeps talking about a staggering number of retail stores are closing up shop.  The following is a list of store closings in 2011 that I recently found.  The first number represents the total number of stores being closed for each chain.... 
Sears to close 100 to 120 KMart and Sears stores ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ About 30 years ago Sears began to have CEOs that followed the standard Harvard Business School 'view' of how business should be run.  It sees 5 quarters as relatively long forecasting and planning ahead.  It is based on 'getting money' instead of making money.  It is a total failure but the mainstream news media will NEVER tell you that.  Over the last 30 or so years Sears sold off key parts of its infrastructure, such as its Discover Card, its Allstate Insurance, its Homelife furniture stores, its Sears Card, etc., finally they had nothing left to sell off but Sears itself and the current "leader", a Wall Street 'wiz', bought it cheap along with another loser K-Mart.  Since then he has run them both into the ground all the more.  They have have very high turnovers in store management and management philosophies that have become all too common in America, something that is a cross between sociopathic and psychopathic.  The people at the top are too blind to see the problem because they are a key part of the problem.  They will be toast in the coming economic crash.    Stirling     
Sears Holdings Corp. plans to close between 100 and 120 Sears and Kmart stores to raise cash after a weak holiday shopping season for the retailer.

The closings fueled speculation about whether the 125-year-old retailer can turn itself around.

Our Last Christmas in the Old America ~ link ~ Read this!  It is sad but true.   Stirling     

It’s your last Christmas in the old, prosperous, untouched America – a benevolent land of plenty, where opportunity was limited only by ambition and the knowledge of tyranny and privation was second-and -third hand. So please, by all means make it a memorable one.  

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