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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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Portuguese workers strike over austerity measures ~ link ~ Europeans are rising up, more and more, over the austerity fascism being forced upon them by the bought-and-paid-for political class/whores and their masters the Global Banking Cartel.  If things continue on the same path, one of the European nations will see a revolution and/or a military coup.  That could start a series of such events and the fear of this is serious.  However, the global banksters have planned for this, as they also have their program running to jump start a massive new global war, World War III, with a General Middle East War.  Nothing like a "little" World War to divert the masses attention.  All of this, however, is carefully balanced and events can get out of whack.   Still we appear to be well on our way in the globalists scrip calling for global chaos/economic depression/revolution/repression/WWIII.   Stirling    
A general strike against austerity measures grounded flights and paralysed public transport in Portugal Thursday as workers protested a tough 2012 budget aimed at helping the country pay its debt.

Authorities cancelled nearly all flights in and out of the nation’s main airports, the Lisbon metro came to a standstill and ferries across the capital’s Tagus River functioned only intermittently in what unions said was a necessary bitter pill.

General Strike in Portugal ~ link ~ A general strike halted public transport and factories in many parts of Portugal on Thursday and thousands marched against austerity measures imposed as the price of an EU/IMF bailout.

The 78 billion-euro ($100 billion) rescue fund is designed to keep Portugal afloat and help stem the euro zone's debt crisis, but the spending cuts have sent the country into its worst recession in decades.

Strauss-Kahn to replace Stanly Fischer as Governor of Bank of Israel ~ link ~ Will former International Monetary Fund Chairman Dominique Strauss-Kahn replace incumbent Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer?
French dailies France Soir and Midi Libre reported Wednesday that Strauss-Kahn may be nominated as the next governor of the Bank of Israel once Fischer steps down in three and a half years.

Brazil/Russia/India/China/South Africa call for non-interference in Syria ~ link ~ Deputy foreign ministers of BRICS countries stressed in a joint statement in Moscow on Thursday the importance of preventing any foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs unless it complies with the UN Charter, emphasizing that the sole form for solving the internal crisis is starting all-inclusive negotiations as to meet the aspirations of the Syrians.

The statement indicated to the international community's experience in relation to the events in Libya, adding that it should be scrutinized as to illustrate whether these acts have complied with the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

Syria and Libya NGOs Weapons Parallels - video ~ link ~ Good one!  Take the time to view this.  The globalists and Zionists are running a massive and very bloody scam on the World on this "Arab Spring" revolts.   Stirling    

Greek riot police clash with tax protesters ~ link ~ Riot police clashed with workers at Greece's biggest power producer PPC on Thursday as they staged a protest against a new property tax imposed as part of austerity measures to avert the country's bankruptcy.

Some 80 police scuffled with members of the company's labor union GENOP outside the entrance to the building in an Athens suburb. Police detained 15 people, a police spokesman said. 

Ireland demands debt relief - Warns on EU treaties ~ link ~  The Euro debt crisis just took a new turn.  Stirling     

The Irish government has suddenly complicated the picture by requesting debt relief from as a reward for upholding the integrity of the EU financial system after the Lehman crisis, though there is no explicit linkage between the two issues.

"We carried an undue burden for protecting the European banking system from contagion," said finance minister Michael Noonan.

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