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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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Young UK jobseekers told to work without pay or lose unemployment benefits ~ link ~ So, we are reintroducing slavery in the United Kingdom.  This is where the bought-and-paid-for political class is taking the World, all for the benefit of their evil overlords the Global Banking Cartel!   Stirling   
Britain's young unemployed are being sent to work for supermarkets and budget stores for up to two months for no pay and no guarantee of a job, the Guardian can reveal.

Young people have told the Guardian that they are doing up to 30 hours a week of unpaid labour and have to be available from 9am to 10pm.

US college grads desperate to find work - video ~ link ~ Did you really expect to have a decent life...the banksters want MORE and you don't count!  What is happening throughout this World is beyond shameful, but to hear it from most of the mainstream news media we could go back into a recession!  It is no wonder that the Occupy Movement is growing.  Actually, it is remarkable that it has taken so long and that the events have been so limited in scope and so relatively least from the Occupy demonstrators.   Stirling     

Double whammy as youth jobless breaks 1 million for first time in history and Britain faces "one in three chances of a double-dip recession"  ~ link ~ Don't you just love these lying turds in the mainstream news media.  Even when they are telling you some shockingly bad economic news they claim that we may go back into a recession.  What total lying BS!   Stirling     

Outrage at UK plan to put audio/video recorders in taxis ~ link ~ The fascist intent here is clear.  Technology will allow the globalists to 'bug' us anywhere, to know where we are at anytime, to know everything about what we are spending/etc.   We don't have to put up with this crap, but the masses have to get off their butts and do something while they still can.   Stirling       

Officials in Oxford say that starting next year its 600-plus cabs will carry audio-equipped cameras that run whenever the vehicle is in use, "leading the way" in ensuring the safety of passengers and drivers.

"This is a staggering invasion of privacy, being done with ... a total disregard for civil liberties," said Nick Pickles of Big Brother Watch. He said his group would complain to an independent regulator.

Short of cash?  How about an Austerity Sandwich - That's a slice of toast between two slices of break ~ link ~ Welcome to the 21st Century...where the 99% can go to hell and the 1%, and especially the .0001%, can have everything!   Stirling           
US spends $32 million to make just eight 30,000 pound bombs ~ link ~ It's only money, and besides our globalist/Zionist masters wanted it!   Stirling       
The Air Force started taking delivery of the giant bomb, the “Massive Ordnance Penetrator,” in September, said Lieutenant Colonel Jack Miller.

Under an August 2 contract worth $32 million, the aerospace firm Boeing is due to produce eight of the giant MOP bombs to fulfil the Air Force’s “operational needs,” according to Miller.
Interrupted Karl Rove curses, challenges 'Occupy Baltimore' to fight ~ link ~ In a sane world old Karl would be in prison for the rest of his life, for his many crimes (including war crimes).  Stirling       
Secrets of 'Skull and Bones' Blown Wide Open ~ link  ~  As a former high-level education official, Iserbyt exposes how Skull and Bones was instrumental in changing education into a form of operant condition that more closely resembled animal training than real intellectual advancement, by implementing experimental psychology techniques brought over from Germany. The aim was to abolish free thinking and free will, molding each person into a “valueless cog of the state”.

She also lifts the lid on how “sensitivity training” is used to impose collectivist, Communist-style thought control, ensuring that people can be easily manipulated into forming their opinions based on group-think and that any shred of individuality or thinking that contradicts the status quo is frowned upon.

Amazing video of violence at 'Occupy Seattle' - Unprovoked assault by police - video ~ link 

Occupy Wall Street photos ~ link  

Seattle City Council Unanimously Supports Occupy Movement and Votes to Stand Up to Big Banks ~ link ~ How about they control their cops for a start.  Stirling      

Seattle Police pepper spray 84-year-old woman as 'Occupy' crackdowns occur nationally ~ link ~ Hitler and Stalin would be so proud!  Stirling      

As much of the national press focused on protesters’ return to Zuccotti Park after their forcible eviction, crackdowns took place on “Occupy” protests nation-wide late Tuesday.
During a crackdown on “Occupy Seattle,” an 84-year-old woman and a pregnant 19-year-old girl were among those attacked by police wielding pepper spray, according to reports.

Seattle Police Spray 84-Year-Old Woman, Priest, Pregnant Woman, and Blind Woman with a Cane ~ link ~ Wow its take a real man to do that...NOT...this is beyond fascism is upon the Land!  Stirling      

Canada faces grim choice over "nuclear" showdown in Iran ~ link ~ I generally do not comment on Canadian politics because of the old honorific hereditary offices-of-state that I hold.  However, if the Canadian Prime Minister does not put Canada first instead of Israel he may end up getting a third or half of Canadian people killed by a Iranian advanced biowar response to an attack on Iran supported by Canada.   Wake Up Prime Minister and do the right thing for Canada, not just for your Zionist and globalists supporters.   Stirling     

Under Prime Minister Stephen Harper, however, Canada has taken a more militant approach to international affairs. His support for Israel has been rock-hard. He has also shown himself willing to deploy Canada’s small but effective military in combat operations the government deems politically useful.

This spring, Harper was one of the first western leaders to sign onto NATO’s air war against Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

Targeting Iran and Syria ~ linkIsrael wants regional rivals removed. Washington and key NATO partners want independent regimes ousted, replaced with subservient ones. At issue is establishing regional dominance. New targets can then confronted politically, economically, and/or belligerently.

Fabricated IAEA Iranian documents escalated tensions. Rhetorical saber rattling followed. Stiffer sanctions are threatened and perhaps war.  Syria’s been targeted for months. Libya’s insurgency was replicated. Street battles rage daily. Violence engulfs the country. Assad’s government is unfairly blamed. Washington’s dirty hands are at fault. So are Israel’s and other conspiratorial allies

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