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Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
AVE MARIA by Katherine Jenkins - video ~ link 
AVE MARIA by Mirusia Louwerse - video ~ link
Orthodox Cherubim Hymn - video ~ link 

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Six Zionist Companies Own 96% of American Media ~ link ~ And they HATE the free speech on the internet!  It is outrageous that the concentration of media power is almost totally in Zionist hands!   Stirling      
Lobbyists have wrote US laws that have set up the biggest robbery in World History, and it could happen literally any day ~ linkThis is one that you want to take the time to read at the link.  Stirling    
18 Newt Gingrich quotes that disqualify him from ever being President ~ link ~  I love it....Gingrich has been described as "the stupid man's idea of what a smart man running for president is like".  The reality is he is a total jerk, a crook of the highest order who puts tiny Israel before his nation, who serves the interests of the evil global banking elite.   He is poison, like so many others in power or on the edges of power.   Stirling      
Gingrich and US Jewish mogul Adelson forge firm alliance ~ linkIn the battle for the Republican pro-Israel vote, Newt Gingrich lacks Mitt Romney’s broad base of prominent Jewish donors. But he has something potentially more powerful: the support of one of Benjamin Netanyahu’s most significant American backers, and a relationship with the Israeli prime minister himself that stretches back decades.

Billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, one of the wealthiest men in the world and a major donor to Jewish and conservative causes, is widely known as a Netanyahu stalwart. Less well known are his equally close ties to Gingrich, to whom he has been a major giver in recent years. 

Newt Gingrich: No such thing as Palestinians ~ link ~ Old Newt, a 'puppet-on-a-stick'.  Total bought-and-paid-for whore!   Stirling      
Ron Paul interview with Megyn Kelly - video ~ link  
This is why US troops support Ron Paul - video ~ link
4% of Fukushima babies may be severely intellectually disabled ~ link ~ What is happening in Japan, and the gradually spreading effects throughout much of the world, from the radiation is terrible.  Since the mainstream news media is largely ignoring the issue, many people have forgotten it.   Stirling       
George Galloway,MP on Iran Attack - audio ~ linkOld George gives some dumb ass hell for calling for an attack on Iran.   Stirling    
17-Year-old builds nano particle that kills cancer stem cells ~ link ~ I say again, if you or someone you knows has cancer do a good internet search on Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and his Rife machines.   Stirling    
Skywatchers await Lunar Eclipse ~ link
Skywatchers in Australia, Asia and North America are gearing up for a total lunar eclipse on Saturday.

This is the second total lunar eclipse this year and the last until 2014. This type of eclipse occurs when the Earth casts its shadow over the Moon.

One alarming indicator from China ~ link ~ Good article, take the time to read it all at the link if you can.  Stirling     

For a few decades now, the Communist Party in China has had an implicit social and political contract with the Chinese populous for decades, which goes something like: "We will deliver economic growth and improvements in your material living standards.  You will meekly do as you are told, refrain from dissent, work hard, save a huge percentage of your money, and ignore obvious corruption."

While nearly everyone in China has benefited to some degree under this current "system," the wheels are definitely starting to come off. Official GDP numbers are now slowing, real estate prices are falling, and inflation is quickening.

Bioelectric signals can trigger organ growth ~ link ~ As bizarre as this experiment sounds, the ramifications could be significant for biomedicine: the team has essentially uncovered an entirely new control mechanism in vertebrates that could open the door to the formation of new organs in humans, which could be used for transplantation.

Poles Dispute Smolensk Crash Story ~ link ~ Polish President Lech Kaczyinski, his wife and some of the 96 senior government officials and crew assassinated April 10, 2010.
Add to this list a dozen Polish investigators who have died under suspicious circumstances since the "accident."

"Shortly after the crash of TU 154M, the bishop received a text message from another bishop, Adam Pilch, who was on the presidential plane. The message said: The plane crashed but we have survived."

Easter Island human figures are more than just head - They are whole-body statues that are mostly buried - photos ~ link

Rock-climbers ~ link ~ Amazing photos of mountain goats.  Also see ~ link   

AIPAC Economic Warfare Also Targets USA ~ link ~ Good one, take the time to read it all at the link. Stirling   

In 1984 the captured assets in question were also of the intangible variety — trade secrets, strategies, and classified industry data.  The victims were more than seventy US corporations and business organizations that responded to US International Trade Commission solicitations in 1984 to participate in negotiations that would open the US market to Israeli exports.  After delivering up their confidential business data in opposition to the preferences, participants were appalled that the Israeli government pilfered all the USTR’s classified report and passed it to AIPAC to lobby against US industries.  But what made this captured US intellectual asset so valuable and timely?  After a multi-year battle that began in 2009, the US Trade Representative was finally forced to publicly release (PDFs) the majority of the secret report surreptitiously obtained by AIPAC decades ago.   The secret document reveals all.  

Mutually Assured Destruction vs Mutually Assured Respect by Rep. Ron Paul ~ link ~ Another 'good one' that I recommend.   Stirling     
The policy of Mutually Assured Destruction has been gone now for 20 years, and that is good.

The policy of American domination of the world, as nation builder-in-chief and policeman of the world, has failed and must be abandoned — if not as a moral imperative, then certainly out of economic necessity.

My humble suggestion is to replace it with a policy of Mutually Assured Respect.  This requires no money and no weapons industry, or other special interests demanding huge war profits or other advantages.
New 'Super-Photoshop' ~ link ~ You simply cannot trust photos in this day and age.   Stirling     
Amazing Technology: Samsung Flexible Holographic Screen - video ~ link   

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