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Occupy Together site ~ link 
Seven core demands:
1) End the Collusion Between Government and Large Corporations/Banks, So That Our Elected Leaders Are Actually Representing the Interests of the People (the 99%) and Not Just Their Rich Donors (the 1%).
2) Investigate Wall Street and Hold Senior Executives Accountable for the Destruction in Wealth that has Devastated Millions of People.
3) Return the Power of Coining Money to the U.S. Treasury and Return to Sound Money, End the Fed
4) Limit the Size, Scope and Power of Banks so that None are Ever Again “Too Big to Fail” and in Need to Taxpayer Bailouts
5) Eliminate “Personhood” Legal Status for Corporations
6) Repeal the Patriot Act, End the War on Drugs and Protect Civil Liberties
7) End All Imperial Wars of Aggression, Bring the Troops Home from All Countries, Cut the Military Budget and Limit The Military Role to Protection of the Homeland 

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The Globalization of War - video ~ link ~ Good One!  Take the time to view this, it is worth the time.  It explains how a number of wars and war theaters are coming together to form World War III.  That this is be design.  Stirling    

 US and Israel to blame for attacks: Syria ~ link ~ Of course, America and Israel are to blame.  Their "leaders" are doing all they can to force a General Middle East War with Syria/Iran/Lebanon/Palestine/Gaza.  They want to wipe out most of the Arab and Persian populations so that they can steal their land, their oil and other natural resources for Israel.  Except that the real two "players" are the extremists in the nutty evil Netanyahu government and the globalists.   The globalists intended to sacrifice Israel to get their Third World War, so that they can usher in their global slave state, the New World Order.   Stirling        

Syria has accused the United States and Israel of involvement in the two deadly attacks on Friday which claimed the lives of 55 innocent people and injured more than 100 others.

The party added that the plot was also aimed at undermining the national unity of Syrians, and their confidence in the leadership of the country.

Thousands of Syrians had on Saturday held a funeral ceremony for the victims of the terror attacks. While mourning the dead, they also condemned the attacks and chanted slogans in favor of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

In interviews with Israeli news outlets over the past few months, the Syrian opposition members have clearly expressed their vision for the future of Syria and their interest in establishing ties with the Tel Aviv regime.

However, Syrian people have repeatedly expressed solidarity with the government. Figures show that during the past weeks, about 12 million people have demonstrated in support of al-Assad.

Understanding the Hegelian Dialectic ~ link ~ Building a New World Order.  

Thousands surge into Moscow to challenge Kremlin - with video ~ link ~ This is PsyOps from the globalists forces as we head into the Third World War.   Stirling    

Russians hold 2nd nationwide protests ~ link ~ According to Russian politician and organizer of the rally Vladimir Ryzhkov, some 120,000 people have already taken to the streets. Ryzhkov says the turnout for next week's protest will reach one million.

The protest comes after Russian President Dmitry Medvedev promised to make reforms.

Putin has accused the United States of encouraging and financing protesters. 

Gorbachev urges Putin to quit ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~  Gorbachev is and has always been a globalist 'asset' doing their bidding.  As we approach the Third World War we can see a new program to de-legitimize the Russian leadership and a drive to challenge China in its Asian and South Sea 'backyard'.  Neither is an accident and all are a part of the Grand Strategic game being played as we head towards the worst war in human history.   Stirling      

Israeli Air Force warplanes strike vehicle convoy in Sudan ~ link ~  Just what the hell is tiny Israel doing making war in far off Sudan???  Will there be any UN Security Council hearings on this?  Any demands for a No Flight Zone over Israel to protect the civilians in Sudan?  I thought not!   Israel is a out-of-control aggressive terrorist state but its money, and the money of its supporters around the world, keep it above the limits that most other nations have to face.  Stirling  

That raid allegedly hit and destroyed two cars, a Land Cruiser and a Toyota Hilux, killing two people and wounding several more, who fled in the direction of the Sudanese border, according to al-Rakoba. The report also said that eyewitnesses reported several people missing after the alleged raid, and also that the Egyptian air force flew over the area several times.

Also according to al-Rakoba, on December 15, Israeli Apache helicopters landed on an island east of the Red Sea port of Mohammed Qol, on which there is a Sudanese air defense radar station.

Reports in Sudan: Israel struck two "weapons convoys" in past month ~ link 

Foreign Minister Lieberman to Europe: Israel has nothing to apologize for ~ link ~ 'When we kill the goy it is not killing, because they are just two-legged animals.  When we steal their land, it is not stealing because the goy are just two-legged soulless animals.'  That it the real attitude behind the trash talk from Lieberman and the nuts like him.  That type of talk and the actions that flow from it will only beget war and destruction, including destruction of those evil ones who mouth such trash.   Stirling      

Israel does not need to apologize to European nations which condemned its West Bank construction policy and the growing rightist violence, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Sunday. 


Lieberman: An Israeli-Palestinian peace will not be achieved within the next decade ~ link ~ You know, Lieberman is such an insane racist nut that he even makes dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu look rational.  That that IS SAYING A LOT!   Stirling      

Moreover, Lieberman also commented on the latest diplomatic faceoff between Israel and European countries, who harshly criticized the recent violence by rightist extremists and Israel's settlement activity. In return, Israel's Foreign Ministry called European countries "irrelevant."

"The countries who criticized us need to understand that construction in the West Bank is not an obstacle to peace and those who pose an obstacle to negotiations, and the opportunity for peace, are the Palestinians who refuse to negotiate with us." 

Qatar's Prime Minister: Qatar to overthrow Saudi regime ~ link ~ The Saudis think that the globalists will give them loyalty for assisting in the war against Syria and Iran.  The evil ones do not work that way!  Stirling        

According to an audio file which has gone viral on the Internet, the premier said Qatari troops would occupy Qatif in Eastern Province and the Al Saud regime will disintegrate.  "The regime of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud is exhausted and powerless to control the country and the army cannot confront the future changes," he asserted.  The remarks were made as people in Qatif have been staging protest rallies to demand freedom and equality over the past months.

The Qatari premier also revealed that the United States and Britain wanted him to report back to them on the situation in Saudi Arabia. "They want to get rid of the Saudi regime while they are afraid of any new Islamic regime in the region," Sheikh Hamad said.  "Therefore, Qatar has taken advantage to transfer US military bases to its country," he added. 


Cyclone hits Northern Australia ~ link ~ The storm has struck parts of the Australian coast in the northeast of Darwin city, as well as a number of islands in the area on Christmas morning.

The category two storm is expected to move south and strengthen to category one.

The Queen's 2011 Christmas Day Message - with videos ~ link ~ I notice that the Queen is not afraid to refer to Jesus in her message...good for her.   Stirling    

Turkish warships shell narrow water between Israeli and Cypriot gas fields ~ link ~ debkafile's military forces report that Wednesday, Dec. 21, Turkish warships began turning their guns on the strip dividing Israel's Leviathan gas field from Block 12 of Cyprus's Exclusive Economic Zone-EEZ, where a large gas field was recently discovered.

Neither Israel nor Cyprus reported the Turkish attacks which are staged in international waters, but both reinforced their naval units around the gas fields. It was the Cypriot president who broke the silence Friday, Dec. 23 with a warning: "If Turkey does not change its gunboat diplomacy and stop playing the part of regional police officer, there will be consequences which, for sure, will not be good - either for the whole region or the Turkish people and first and foremost for Turkish Cypriots," he said.


Bank of America Dumps $75 TRILLION in Derivatives on US taxpayers with Federal approval ~ link ~ Bloomberg reports that Bank of America (BAC) has shifted about $22 trillion worth of derivative obligations from Merrill Lynch and the BAC holding company to the FDIC insured retail deposit division. Along with this information came the revelation that the FDIC insured unit was already stuffed with $53 trillion worth of these potentially toxic obligations, making a total of $75 trillion.

Derivatives are highly volatile financial instruments that are occasionally used to hedge risk, but mostly used for speculation. They are bets upon the value of stocks, bonds, mortgages, other loans, currencies, commodities, volatility of financial indexes, and even weather changes. Many big banks, including Bank of America, issue derivatives because, if they are not triggered, they are highly profitable to the issuer, and result in big bonus payments to the executives who administer them. If they are triggered, of course, the obligations fall upon the corporate entity, not the executives involved. Ultimately, by allowing existing gambling bets to remain in insured retail banks, and endorsing the shift of additional bets into the insured retail division, the obligation falls upon the U.S. taxpayers and dollar-denominated savers. 

World banks brace for Euro collapse ~ link ~ Several banks are even installing systems capable of coping with trading in old European currencies.

Meanwhile finance firms, corporations, and different governments have also turned to plans that aim at preparing them for harsh times.

"Free Syrian Army" commands "Al Qaeda" Military Governor of Tripoli ~ link ~ In other words, the mercenary that the globalists/Zionists brought in to rape/govern Tripoli has been hired to do the same to Syria.   Stirling        

Cupcake Deemed 'Security Risk' by TSA - with video ~ link ~ More insanity to maintain the 9/11 false narrative and to increase the fascist mental imprinting of the American sheeple.   Stirling    

Research: Pineapple Enzyme Superior to Chemotherapy in Treating Cancer ~ link ~ Yes, but Chemotherapy is VERY PROFITABLE to Big Pharma!  If you or someone you know has cancer, do  some on-line research into Rife Therapy and the late Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and Rife Machines.   Stirling     

Ron Paul victory would threaten the establishment's con game - video ~ link  

Ron Paul DIDN'T storm out of CNN interview over racist newsletters ....the interviews as simply done ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~  Those behind the mainstream news media hate Ron Paul because he is not one of their bought-and-paid-for political whores and because he stands for traditional American values and Constitutional law.   Stirling     

Would Jesus be in the 99% ~ link ~ Yes!  In that Jesus was a Man for all people.  One who placed God as God, not money as god.  One who stood for peace and love, not war and hate.  One who can be described as Love.   Stirling   

A Very Scary Christmas And An Incredibly Frighting New Year ~ link ~ Can you hear that?  It almost sounds like a little bit of peace and quiet.  This year, the holiday season has been fairly uneventful, and for that we should be very grateful.  But it isn’t going to last long.  2012 is going to be a much more difficult year for the U.S. economy and the global financial system than 2011 has been.  So if things are going well for you right now, enjoy this little bubble of peace and tranquility while you can.  Because while things may look calm on the surface right now, the truth is that this is a very scary Christmas for financial professionals and world leaders.  Most of them know how fragile the global financial system is at the moment.  Most of them know that we are living in the greatest bubble of debt, leverage and financial risk that the world has ever seen.  As I wrote about the other day, world leaders would not be throwing huge bailouts around like crazy if everything was going to be just fine.  The truth is that we are rapidly approaching another financial crisis that may end up being even worse than the horrific crash of 2008. 

Yes, we are heading for a huge financial collapse and massive economic trouble. 

Billions of federal dollars wasted as US debt explodes ~ link ~ Billions of federal tax dollars were wasted on apparently frivolous and unnecessary projects in 2011, even as the national debt ballooned to more than £15trillion.

For example, $10million was spent on a remake of Sesame Street for Pakistan featuring a hard-working donkey, called Baily, who longs to be a pop star.

Seafood 10,000 Times Over Safe Limit for Carcinogenic Contamination - US FDA says to eat it anyway ~ link ~ Despite seafood showing extremely high levels of contamination, the FDA still deems the food safe for consumption. The FDA not only falsely softened the risk of seafood consumption due to carcinogenic contaminants such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the seafood supply, but also ignored individual FDA staff members who called for higher levels of contamination protection.

The oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 was one of the largest offshore oil spills in history. One recent study conducted by researchers at the Natural Resources Defense Council found that FDA Gulf seafood “safe levels” actually allowed 100 to 10,000 times more carcinogenic PAHs in seafood than what is safe. This move by the FDA is not only only irresponsible for environmental and human safety, but puts those who are more vulnerable at a higher risk, such as pregnant women and children.

Rense & Texe Marrs - The Plan - Die America Die - video ~ link 
The American Fascist Sandwich: Indefinite Detention and Interment Camps ~ link ~  Do take the time to read all of this excellent article at the link.  Stirling   
The Bill of Rights is no more. On December 15th, 2011 at the hands of a metastasizing malignancy, masquerading as purveyors of freedom, whatever hope we had of liberty and the pursuit of peace was officially assassinated. We are now a police state. 

Overwhelming feelings of searing rage and disgust at the wicked abomination that is our Congress and President cannot be contained. Our government, courts, military and law enforcement -- which have been controlled by socio/psychopaths for decades -- continues to decompose into a rabid, sleazy, moronic, delusional group of arrogant, self-serving, sycophantic, greedy, whores.

It's time to dispense with semantic subtleties meant to placate and avoid offense. Diplomacy is reserved for those who are worthy. No more time to waste on pandering to, analyzing, intellectualizing or sugar-coating treachery. The State is the enemy of the people. Those responsible for instilling fear, subjugation, humiliation, imprisonment, torture and murder are our own government terrorists--the U.S. Congress, the President of the United States and their minions.

Last Hope: Rep. Landry introduces amendment to NDAA ~ link ~ Thankfully, Jeff Landry, a freshman Republican Congressman from Louisiana introduced H.R. 3676 which intends, “To amend the detainee provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 to specifically state that United States citizens may not be detained against their will without all the rights of due process afforded to citizens in a court ordained or established by or under Article II of the Constitution of the United States.”

Reposting the following because the topics are so important:

69 Newest Technology Patriot Missiles Seized by Finland Sold by Israeli to China, F-22 secrets also sold by Israel to China~ link ~ Unbelievable!   What rotten bunch of thieving evil bastards the Netanyahu Israeli government is!!!  We, the American taxpayer give them our latest technology to shoot down ICBMs and they sell these missiles to our enemy China!   Will we close our Embassy in Israel?  Will we recall our Ambassador?  Nope, in fact we are very close to going to war in the Middle East for Israel (yet again), in a war that is apt to kill about a third or more of us American citizens here in America.   WAKE UP AMERICA!!!   This is a Must Read Story...please read it all at the link.    Stirling    

During a routine search of the MS Thor Liberty, a ship flagged by the Isle of Man, at the Finnish port of Kotka, authorities found 69 Patriot missiles of a type capable of intercepting ICBMs, the most modern available and America’s most sensitive military technology.

Attempts to represent this as a sale of “second hand” PAC 2 missiles, stories filling the blogosphere, fail to address that these are PAC 3 advanced missiles and labeled for shipment to China, not Korea.

Now we learn the Pentagon story was “cover” and it was the F22 Raptor, not the F35, an “export plane,” that was compromised:

After demanding Patriot Missiles as Protection from Iran, Israel sells secret US Technology to China ~ linkThese units, the most advanced Patriot system had only been supplied to nation, Israel. The 69 Patiot ICBM interceptors are believed to be a highly secret consignment demanded by Israel as protection from any retaliatory strike by Iran were war to break out in the region, Instead of deploying them, the missiles were apparently sold to China labeled as “fireworks” accoring to Interior Minister Paivi Rasanen.

Though the missiles themselves were worth only $4 billion, the technology transfer itself would be worth over $125 billion, and represent a signficant loss of defense capability for the United States. Sources termed it, “An absolute disaster, even if they only received the radar systems alone, much less the missiles. That this would go unreported though the story was broken in Europe 48 hours ago is astounding. Nobody in Washington has this although even the BBC report contains more than enough information to bring Washington to a halt.

US aircraft drop spy devices on Syrian town ~ link ~ These are for the coming war.  Israel betrays America, once again, BIG TIME and we go on with making war preparations to get involved in the biggest war yet for apt to kill a third or more of Americans citizens in America.  Now that is what you call a ZOG...Zionist Occupied Government here in America!   Stirling     

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