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Lord Stirling and Dr. Bill Deagle filmed a 1 1/2+ hour special report on the NutriMedical subscription service today.   Stirling     
Israel's Chief of Staff warns of potential for Regional War  - US & NATO forces put on alert ~ link ~Thursday afternoon, Dec. 29, Tehran raised the pitch of its threats to the United States when Dep. Chief of the Revolutionary Guards Gen. Hossein Salami declared: "The United States is in no position to tell Tehran what to do in the Strait of Hormuz," adding, "Any threat will be responded [to] by threat… We will not relinquish our strategic moves in Iran's vital interests are undermined by any means."

The Iranian general spoke after the USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier and its strike group passed through the Strait of Hormuz to the Sea of Oman and into the area where the big Iranian naval war game Veleyati 90 is taking place.  At around the same time, Israel's chief of staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz spoke of "the rising potential for a multi-arena event," i.e. a comprehensive armed conflict.

Strait of Hormuz standoff continues as Iran films US aircraft carrier ~ link ~ The drill is underway in international waters near the Strait and only a few hundred miles from America's Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet. The US Navy has vowed to prevent any closure of the channel, through which 15 million barrels of oil pass every day. 
The Iranian threat to close the narrow shipping lane was made after the EU, backed by the US, announced it was tightening sanctions on Iran for pressing ahead with its nuclear programme. Europe buys around 20 per cent of all Iranian oil exports and a full embargo would cause serious damage to Iran's economy.

Saber-rattling in Persian Gulf Escalates ~ link ~ Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have rejected a warning issued by the United States not to close down the Strait of Hormuz in response to crippling sanctions. Iran’s “response to threats is threats,” said Brigadier General Hossein Salami, a Revolutionary Guards commander. He added that the United States is not in a position to tell Tehran “what to do in the Strait of Hormuz.”

On Wednesday, Iran threatened for a second time to shut down the Strait of Hormuz if new sanctions are imposed in response to its nuclear program. “If they impose sanctions on Iran’s oil exports, then even one drop of oil cannot flow from the Strait of Hormuz,” said Iranian Vice President Mohamed Reza Rahimi.

Israel and USA Discuss Excuses for Attacking Iran ~ link ~ The talks came after Defense Secretary Leon Panetta made comments suggesting that attacking Iran is something that the US and Israel “would regret,” apparently causing many top Israeli officials to react furiously and for Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren to file an official complaint with the Obama Administration.

Panetta followed up the speech with much more hawkish ones, apparently aimed at publicly placating Israel, but behind the scenes the administration has been seeking to clarify what exactly counts as a “red line” that would give the US and Israel the excuse to launch an attack.

Syria: Media Lies Refuted by Arab League Mission ~ link ~ Press TV: The chief Arab League monitor in Syria says he has seen "nothing frightening" on a first visit to the flashpoint city of Homs. The remark has taken some Western and regional countries by surprise with France calling the remarks "premature". What do you think of this development and the reactions it has received, especially by Paris?

Chossudovsky: I think that General Dabi's statements confirm what many independent reports have been saying for months in that the situation in Syria is characterised by an armed insurrection and foreign interference in the affairs of a sovereign state namely Syria and that the situation on the ground which the mission has observed does not correspond to what the media has been feeding us in the last few months --I am talking about the Western media-- largely based on information from the Syria Observatory in London which we know is supported by the Western military alliance and which is in permanent liaison with the British Foreign Office. 

Obama Secretly Preparing for Syria Intervention ~ link ~ The process is being led by NSC Director Steve Simon, and is said to involve top members of the State, Defense and Treasury Departments. The focus is on ways to “aid” the Syrian opposition.

US Special Ops Team crosses the border into Mexico escorted by Mexican military ~ linkThe Mexican military waited on the Matamoros side of the border, and once the U.S. team crossed into Mexico, they escorted them to a nearby military base. The Mexican military and the local police in Matamoros apparently established a route to escort the Americans because traffic cops were placed ahead of time in order to quickly get the convoy through Avenida Sexta (Sixth Avenue).

A helicopter followed the convoy from the U.S. side of the border until it reached the Mexican military base. A video showing the convoy in Matamoros was broadcasted by Univision.
Israel 'will launch significant Gaza offensive sooner or later' ~ link ~ "Painful"....last time most of the people killed were civilians with a large percentage of children!   Stirling      
A new Israeli military offensive against Gaza will be launched "sooner or later" and will be "swift and painful", Israel's most senior military officer has warned.

Benny Gantz, the chief of staff of the Israel Defence Forces, was speaking on the third anniversary of the start of a major three-week assault on Gaza during which around 1,400 Palestinians and 13 Israelis were killed.

WWIII will target US Urban Centers ~ link ~ I am convinced that, based on the fact that the Rothschild's and their Illuminati brethren created and funded both Communist Russia and Communist China, and have provided them with the advanced weaponry they currently have in their arsenals, that the next war is a predetermined fact.

War will come because it serves the Satanic Psychopathic goals of eliminating those they call "Useless Eaters", and it will dramatically reduce the global population to the Illuminati ideal. I also believe that America's Urban centers will be targeted in a first strike nuclear event involving both Russia and China.

Ironic, when you think about the fact that our urban problems originated with Satanic Psychopathic social engineering and their desire to profit from bringing narcotics into our inner cities. 
Escalating Anti-Iranian Tensions ~ link ~ Addressing a Union for Reform Judaism audience on December 16, Obama called "a nuclear Iran unacceptable" and ruled "no options off the table." Perhaps he signaled war. It wouldn't be the first time. After extending sanctions on Gaddafi last March, he said "the bottom line is that I have not taken any options off the table at this point." Days later, NATO began bombing.
Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad. Leaders ordering Syria and Iran attacked are deranged. They infest political Washington and Israel. Buckle up. Anything ahead's possible, no matter extreme dangers sensible officials wouldn't plan, risk, or even contemplate.
China urges stability in Strait of Hormuz ~ link ~ What this article missed is what is most important, that China finds it urgently necessary and highly important to comment on this issue.   Stirling      
US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff to visit Israel on Iran issue ~ link ~ Dempsey to meet Gantz, Barak, Netanyahu for talks expected to focus on Iran’s nuclear program as well as challenges Israel faces from possible Islamic takeover in Egypt and from Hezbollah and Syria in North.
US missile sub departs for Persian Gulf under war time conditions ~ link ~ Another sign of war coming soon.   Stirling     
According to operational-level military sources, an Ohio-class nuclear submarine is on its way to the Gulf of Hormuz. Rotation and leave were cancelled for the cruise-missile carrying sub, which is based at the US Navy base in Bremerton, Washington.
Additionally, according to the source, on-shore resupply was cancelled and any necessary supplies will be delivered by helicopter. The crew was told to expect a deployment of at least six month’s time, with a possible intermediate stop at the US base at Diego Garcia – an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, which is a British possession. A rendezvous with a SEAL team before reaching the vicinity of Iran was also expected.
Each Ohio-class submarine carries at least 154 cruise missiles, which can carry conventional or nuclear warheads. The subs can also fire Harpoon missiles from their torpedo tubes. The Tomahawk cruise missile, originally developed in the 1970s, has a range surpassing 1,500 miles.

America threatens China: What lies behind the US "Return to Asia" Strategy?  ~ linkThe American overall strategy toward China is giving the same priority to cooperation and prevention, but intensifying "security rebalancing" efforts on China, taking comprehensive measures to suppress China, and instigating its allies to pay, contribute and appear to restrain China.

-Some thinkers of the U.S. Navy are quite interested in the English geographer Halford Mackinder's "Heartland" theory. Mackinder said "Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland; who rules the Heartland commands the World Island (Eurasia)."

Mackinder's followers have applied this strategy to Asia, and believed that controlling South China Sea will make the U.S. air force and navy command East Asia, and consequently command the "World Island".
Obama's Global Murder, Inc. ~ link ~ Since he is fronting for the biggest crooks and murders in history, that name is appropriate.   Stirling       
The Obama administration has erected a vast apparatus of global assassination involving unmanned aerial drones operated by the CIA and the military. This network of “targeted killing” machines is run in secrecy, behind the backs of the American people and with virtually no congressional oversight.

The US drone program is the subject of an exposé published in the Washington Post on Wednesday, headlined “Under Obama, an emerging global apparatus of drone killing.” While restrained in its presentation, the Post article is a chilling account of a government that has asserted for itself the right to kill anyone, anywhere in the world, without even a pretense of legal proceedings. The lives of thousands of people have been wiped out in this manner.

The US drone program, according to the Post, “involves dozens of secret facilities, including two operational hubs on the East Coast, virtual Air Force cockpits in the Southwest and clandestine bases in six countries on two continents.”

Greek economic crisis turns tragic for children abandoned by their families ~ link ~ Greece today, the rest of Europe and North America and Australia and New Zealand/etc., tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.  All brought to you be the satanic money junkies/global banksters.  Stirling     
Like the middle class, society's great connector, families are beginning to unravel under the weight of a crisis that, with no end in sight, is as much human as it is financial.

Tell-tale signs abound that in its quest to beat off bankruptcy, Greece is being hollowed out, a little more, with each passing day.

"People are going hungry, families are breaking up, instances are mounting of mothers and fathers no longer being able to bring up their own kids," said Ilias Ilioupolis, general secretary of the civil servants' union ADEDY. "Until now there has been a conspiracy of silence around the tragic effects of the austerity measures the IMF and EU are asking us to take."

Financial Troubles for many nations in the New Year ~ link ~ Good One, take the time to read it all at the link.   Stirling      

2012 is going to be quite a year with falling economies in the UK, Europe, the US, China, Japan and the remainder of Asia. Latin America, and Mexico by comparison should fare fairly well overall. England is in a death spiral. Europe is next, the US is not far behind and China and Japan will soon join the disjoined group. We are about to witness the end of the period that developed since the end of WWII. That is economically, financially, socially and politically. The transition into the future is going to be borne out of chaos. If you have any doubt just look at the recent legislation passed in the US allowing the president to pick up and incarcerate, torture or murder dissidents. Americans will be labeled terrorists for any reason government decides. This is corporatist fascist dictatorial government. We have as well reports from Marion Monte, a top Illuminist, who was appointed Italy’s PM that he wants business to stop making large transactions in cash. Cash will be limited to $1,300 per transaction down from $3,250. That should bring the economy to a halt, create a thriving black market and drive buyers into US dollars and gold and silver coins. They obviously want to bring the Italian economy to its knees. As a result Italian consumer confidence in December fell to its lowest level in 16 years. Their sentiment index is 91.6, the lowest since 19096. Next the fascist appointed plans to make net asset audits to identify people who spend more than they will officially earn. This will become a worldwide trend. These orders should emasculate savings in Italy, the least-indebted nation in Europe. They are switching out of the euro into other currencies and gold and silver. Italy may be broke, but Italians are not. Banks pushed for the cash limit so people would start using credit cards from which the banks extract 2%. Older Italians will get hit hard; 7.5 million have never even had a bank account. The bankers and dictators never give up and you all are about to find that out. It is expected the greatest upheaval will be in the US, as their way of life comes to a halt. The catalyst could be a rigged election next November. Americans know if Ron Paul is not elected they are doomed. In addition, insolvency will touch every family in America bringing on an aggressiveness and warrior mentality that heretofore the world has never seen. If these elitists think they are going to get away with this they are sadly mistaken. 
Massive solar storm 'could knock out radio signals' over next three days ~ link ~ What effect on the psychology of events in the Middle East might this have?  Also, hopefully, all military forces there are aware that some communications may be out and not launch a war by mistake.  Stirling     
US elections 2012: Ron Paul gaining support of Iowan Democrats and independents ~ link ~ Dr Paul, a three-time presidential hopeful credited as being the Father of the Tea Party, is gathering late momentum among Iowan conservatives after persuading Michele Bachmann's state chairman to defect.

But he also stands to benefit from state rules dictating that everyone may vote in the party contest. "If you are not a Republican, you can register at the door," said David Fischer, Dr Paul's Iowa co-chairman, at a rally at a speedway stadium in Newton.

Thousands of members of Barack Obama's Democrats, disenchanted but with no contest of their own, are set to turn out at caucus sites on Tuesday to do just that. 

Ron Paul vows to unite Occupy and Tea Party Movements ~ link ~ After being interrupted by Occupy protesters during a veterans rally in Des Moines, Iowa yesterday, Ron Paul praised the movement, compared it to the Tea Party and declared that he was the only GOP candidate who could bridge the two causes and instill real change in Washington.

The amazing homes of the GOP presidential candidates - with photos ~ link ~ Ron Paul's is the most down-to-earth of the lot, figures.  Stirling    

USA: Government of the Rich, by the Rich and for the Rich ~ link ~ While the Senate has long been known as a millionaires’ club, the transformation of the House is a relatively recent phenomenon. The median net worth of members of the House of Representatives, excluding home equity, has more than doubled over the last 25 years, from $280,000 in 1984 to $725,000 in 2009 in inflation-adjusted dollars. During that same period, the median net worth of an American family fell from $20,600 to $20,500.

Solar Breakthrough: Cheap Quantum Dot Solar Paint ~ link ~ Researchers have reduced the preparation time of quantum dot solar cells to less than an hour by changing the form to a one-coat quantum dot solar paint.
Titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles are coated with cadmium sulfide (CdS) or cadmium selenide (CdSe.) The composite nanoparticles, when mixed with a solvent, form a paste that can be applied as one-step paint to a transparent conducting material, which creates electricity when exposed to light.
Although the paint form is currently about five times less efficient than the highest recorded efficiency for the multifilm form, the researchers predict that its efficiency can be improved, which could lead to a simple and economically viable way to prepare solar cells.

Why We Must Stop SOPA ~ link ~ This, like the infinite detention bill, is part of the fascist police state enabling legislation that both parties are pushing through Congress rapidly now.  Americans are in for a 'World of Hurt' with no rights, no protection, secret arrests, no trials, no freedoms, torture, concentration camps, capital punishment without trial or appeal, and no alternative media and no free Internet.   Stirling       

Right now, there are two pieces of legislation in Congress that would change the Internet forever if they are enacted.  The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) would give the federal government the ability to potentially shut down millions of websites.  SOPA (the version being considered in the U.S. House of Representatives) is the more dangerous of the two.  It would essentially be the equivalent of a nuclear bomb being dropped on the Internet.  It would give government officials unlimited power to very rapidly shut down any website that is found to "engage in, enable or facilitate" copyright infringement.  That language is very broad and very vague.  Many fear that it will be used to shut down any websites that even inadvertently link to "infringing material".  Can you imagine a world where there is no more Facebook, Twitter or YouTube?  Sites like those would be forced to hire thousands of Internet censors to make sure that no "infringing material" is posted, and many prominent websites may simply decide that allowing users to post content is no longer profitable and is just not worth the hassle.  Are you starting to get the picture?  That is why we must stop SOPA.  If SOPA is enacted, it could be the death of the free Internet.

But this is exactly the kind of bill that the establishment media has been waiting for.  It would give them back control.  SOPA is being heavily promoted by big media corporations.  If they are able to shut down free speech on the Internet, then suddenly everyone would be forced to rely on them for news and entertainment once again.

That is why SOPA and PIPA must be stopped.  A recent editorial in the New York Times described how these new laws would work....

SOPA opponents may 'go nuclear' ~ link ~ It was Google co-founder Sergey Brin who warned that the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act "would put us on a par with the most oppressive nations in the world." Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, Twitter co-founders Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone, and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman argue that the bills give the Feds unacceptable "power to censor the Web."

But these companies have yet to roll out the heavy artillery. When the home pages of,,, and their Internet allies simultaneously turn black with anti-censorship warnings that ask users to contact politicians about a vote in the U.S. Congress the next day on SOPA, you'll know they're finally serious.

40 Hard Questions That The American People Should Be Asking RIGHT NOW ~ link ~ If you spend much time watching the mainstream news, then you know how incredibly vapid it can be.  It is amazing how they can spend so much time saying next to nothing.  There seems to be a huge reluctance to tackle the tough issues and the hard questions.  Perhaps I should be thankful for this, because if the mainstream media was doing their job properly, there would not be a need for the alternative media.  Once upon a time, the mainstream media had a virtual monopoly on the dissemination of news in the United States, but that has changed.  Thankfully, the Internet in the United States is free and open (at least for now) and people that are hungry for the truth can go searching for it.  Today, an increasing number of Americans want to understand why our economy is dying and why our national debt is skyrocketing.  An increasing number of Americans are deeply frustrated with what is going on in Washington D.C. and they are alarmed that we seem to get closer to becoming a totalitarian police state with each passing year.  People want real answers about our foreign policy, about our corrupt politicians, about our corrupt financial system, about our shocking moral decline and about the increasing instability that we are seeing all over the world, and they are not getting those answers from the mainstream media.

If the mainstream media will not do it, then those of us in the alternative media will be glad to tackle the tough issues.  The following are 40 hard questions that the American people should be asking right now....

Predictions 2012: Before and After the Worldwide Spring Offensive and Election Day ~ link ~ Sadly, I think that this is a bit optimistic.  Stirling      

In 2012 the Worldwide Spring Offensive will change your life more than the November USA elections. Therefore I have divided my predictions for 2012 into 3 parts. The Worldwide Spring Offensive will begin in March and April. It will be an uprising of the people united against the tyranny of bankers, militarists and Zionists.

I do not think Iran will be attacked until after the dollar collapses. The bankers have a lot more money to steal from you. A war will collapse the dollar in hours. The Iranians have fuel air explosives in many of the 150,000 missiles they will launch after being attacked. This will destroy the US Central Command, the Persian Gulf fleet and Israel. This reality is known to the US and Israeli professional military. That is why there will be no war in the immediate future. The Iranians have Microwave Electromagnetic Pulse weapons which together with their anti-aircraft missiles will shoot down at least half of all incoming Israeli jets. War is insane. As I said before, Ron Paul is the only adult 2012 Presidential candidate.

The Worldwide Spring Offensive Against Banker Occupation is more likely to impact your future than will the 2012 US elections. The first group to join the peace offensive in America might be Ron Paul supporters after their votes are stolen. All Ron Paul voters oppose the recent repeal of the Bill of Rights, Habeas Corpus and the Magna Carta. Both political parties are united in their opposition to any wild eyed radical candidate who is against endless and unwinnable wars for Israel.

A Tale of Two Cities: Weimar and Washington ~ link ~ Oh yes, this is one that you want to read!  Stirling    

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