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Seven core demands:
1) End the Collusion Between Government and Large Corporations/Banks, So That Our Elected Leaders Are Actually Representing the Interests of the People (the 99%) and Not Just Their Rich Donors (the 1%).
2) Investigate Wall Street and Hold Senior Executives Accountable for the Destruction in Wealth that has Devastated Millions of People.
3) Return the Power of Coining Money to the U.S. Treasury and Return to Sound Money, End the Fed
4) Limit the Size, Scope and Power of Banks so that None are Ever Again “Too Big to Fail” and in Need to Taxpayer Bailouts
5) Eliminate “Personhood” Legal Status for Corporations
6) Repeal the Patriot Act, End the War on Drugs and Protect Civil Liberties
7) End All Imperial Wars of Aggression, Bring the Troops Home from All Countries, Cut the Military Budget and Limit The Military Role to Protection of the Homeland 

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US Special Forces mass on Syrian Border ~ link ~ NATO powers are preparing a new “humanitarian intervention” on the back of disputed reports that the Assad regime has killed 5,000 pro-democracy demonstrators. Skeptical voices have pointed out that, just like Libya, the so-called protesters are in fact militants attempting to overthrow the government in the course of a civil war.

Just as Al-Qaeda terrorists were used to oust Gaddafi, hundreds of Libyan rebels were airlifted into Syria to aid the opposition in carrying out attacks against government forces.

US troops exiting Iraq deployed in Jordan on Syrian border ~ link ~ It really would be just like these satanic globalist/Zionist bastards to start World War III at Christmas time!!!   Stirling      

The incoming US contingents are disclosed by our sources as having been housed at the King Hussein Air Base of al-Mafraq, 10 kilometers from the Syrian border. US troops were sighted Monday, Dec. 12, building surveillance towers and army posts in the Jordanian villages of Albaej, Zubaydiah and al-Nahdah al-Houshah as well as near the Sarham dam of the Yarmoukh River which runs down the international border between Syria and Jordan.

Three months ago, the Syrian ruler cautioned Jordan's King Abdullah II to stop granting asylum to Syrian military deserters and allowing his country to serve as a conduit for pumping arms to the opposition.

Iran Attack Next? ~ link ~ This map tells the whole story. Each star represents a U.S. military base. In the middle, in blue, is Iran. Iran has no military bases outside its borders. Just north of Iran is Georgia that has essentially become a U.S./NATO base. Turkey belongs to NATO. Iran has been checkmated. North of Georgia is Russia. Can there be any wonder why Russia is so alarmed about an attack on Iran?

Imagine if we saw a map of the U.S. with Russian or Chinese military bases throughout Canada and Mexico along with their warships just off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. The American people would be going ballistic. But when we do it to others, no one even blinks an eye.

War on Iran has already begun. Act before it threatens all of us ~ link ~ It seems not. For months the evidence has been growing that a US-Israeli stealth war against Iran has already begun, backed by Britain and France. Covert support for armed opposition groups has spread into a campaign of assassinations of Iranian scientists, cyber warfare, attacks on military and missile installations, and the killing of an Iranian general, among others.

The attacks are not directly acknowledged, but accompanied by intelligence-steered nods and winks as the media are fed a stream of hostile tales – the most outlandish so far being an alleged Iranian plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to the US – and the western powers ratchet up pressure for yet more sanctions over Iran’s nuclear programme.

The real challenge posed by Iran to the US and Israel has been as an independent regional power, allied to Syria and the Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas movements. As US troops withdraw from Iraq, Saudi Arabia fans sectarianism, and Syrian opposition leaders promise a break with Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, the threat of proxy wars is growing across the region.

Armed gangs kill Syrian Army general ~ link ~ Armed gangs have killed a Syrian army general during clashes in the northwestern city of Idleb as the unrest continues in the volatile country, Press TV reports. The incident occurred after clashes broke out in the restive area near the ballot stations between the Syrian army and the armed groups, according to official Syrian sources.

In another incident in Idleb, Syrian border forces prevented 15 gunmen from infiltrating into Syria from Turkey on Monday, killing two gunmen. 

Liege Attack: Gunman kills at least 3, wounds 75 in Belgium - with video ~ link ~ The man also threw grenades into a crowded square from a rooftop before killing himself, reports say.

\He was named as Nordine Amrani, aged 33. He was known to police for firearms offences. Officials said the attacker acted alone, ruling out terrorism. 

US lawmakers freeze $700 million in aid to Pakistan ~ link ~ A crisis in relations looked set to deepen after a US House-Senate negotiating panel agreed to freeze $700 million in US aid to Pakistan until it gives assurances it is helping fight the spread of improvised explosive devices in the region.

Pakistan is one of the largest recipients of US foreign aid, and the cutback announced is only a small proportion of the billions in civil and military assistance it gets each year.

US and Pakistan move to impose penalties on one another ~ link ~ This is all part of the drive to set up a Pakistan-India-Afghanistan-China War Theater to WWIII.   Stirling     

Suspend habeas corpus and enact martial law in USA? ~ link ~ Do take the time to read all of this excellent article at the link.  Stirling   

Americans seem ready to forfeit their most basic civil liberty -- actually, all their civil liberties -- without a whimper.

By a vote of 93-7 the Senate this month approved a military appropriations bill empowering the government to designate any U.S. citizen within the country as a terrorist and to have the military hold him indefinitely without trial and without the right to habeas corpus, the right to be brought before a court for a judgment on the legality of one's imprisonment.
In effect the legislation is a declaration of martial law throughout the country.

If the bill becomes law the president and his successors will gain dictatorial power, the power exercised by the worst tyrants in history -- Hitler, Stalin, and Mao -- the power to kidnap anyone off the street or out of his own home and lock him away incommunicado forever. The president will be able to do that even to members of Congress themselves, and while it would suit them right for enacting such an abomination, Americans better rise up and stop it if they don't want the country to slip into totalitarianism as Germany did in similar circumstances in 1933.

Congressman Ron Paul: Defense Bill establishes Martial Law in America ~ link ~ The bastards in Congress that have voted for this are nothing but first class traitors to the America people and all that America has stood for since the American Revolution.   Stirling      

Top tier presidential candidate Ron Paul has decried the ‘indefinite detention’ provision of the National Defense Authorization Act, warning that it represents an arrogant, bold and dangerous attempt to establish martial law in America.

Speaking with the Alex Jones Show today, Congressman Paul went on the offensive against the bill, which is set to be signed into law by President Obama later this week.

Instruments of Repression - Nation of Laws - The Immorality of Today's Government ~ link ~ I'm always amazed at how much more was known by our forefathers than seems to be known today. Read the federalist and anti-federalist papers and learn how much the founders of this nation knew about the democracies that had existed prior to 1775. These people not only knew what nations had tried democracy but why their democracies had failed. The hope was that Americans would avoid the things that had destroyed those democracies. But look at America's political establishment today and compare what you see to what the founders said. You will notice that all the things we were told to avoid have been adopted instead. Instead of learning from the past, we have reproduced it.
LHC: Higgs Boson 'may have been glimpsed' ~ link ~

The particle is purported to be the means by which everything in the Universe obtains its mass. Scientists say that two experiments at the LHC see hints of the Higgs at the same mass, fuelling huge excitement.

Fukushima: Reactor 4 is falling apart ~ link ~ The wall of the south side is falling apart at reactor 4.
Reactor 4 is in the most serious situation. It is assumed that if another aftershock hits it to drop the spent fuel pool hung in the building, the entire area in eastern Japan would be too contaminated to be inhabitable.

The Naked Emperor at The Mad Hatter's Tea Party ...Dog Poet Transmitting ~ link ~ Good One!  Stirling    
There is a certain clownish buffoonery that comes about in the last stages of the end game, where overblown caricatures dominate the public viewing arenas. This is attended by, in your face criminality, by the forces of business and in the political realm as well. We see this in Mr. Corzine. People know that looting went on though they may not know who really did it and what the circumstances were. This is like unto AGI, only different (grin) and, of course, the same predatory agents are engaged in most questionable activities. The whole war on terror thing is to distract from the real terrorists and their daily looting and mass murder around the globe. Now they are going after Russia and one of their members, an oligarch, is intending to run against Putin. It's not rocket science; identifying who is doing what and where. The Newtwit has come out of the lowest popularity percentage to lead all candidates for the GOP nomination. Nothing in real time has changed. It's all a fabrication. It's all smoke and mirrors. Public perception will be shaped and electoral fraud will take care of the end process. Yet I am optimistic.

I am watching a cycle in operation. I am seeing the stages through which it moves and am noting the absurdity and living satire of the present state and as I never tire of saying; it's all for the purpose of demonstration. You are being shown. Perhaps you are not paying attention but your attention will be seized at the time intended for that to happen. We know that evil destroys itself. This destiny is built into the nature of it. Why should we expect a different outcome this time? Isn't that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results? No one has ever taken over the whole world. Alexander came close but no one has ever accomplished it and no one ever will. As Lao Tzu has stated, “The world is a sacred vessel, at the mere touch of the profane, it recedes”.
Greek disability organizations hold rally ~ link ~ "But the banksters want MORE MONEY...so you poor disabled people will just have to make do with LESS"...That is the attitude of the globalists trash and their bought-and-paid-for political whores.   Stirling     
Protesters claim that their benefits have been reduced and that the government may cut more benefits as a result of austerity measures aimed at reducing the country's debt.

Demonstrators in wheelchairs gathered in front of the parliament. Clashes broke out when supporters of the disabled tried to break the police line and make their way towards the office of Prime Minister Lucas Papademos. 

Italian bond yields soar as strikes raise doubts over PM Monti's austerity cuts ~ link ~ Confidence fades in latest eurozone fix as all of Italy's unions strike over where €20bn cuts will fall, France faces rating cut and fears grow that Germany's Commerzbank might need a bailout.

Occupy protesters disrupt ports across US West Coast ~ link ~ More than 1,000 Occupy Wall Street protesters have blocked cargo trucks at busy US west coast ports, forcing some shipping terminals in Oakland, California, Portland, Oregon, and Washington state to halt operations.

While the protests on Monday attracted far fewer people than the 10,000 who turned out on 2 November to shut down Oakland's port, organisers declared victory and promised more demonstrations to come.

US proposes unmanned border entry with Mexico ~ link ~ The bastard globalists and their bought-and-paid-for political whores in the Obama Administration and Congress are doing all they can, as fast as they can, to destroy America...while most Americans are too stupid to know what is happening!  Stirling      

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