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More small businesses are pulling their accounts Out of the Big Banks ~ link ~Even in a tight credit market, David Meinert didn't think he'd have a problem getting funding from his bank. He was a model entrepreneur, with good credit and a profitable business earning $2 million in revenue. But when he applied for a relatively small $50,000 line of credit from Chase in late 2010, he got denied in 12 hours, with no explanation. "It was insulting and made no sense, even to the banker. And there was no one to even talk to about it," Meinert says. "It's frustrating that banks are getting billions of dollars in taxpayers' money and they're sitting on that money and not lending it to small businesses. If you're making less than $10 million, they don't care about you."

Meinert decided to turn his frustration into action. After 12 years with Bank of America and a year with Chase, he's switching all his business accounts to Seattle Bank. Like many small-business owners, he initially joined the big banks for no particular reason other than that they were conveniently located. Bank of America was the closest bank to his office and Chase was the closest bank to his office that wasn't Bank of America. He spent years enduring all the subsequent irritations -- outdated online banking systems, the revolving door of bank employees, increasing fees, a sense that he was more a number than a name -- with little more than an eye roll. But the credit line denial was a breaking point.

Psywars - free movie video ~ link ~ This link was sent to me by a long time reader.  It is well worth your time to view it.   Stirling      

Washington and Israel: Rogue State Partners ~ linkMoney and power alone matter. Human welfare is sacrificed for more of both. Equity, justice, freedom, and other democratic values are non-starters. Humanity's survival is threatened.

In recent weeks, Western and Israeli anti-Iranian rhetoric intensified. 

Ordinary Greeks are taking matters into their own hands ~ link ~ People are waking up to the fact that the globalists are targeting them!   Stirling     

"Secret nuclear facility" in Syria - It's actually a textile factory ~ link ~ Yes it is, but it will be used to start the Third World War, just like the bogus/False Flag "Polish attack on a German radio facility at the border" was used by Hitler to start WWII in Europe.  Stirling     
After a four-year search for hidden atomic facilities in Syria, U.N. officials appeared this week to have finally struck gold: News reports linked a large factory in eastern Syria to a suspected clandestine effort to spin uranium gas into fuel for nuclear bombs.
But after further probing by private researchers, Syria’s mystery plant is looking far less mysterious. A new report concludes that the facility and its thousands of fast-spinning machines were intended to make not uranium, but cloth — a very ordinary cotton-polyester.

Everybody in Israel is talking about a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities ~ link ~ Yes, but most have no idea of the nature of the counter-strike that Iran and her allies can make against Israel.  They have been deliberately kept in the dark about the full nature of the weapon systems that will be used against their nation...used successfully to destroy Israel in the event of a major war.  Stirling      
Iran is now top threat to USA says military official ~ link ~ The sad thing is, that is true but not for any of the bullshit reasons given.  Iran has a global strategic WMD (weapon of mass destruction) based MAD (mutually assured destruction) counter-force that can kill more American (and Canadian and European and Middle East) civilians than have died in all wars in human history.  That MAD counter-force is based on the old Soviet Advanced Biowar program that Iran basically bought, by hiring a great many of its scientists, twenty years ago and continued to pour vast sums of money into every since.  Our very lives are endangered by the coming Israeli/US/British/etc. attack on Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Palestine/Gaza!  Wake up from your slumber America and Europe because your "leaders" are selling your very lives on the satanic altar of money and power!  Stirling     

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