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Occupy Together site ~ link 
Seven core demands:
1) End the Collusion Between Government and Large Corporations/Banks, So That Our Elected Leaders Are Actually Representing the Interests of the People (the 99%) and Not Just Their Rich Donors (the 1%).
2) Investigate Wall Street and Hold Senior Executives Accountable for the Destruction in Wealth that has Devastated Millions of People.
3) Return the Power of Coining Money to the U.S. Treasury and Return to Sound Money, End the Fed
4) Limit the Size, Scope and Power of Banks so that None are Ever Again “Too Big to Fail” and in Need to Taxpayer Bailouts
5) Eliminate “Personhood” Legal Status for Corporations
6) Repeal the Patriot Act, End the War on Drugs and Protect Civil Liberties
7) End All Imperial Wars of Aggression, Bring the Troops Home from All Countries, Cut the Military Budget and Limit The Military Role to Protection of the Homeland 

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Is Poland's Premier leading his nation into a New Slavery?  ~ link ~ His defense, 'The Rothschilds told me to do it'.  Seriously, this is what modern 'democracy' has become, worthless political whores who have sold themselves to the Global Banking Cartel who have an unlimited amount of money.  Stirling    

European nation states can manage their financial and social affairs without being dictated to by the European Commission or the German federation. In the loosely knit extended family which is Europe today, no two countries and cultures are 'the same' nor do they wish to be. We should celebrate this fact, because that is the beauty of our individual, yet diverse Europe. Yet the 'fiscal unity' medicine of the euro plan would squeeze this individuality into Orwellian conformity, turning the richness of diversity into a sterile monoculture to be overseen by faceless corporations and tunnel-vision bureaucrats.

Right now, we have a vital opportunity to cut short the advance of this monster -- which is looking to wield absolute control over the democratic experiment. For Poland, this will mean citizens activating themselves to resolutely demand a public debate and referendum: on the country's desire for -- or rejection of -- becoming a co-partner to a supranational technocracy that has no roots in the European tradition and no public mandate to set the rules of other nations.

Why The Globalist Agenda Is Backfiring ~ link ~ Which is why they plan a 'little event' to override the 'backfiring'...World War III.   Stirling    

Think about it. The more people who lose their homes and material wealth in this manipulated downturn, the more people who stop, think and re-evalute. The more people who realize the financial and political situation is engineered for the good of a very few and not the people, the more wake up. The more people who are directly offended by these draconian new anti-freedom laws and intrusive surveillance methods, the more startled, questioning and activated they will become.

And the more people who become aware it's this way because that's the way someone wants it, the more come to some alarming yet empowering conclusions.

This is what the New World Order is unwittingly precipitating, and they're seeing it and they're afraid. Here's their admission by an Illuminist global strategist and a hint at their sinister solution:

What if Ron Paul wins Iowa - and New Hampshire also? ~ link ~ Ron Paul is surging in Iowa. In polls of Hawkeye State Republican voters, Rep. Paul has jumped from about 12 percent support on Dec. 12 to 21.7 percent support today, according to the RealClearPolitics rolling average. With Newt Gingrich’s Iowa support collapsing, Paul is suddenly the GOP frontrunner there – and the caucuses are only two weeks away.

In sum, if Paul wins Iowa and New Hampshire, all bets would be off as to how the primary season would unfold from there, and Paul himself would be subject to a level of scrutiny he hasn’t faced before.

USAF Third Air Force commander visit's Israel to finalize massive war games plans ~ link ~ The drill, which is unprecedented in its size, will include the establishment of US command posts in Israel and IDF command posts at EUCOM headquarters in Germany – with the ultimate goal of establishing joint task forces for the event of a future large-scale conflict in the Middle East.

The US will also bring its THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) and ship-based Aegis ballistic missile defense systems to Israel to simulate the interception of missile salvos against Israel. The American systems will work in conjunction with Israel’s missile defense systems – the Arrow, Patriot and Iron Dome.

NATO vs. Syria ~ link ~ Any attack on Syria is a act of war against not only it but Iran as both are close military allies.  Any such war means a General Middle East War with weapons of mass destruction and almost certainly World War III.  This is an excellent short article, please take the time to read it all at the link.   Stirling     

NATO is already clandestinely engaged in the Syrian conflict, with Turkey taking the lead as U.S. proxy. Ankara’s foreign minister, Ahmet Davitoglu, has openly admitted that his country is prepared to invade as soon as there is agreement among the Western allies to do so. The intervention would be based on humanitarian principles, to defend the civilian population based on the “responsibility to protect” doctrine that was invoked to justify Libya. Turkish sources suggest that intervention would start with creation of a buffer zone along the Turkish-Syrian border and then be expanded. Aleppo, Syria’s largest and most cosmopolitan city, would be the crown jewel targeted by liberation forces.

Unmarked NATO warplanes are arriving at Turkish military bases close to Iskenderum on the Syrian border, delivering weapons from the late Muammar Gaddafi’s arsenals as well as volunteers from the Libyan Transitional National Council who are experienced in pitting local volunteers against trained soldiers, a skill they acquired confronting Gaddafi’s army. Iskenderum is also the seat of the Free Syrian Army, the armed wing of the Syrian National Council. French and British special forces trainers are on the ground, assisting the Syrian rebels while the CIA and U.S. Spec Ops are providing communications equipment and intelligence to assist the rebel cause, enabling the fighters to avoid concentrations of Syrian soldiers.

Assad forces ambushed by rebels as violence escalates in Syria ~ link ~ We are nearing a point when the twin pincer attacks on Syria from the foreign forces, in the north and in the south, will simply be too much to continue on without a massive counter-attack.  When that day happens, the main part of the Third World War will have begun.  Stirling   

At least 47 people were killed in Syria on Tuesday including 14 members of President Bashar Assad's security forces who were ambushed by rebels in the south of the country, an activist group said.

Arrest warrant for Iraqi Vice-President fuels fears of Sunnis vs. Shiites civil war ~ link ~ This will form part of the General Middle East War and the Third World War that is steamrolling towards us at a high rate of speed now.   Stirling    

US Sec. of Defense Panetta: Iran a year away from nukes, strike 'not off the table' ~ link ~ Gee maybe we have have another "worth it" war Mr. Secretary, maybe one that can kill a hundred million or so Americans and even more Europeans from biowar.  The man is a total evil war whore for the globalists and extreme Zionists.   Stirling    

Panetta: Iran's just months away from a nuke - A RED LINE for US and Israel ~ link ~ Israel already has a MAD (mutually assured destruction) Counter-Force based on Advanced Biowar that can effectively destroy Israel and America and Canada and all of European NATO and the Middle East.  So why is this ...most likely made-up lies about their nuclear program...a cause for war???  Just who's interest is this man serving???  Not America's, not Israel's, not NATO's...is he doing the dirty work for the totally satanic Global Banking Cartel so that they can have their Third World War to kill off most of us and establish their New World Order?!!   Stirling     

"Despite the efforts to disrupt the Iranian nuclear program, they have reached a point where they can assemble a bomb in a year or potentially less," said US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta in a CBS interview Tuesday, Dec. 20, marking a radical change in US administration policy, he added: "That's a red line for us and that's a red line, obviously for the Israelis. If we have to do it we will deal with it."

The administration's change of course finds expression in six areas:  

Panetta: Iraq War was "worth it" ~ link ~ Really asshole!  Just who was it "worth it" to, the defense industry, the 8 families who own the Federal Reserve to whom Federal debt is profit, to some jerk like yourself who gets to be a 'war leader'.  It certainly was not "worth it" to the poor trooper who was killed leaving a young wife and small children without a father, or to some poor Marine who will live without his legs for however much longer he has to live.  It certainly was not worth it to the over one million Iraqi civilians killed in your "worth it" war and to the millions maimed for life.  I suspect that when you meet your Maker you will have a bit of a problem explaining yourself and your actions in this "worth it" war.  Stirling     

The “price” that Panetta believes is “worth it” includes dead civilians in the hundreds of thousands, countless more maimed, millions of Iraqis internally and externally displaced (a huge number who remain so), tens of thousands of American soldiers killed and/or injured, and at least $1 trillion spent, contributing to “austerity” so severe that Panetta himself has been urging cuts to core social programs. That is above and beyond future Saddam-like oppression, tyranny and sectarian strife under the Malaki regime. As the always-insightful military historian and former Army Colonel Andrew Bacevich put it this week: “Recalling that Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction and alleged ties to al-Qaeda both turned out to be all but non-existent, a Churchillian verdict on the war might read thusly: Seldom in the course of human history have so many sacrificed so dearly to achieve so little.”

Panetta’s statement is highly reminiscent of the 1996 2001 incident in which Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was asked by Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes about the sanctions regime imposed on Iraq: “We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?” Albright replied: “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.” They’re similar not just because the words are virtually identical, though they are, but also because they spring from the same rotted imperial mentality. Regarding Panetta’s declaration that the Iraq War was “worth it,” I have three questions:

Occupy Atlanta helps save Iraq War veteran's home from foreclosure ~ link ~ Before Occupy Atlanta set up its tents on her lawn, Chase had set an eviction date for Jan. 3. Now, Walker, who lives with her girlfriend and her two children, will get to stay in her Riverdale, Ga. home.

"I strongly believe Occupy Atlanta accelerated the process and helped save my home," Walker says. "If it had not been for them standing up, I probably wouldn't be having this happy ending."

Dutch laboratory creates 'mutant bird flu' spaking terrorism fears ~ link ~ I am one of very few individuals warning of the grave dangers to the Human Race of Advanced Biological Warfare.  I have been writing on this subject for several years now; especially on the very large and 21 year old Advanced Biowar program that Iran has based on former Soviet scientists.  This article speaks of a 'mutant bird flu' that is horribly dangerous, but is still fairly 'mild' compaired to some of the real hellish things being created in the world's many advanced biowar labs.  The Bible speaks of one-third of the world dying from "plague" in the Final Battle.  This is almost certainly Advanced Biowar.   Stirling      

A research team led by Ron Fouchier at Rotterdam's Erasmus Medical Centre said in September it had created a mutant version of the H5N1 bird flu virus that could for the first time be spread among mammals. "We need to be very vigilant," said French Health Minister Xavier Bertrand.

The H5N1 strain of bird flu is fatal in 60 per cent of human cases but only 350 people have so far died from the disease largely because it cannot, yet, be transmitted between humans.

NOTE: Along the lines of this super-flu mutation as a terrorist threat, I have been told that at least one US domestic Air Force Base has been holding 'contagion drills'.  While I believe such drills are necessary, I do not believe that America or hardly any nation has even begun to do enough to protect its population base from a Advanced Biowar nightmare.  An Advanced Biowar attack, utilizing multiple lab-engineered viruses would be the equivalent of a thermonuclear attack in terms of dead civilians.  That Iran is one of the World's leaders in this type of war technology and still many are demanding a war against Iran is crazy.   Stirling      

Outbreak: Man-made super-flu formula to be published?  ~ link ~ A man-made virus that could wipe out half humanity has been deemed a terrorist threat. And while the scientists behind the Frankenstein-flu hoped their research would help find a cure, critics fear they have developed the ultimate bio-weapon.

Deadly bird flu with potential to infect billions is grown deliberately in laboratory ~ link ~ One senior scientific advisor to the U.S. Government was last night quoted as saying 'The fear is that if you create something this deadly and it goes into a global pandemic the mortality and cost to the world could be massive. The worst-case scenario here is worse than anything you can imagine.'

The mutated virus is being stored under lock and key in a basement building at the centre in Rotterdam, but is without armed guards. 

Alarm as Dutch lab creates highly contagious killer flu ~ link ~ This is what Advanced Biological Warfare labs do every day, and there are dozens and dozens of these all over the World!   Stirling    

Dr Fouchier, who declined to answer questions until a decision is made on publication, said in a statement released on the university's website that it only took a small number of mutations to change the avian flu virus into a form that could spread more easily between humans. "We have discovered that this is indeed possible, and more easily than previously thought. In the laboratory, it was possible to change H5N1 into an aerosol-transmissible virus that can easily be rapidly spread through the air," Dr Fouchier said. "This process could also take place in a natural setting.

A second, independent team of researchers led by Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the universities of Wisconsin and Tokyo is understood to have carried out similar work with similar results, which has underlined how easy it is to create the super virus with a combination of deliberate mutations and random genetic changes brought about by passing avian flu manually from the nose of one ferret to another.

General who is head of 'public relations' for Egyptian junta: Protesters should be "Thrown into Hitler's ovens" ~ link ~ Now that is a sign of one sick SOB!  Stirling     

'Comrade Kim Jong-un' endorsed by China ~ link ~ I believe that there will be a inter-Korean War as a major war theater to WWIII.   Stirling     

The Chinese government announced that co-operation with North Korea would continue. It hailed the late Kim Jong-il as a great leader and a close friend, and called on the North Korean people to unify under the leadership of "comrade Jong-un" and turn their "anguish into strength".

China is crucial to the survival of Pyongyang in the face of international isolation. It has provided economic assistance to North Korea since 2006, when US and South Korean aid dried up after Pyongyang carried out the first of two nuclear tests. In the past 18 months Kim Jong-il travelled four times to China. He also visited Russia, North Korea's other key partner.

Kim Jong-il's 'great successor' is poorly eqipped for issues facing North Korea ~ link ~ However North Korea's ruling elite proceeds with the dynastic transfer of power following Kim Jong-il's death, there is agreement that the man chosen to succeed him is ill-equipped to deal with the myriad domestic and international challenges facing one of the world's most repressive, and unpredictable, regimes.

Just over a year ago, few people were aware of Kim Jong-un, the former leader's third and youngest son, who largely by dint of the personality traits he shares with his father and the unsuitability of his brothers, has been propelled to the top of the state's power structure with unexpected haste.

North Korean leader lies in state - with video ~ link ~ You know, when I was in Moscow I was in Red Square maybe three times and there was no line to get in to see the pickled corpse of that monster Lenin.  Even though the historian in me wanted to view the thing, the Christian in me won over.  No way I wanted to honor that satanic evil jerk by walking through his mausoleum.  I feel the same way about Kim.   Stirling      

Kim Jong0il's body placed on glass coffin - with video and photos ~ link ~ The body of North Korea’s leader is lying in state in an open glass coffin so that mourners can pay their last respects. His personal armored railway wagon and official Mercedes are on display nearby.


The commemorative events are taking place in Kumsusan Memorial Palace (also called Kim Il-sung Mausoleum) in downtown Pyongyang.

How did US intelligence not know about Kim's death for 2 days ~ link 

Italian Study: Turin Shroud is Christ's authentic burial cloth ~ link ~ I know several of the scientists and historians deeply involved in the study of the Holy Shroud and I am convinced, based on scientific evidence, that this is the actual burial shroud of Jesus Christ!  Stirling      

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