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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
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Orthodox Cherubim Hymn - video ~ link 

Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

Obama and Barak discuss dwindling Iran War options ~ link ~ There are clear imperatives pushing the war-hawks to act very soon.  Stirling     
The removal of most of Iran's nuclear facilities below ground, President Obama's willingness to heed conciliatory feelers from Tehran, and Baghdad's assumption of the role of go-between for Washington and Tehran are all bad news for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his defense minister.
Even the option of a clear run through Iraq for Israeli warplanes to strike Iran is likely to be short-lived: Tehran, which controls the Iraqi prime minister, will lose no time in placing its electronic warfare and intelligence systems in position for shutting that corridor to Israel.
Israel's vanishing options on Iran topped Ehud Barak's conversation with Barack Obama in Washington on Friday.

Israeli-Italian aerial war drill ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~  As part of the drill, advanced Italian jets simulated battles against Israel's F-15s and F-16s. The exercise, which officials said concluded successfully, included joint flight sessions and an opportunity for Italy to become familiar with the Israeli Air Force's special ground equipment. 

Senior Italian officials who participated in the drill downplayed questions about any possible connection between the exercise and a potential Iran strike. Air Force Brigadier General Hagai Topolonsky also dismissed a possible link, saying that "the media have a tendency to link unrelated matters and make a story out of them. Our deployment in Sardinia was part of our annual training plan."

Iran embarking on ambitious $1 billion cyber-warfare program ~ link Tehran has embarked on an ambitious plan to boost its offensive and defensive cyber-warfare capabilities and is investing $1 billion in developing new technology and hiring new computer experts.

Iran has been the victim of a number of cyber attacks in recent years, some attributed to Israel. The most famous attack was by a virus called Stuxnet which is believed, at its prime, to have destroyed 1,000 centrifuges at the Natanz fuel enrichment facility by sabotaging their motors.

Panetta to Reinforce Strong US-Turkish Partnership ~ link ~ Keep in mind that Turkey just declared itself ready for war with Syria.  Both Syria and Turkey have moved heavy military forces to their joint border within the last few days.  Stirling     

Report: Iran blinded CIA spy satellite ~ link ~ European intelligence source claims Iran stuns West by 'aiming a laser burst quite accurately' at US satellite in never before reported incident. US official: If Russians provided Iran with sophisticated jamming equipment it means a lot else is at risk too.

Israel announces new 'depth' Command for long-range military operations ~ link ~ The Israel Defense Forces is forming a command to supervise "depth" operations, actions undertaken by the military far from Israel's borders, the army announced on Thursday

The new authority will be commanded by a military officer at the rank of Major General, and will be headed by the former chief of the elite Sayeret Matkal special forces unit Shai Avital, who will return to military serivce to fill the position. 
Israel's Nuclear Holocaust - video ~ link ~ The video says Israel has 400 nuclear weapons.  I think that the real number is somewhere between 600 and 1,000!  Stirling     
Medvedev on USA: 'If they continue to push us around, we'll push back' - with video ~ link Medvedev summed up his statement by saying that he will not stand for intimidation. Russia will continue to pursue its interest within the international arena. “If they want to push us around, we’ll push back. But if they hear our concerns, then we can work together.”
The Week That Changed America ~ linkJust this past week we've seen martial law virtually declared, while also authorizing the military to wage internet warfare at will. Then the proposed internet "copyright bill" ready to shut down anyone is now on the table.

Those first two together spell the end of freedom, both personal and of expression, with the military being given a completely free hand to sabotage whom they will. It's just a matter of time before they mesh the two.

The last, so called "copyright" issues, is just the finishing touches. Probably finalized before their "break".

Merry Christmas, America. 

Gerald Celente - "The Crooks Make the Laws" - video ~ link
Occupy the FED ~ link Notice has been given. If your name is Rothschild, Rockefeller, Goldman Sachs, Lehman, Warburg, Israel Moses Seif, Lazard or Kuhn Loeb the gig is up. Your centuries of pillaging the planet for personal enrichment are coming swiftly to an end.

Be afraid. Be very afraid!

Putin dubs McCain 'nuts', says US drones, commando killed Gaddafi - with video ~ link ~ Vladimir Putin has lashed out at John McCain over his threats that the PM may face same fate as the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. The Russian premier speculated that the US senator has been traumatized by his POW experience.

Putin also said hawkish politicians like McCain are targeting, not him personally, but rather Russia, because it has the strength to protect its sovereignty and its international interests rather than submit to world domination pretenses. But there are more those who want to see Russia as a partner, not as an enemy.

Pope Benedict XVI seems worn out as he heads into Christmas season ~ link ~ People who have spent time with him recently say they found him weaker than they'd ever seen him, seemingly too tired to engage with what they were saying. He no longer meets individually with visiting bishops. A few weeks ago he started using a moving platform to spare him the long walk down St. Peter's Basilica.

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