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Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE
Saxo Bank's 10 'Outrageous Predictions' For "2012: The Perfect Storm" ~ link ~ I suspect that it will be more likely "the perfect storm from hell".   Stirling   
In that light, please do not let our Outrageous Predictions get you down. They have been prepared in the spirit of encouraging you to think outside the box and prepare for world-altering events. Thinking outside the box is rarely a comfortable exercise, but neither is dealing with an unpleasant surprise for which one has failed to prepare in any meaningful way.

Should one, two or three of our Outrageous Predictions come to pass, it would make 2012 a year of tremendous change. This may not necessarily be a negative thing either - and given the structure and uncertainties in the marketplace here at the end of 2011, we would suggest that even if none of our predictions come to pass, equally important and totally unanticipated events will. Sometimes we need to get to a new starting point before we can gain the right perspective. We hope 2012 will be the year  where we start on the long march towards re-establishing jobs, growth and confidence.

Maybe, just maybe, our Outrageous Predictions can at least lead to a discussion on how we can prevent some of them from happening. We would like nothing more than to be proven wrong on negative views, but only if they are replaced with something better than the current central bank and government-manipulated paradigm.

A Financial Dunkirk: Britain draws up plans to rescue expats if Spain and Portugal are hit by financial oblivion ~ link ~ This says more that a hundred press releases from Downing Street.    Stirling    

Evacuation plans for British expats stranded in Spain and Portugal if their banking systems collapse are being drawn up by the Foreign Office.

The contingency plans are being put in place to help 
thousands of Britons if they were unable to get to their money in the event of a catastrophic banking collapse in two of the most vulnerable eurozone economies.

15 Dead in Kazakh oil region riots ~ linkFifteen people have died in clashes in Kazakhstan's oil-rich Mangistau region, prosecutors said Sunday, in a blow to a nation that prides itself on years of energy-fuelled stability.

One person was killed and 11 wounded in fresh violence on Saturday when protesters blocking a passenger train clashed with police in the village of Shetpe, General Prosecutor Nurdaulet Suindikov said in a statement.

Security forces and protesters clash again in Cairo ~ link ~ Protesters and security forces fought in Cairo on Sunday, the third day of clashes that have killed 10 people and exposed rifts over the army's role as it manages Egypt's promised transition from military to civilian rule.

Soldiers and police manned barriers on some streets around Tahrir Square, the hub of the uprising that ousted President Hosni Mubarak and again convulsed by violence as protesters demand the generals who took charge in February quit power.

Third day of fighting in Cairo ~ link ~ The danger is that this obscene violence towards the people will result in the Muslin Brotherhood taking full power down the road.   Stirling    

The violence has overshadowed a staggered parliamentary election, the first free vote most Egyptians can remember, that is set to give Islamists the biggest bloc.

Some Egyptians are enraged by the army's behaviour. Others want to focus on voting, not street protests.

The Brave Women of the Middle East: Female protestors brutally beaten with metal poles as vicious soldiers drag girls through street by hair in Day of Shame for Egyptian Army ~ link ~ There is NO EXCUSE for this crap!   Big brave troops, beating unarmed women!  The Military Dictatorship should resign in shame over this outrage!   Stirling      

After being viciously beaten by a 10-strong mob of Egyptian male soldiers, this woman lies helplessly on the ground as her shirt is ripped from her body and a man kicks her with full force in her exposed chest.

Moments earlier she had been struck countless times in the head and body with metal batons, not content with the brutal beating delivered by his fellow soldier, one man stamped on her head repeatedly. 

Egypt's Islamists claim sweep of second round of vote ~ link ~ A source from the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) said it was on track to win about 40 percent of votes for party lists, based on results from most districts.

A spokesman for the ultra-conservative Salafi al-Nour Party said its list received about 35 percent of votes.

Philippines flood toll passes 650 as search continues ~ link ~ Soldiers and volunteers are still searching for the 800 people reported missing on southern Mindanao island.

Many were trapped in their homes as the flash floods coincided with high tides. In some places entire villages are reported to have been swept away.

London Mayor Boris Johnson: 'Bubblegum' treaty will means the end of the Euro within 12 months time ~ link ~It never made good sense to have a single currency with multiple national sovereign entities involved.  Nation states have to have control of their currencies and financial institutions; the winners in having a single currency are the Global Banking Cartel and the losers are the nation states.   Stirling  

London Mayor Boris Johnson said European leaders should abandon 'hysterical' efforts to rescue the eurozone and recognise that some countries have to drop the single currency.

China villagers threaten to march on government offices ~ link ~ This could be nothing but one of many such local 'incidents' or it could be the beginning of something big.   Stirling     

The 13,000 residents of Wukan, in the wealthy province of Guangdong, are in open revolt against officialdom and have driven out local Communist Party leaders who they say have been stealing their land for years.

Many local businesses have been closed for the past week while schools have been shuttered as riot police blockade the village, which has for months been the scene of occasionally violent protests over land seizures. 

US Congressmen can't say "Merry Christmas" in official mail ~ link ~ What total bullshit.  This is reflective of the "politically correct" mind-think that the globalists/Zionists who run Washington have imposed on the bought-and-paid-for political whores.  Shameful!   Stirling      

Occupy the Constitution: Get Money Out of Politics ~ link ~ It took the evil forces a long time to get the American Congress so totally corrupt.  They have no intention of allowing any real reform.   Stirling       

One of the most popular 99% Movement and Occupy Wall Street issues is getting money out of politics. In a country where the candidate who spends the most money on their campaign wins the election 94% of the time, it is blatantly obvious that our electoral process is dominated by the richest global financial interests. By saturating the campaign finance and lobbying system with an endless supply of cash, Wall Street has rigged the political and economic system against hard working Americans. In unprecedented fashion, they have consolidated wealth into the hands of one-tenth of one percent of the population, at the expense and suffering of the American people.

If you’re wondering why we have the most severe inequality of wealth in American history; if you’re wondering why we currently have an all-time record number of Americans living in poverty, while we have all-time record profits and bonuses on Wall Street, it is primarily the result of the richest members of society being able to manipulate and control the legislative process through a system of legalized political bribery.

Feckless Young Primed for Surrender ~ link ~ 'Good One!'   Stirling    

Young people are incapable of recognizing their own enemy.  This is the essential condition required for the peaceful transfer of political power to a world dictatorship.

As a young man who recently received an "education" from one of the finest schools in the U.S., I can state beyond doubt that this condition has been met.

In a society conditioned to champion personal ambition, self-expression and self-empowerment, the educated youth of today are kept intoxicated with illusions.  Everyone is looking up, staring at the sun, and unable to stop and think for even a moment out of fear of losing their momentum up the ladder.

Here is the script my generation sticks to.

Iran Hits American Satellite ~ link ~ I disagree about the conclusions of this article.  For every measure there is a counter-measure; and for every counter-measure there is a counter-counter-measure!  Any anti-satellite technology will be given the highest priority for a 'quick kill' in any war on Iran.   Stirling    
Several times I have argued on this website, that neither Israel nor the US will attack Iran. Would the USA sacrifice two million sons in the event? Israel can make just surgical strikes. In a country as large as Iran that would be almost worthless.

If the scoop of Yedihot Aharonot is true, then the theatre has changed and the USA cannot anymore attack Iran in its favored fashion. If Iran can blind imagery sensors on CIA satellites, it can also easily hit communications satellites. The American army relies on these satellites for its communications. Coordinating an American attack on Iran without imagery and communications satellites would require an American army that ceased to exist a generation ago.

Have we entered the era of Pax Iraniana?

Mini nukes, flying 'terminators' and 8 more air weapons that will 'blow you away' ~ link


Biomagnetic Pair Treatment - video ~ link  
Ron Paul is Scaring the Republicans Establishment in a Very Profound Way - video ~ link 
Pharmaceutical company raises drug price from $10 to $1,500 per dose ~ link ~ If America had a real Congress, instead of one that is totally corrupt, it would slap a tax on such obscene nonsense that would end it.   Stirling     
Getting Sex Under Control ~ link ~ Good one Henry!  Take the time to read this excellent short article at the link.  Stirling    

This is a reminder that our civilization was founded on Christian values. These proscriptions were extreme and needed reform but they had a sound basis. They were designed to channel women into the role of wife and mother as opposed to sexual free agents. 

The forces that removed these taboos also denigrated the role of wife and mother and turned many women into public utilities. Deprived of their natural role, many young women are in crisis, binging on drugs, alcohol and sex. 

These occult forces are gradually inducting us into their sex cult without our knowledge. "Secular" is their term for satanic.  The "freedom" they trumpet is freedom from the self-discipline necessary to follow our operating manual and grow healthy and happy.

Until we recognize that mankind is in the grip of a powerful satanic force, we will remain defenseless. Elite social engineers are waging an undeclared war on society. By subverting sexual roles, and separating sex from marriage and procreation, they hope to divert, degrade, sedate and control us.
Self-cleaning cotton nanoparticle coating invented ~ linkEngineers have created a chemical coating that causes cotton materials to clean themselves of stains and remove odours when exposed to sunlight.

The researchers say the treatment is cheap, non-toxic and ecologically friendly.

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