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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE
US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff: We can successfully attack Iran - with video ~ link ~ General please don't let the shine of your four stars, or the weight of all the BS you had to go through to be JCS Chairman blind you to your primary duty...that is TO DEFEND THE UNITED STATES FROM ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.  That includes defending the 315+ million American civilians that totally depend on you!!!  Yes we can successfully attack Iran.  Hell we can turn it into one giant sea of green radioactive glass a hundred times over.  That is NOT the point.  They have a Advanced Biowar based MAD (mutually assured destruction) Counter-Force that can kill 100 million or more American men, women and children inside of America.  We do not have an effective counter-measure that will stop this horrific potential  carnage.  Hence, we MUST NOT engage in a war with Syria/Iran to serve the interest of the war extremists in the Netanyahu government or the interests of the mostly foreign global bankers who want the chaos of World War III to usher in their satanic New World Order.  Please keep all of this in mind in the days ahead.  We need you to defend America, not help create events that will destroy us.   
Tim Earl of Stirling       
Russia prepared for war over Iran if necessary, sources confirm ~ link ~ Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Armageddon!  Stirling      
Two days of Syrian warfare leave 150 dead ~ link ~  You cannot believe the narrative coming out of Israel or NATO or the MSM on what is happening in Syria.  However, it does appear that the level of military attacks and battles from the mostly foreign forces attacking Syria, and the counter-attacks against them, is growing.   Stirling    
Security forces pursuing anti-government activists and army defectors shot dead at least 47 people in Syria on Tuesday, pushing the toll for two days of violence to nearly 150 even as the regime prepared to allow in foreign monitors under an Arab League plan aimed at stopping the bloodshed.

Syrian state television showed pictures of military maneuvers and said they were meant to show its forces are ready to "repulse any aggression the enemies of our nations might think about." 

Over 150 Dead in Two Days of Syrian Warfare ~ link The Syrian military has also announced a new series of military training exercises today, which they said was aimed at deterring Western nations from launching any attacks on Syria. There has been growing speculation that Turkey might be involved in such a strike.

Syrian "massacre": Opposition calls for UN action ~ link ~ More and more of the false narrative on what is happening in Syria.  The continuing war on Syria by these mostly foreign troops is highly indicative that the globalists/extreme Zionists intend to continue to expand their drive towards a General Middle East War and towards World War III in the near term.   Stirling     

Syria's main opposition coalition has called for emergency meetings of the UN Security Council and the Arab League to discuss the intensifying violence in the north-west of the country.

The Syrian National Council, which is based outside Syria, says about 250 people have been killed since Monday.
Lebanon: Israel arranged the rocket from from Lebanon ~ link ~ Israel is the world's expert at False Flag Operations.  They always like to paint themselves as the underdog, as always having their back against the sea, as being the victims.  Stirling   
The Shocking Truth of the Pending EU collapse - video ~ link 
Gerald Celente - Top 12 Trends 2012 ~ link ~ After a tumultuous 2011 in which many of the trends we had forecast became headline news around the world, we are now forewarning of an even more tumultuous year to come.

While it would give us great pleasure to forecast a 2012 of joy and prosperity ­ all brought about by the wisdom and benevolence of our fearless leaders ­ since we are not running for office or looking to profit by gulling the people, we tell it as we see it in our 12 Top Trends 2012.
One megatrend looms on the near horizon. And we forecast that when it strikes, it will be a shock felt around the world. Hyperbole it's not! Our research has revealed that at the very highest levels of government this megatrend has been seriously discussed. Read on:
69 American Patriot missiles impounded in Finland ~ link ~ Something does not 'smell right' about this story.  Stirling      
A British cargo vessel detained at Kotka harbour has been found to be carrying a shipment of American-made Patriot missiles. According to information received by YLE, the missile shipment originated in Germany and is destined for South Korea. Onboard the ship are 69 of the missiles with their explosive warheads and propelling charges.

The National Bureau of Investigation confirmed Wednesday afternoon that the missiles are onboard the ship. Both the missiles and a cargo of explosives were en route from Germany to South Korea. According to press reports, the ship made port in Finland to pick up a consignment of anchor chain for delivery to China. 

Inequality was one of the main reasons for the Fall of the Roman Empire - Inequality in America is now Much Worse than in Ancient Rome ~ link ~ also see ~ link ~  But but we were told by several US Presidents that the 'trickle down' philosophy would make us all well off...really.  I was told about 27 years ago by a top Israeli general that "America is a rich nation, it will take a lot to bring her down".  It appears that we are being brought down, along with Europe and the rest of the World, and brought down hard.   Stirling    

It's banks, rather than citizens, who now shape a nation's destiny ~ link ~ It has been like this for about 200+ years, it is simply getting worse as the power of the Global Banking Cartel grows greater and greater.  Stirling      

Three million in USA could lose jobless pay in Congressional impasse ~ linkMore than three million people stand to lose unemployment insurance benefits in the near future because of an impasse in Congress over how to extend the aid and how to offset the cost.

Jobless benefits have been overshadowed by debate on a payroll tax cut, but have become a huge sticking point in negotiations on a bill that deals with both issues.

Money Power - World Power ~ link ~ "(T)he powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences." 

By controlling democratic and despotic governments as well as others in between, they've moved closer to absolute global control of money, credit and debt to dominate economies, politics, commerce, and imperial adventurism. As a result, they've benefitted handsomely at the expense of nations and popular interests.

Getting Worse: 40 Undeniable pieces of evidence that show America is in decline ~ link Is America in decline?  That is a very provocative question.  I have found that most people that hate the United States are very eager to agree that America is in decline, while a lot of those that love the United States are very hesitant to admit that America is in decline.  Well, I am proud to be an American, but I cannot lie and tell you that America is doing just fine.  The pieces of evidence compiled below are undeniable.  Our economy is deathly ill and is rapidly getting worse.  We were handed the keys to the greatest economic machine in the history of the world and we have wrecked it.  But until we are willing to look in the mirror and admit how bad things have gotten, we won't be ready for the solutions that are necessary.  The truth is that there are things that we can do to reverse the decline.  It does not have to be permanent.  We have gotten away from the things that made America great, and we need to admit that we are on the wrong path and start fixing this country.  But if we choose to continue down the road that we are currently on, it will lead us into the darkest chapters in American history.

The following are 40 undeniable pieces of evidence that show that America is in decline....

Mike explains Private Central Banking - video ~ link ~ 'Good One', Mike!

The Tools of America's Future Police State ~ link ~ Interesting!  Stirling    

YouTube: 'Talking Dog' top video of 2011 - video ~ link 

Empire and the Lies of the Corporate Media: Are we living in a Fool's Paradise?  ~ link ~ Yes, a large percentage of the population is blinded by the high tech mainstream news media propaganda.  Stirling   

US First Amendment Under Attack: 18 examples of how they are coming for our free speech ~ link ~ In the United States today, the First Amendment is under attack like never before.  Technological innovations such as the Internet have made it possible for average Americans to communicate directly with one another in ways that completely bypass the mainstream media, and this is making the elite very uncomfortable.  They have decided that they better come after our free speech before it is too late.  Right now, free speech in America is being chipped away at it in thousands of different ways.  On the one hand, you have the disciples of "political correctness" that want to make all forms of speech that are "offensive" to anyone against the law.  On the other hand, you have those that are obsessed with "national security" that want to ban all speech that is critical of the U.S. government or the U.S. military.  These twin forces are constantly seeking to push the First Amendment into a smaller and smaller box.  If you say the wrong thing in America today, your website might be shut down, you could be suspended from school, you may find yourself out of a job and there is now even a possibility that you could be arrested and shipped off to Guantanamo Bay without a trial.
Usually those that are targeted for their speech are those that the "establishment" does not like.  That would include free thinkers, political activists, libertarians, true conservatives and Christians.

Instead of seeing the value in allowing everyone to say what they think, we are being taught in America today that there is speech that is "acceptable" and speech that is "not acceptable".
If we allow this attack on the First Amendment to continue, eventually we will wake up in a country where our freedom of speech is totally gone.

The following are 18 examples of how the elite are coming for our free speech....

Re-posting for Christmas: Virgin Mary appears to +500,000 people in Egypt - video ~ link ~ This site is where tradition says that Mary and Joseph and the Child Jesus lived at, after fleeing King Herald. I spoke to a man who witnessed the apparition. He said that the Egyptian government had cut the power for a large area around the site to make sure that the image was not somehow being created by a powered light source.  Stirling     
14,000 US Dead in 14 Weeks After Fukushima Meltdown ~ link ~ Something else that the mainstream news media is NOT telling you.   Stirling    
A peer-reviewed study published in the International Journal of Health Services estimates 14,000 excess deaths in the United States are linked to the radioactive fallout from the Fukushima nuclear reactors. The article by Joseph Mangano and Janette Sherman is the first published in a medical journal.

US military: Unconstitutional orders are unlawful, defend Americans, don't NDAA "disappear" them ~ linkThe Oath to the US Constitution is first and primary for the US military to defend America and our freedoms. By definition, America’s freedoms are in our Constitution. The respect Americans and the world have for US military is in proportion to upholding the freedoms in the US Constitution.
US military are trained to refuse unlawful orders. The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) Article 92 makes US military duty clear to obey lawful orders. The primary source for lawful orders is the US Constitution. A nation’s constitution are its central and defining laws.

Any order that interferes with constitutional law is by definition an unlawful order that must be refused. Using the US military to seize Americans is such an obvious breach of the US Constitution that it evokes the legal term, ab initio: void and without legal effect from the beginning. Such orders are such an attack upon the US Constitution that the closest crime I can imagine for those voting for it is treason: war upon the US Constitution and its people.

Debt-free United States Notes ~ link ~ Most Americans have no idea that the U.S. government once issued debt-free money directly into circulation.  America once thrived under a debt-free monetary system, and we can do it again.  The truth is that the United States is a sovereign nation and it does not need to borrow money from anyone.  Back in the days of JFK, Federal Reserve Notes were not the only currency in circulation.  Under JFK (at at various other times), a limited number of debt-free United States Notes were issued by the U.S. Treasury and spent by the U.S. government without any new debt being created.  In fact, each bill said "United States Note" right at the top.  Unfortunately, United States Notes are not being issued today.  If you stop right now and pull a dollar out of your wallet, what does it say right at the top?  It says "Federal Reserve Note".  Normally, the way our current system works is that whenever more Federal Reserve Notes are created more debt is also created.  This debt-based monetary system is systematically destroying the wealth of this nation.  But it does not have to be this way.  The truth is that the U.S. government still has the power under the U.S. Constitution to issue debt-free money, and we need to educate the American people about this.

Posted below are pictures of the front and the back of a United States Note printed in 1963 while JFK was president....

North Korea: The most bizarre country on Earth is now even more unstable ~ link ~ Today, North Korea has the fourth largest army in the entire world, and we know that Kim Jong-Un was named a four-star general in 2010.  The United States has about 28,000 soldiers stationed in South Korea, but that number is absolutely dwarfed by the 1,000,000 soldiers in the North Korean army.
Today, North Korea has thousands of missile batteries and the largest artillery force in the world.  If war with North Korea erupts, Seoul would be flattened within minutes. Right now, there are approximately 24.5 million people living either in or around Seoul, and that makes it the second largest metropolitan area in the entire world.  Even if North Korea did not nuke Seoul, the devastation caused by thousands of rockets and the largest artillery force on the planet would be unimaginable.

North Korea's military to share power with Kim's heir - with video ~ link North Korea will shift to collective rule from a strongman dictatorship after last week's death of Kim Jong-il, although his untested young son will be at the head of the ruling coterie, a source with close ties to Pyongyang and Beijing said.
The source added that the military, which is trying to develop a nuclear arsenal, has pledged allegiance to the untested Kim Jong-un, who takes over the family dynasty that has ruled North Korea since it was founded after World War Two.

'Occupy London' occupies 4th site ~ link

Destroying the American Dream ~ link Corporate greed and profits over people priorities launched nationwide OWS protests in hundreds of US cities for change.
Mindless of growing public rage, political Washington keeps cutting vital social benefits needing increases during hard times.

With real unemployment approaching 23%, earlier cuts affected:
Money creation and the Bankruptcy of major banks - The roles of the IMF, ECB, and FED ~ linkA bill has been entered into Congress to prohibit US funds being used via the IMF to bail out European banks and governments. We see a scant chance of passage because of the elitist control of both Houses. On the other hand it makes little difference, because the Fed has opened the swap floodgates and other avenues of secret funding to “recapitalize,” bailout, European banks of all sizes and depths of default.

As we end 2011 it is all quiet on the Western Front. Behind the scenes unbeknownst to almost all the elitists are plotting and planning on how to extricate themselves from the morass they have gotten themselves into. How do they put the crisis on the back burner and extend the timeline? The vaunted 6 nations on the edge of default await aid, but one might ask from whom? That solution hasn’t even been sorted out as yet, and we now find France facing a possible two level lowering of debt ratings, but even Germany is not as solvent as they were thought to be. Could it be that France and Germany might not be able to repay their debts? Now you can understand why the money machine, known as the Fed, says nothing about their bailout of Europe. 95% of the population of the world doesn’t even know what a swap is. Even if they did understand they are never going to get the truth from the Fed. We saw that in court and GAO revelations recently.

The European Central Bank, ECB, does not have the Fed’s ability to continue to create money and credit. That means that the taxpayers in each nation must foot the bill, unless the Fed prints money for them. Thus, we see a central bank, which really is not a central bank. Germany is still not allowing the ECB to emulate the Bank of England and Federal Reserve. Germans still vividly remember the Weimar Republic and the resultant rise of National Socialism and Adolph Hitler. Even if such possibilities do not exist today they still see rampant inflation as a result of endless funding. Northern Europeans, in spite of participating in the EU and the euro zone, understand the frailties and cultural differences of their neighbors in the south. Europe has pursed the wrong path for more than two years. There simply isn’t anyway to bail out the six. They have to allow them to default and leave the euro. 

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