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US not ready for all-out conflict with Iran - with video ~ link ~ They do not have a plan for an oil interruption. There is a 57-day supply of unrefined oil that can be stretched to about a hundred days,” he told RT.

Iran would not limit itself to merely blocking the Strait of Hormuz, remarks Black. In the event of an all-out conflict, Tehran could target Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities, such as the desulphurization plant at Ab Tak, which processes 70 per cent of Saudi oil, and the Ras Tanura terminal, a major oil port and oil operations center for Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil company.

If that is done, the world will be crippled,” he pointed out.

Ron Paul: Sanctions against Iran are an 'Act of War' ~ link ~ That is legally correct.   Stirling     

Unwilling to back down from the growing criticism that his foreign policy would be “dangerous,” Ron Paul told voters in Iowa that western sanctions against Iran are “acts of war” that are likely to lead to an actual war.

Softening Up Iran for the Final Attack ~ link ~ This 'Final Attack' is apt to begin the 'Final Battle' of the Bible!   Stirling      

In many ways, America’s and Israel’s much-anticipated war against Iran has already begun. It is not the type of war that was expected — an Israeli textbook style surprise and swift attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, followed by a sustained U.S. and NATO air campaign — but a covert war with quite an unexpected feature. The covert war, which has seen increased U.S. drone activity over Iranian skies and an increase in suspicious explosions at Iranian military facilities, has been coupled with American support for destabilization efforts against all of Iran’s allies and friends, including Syria, Russia, China, North Korea, and Venezuela…

This multi-pronged attack strategy has sent a clear message to Iran, it is not safe from covert sabotage at home and it cannot look to its friends abroad for help as they deal with their own U.S. and Israeli-inspired domestic strife.

However, it is the potential loss of power by the Bashar al Assad regime in Syria that poses the worst immediate defeat for Iran. Syria has been Iran’s closest ally in the Arab world. The West and the Saudis and Qataris have been supporting Salafist elements, including terrorists, who have committed their own share of atrocities in Syria, much as the same ilk conducted massacres of pro-Qaddafi, as well as black African guest workers and black Libyans, during the Libyan civil war.

US and NATO are on the march worldwide ~ link ~ Make no mistake about it, this has NOTHING to do with the wants/needs/security of the people of the nations that make up NATO.   This is organized and directed by the Global Banking Cartel as part of their strategy to kill off most of us and bring about their satanic New World Order global slave state.  

There is something big brewing across the globe and it does not look good. India, Japan and Australia are strengthening trilateral ties while the United States and NATO are looking to firm up alliances between them all along with Ukraine and Armenia.

This comes soon after the United States announced they are going to place 2,500 Marines in Australia, in addition to cutting-edge fighter jets and transport planes, and Australia announced they are going to purchase $950 million in military equipment.

This is a large and quite complex picture that requires a great deal of reading and research and I recommend that everyone check out my sources and come to their own conclusions.

Israel warns of major attack on Gaza - RT video ~ link ~ Gaza is a massive concentration camp that the war whores in Israel love to attack, killing large numbers of unarmed men, women and children, to show how 'butch' they are.  Stirling       

Imperial overdrive: Red Alert over Iran ~ link ~  This is a 'Good One', a short article that you really want to read it all at the link.  With a massive US Navy super-carrier battle fleet operating inside of the 10-day naval war exercise that Iran is holding in the Strait of Hormuz, with helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, subs, and ships operating on a near-war footing in such close quarters, a tiny misstep could be the spark that launches World War III!   This is most serious!  Stirling    

2011 will be remembered as the year the US, Britain, France and Israel went into Imperial Overdrive in North Africa and the Middle East. Will 2012 be remembered as the year those same Western Allies unleashed World War III?

It is not news anymore to say that the West will soon attack Iran, maybe Syria. They have been threatening to do that for years now, certainly ever since the failed Israeli invasion into Southern Lebanon in mid-2006, when they were routed by Hezbollah.

So what is different today? For starters, general circumstances have changed dramatically in the Region. Genuine popular dissent inside key Muslim countries has been used by the Western Allies to train, fund and arm local criminal and terrorist organizations, dubbed “freedom fighters”, as their proxies.

US aircraft carrier 'spotted' in Iran wargames zone ~ link ~ This is like lighting matches inside of a gunpower storage building.  Anything can go wrong and begin WWIII.  Stirling      

A US aircraft carrier entered a zone near the Strait of Hormuz being used by the Iranian navy for wargames, an Iranian official said Thursday amid rising tensions over the key oil-transit channel.

"A US aircraft carrier was spotted inside the maneuver zone... by a navy reconnaissance aircraft," Commodore Mahmoud Mousavi, the spokesman for the Iranian exercises, told the official IRNA news agency.

The US aircraft carrier was believed to the USS John C. Stennis, one of the US navy's biggest warships.

Conflict between Iran and West 'the greatest danger of 2012' - Russia's UN envoy - with video ~ link Iran’s recent threats to block a vital oil route if the West places sanctions on its oil exports, followed by the US’s sharp response to the threat, have attracted the attention of the international community and raised concerns that the events might push the two nations to the brink of war.

With 2012 just days away, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, has been talking to RT about Russian and UN Security Council strategy in this conflict and other pivotal events of the year such as the Arab Spring and the turmoil in the Middle East.

This is a very dangerous scenario,” said Churkin, commenting on the Iranian-Western stand-off. But “we do believe that a peaceful solution is possible,” he said, pointing out that to avoid serious consequences the negotiations route needs to be followed.

Ynet Opinion:  IDF ready to strike Iran ~ link ~ The fact that Israel is holding training sessions seen as practical preparations for striking Iran’s nuclear sites is no secret. Anyone following the intensive drills held by the Air Force in the Mediterranean and in distant regions, ranging from Romania to Sardinia, realizes that Netanyahu’s and Barak’s declarations that Israel will not tolerate nuclear arms in Iranian hands is backed up by practical capabilities developed by the Air Force and by our military industries.

Based on the raging public discourse in recent days, we can estimate that a military option is available. 

Strait talking: Iran "gets tough" as US fleet looks on - with video ~ linkIn the stand-off over the crucial oil lane in the Persian Gulf, Iran’s navy drill is to culminate with the launch of long-range missiles. The US says its warships, which crossed the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday, are heading to the Arabian Sea.

Iran’s long-range missile systems, including the Shabab-3, cover a distance of over 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) and thus could reach Israel and US bases in the Middle East. According to the Iranian news agency Fars, the missiles will be launched on Saturday, being the key exercise of the Iranian navy maneuvers in the international waters of the Persian Gulf.

Iran to fire long-range missiles during war games in Strait of Hormuz ~ link ~ Iran has long-range missile systems including the Shahab-3, which could reach Israel and US bases in the Middle East. In the past week it has threatened to stop ships moving through the strategic Straight of Hormuz if sanctions are imposed on its oil exports over its disputed nuclear program, increasing tension in a long-running standoff with the West.

"The Iranian navy will test several kinds of its missiles, including its long-range missiles, in the Persian Gulf on Saturday," Admiral Mahmoud Mousavi, deputy commander of the Iranian navy, told FARS news agency.

IDF Chief: Nuclear Iran a threat to entire region not just to Israel ~ link ~ That may be, but Israel with its 600-1,000 nukes and its aggressive Greater Israel strategy is a bigger threat to the entire region.  This craziness that is going on now, with many sane people talking about World War III, does NOT have to happen.  If people would place God in their hearts instead of hate/Satan, and follow the Prince of Peace instead of the war whores, things would get better.   Stirling    

US vs Iran: War over the Strait of Hormuz - RT video ~ link   

Slip-Sliding to War with Iran: The Stage is Now Set for a New War ~ link ~ With the typical backdrop of alarmist propaganda in place, the stage is now set for a new war, this time with Iran. The slightest miscalculation (or provocation) by the United States, Israel or Iran could touch off a violent scenario that will have devastating consequences.

Indeed, even if they want to, the various sides might have trouble backing down enough to defuse today’s explosive situation. After all, the Iranians continue to insist they have no intention of building a nuclear bomb, as much as Israeli and American officials insist that they are.

The Bahrain Uprising in Numbers ~ link ~ Interesting, very interesting.   Stirling       

Stuxnet virus used on Iran was 1 of 5 cyberbombs ~ link ~ The Stuxnet virus that last year damaged Iran's nuclear program was likely one of at least five cyber weapons developed on a single platform whose roots trace back to 2007, according to new research from Russian computer security firm Kaspersky Lab.

Security experts widely believe that the United States and Israel were behind Stuxnet, though the two nations have officially declined to comment on the matter.

New Asian Union means the Fall of the US Dollar ~ link ~ One of the most frustrating issues to haunt the halls of alternative economic analysis is the threat of misrepresentative terminology.  For instance, when the U.S. government decided to back the private Federal Reserve in lowering the interest rates on lending windows to European banks last month, they did not call this a bailout, even though that’s exactly what it was.  They did not call it quantitative easing, or fiat printing, or a hyperinflationary landmine; rarely does bureaucracy ever apply honest terminology to their subversive activities.  False terminology is the bane of every honest analyst, because in order for them to educate and awaken those who are unaware of the truth, they must first battle through the daunting muck of the general public’s horrifically improper perceptions and vocabulary.  

The chain of financial events taking place over the past decade in Asia has been correspondingly mislabeled and misunderstood.  What some economists see as total collapse is actually a new and decidedly prophetic (or engineered) transition.  What some naively see as the “natural” progression of globalism, is actually a distinctly deliberate program of centralization meant to further the goals of world economic and political totalitarianism.  Asia, and most especially China, is a Petri dish for elitist psychopaths.  What we see as suffocating collectivism in this region of the world today is the exact social schematic intended for the West tomorrow.  Call it whatever you will, but on the other side of the Pacific, like the eerie smile of a sinister clown, sits fabricated fate.

Gov. Jesse Ventura endorses Ron Paul as the Only Anti-War Candidate ~ linkAppearing on Alex Jones’ nationally syndicated radio show today, the former governor of Minnesota and best selling author, Jesse Ventura, emphatically declared his support for Ron Paul’s presidential run.

“Ron Paul has Governor Jesse Ventura’s endorsement without a doubt,” he said. “It’s not even close. Because I want a new president that is going to change the direction of this country. I want a new president that is going to follow the Constitution. I want a new president that is going to believe in states’ rights. I want somebody that will shock the status quo.”

Jesse said Ron Paul is the only candidate that will put an end to the establishment’s wars and foreign adventures.

Election 101: How an Iowa GOP caucus works ~ link ~ An Israeli defense firm will be in charge of counting the votes!  That old bastard Joe Stalin said it well, "It does not matter who votes, it only matters who counts the votes".  Stirling     

Mainstream medical pharmaceutical 'science' goes against nature ~ link ~ Yes, but the money junkies don't care because Big Pharma is Big Bucks!  Stirling

Is it possible to thrive without antipsychotics, high-powered painkillers, and statin drugs?

More importantly, are natural alternatives really as ‘dangerous’ as mainstream health officials claim?

Sure, there have been some great advancements in the field of medical science, but profit mongering and a blatant disregard for public health has driven big pharma giants to throw science to the wind and unleash a variety of harmful yet profitable pharmaceuticals.

It is thanks to this motive that pharmaceuticals have now led to more deaths than traffic fatalities in the United States.

One of the earliest drawings of the Tower of Babel found on ancient stone tablet ~ link ~ A carving of the Tower of Babel has been found on a stone tablet dating back over 2,500 years. It comes from the newly published book Cuneiform Royal Inscriptions And Related Texts In The Schøyen Collection.

The collection is owned by Norwegian businessman Martin Schøyen, who has amassed over 13,000 ancient manuscripts and tablets.

New military detention powers threaten basic rights of Americans - video ~ link 

Hungary passes Central Bank law ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~  The Global Banking Cartel HATES this act.  The new Hungarian government, like the Icelandic people, have told the global banksters to 'go to hell'.  More power to them.   This shows that decent office holders can act in the interests of the people instead of just acting as whores for the banksters.  Stirling      
Spain announces tax hikes ~ link ~ The Spanish politicians, unlike the Hungarians, seem to be totally bought-and-paid-for political whores to the greedy banksters.   Stirling     

Deer avoid drowning by boarding charter boat - with photos ~ link      

Apps for apes: Orangutans want iPads - with photos ~ link  

Acupressure for Headaches, Fevers and Pain ~ link  

100 Years in 10 Minutes (1911-2011) - video ~ link  

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