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Seven core demands:
1) End the Collusion Between Government and Large Corporations/Banks, So That Our Elected Leaders Are Actually Representing the Interests of the People (the 99%) and Not Just Their Rich Donors (the 1%).
2) Investigate Wall Street and Hold Senior Executives Accountable for the Destruction in Wealth that has Devastated Millions of People.
3) Return the Power of Coining Money to the U.S. Treasury and Return to Sound Money, End the Fed
4) Limit the Size, Scope and Power of Banks so that None are Ever Again “Too Big to Fail” and in Need to Taxpayer Bailouts
5) Eliminate “Personhood” Legal Status for Corporations
6) Repeal the Patriot Act, End the War on Drugs and Protect Civil Liberties
7) End All Imperial Wars of Aggression, Bring the Troops Home from All Countries, Cut the Military Budget and Limit The Military Role to Protection of the Homeland 

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Nomura presents the Fair-Value of European currencies in a Euro Breakup Scenario ~ link ~ As investors proceed happily through the forest that is this week's potentially epic fail, Nomura asks the question on every European is asking - What's in my wallet? Investors holding EUR-denominated assets and obligations face potential redenomination of contracts into new currencies. Based on the current misalignment of the real exchange rate and future inflation risk estimates, the fixed income group sees very material depreciation risks in most of the periphery and one surprise but critically the research enables risk-reward trade-offs on intra-European trades. This potential 'fungibility' issue is exactly what we described last week as a potential driver of stress and Nomura's work provides a framework for quantifying that relative stress. That said, Nomura adds the usual disclaimer: "For full disclosure, we are not regarding the break-up scenario as our central case." But... there is always a But. "But it has become a real risk over the last few months, and a possibility for which investors should now plan."
Eurozone: France and Germany call for tougher treaty - with video ~ link ~ Oh yes, the puppets sing the song that their masters, the Rothschilds and their ilk, demand.  The Euro is a failure because it made it impossible for nations to regulate their own financial affairs and because the global banksters wanted it to fail so they could replace it with the next step to their New World Order.  Stirling     

Toppling Assad is proxy war against Iran - with video  ~ link ~ Which is what I have been saying for a long time.  Stirling      
Western diplomacy regards the Syrian president as a lost cause, so since he has close ties with Iran, toppling Assad would be a major blow to Tehran, argues UK journalist and author Jonathan Steele.
The West calling to open a humanitarian corridor to Syria means, in other words, it is seeking to have a number of foreign military people move into Syria, perhaps against the will of Damascus, evaluates Steele.

Syria accepts Arab League observer request ~ link ~ link ~ The Syrians know full will that these 'observers' will "report" the usual lies to support the false 'narrative' that the globalists/Zionists are pushing to get the World read for yet another war of aggression in the Middle East.   Stirling       

Egyptian Christians an Endangered Species ~ link ~  This is what private sources have been telling me for the last couple of months; that life is becoming very hard for the Christian minority in Egypt.  That young girls are pulled from their family homes, by mobs of teenage boys, and one boy rapes the girl, forces her to marry him and then insists that she is Muslim.  If she tries to escape back to her parents home, a mob is apt to appear and burn the house down claiming that they are trying to convert a "Muslin woman" to Christianity.   Stirling     

The big losers in Egypt’s first round of elections are Christians, who fear for their survival in a radical Islamic-controlled country.

The Coptic Church, which generally steers clear of politics, instructed its followers to vote for liberal and leftist parties backed by a Christian tycoon, the Associated Press reported.

IDF holds emergency drills in north and south of Israel ~ link ~ The southern sector saw Home Front Command Reserves simulate a mass search and rescue operation following a missile strike in a residential area, as well as chemical terrorism scenarios.

Last week, the Defense and Health Ministries teamed up for an exercise simulating bioterrorism attacks on civilian targets. 

Netanyahu calls for early Likud primaries, rejects party criticism ~ link ~ Sources close to Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom responded to the announcement by saying that the former foreign minister would fight the decision.

According to the Likud constitution, the party's internal elections are supposed to be held six months ahead of balloting for the Knesset. But the prime minister is seen as wanting to take advantage of his strong position in Likud, and win re-election as the party's leader now. Also, the party wants to be prepared for a situation in which a government partner moves to break-up the coalition. In addition, Likud members claim that early primaries will save millions of shekels. 

Anti-regime protests held in Saudi Arabia ~ link ~
Saudi Arabian demonstrators have taken to the streets in oil-rich Eastern Province to condemn the killing of five protesters two weeks ago, witnesses say.Demonstrators also took to the streets in nearby towns and villages including Awamiyah, shouting slogans against the ruling Al Saud family. Protesters on Monday held placards bearing the pictures of those killed by Saudi forces in the city of Qatif.

Saudi Arabia may join nuclear arms race ~ link ~ Actually, I believe that the Saudis have several nuclear warheads for the Chinese supplied IRBM (intermediate range ballistic missile) missiles and strike aircraft.  They paid for most of the early Pakistani nuclear arms program and the nukes were a confidential 'benefit'.    Stirling      
The Failure to Investigate 9/11 has Bankrupted America ~ link ~ Yes, just as the failure to really investigate the assassinations of JFK, MLK Jr., RFK, JFK Jr., empowered the worst criminal scum to drag America into the sewer.   Stirling     
In case you didn’t get the memo, we are currently in a depression. And see this
And given that American citizens can be indefinitely detained or assassinated at the whim of the president, it is pretty clear that we now live in a police state.

This post will demonstrate – without getting into discussions of an “inside job” one way or the other – that the failure to hold a real 9/11 investigation is a core cause of our loss of our prosperity and freedom.

'60 Minutes': Fraud caused Financial Meltdown, but there have been NO prosecutions - with video ~ link ~ This is what happens when the public allows themselves to be lulled into a mass media toxic wasteland of propaganda, lies, and immorality.   Stirling     

Another granny comes forward to say she was strip-searched by TSA at JFK Airport ~ link ~ When the public allows crap like this to happen it empowers the forces leading America into total police state fascism.  You don't get fascism overnight, it is a gradual process aided and abetted by the mainstream news media propaganda arms of the globalists.  Stirling      

Obama wants to veto the Indefinite Detention Bill because it would hold the US to the Geneva Convention ~ link ~ I – like everyone else – am horrified by the Senate’s passage of legislation that would allow for indefinite detention of Americans.

And at first, I – like many others – assumed that Obama’s threat to veto the bill might be a good thing. But the truth is much more disturbing.

Antarctic's hidden world revealed ~ link ~ Scientists have produced the most detailed map yet of the White Continent's underbelly - its rock bed. Called simply BEDMAP, this startling view of the landscape beneath the ice incorporates decades of survey data acquired by planes, satellites, ships and even people on dog-drawn sleds.

Pearl Harbor survivors share vivid stories of attack 70 years ago ~ link ~ Smoke clogging their eyes and lungs as they struggled to shoot low-flying Japanese planes – these are the scenes so vivid they feel like they happened yesterday for Pearl Habor veterans.

Seventy years after the December 7, 1941 attack that brought the United States into World War II, those who experienced it are recalling their stories.

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